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WGR550>Topics>>11/9 UB coach Reggie Witherspoon breaks down the roster heading into the season

11/9 UB coach Reggie Witherspoon breaks down the roster heading into the season

Nov 9, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reggie is how and Jeremy -- Dolan. Howard. -- -- don't well again it doesn't we just expected a twenty win season no problem right. Has it that -- you know as we could dial it up like that would we don't go to drive through and just. Now been. Or let me ask -- this to me you lost some key players obviously Reggie off a really good team last year tremendous you know twenty wins. Great season in the Mac got the -- and semi finals but as the cupboard is bare so you feel good about what you got coming back. I think we have a nucleus of guys that gives us something. Bill and we will obviously that better than having no hope what you new guys -- We do it good to do it that there are their new roles. And they'll take a little while a growing. And we'll have to do it. You know under fire because we've we have a great schedule. Well askew is an any you know in terms of the guys that you're gonna lean on the returners you're leaning on just -- little item -- older my guess Watson talk about the guys are leaning on. And do you think they are. Mature enough I guess ready enough to handle that federal. Well maturity is that magic word next. You know everyday. Throughout Odom and about -- played a lot of minutes last year. Yeah give out with your -- rob was our fourth starting point guard in over forty years stretch. In the -- great. You know you let -- trapped in excess. He did a lot of things sports. -- he was first team all conference. -- from last year's team. We lost former top five leading scorers. And they were guys that helped us. How are we were fourth in the country in rebound to a knife in the country insists. Were eighteen in the country and clutch shots. Without it in the country -- Google percent speaker and I think that turned into these looking to. Today it's very rare. Things will be brought recapping our bench so we we had a really good rotation. And will be you know obviously look -- -- tried it to do that different people. On this -- that they -- it'll be a process force. Yeah but you know what I mean. I think you know your team's Reggie one of their trademarks is they're very good rebounding and they're usually very -- -- -- -- is much you know you lose -- offense very comfortable you feel that once you've got. When you entrenched that philosophy of playing hard strong defense and go to the boards hard. How much can that. Compensate for that you don't have as much offense -- you as you normally would have. Well it's certainly does -- We wanted to empowered as we works great in the country and watch -- Natalie last year but the year before as well and a lot of little shots were blocked by in this Titus and Dave Barnett. Will be a different scene we'll have a pretty -- protect the basket differently. What do you know wallet after rebounds and and so they don't they know now this comes at a time when. Again where. Traveling literally over the country to play in the and it and it played very good change really great basketball traditions. -- -- -- coming at them how. I don't bring back everybody you know seniors. -- bring back everybody is so. I transferred from West Virginia who who can play a lot of weight to to a family militant -- eleven quality -- country. -- -- -- -- just -- that you know can't vote again in Bowling Green went back on the best players in the conference. -- kind of manual challenges. But our guys have to step into new roles and we talked through a lot about it and hit the people that were were referring to that in some cases in the player of the year in. That it cannot potentially great job force -- as well -- -- -- gangs now those people are being deferred to. And the most of that of that mindset and it's fantastic to while growing too wouldn't we hopefully it didn't pick catwalk Linux. Regular -- about the engine bomb McRae who certainly has grown and has been a very good player for the for you through the first two years of his career. What's the next step for him what what are you wanna see from him obviously I would think you know every year a player should elevate his game so what does he need to do feel. I think mentally the thing we've been talking Puget Sound about there's assertiveness. And on and off the court. He's a junior now. And you know we don't have a lot of seniors. Is that we we probably will not started seeing here. At least -- tomorrow and so. Did you during -- that we have. We need more leadership from them and it starts for being assertive. Now that you elements of the game a tangible elements. We could prove to them I think he's improved himself question stepping away from the that's a little bit further. Knowing why certain you know sometimes he was so terrible and it's for its first two years golf but he did -- in no way the ability -- that it. He did it on pure instinct and so now. I didn't think he's improved and know how. And -- know why. Intend to why he would do certain things that he would do why would working with a look for. I'm probably a restart the way people with play and and in that so that's again and that's a process in Bonita tremendously talented young man. Well you can see the bulls tomorrow again alumni -- it's a noon game than you can hang out for the football game at 330 -- western Michigan. For advanced planning QBs gonna play it can beaches later this month November 20. They do have temple coming into alumni arena at the end of the month as well after Thanksgiving. Reggie thanks for coming now that's good luck tomorrow and good luck the rest of the season with the bulls as well. --

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