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WGR550>Topics>>11/19 Paul Hamilton gives his opinion on the Colts and the Bills shot at the playoffs

11/19 Paul Hamilton gives his opinion on the Colts and the Bills shot at the playoffs

Nov 19, 2012|

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    and how long is gonna get. But now we throw in the Kyle Orton dynamic how does that change. Anything about how you think the bill's not how you look at a more sour me your listeners. How the bills are looking at Vijay and how much time he gets you know handle the job the Kyle Orton dynamic what does that do. I don't think it changes much I think Kyle Orton is there hasn't as a very very highly priced insurance policy. And I think key. Is just their four incher for the insurance reasons for injury. And if the thing goes completely off the rails. And I'm talking in in week 1213. Or something like that they're -- sit mayors saying our right where to attack and what we do. -- Kyle Orton and their because once once they take out EJ Manuel even for a second. It's over. It's done I agree yeah I mean you can't go back -- were -- about can't play that game and so. I think Kyle Orton . He's he's not putting pressure on EJ Manuel went away I don't think that's that's going to be the case I think we're gonna see EJ Manuel and and give him enough time to be able to come to a decision. Or maybe he'll make the decision for them and then go from there the -- Are you saying you think the leash used is still as long now -- was when Jeff tool is a back up with that -- a back up. I try to get the sense by a million dollars a year Kyle Orton winning games in this league. Maybe there's a little shift -- thinking there Joseph may be that at least a little bit
    Joe's got a story and Sammy Watkins and we got story and Kyle Orton . Check out -- bills -- blogs available for you -- WGR 550 dot com let's grab some calls for mr. -- he
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    because you may have changed your opinion based on the signing of Kyle Orton . You may look at it -- guys you know seventy starts 3535. The minute there's trouble the -- Morton's in -- maybe
    -- you know it wouldn't. Isolate it when we committed so dealt Kyle Orton is Russell Wilson. But I didn't say that you did you -- -- Daniel for Russell Wilson and. Have not comparing in
    all pretty. Can't get them in the bath and I look at Kyle Orton he has big play people down in Dallas when he came in that final game he had does Bryant. He had written that I then he got them the ball are you gotta do is get these. He's a 500 cornerback Adam thank by the way the 500 quarterback just interject this here and I'm not 35 and 35. These -- will think I like the Kyle Orton signing but just so the caller knows. He got them the ball. -- -- lesser percentage that EJ has gotten them the
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    And it -- I know there's a lot of ground to cover Kyle Orton -- here and he's got what a five million dollar contract he is not a -- and we're -- all trying to
    thinking exchange at one bills drive the story line for me is. Kyle Orton . Whose only 31 who has won games in this league gets five million dollars. I'm telling -- I think I agree with you but I think the leash is shorter than -- than we ever thought it would be. Yes yes I I feel like I'm supposed to think that way. But I don't because it goes counter to everything they've been doing. And I understand that and I don't know I think -- had a shift and and it now here's the other thing here's the other part of this discussion. Kyle Orton I think is it. Whenever he's just another guy he's he's in his career record is 35 and 35. Sully did a column the other day about he's basically Ryan Fitzpatrick. Okay he's -- he's its completion percentage first career is basically exactly what each case he's nothing 59% passer he's nothing special why I said look that Lewis went -- would have that mr. -- to integrate. Take -- 35 at 35 big deal when they signed Kyle Orton . I -- I was a little. Surprised although I guess from from what Doug -- it said yesterday there were in very
    it -- it hasn't played well the first month the going to Kyle Orton . It's Kyle Orton I I just don't know how much more Kyle Orton . Does for you -- me he's not a long term answer this guy would be how -- to -- -- would be.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're gonna bring in our very own Paul Hamilton who and it wasn't really scheduled to come on the shell. But Paul wanted to come on to talk about the Indianapolis Colts -- Yeah up yeah I screwed up at Valhalla as I spent all Friday telling people. About his knowledge opened the boulevard Jerry Sullivan who would listen that you guys are really underestimated -- the UK walk error. There's six in -- they deserve to be six and three they're really good team. It wouldn't shock me at all if they wanted their New England have one of mass Saturday they were pretty good chance to do that. That yeah -- scored sixty points total and we. Well. Yeah I would I missed on the -- That's OK -- I gonna say I think it might be I'm trying to think when may be going back to the game they beat Green Day. I've had the bills losing that game every we gonna do the pick the bills I've had them losing that game in Indianapolis for quite some time now so I can't say that I was like. Look out for the colts they're gonna take over the league but I thought I'd -- playing well enough I loved him at Stanford. And you know I thought the bills would you know the bills are going their lose to Indianapolis so I'm feeling a little better about that game after watching them get trashed by -- England but that's that's you don't like to the -- and lose to the court. I don't know what my -- I was trying to make whereas. Knew what occurred you know and maybe if it would seem that you walk away there and take out Indianapolis so much yeah yeah I heard they are doing -- rather and we feel especially going by the build almost to the week before and I think he was not up the colts were better than the belts. And they work this this. You know to see Mitt ability to just sort of kick out -- -- -- still hoping that that. Yeah I totally overestimate the school. -- I'm I'm looking at the -- schedule let's talk about this for a second. Because I had not broken down who they -- why they Seton. Dog what they've done to this -- to this pointers six in four okay you ready guys careless about they lost to Chicago by cloning in week one. That they beat Minnesota by three. Lost at home to Jackson will -- five day I think that took a lead late night game in and gave it up at the end of the game. But here you're there okay is their one and two that beat cream day at home that -- quality that is their signature win of the season by the great. Got drilled in New York by the jets then they went out a four game win streak plot. Cleveland four points Tennessee in overtime. They beat Miami by three they beat Jacksonville by seventeen and then lost to knowing that I guess my point is look at least they beat Tennessee which is more than the bills could -- But I mean there they were six infuriate. But you can make the same case for them that we were saying about the built this season they were taking advantage of a scheduled to beat the browns the titans the dolphins in the jaguars not exactly the -- you know and in the bills beat Kansas City Cleveland. And -- -- -- and -- endowed woman that's in Arizona not Bemis either let's not forget the game they'd be Green Bay. That was after a bye week on the heels of learning chuck but got no. Had -- -- of the that was it right that was a huge huge emotional game for everybody involved they had to -- chuck strong thing is that the week when that was like that all started Boca. Well I still thought I was taken it out of lock you up. And I just thought he was gonna go there that the patriots I just thought he was really playing at a high level playing really well and that's well right but Indianapolis set really improve and -- happen Peru. You know from what they had a quarterback last year then and it helped them win some football games that they couldn't wait last year they could have that schedule last year and -- winning football games. So they just being debated -- will be a much improved which they are but they weren't nearer. He even in the ballpark of -- improved as I was portray them on further. Paul since we have you I'm gonna get a college here on the bills but actually I have we have not brought up the NHL at all today for good reason. But I they are meeting and I wanted to get your thoughts. In a moment on that aid off real 550 -- if -- joining in expecting Ryan Fitzpatrick he's in a team meeting. We are rescheduling him he'll be -- tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock David you're on that WGR bills football Monday with Paul go right ahead. Hey good morning Howard. That's what it would take to get in the build back up and away and yet I think what it would take commute to do that don't play. A complete game like a good -- third date unless they complete game because everybody writes while also reported that we didn't get here and don't. Why he's your typical line was the -- now. And you know that we scored a driving and we pulled out EB -- over what a lot of people don't play. Net session with something that we don't expect them to. I'm -- run all over -- and look why -- for -- couple walking shut down up report trying to shut out of that game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought when you said complete game Paul I was thinking that I think we we gotta talk about this last week. Dad it's -- this team has a really hard time putting everything together all three aspects offense defense special team. In the same game. And mean you know look at the last 45 games that the offense is good but the defense is that the defense is good but the offense is that they can't seem to put everything together I need. For me to start thinking seriously about a playoff push. I needed -- win the next two games to get the 500. I need the defense to string together some consistent efforts but I thought that's where the caller was going and I think it's a legitimate point. Be nice to actually see all parts of the bills come together for the same game. -- would be and very you know what if the defense. Continues to play like they did against Miami. I think it's always -- give the bill a chance to win the football game. Because you look at -- wins this year -- And you know they gave up fourteen points the Miami they got sixteen goes -- up seventeen to Kansas City at fourteen Cleveland. And most of the only game in Houston was the next game at 21 imagine your -- into the thirties and forties and fifties. You know the losses and that type of things so. You know I can be offense. Doesn't have to be phenomenal. Mean dispatcher didn't turn the ball over. He also managed the game for them. They didn't score a touchdown they got field goals are certainly things we can talk about what the offense that. The most flattering in the world but in the end. Fitzpatrick didn't turn the ball over you got good defense to play got phenomenal defensive play consider what we've been getting an -- and it really -- consider that a big mistake that it was a very well played defensive game for the bills. And then Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't make the big mistake if the big time. And I think it is going to give them more wins and -- -- one couple losses of the continue to play that way. Route that the other big thing is it's not just not turning the ball over. They had not had a turnover in three weeks Paul getting turnovers leg getting in getting the takeaways Monday night was. It is just as they did not bigger and it's that they were minus ten I believe it to minus eleven going into that game which was second or third worst in the league this team. They're not good enough to overcome that type of the deficiency. Like that William and a matter of fact it was the Arizona game. Well Byrd said the interception. That was so but the weight in Arizona was the last time the bill had come up with a turtle or. -- that's the best -- and when you're turning the ball yourself even if it's one or two times. And you never getting the ball back. How do you football games if it's very difficult to be able to do that. So you know yeah I I think the validity of dolphins it was boring. But it certainly. Are at this at this point and in addition in. Where the bill and everything I don't think it was really complain if they start getting wins and aboard fashion. I -- -- that would Jim Kelly was about a -- have good candidates but -- the last three words -- just awful night and that was always the criticism that expanding. They're either really it didn't play that well but they won the game well. I'm sure people think that now. Yet that that back then pocket worry about quality points in style points I don't really worry about that I'm with you just win the football game. -- one -- quickly about hockey well the two sides are meeting today. But there's I mean I'm all over Twitter and following everybody I can follow I don't see a single person suggesting any reason for optimism. The apparently the union suggested they would meet -- their agenda their plan for today so the NHL. Which has not really been budging much apparently is going into the -- if there was -- ours it's their call we don't know what that on the agenda. We got we we have to be getting close Paul to the next cut off the next point where they're gonna start canceling December games. I don't I don't really have a question other than. Please give me reason to be optimistic. Were brilliant Steve Fehr -- So at least there was enough that in that meeting. To bring people to the bargaining table land the NHL that wanna come to the bargaining table for two weeks. So. I'm not optimistic about that there's at least there was enough there. That it'll. They're very they're going to sit in the room and speak again will they said they just -- point do it there is like well what like -- -- you want to just let it go for two weeks. They're okay that's where you're getting close to losing season. So all I don't know Obama sound optimistic while -- about not. There -- so that the that there are so so far apart and -- -- -- but I think the fact that. There are willing to listen again at least given to the same room again. If it's only positive. But as far as optimism now I have done. And maybe we're a lot more -- trying to hold back -- optimism when they met for five days and rolled through many many hours. Each day. It was kind of very well. Hopefully we'll see how where this goes said. At least those meetings produced very apparently they're pretty close on revenue sharing which was a big thing yeah. So quick if you got there are bad point but our hope that -- what I said you at least a couple of months ago that. It doesn't matter fear is right. He maybe he may not be that not even the discussion of the discussion is that until he realizes. That he got to negotiate pretty much off the and it's so hard that doesn't mean it. -- -- It means negotiate off at this very big statement always good. What we get out of this they want this business that's the most we've missed -- -- all week about it. When he gets Oprah holds that to you mr. -- they didn't expect you to take it that it is right. You have to negotiate off that they'd get what you're going to get off of it. And I think that. In -- I think that still that -- until he realizes that's what he had to do right or wrong. That there at the lockout is going to continue. Well yeah I. And it and -- Selznick. -- neither side is willing to budge at this point and I guess that -- or get to the point with a start -- December games if you need hockey tonight. Paul don't forget. Sabres classics are airing on MSG I just watched the sabres Soviet wings game I didn't even. I did actually I enjoyed it's a much or wrote a column about it and are well I didn't. It was a fun game really in it he wins. Why. How I don't hate Russians now. I don't hate Russians -- what it was just it was high scoring but there was a lot of hitting. And it was a physical game there was a lot of skating I got to watch overall and I mean it was great. Tonight 8 o'clock -- reading what it is the sabres final game. At the Montreal forum from January 6 1996. Spoiler alert sabres -- 726. -- if they show any teams they lose and those class possibly got I don't do that yet but no the no goal games coming up next Monday makes you roll the DVR that one. Still it had seen it doesn't seem to me that those buildings in -- battle whether Buffalo Bill -- -- Montreal's. Sir. Just. -- -- -- And so quickly that to me it just seems like yesterday and nobody got to the new buildings and everything shiny and new and -- absolutely we're complaining because we miss being nuances of the old buildings then. While it was that long ago. Well what would be this would be below what fifteenth season for a first Niagara center right open nine seats. Like 798. That is abusing us the executive. Club. Well there was jealousy that's yeah you'd he should've played with a home when you played hockey yeah. I think it's fifteen years in Iraq that means the -- setter at the belts that are the same thing I mean you're right he. You thought Colorado is a better -- optimism that there you have it it's not whether I'll open less than ten years ago that's not the case got to know it. -- to be out here for a new building -- so please listen -- -- thanks -- but I have a nice day we'll talk yeah project.

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