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11/21 Whiner Line

Nov 21, 2012|

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Well much of the talk has surrounded EJ Manuel and Sammy and saint John Fisher College training camp for the Buffalo Bills the bills are still looking to improve on the defense side of the ball as well new. Defense coordinator Jim Schwartz especially when it comes to the run game. Here's head coach Doug Brown. I think that show up more we start getting into. live periods more from tackling standpoint you know obviously it's that. Configuration standpoint a little bit different. has always been very successful against the run and looked at his career look at his fist and go pit road and a great job. Yesterday tight end Scott Chandler leaving practice with a groin injury Tony Malone got Greg you've also been out the bill scheduled practice this morning but we'll now take the field. At 6 o'clock due to weather fans will not need. A ticket to come out training camp check out Joseph disguise recap a seven get the WGR five that the dot com. Elsewhere in the NFL ESPN reporting the Minnesota Vikings Kyle Rudolph have agreed to a five year forty million dollar contract in hockey the Buffalo Sabres announced that two way contract for Luke Adam. He split time between buffalo and Rochester last season. In baseball Greg Maddux Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas inducted in the hall of fame along with managers Joseph Torre Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox he's Thomas and so humble. In order to be a part of this historic plans for developing this. To a statement for a while the legendary man. Who made the game better put salt. speak on the field the buffalo buys beating Lehigh Valley nine to for the Toronto Blue Jays over the New York Yankees 54 Mets shut out Milwaukee to zero the Red Sox beat the rays 32 ending Tampa's nine game win streak the Dodgers. The 43 win over the San giants on Sunday night baseball. Brought it to stop the bottom of every hour these breaks I met scholar WGR Sports Radio 550. Police who lives from Eagles training camp at saint John Fisher College. Remember it's your first year players do you have there. It's like she experienced these guys trough here everybody saw a lot of things dry you can create as many places I mean did every hour. A couple movies he's not Howard Simon show with Howard Simon and Jeremy White wall to wall coverage skills training. Voice of the Buffalo Bills WG our Sports Radio fifty. Presented by UB dermatology western New York's new skin care protect your skin scheduling for annual checkup and brought to a hard fight you know college educating pro life. What's your And the T shirt university. we're back a actually. The jockey planet. slamming Clinton Clinton may sound great field. If electing its own sake like almost like like hold your interest just went from climate Soggy but the all the papers actually if you like. Okay is that you let the idiots you're the only one. does because it's it's damp and cool at illustrating breezy. Risk. Now we've advanced the breezy at okay. Joseph whether it's pilot brought to write your ex outlet what's your outlet his covered 8030550. To join 888552. By fifty. More important. Polls open that it practice. Yes. I think otherwise we would have got me one of our. Annual gym sessions or worthy or they put down tape on the gym floor in and do like a little half walk. Through all the plays it's a glorified walk through with throwing double but it was so Murrow and looked the forecasts From what I saw yesterday that. The rain was supposed dissipate around like six or 7 PM put my practice and await ago. So get us up to speed wouldn't miss over the weekend. Well you've missed the return of martial artists you this. One of the worst offensive line performances I've ever seen training camp. And then you miss some light hitting. Over the weekend which is the start on Saturday in in the first session of the of the team drills. And and then they dated again yesterday it was the Golan. What I was talking about the worst showing of the offense line. They allowed eight sacks and seventeen plays on Saturday. Which. Those In which case I would say but it. It wasn't just the first team. That was doing it was it just one spot left side brought all the means Schwartz was calling blitzes and that that part of it was. No good to see because I think that's been a big question mark throughout the offseason just how old recipe would be that respect. And so he was trying to really show what. Maybe a little bit into what he was thinking bring there's a one play they brought both Brandon Spikes and Keith Rivers on the blitz brought. The safety a blitz he's brought in the corner of the blitzes a couple times so. Andy he's a lot more aggressive and I was anticipating certainly. It so should we be worried about it's probably well I mean old not. That to the fullest extent just yet not full fledged panic mode oh no place. I mean it was. A source of a problem last year at left guard at. Right tackles and even at right guard sometimes. Sometimes struggled last year the only real. Strong position last year I thought was left tackle in Latin and he had he had a good year. But outside of that you know there's this unit in this offensive line really struggle. I wonder if it's just a matter of them being old league camp four at that point other six day. Or if there were some legitimate problems there I mean. You have to see if that is going to hold up because they made a concerted effort to try to fix up an office like. Latest according to a it. That Joseph I we've talked about every to talk him at Iowa asked the EJ have a good day and wait to find out. Wind eighty you have a good day and we still haven't had one yet over the weekend BJ have a good day they'll. No not yet Saturday was was just a trouble. Okay okay Saturday it was not Good Friday ways okay. Am Sunday yesterday was was OK little bit better than okay close to gut. I don't think it was closed. There were he was definitively more decisive. In 77 work yesterday but all the He was struggling with the inaccuracy and and at least going to his progression. And meted out in mind notes yesterday that. When you watch each game. Play him in practice participated workouts. You see him. It go to his first read. And then it's that there can easily although it was agreed by more than likely he's gonna dump it out if when it stepped tool. Object to is the earliest failed that from our perspective from. Just everything he does have the whole package that the bills believe that that you manual. But tool. You'll watch him in the pocket and you'll. Go through the entire field if he doesn't see what what he likes burst he will go you'll go through his progression to. In doesn't do that just yet and that's part of part of the deal he asked the work. Until we see that until he used to. Improve his accuracy of those on the intermediate stuff that works contains the same thing again. And practice I want it that guy that treatment It was about I was gonna ask you about. His mindset because recently an aggregate economic and Hackett was basically saying it although it only took it dropped out there right. Basically yeah I don't throw it. Don't get it I mean trying to have forced the ball well out of elaborate what I wanna get to his a game and here's this is when is it Peter kings want when quarterback. Last year in it's okay upon. There's nothing punting now it's that the well through something like that that's so if there's nothing Peter can exhibit QB. In the recent bills practice GM Doug Whaley who cut his teeth watching some bombs away quarterbacks which gained to Pittsburgh was recently that Roethlisberger. Sidled up game quote don't be perfect. Be a football player. Translation. Takes chances downfield and got some weapons out there so much of what you just described. And we just said that it was ominous last hour said. Here you asked the question about you'll throw you want to be more aggressive how much it uses. It's a mindset. That. Well. And go back to something I said. 82 before camp or couple days in the camp. I don't know that we can necessarily take these practices and judge what he is right now because there is relief aid. legitimate enough experience. To where. He's relief fearing for himself and the decisions he makes in this practice may now be the ones he makes in the games so. I want to see what he does win. When the giants are coming at him full force on Sunday. That's that being said. I think the whole idea of downfield throwing if they start hammered in his mind more more he's he's gonna do it. But is it all lead the other night talking not only down few stuff with the flight route to Sammy Watkins the mark he's good when. Mean he's gonna take that shot he took those shots last year. And talked about the cheaper stuff like on the middle of the field. Outside the hash is. Maybe fifteen to forty yards down the field 45 sometimes. Just getting the ball to your targets to allow them to make a play for you that's what I wanna see boast that. And he's a lot more apt to throwing it. Down the field when the target is over the middle of the field I've noticed. But when it comes to the outside stuff. When the window is and as clear. I don't know that it's necessarily. A guarantee that he'll throw out there if the delegates space I don't remember care if you looked you break that every stat humanly possible now what his numbers were outside the but he was. Fairly accurate eyewitness. Throwing outside the numbers yeah that gets kicked it out like you throw balls out of bounds but that was not the strength of its game I would I would. I do agree with those statements I mean. You don't have to look at this this. Statistics just seeing that yeah he probably struggled in those areas last year. It's a learning curve for him and it's going to be it's gonna continue to be a story until. He gets to a point in the season where like what. It looks like he's really improved and then you go from there and in if he has improved to level in which you believe in you can extend it into your three. Then you start talking about whether you want in your. But if he does the same thing again and again and again it shows no progress year to. Then that's where it becomes a description. Joseph a real but they've got lines open questions about bills training camp. This is the dude who he has been at every practice to be able to answer your questions. It'll real like fifty heated topic number 88 but if you you like York practice that I don't forget. It's 6 o'clock practice tonight not a practice this morning you don't is that it. I don't know if that one up over the course of the it's supposed to be at the sixties today. It's rather breezy out here so you know but note that he'll walk it's a well Americans. Well. Let's talk about injuries I guess specifically it Qaeda with let's now what happened only hockey yet. I'll I'll follow up. IQ question what we're told him on Friday he did something to him stream we don't know the severity of it From what dug around says. These are his direct quote would he said he'll be Ottawa and him because they they are missing yeah hockey. And Chris Wragge who was out before that Judith. He cramps and had to be hospitalized. And spent a couple days in the hospital or. You know for that sort of thing. They went out and they brought it down just have a third guy how field and then yesterday. Scott Chandler destroyed. Am now they're down to two tight ends in the Smith and Dominique Jones. I don't know if Jim will be back today Greg would be getting back soon. But we hockey probably double B but. At this point the tight end position is is they're slim. And I wonder if maybe they're gonna but they're going to look out their roster to see. If somebody else on the team and help them and borrowed kind of hinted that they would be signing anybody. It is. You know help out their position but that you have a guy that. Was drafted by the Bayer's as tight end and even started I think game for them it in his rookie season and Rodriguez. Who played tight end he's now fullback because they believe that it is. That's his height weight skill set but. Ivan Rodriguez has a package has pass catching abilities they might. I would wonder whether or not they're going to. him about problematic is that that is the story about the Jackie has been. Eight it could be good if he stays healthy in the in the first full week in camp he's entered that's been happening since he was at Iowa. Mean he's had so many injuries over the course of his career. You look at the legal music well. He had those. Two pretty good years in Kansas City we'll put a ban what it back to back right they were separated by an ambulance I believe doors well yeah I know he. Given the scene had a good year. I don't know what the injury was but it was it was the year after that and for whatever reason he just as a but he will stay healthy and they looked at him as someone that could help. EJ Manuel with a more athletic target it's when there was a lot more polished than what they were getting of course grabbed him. That is that was the big problem area if they didn't go for senior market in trade war. Odds are that that don't know yucky probably. Wouldn't have been net sniffing the roster to is odds are Eric Brown would be here and it would be talking about. Bill's new fancy and how quickly and contribute. But all that said Scott Jim at least that and totally were thought to be three guys that would factory into the office but it. Accountable yeah it point that point well you play it 211 which this last season's. 80305. Drifted join GOP when it's your training camp George what here at W right ahead. Morning Joseph when gentleman. On my curiosity is and tumble bills fan all my life in a 67 years old. You know he was a first round pick gaming. But it seemed to to me and I could be wrong. the gentleman and it went to reject. That would pick back pained him. Seems to be coming together and they're in his reaction time throwing the ball finished there. Maybe Jamal I do all the Buffalo Bills and I love BJ Emanuel. But it does seeing are summaries and or other that this young million. Who would be possibly could be comes together a franchise quarterback air bubble. But he's going to have to really give written that ball a little faster. Destroying over the heads the receivers demeaning and a lot of balls going down to their feet. You know that he must throw to the numbers. I think that aren't there that to get the producer. But it does bring up that the well and trusting what's going on out I'll. A of the geno Smith point someone I'm sorry I forget who was somewhat covering jets camp. Wrote that one of the big stories out of jets camp. Is that. Geno Smith is starting to look better yeah. And progress happens lucky to software searcher and and I can't verify because I haven't seen it but the point is. No one has said that here. So if you want you know you want to say that's concerning if you wanna say 85 pre season games that's fine you know nobody is giving up on any sort of long term project but. That is coming out of jets camp and that is not coming out of here like I waiting for one person. The you know we wheat seeds practices other people to breakfast Joey see the ball funny guys that cover this easy at all. And that commitment and I think. The difference between in Egypt right now is last year. How can you let me ask you tidy sum up deals this season from last year. Mostly unimpressive mostly an impressive couple flashes some really good. There are game it was either he was really good or really that. Well at his best game early in the year he had a great game on Monday night against the falcons and like wow and the falcons and and being terrible. And he kind of fell back of the pack his first game against the bills. He just took apart Justin Rogers the second game he was terrible and so right. So it was it watches what side or the other for him right while Manuel had. The Jacksonville game which is pretty solid in the Carolina game which is pretty solid and a bunch of bad ones. Smith played what all 68 so he might have. Four or five good games to look at where EJ might have to who were. Right and I think with when he's good teams or is very good games. It from may. From a standpoint of sitting back in the pocket. And trusting what you're seeing and giving your guys chance he does that a lot more than the EJ Manuel in teams win. Geno is on he's on where is EJ still struggles with accuracy even though. He's having a good day helps team to victory I think that's the difference here there's different approaches between both teams with. How they want their quarterbacks to play and often that the biggest point the jets from. I don't know I don't know I've analysts say without looking at improving with this with it they felt more downfield in the bills. They felt they are more of a downpour and outfield team. And of course the bills are very. Heavy run team EJ took shots down on the field but in terms of that intermediate stuff where it's you know past that fifteen yard marker there was a lot of that you Gina took a lot of shots. Mr. this guy. Have a practice that I will. Thank you as always thanks guys don't forget chills all over practice that check out his as blogs is they've daily notes that every legal it will be at. WGR 550 dot com we get back we'll talk with 8030550. We'll talk more about the sale of the bills let's go onto the updated on line. Bart to join as president of sports or limited at Chicago he'll be a docket bill cells next on WGR. And home of the feels it's all over. And bottom of the hour. The WGR. You have probably heard the training camp cliche the defense is always ahead of the offense well that is in the case so far the Buffalo Bills saint John Fisher College EJ Manuel though. Says even if the offense is not an game it's still coming along. And so on there's always love him progress and we well you know I'm not so good days and I think we still ahead areas we've had some progress and so that we can do some things in the past involved. On the Japanese do you know like from day one wanna continue to grow as a offense and normally Gonzales gonna be you know you go forth but we wanted to from Florida office. That's practice Sunday seven Scott Chandler leaving the field with a groin injury no timetable for his return. The bills will be on the practice field tonight at 6 o'clock fans do not need a ticket to attend. Check out jobs guys recaps WGR fight it the dot com hockey the Buffalo Sabres up look forward Luke Adam on into a contract. Adams scored 29 goals last season for the am arts and played twelve games of the sabres also the New York Rangers agreed a five year contract extension with Forward Air restart in baseball three players three managers conducted the baseball hall fame Frank Thomas Greg Maddux and Tom along with Tony La Russa Bobby Cox. And Joseph Torre all inducted on Sunday. On the field about five to 94 went over Lehigh Valley yankees lose weight to the Toronto Blue Jays 54 Mets shut out the brewers do not think. Boston over Tampa Bay at three Cleveland attended three win over Kansas City Baltimore beat Seattle three Pittsburgh seven to five win over Colorado. Dodgers beat the giants 43 on Sunday night baseball at a NASCAR Jeff Gordon when the brickyard 400. For update the top bottom every hour or when news breaks I met the collar WGR Sports Radio fight if he. When you live from training camp saint John Fisher College. Remember it's your first your players at the end. It's like she experienced these guys trough here for everybody so a lot of things dry you can create just made plays as I mean did every hour. A couple good piece he's not Howard Simon show with how we signed an Jeremy White the wall to wall coverage feels strange. Buffalo Bills WG our Sports Radio Presented by UB dermatology Western New York we skin care protect your skin schedule. Hard you know college educating pro life. I'll let What's your And the T shirt university. We'll have affected those drink yeah I think Jeff Fisher college and so all morning. It that way it can ugly so that's why the bills cited the practice at 8 o'clock good idea. So it's a nice practice that at 6 o'clock. And get you do not need a ticket is free open the public you can just audit and watched the practice tonight. Here at saint John Fisher Howard Jeremy broadcast live here 8030550. The first week was all about Sammy Watkins everybody's talking about Sammy Watkins in your opinion the most anticipated debut reveals anything else you wanna discuss under the sun so to speak eight a trio but if you join with 88 but it did you if you the other big story of course it is to be available to is that it's speeding along at a pretty good clip right now. Maybe. Done by the October NFL meeting we are joined right now by market market the president of sports corps limited. He's with us here on WGR markets Howard and Jeremy good morning sir thanks for coming up first the ball. I'm curious about you know you've you've covered the NFL you've been aware of sales and have witnessed and covered all these things for so many years I wanted to ask you this. There's that trust. There's a bank in investment banker there's the National Football League there there are multiple parties involved here. In your experience covering sales were trusts are involved. Who has the clout who if there most powerful group in this process when it comes to determining who eventually will get this team. We'll lead the and each one has its own separate roles so. The Interest yes third there is one primary party. And that primary party is the trust. And now they have fiduciary obligations so they'd they'd hire professionals to help them work through that process. And then the NFL's role is. Sensibly to either approve or disapprove. Of the prospective buyer the funding sources. And and and then in and the actual individuals themselves. That are selected by the trust but in the case like this the league does not. Select who it is that it's brought forward to them they. Theoretically they have simply to approve or disapprove of the parties and the financing. OK that's one of the things I was curious about they're there they're there had not been many names made public. And I was curious as the banking firm here's a disinterested parties they don't pick up a phone call Roger Goodell saying would about this. No they don't but they do well as as as a general arm rules. A of the team in the NFL or. Baseball or basketball or hockey for that matter. Will interact with the league's front office to make sure that the two parties that they are talking to you the means by which they would breeze funds. Are are going to ultimately be satisfactory which don't want is a situation where. The shell or in this case trust. Announces. Or or select a party that is then disapproved attack and in the past. And that's not a very good situation. One other thing I wanted to ask you about one of the mr. cares about the Toronto group I think market you talk to bill's fans. Their biggest fear as far as a threat to this team it would be the group in Toronto. And yet we sit here and talk about if by the team they're not allowed to be talking about moving into battle out even think of moving get that might not be able to move until 2020 the earliest. When the bell approved the sale to a group that basically would be operating lame duck franchise in Western New York. That will have people not buying tickets because brought everything keep their moving the team anyway so why should I buy tickets for that. Putting aside whether it's a group or an LA group for you. A group from. From Timbuktu. Putting aside where the group from. The league that believes role is to determine whether the group it meets the NFL's. Our criteria. And whether they're finding for next. That second this form more relevant in the NFL than in the other sports sleek vehicle was very focused on how before funds are raised where they come from. That kind thing there are a lot of rules as it relates to that more in the Arab League story I will tell you. As as far as whether a the team would be relocate a bowl or at the end about from they'll certainly wanna make sure that the group will fulfill what they you know tends to fulfill. It's it's all of the obligations not just not just that one obligation. But that that's not there and are going to be looking for respectively. At the end of a at least from wrecked again that's not what police role is in in this whole thing in the sale of the teams so. That's not really something that that. Yeah at least going to investigate before would approve the units in the neck in that context. That's that's that's a that's something for the parties to a lease agreement Oregon relocation agreement to focus our. Not the NFL that's not what their role was in this thing. Let me ask you this that lets say you know if it if it came down to or to the to parties we believe what could beat Terry belittled the sabres. And this Toronto group now the group is Jon Bon Jovi it's maple leaf sports and entertainment it's Edward Rogers perhaps 33% each. How much does it matter to the NFL how much would they weigh in. The factor of it's one guy verses it's multiple guys are parties team. Are adapt to different question. That gets to do that the the the Indian where would you believe the first. yet an individual but are highly what well capitalized individuals or a syndicate. The NFL has has. Traditionally preferred to have. One. Single lead that has tremendous promotional resources even if they have other people warning them. end and have fourteen of the last fifteen teams sales would fit that kind of that kind of description. An this is a contrast to the NHL Major League Baseball. The NBA where syndicates. Or not only approved but encouraged in many cases. The NFL goes in the other direction April 1 to have 88 single person with a portion or family with with great personal resources. As if not the sole perspective buyer. The lead that that is something that has been a trend. And it has said that would would care Burris fortune the last fifteen team church. Our with us president sports car limited I want to get to your opinion on on the process our Jason lock up for a CBS sports dot com reported over the weekend. He's having sources is sources are telling him this could get down to two finalists have been basically they would conduct the banking firm. We'll conduct the bidding war. It is not held some of these things work out what trust are involve. What we wouldn't it wouldn't matter it's a trust or or somebody showing the team did. It did to whom this Hillary is doesn't. Doesn't affect that part of the process now. Egypt is it likely to come down to just to. I don't think so I think it's likely to be at least three and there are reasons why why if you war. But that the bankers you wanna have at least three involved. Frankly get you know you can but it do you have one motivated buyer you could just deal with that out with with that kind of thing look at Steve Ballmer in the at the LA clippers. One well capitalized motivated buyer but. But typically you want to have. Three the only war in in a dinner and a finalist kind of approach. Of course you never know who's gonna drop out why in the and the fact acacia don't wanna be left which just which negotiate with just one party. When all is said and done. Market terms of what you what you think. The selling the final sales price will be we're talking about a league that it's very profitable the bills that make money in a small market. There's what the T bigger TV contracts in more revenue was down the road what you think the final sale price will be. Why I'd sit brick from the outset. That that the number's gonna to the billions now how foreign ports of ability and it's gonna really depend on the are on the the strength of the bidders and and how while Morgan Stanley's investment bankers able to. Q pushed parties to go and what they had originally expected to plant. The NFL is an extraordinarily. Strong business operation and they're only 32 of these. They're or create any more in the in the in the foreseeable future. And there's there there's so it's both they could do this but it's also got a tremendous amount of intangible assets for the right buyer. To be part of this exclusive group been in in the in the United States frankly in the world to be an NFL team owner. And so that's gonna help push prices even higher Soviet couple to really good business that is growing. And and is profitability is growing and you've got the fact that there are only 32 of these they don't trade very often. One every other years is about the average of one every two years is about the average and it's is that all. Problem will will all of those factors will try to a higher parts. You think there's a number that at some point it it just gets stupid. Like would you say beyond I don't know is magic number have like one point five or at some point ago yet even that's just not worth. You know another here and I don't have that number certainly can throw out a number where work gets there. But. Two to two recent team sales went. Beyond those numbers and they're both in LA to dodgers' number two point 15 billion. I think which was a number that. People generally looked at and should you know that was about a half a billion too much then but if you are a pitching your attempt to hold on to distinct. And to hold artwork for at least by SA seven or ten year period. The price will catch the value will catch up to that price so then the question is do you have the personal resources. To be able to lay that Today what the value will be seven or ten years from now. And that's that's when you that's worthy investment bank who really gets to really earns their feet. In is in persuading and demonstrating. To qualified buyer. That aspect that that capital. It's worth putting it up across Iraq and fell seven to ten years and it's going to be worth at least that in inept inept harbor right. Well last that but that seems like that would bode well for a guy like Terry Bakula who has pseudo valued at what three point nine billion. Just recently sold off assets for one point 75 seat he had the keys you know. In good shape financially at the last when asked about as the stadium marked. If we get to the point where the bills local provide the team will have the discussion you stay at the route to keep renovating it to build new stadium. If they get to the point the league has said it would take stadium it gets to that point. put price range we talking about for the cost that does not all the bells and whistles marked but what price would be talking about rate in stadium. In Western New York somewhere. You'd have to be looking at least 900 million to a billion looking at what 1770. Stadium. Cost to them. And and depending on when you do with where we gets started. Is to open there is it is it retractable roof is it is a domed stadium. Scope of the project will maker will make a big difference so need to be thinking in terms of 900 million to a billion dollars. And and it could go higher than that depending on how much is is included in this. organic with as president of sports corps limited mark thank you as always forgiven if your time on the subjects are appreciated. Again the deadline next deadline is tomorrow at 5 PM when the initial letters indication of interest have to be in. Jason for CBS sports dot com reported that we get the number of approved parties from the banker. Right now is about six feet according to sources the trust that expected to narrow that list down. Through the first couple of weeks of August there'll be interviews between the banking firm and the groups they think. Are serious bidders they would submit their hard off further their. Serious intent operative you will the final bit somewhere by the end of August perhaps by the September 11 finance committee meeting the NFL. They will now have. The approved that are huge debate. And that it could go to a final vote by the National Football League in October meeting in Detroit so that the timeline it sure looks like it's moving along at a pretty good clip at this point. 803 all of five picked to join us. Hear from bills training camp it is a rainy morning here at Saint John fishes of the those who practiced the 6 o'clock tonight. We'll talk to you about any the most anticipated built debut the most excited you've been about the bills player since who. For you specifically. About nine at the start of early this morning we had the thick packet with those offensive coordinator. Lockett but but he Emanuel running back the whole bunch of stuff about the to replay that for you. Eight of real but it did join us here built on WGR. Let him grow and grow with the team that position. Is one of the things that we wanted to do and as that quarterback grows that's and situationally those ones that really hard like a third down situation reds. Those injured. Be a lot better and he's going to be a lot more comfortable EJ converting its. So I think that those two things that we just we've really trying to focus and we got the better news is that among game. It's a good pass and stuff but we gotta be assured workable situation And that it. It's hard coming up at 9 o'clock. We get back to our bills discussion remind you about the buys their homes that continues to five lead I'd be difficult field. By the water rolled it onto the four game sweep with the iron it has that tickets are only eight bucks. You can also purchase ice cream popcorn for only one dollar inside the ballpark. It is also. Christmas to July. So here's the deal that the special toy drive going out to get dollar unused toys for the sport driving to receive a raffle tickets went up 25. Autograph Eizenstat. Very cute toys get two tickets to the toys will benefit hillside agencies that's right here in west York find more information on the Christmas in July motion. Advises dot com we got a big day coming up what is team photo and autograph day. one of the first 3000 fans in attendance you get the 4014 team photo. And that you can make QA on the field for autograph session with the car buys a team that starts at 6 PM at 7 o'clock game went tonight. Only two more Friday night bash is left in the season one of them is this Friday in addition to being in Friday night bash it's also the annual family. Camp though. Catch the game and then bring your out to center field. And the will be showing a Lego movie on the big HD scoreboard to walking up. Nineties that on Friday it was success that you dress up now. And go over. Well as a large group a lot of people dressed up Europe buys his game needs a budget idiots cinemas while one dressed. Like the line in the nineties that that was us. All of your the whole group dressed up such as you Hewitt and oh yeah ideologue. You can take pictures of his making it will take pictures and get it done is it time it's all about where and our goal we've docket or talk analysts. And remember well represented the ninety's. Is as well and and he was just that the pirate the next night but hopefully went over well as well if you want tickets by the way Freddy games on the homestand. That we were just talking about to go to dot com. The you'll find the complete schedule there and that they also of the promotional list there's still a lot of great stuff going the ballpark mr. Obama coming up later this month. That creation appreciation night of course and then you can my tickets the game you wanna go to select the you want for that game and Richard tickets right there at the computer. It's not needed anything with the buys that you can do it all right there buy dot com. 8030 but it did join us 888552. But it is we are at bills training camp we'll talk more about. The office with that just so desperate seconds. Well it made it from fumes from that what the tractors and. But I was as they could be for one of the giant monster trucks out of parking lot I think we have a new monster truck leader. They we came and I saw some pretty big trucks out their players trucks presumably and there's a new one. There's one that what all to actually won the license plate actually includes the world Looks at the whole truck and the other one it is such a gigantic truck did it has a monster truck tire in the back. Like in the bed. Just to point out that it can carry a monster truck dire need be I think he could move a dorm if it if they wanted to do yet to be as specific. Positioned to drive a monster truck yeah let's understand like Brian Mormon can't drive a monster truck right kickers no. Right if linemen now. Everybody else everybody bought a punter kicker In a is a punter or kicker I would do it step on Gilmore can have a monster to absolutely yet but you might. Let yourself to like off the big the big up know everybody can court they absolutely. Truck mr. victories in The thinking more about all about like borrow it take a look like a picture monster dot Daria signature monster truck. Temperature Leodis McKelvin to have a hard time with secondary guys I can definitely do it. Your superstar back there they give here in the league you you know. Status them yet look the part Eveready is a lot I can't positioning can't. Other than plot to replace it else offense I'll take it up at the coordinator can drive one Steve wants packet loss after Turk yes. Real across the board yeah. It would get back we will look to drive to monster. Chuck we will chat with the dead bills' offensive coordinator reminder again the bills' practice has been moved to tonight to put things. Because want your practice you would not be enjoying the weather it's raining sideways. Cold it's wet it's black. So up practice tonight at six. It is not the typical my practice in terms of a ticket. Usually indicates that it is the practice that is not the case tonight so it's free it's open can drive on out to Rochester Pittsburgh specifically. And go to the night practice tonight that's get back here from that Daniel Hackett about EJ Manuel said we want kids. Running backs the plans for the offense 24 team that's coming up as we continue training camp coverage from saint John Fisher. On WGR.

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    kind of description. And then this is a contrast to the NHL Major League Baseball . The NBA where syndicates. Or not only -- approved but encouraged in many cases. The NFL goes in the other direction in
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    Sammy -- and at saint John Fisher College training camp for the Buffalo Bills the bills are still looking to improve on the defense side of the ball as well under new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz
    Jeremy White wall to wall coverage -- skills training. Voice of -- Buffalo Bills WG our Sports Radio -- fifty. GR IPV dot com and presented by UB dermatology Western New -- smooth skin care protect your skin schedule for. Hard fight you know college educating pro life. I'll let live. What's your -- And T shirt university. Welcome back to bills training camp our coverage continuing here at WGR. Let's get right -- we are joined by the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills that they Hackett. Mr. Hackett welcome thanks to you again thanks for pleasure beautiful day. Nice to be here it's it's a

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Number is eight point 30234. This case to bring relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 550 this season. Yeah we are well you underlying. Rock do you by the premier group wind may be easy. It. All want heart -- the IR. All of thriller current charter calls like -- -- gone -- bit and guys. -- -- part America for your -- or partner borrower are not bigger problem barker or. I'm not good and bad about haven't EZ pass the good is obviously don't have to sit in line. The bad is you have no concept of what polls are so like B drive to like Albany or -- drive -- -- we dragged down to the city every you know if ever visit the family. And you get off at. -- last hole is it's like ten bucks now ridiculous. That's the bad news about not about that and it was she -- at all anymore and through its ridiculous drive on your state through and no I'm. You know she's the -- are realize you can't read that little to -- look at the statement not an easy pass I just go I. Oh the light goes on -- it would I don't know if you're Ali can -- -- for I have glasses now I don't I don't. I don't ever look at the easy -- got another marathon tomorrow on AMC -- well I'm being told right now. What time in the -- 1230 caught up again I know all know what it's America and easily re -- lukewarm. So what all goes from 1230 to midnight gesture I don't know if this even sure what they're like each movies like six hours Howard got there are a lot of commercials that football games these days yeah Lotta commercials and ANC to just write that movie hall. Top trading today on the other to get take a whole thing about the check out exactly the time schedule might be today but mentally don't. -- Never start. A certain angle. But I own virtual. -- trickle Paula aren't. -- here. Repeat a couple of more large part it reads even and that's called it the more -- when all couldn't share on Sudan. -- not beat her -- sure. Course we -- if you like take away the Miami kick return in addition to the bills punt return then the bills that would football game that you can also take away that little ground ball down the first base line toward Bill Buckner. No don't do that and that's -- on the World Series. I. No dropped out. Who's poor crop well. Oh no problem. He's going to -- up what it every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. I -- that you know. Big drink a lot like a lot. In order. Goers will be -- -- what it took almost a anybody who's there all -- -- But stores now I know I know stores some -- -- big sales at midnight Thursday tomorrow night. But stores are open during the day I understand I thought everything was shut down until now like people actually go shopping during the day. Yeah really stores are open so I I know -- tried to -- I think I think neither I've just -- a few years ago I believe I remember correctly like some of the stores not occasionally. Then open they do open on Thanksgiving anonymous got a dog rag like six or -- to get up here they're trying to get earlier. Coming here virtually one of the first what they don't want people trample. -- scrambling yeah that's not it I'm I'm voting trampling off. You know to put that there was -- knowledge it's crazy. I covered parts that we -- all of it quite well over the boat. And Ellsbury and not L Ehrlich and as we you're out all of that what this story getting worked -- -- the record our car. People out there -- -- and figure out of our part ordered her fury over here. Eight at 830. What I would like to bring up he had read suspension being overturned and absolutely because I'm curious about why they did that so we'll discuss that and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't -- Spiller and no I wouldn't tell. So I'm now under control of the interior remarkably. Public explanation. It's like that's -- pink and -- -- -- people can get -- back. Of the shirt and a quarter. Or what it actually -- From one over T bother to. But -- the -- I brought you -- -- Amerigroup wind made easy the prayer group one of the week is fair in your white zinfandel just date -- and -- -- Magnum. Only 699 after mail in rebates you all -- -- with a specialist from airlines dot com.