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11/21 Whiner Line

Nov 21, 2012|

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    and how long is gonna get. But now we throw in the Kyle Orton dynamic how does that change. Anything about how you think the bill's not how you look at a more sour me your listeners. How the bills are looking at Vijay and how much time he gets you know handle the job the Kyle Orton dynamic what does that do. I don't think it changes much I think Kyle Orton is there hasn't as a very very highly priced insurance policy. And I think key. Is just their four incher for the insurance reasons for injury. And if the thing goes completely off the rails. And I'm talking in in week 1213. Or something like that they're -- sit mayors saying our right where to attack and what we do. -- Kyle Orton and their because once once they take out EJ Manuel even for a second. It's over. It's done I agree yeah I mean you can't go back -- were -- about can't play that game and so. I think Kyle Orton . He's he's not putting pressure on EJ Manuel went away I don't think that's that's going to be the case I think we're gonna see EJ Manuel and and give him enough time to be able to come to a decision. Or maybe he'll make the decision for them and then go from there the -- Are you saying you think the leash used is still as long now -- was when Jeff tool is a back up with that -- a back up. I try to get the sense by a million dollars a year Kyle Orton winning games in this league. Maybe there's a little shift -- thinking there Joseph may be that at least a little bit
    Joe's got a story and Sammy Watkins and we got story and Kyle Orton . Check out -- bills -- blogs available for you -- WGR 550 dot com let's grab some calls for mr. -- he
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    because you may have changed your opinion based on the signing of Kyle Orton . You may look at it -- guys you know seventy starts 3535. The minute there's trouble the -- Morton's in -- maybe
    -- you know it wouldn't. Isolate it when we committed so dealt Kyle Orton is Russell Wilson. But I didn't say that you did you -- -- Daniel for Russell Wilson and. Have not comparing in
    all pretty. Can't get them in the bath and I look at Kyle Orton he has big play people down in Dallas when he came in that final game he had does Bryant. He had written that I then he got them the ball are you gotta do is get these. He's a 500 cornerback Adam thank by the way the 500 quarterback just interject this here and I'm not 35 and 35. These -- will think I like the Kyle Orton signing but just so the caller knows. He got them the ball. -- -- lesser percentage that EJ has gotten them the
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    And it -- I know there's a lot of ground to cover Kyle Orton -- here and he's got what a five million dollar contract he is not a -- and we're -- all trying to
    thinking exchange at one bills drive the story line for me is. Kyle Orton . Whose only 31 who has won games in this league gets five million dollars. I'm telling -- I think I agree with you but I think the leash is shorter than -- than we ever thought it would be. Yes yes I I feel like I'm supposed to think that way. But I don't because it goes counter to everything they've been doing. And I understand that and I don't know I think -- had a shift and and it now here's the other thing here's the other part of this discussion. Kyle Orton I think is it. Whenever he's just another guy he's he's in his career record is 35 and 35. Sully did a column the other day about he's basically Ryan Fitzpatrick. Okay he's -- he's its completion percentage first career is basically exactly what each case he's nothing 59% passer he's nothing special why I said look that Lewis went -- would have that mr. -- to integrate. Take -- 35 at 35 big deal when they signed Kyle Orton . I -- I was a little. Surprised although I guess from from what Doug -- it said yesterday there were in very
    it -- it hasn't played well the first month the going to Kyle Orton . It's Kyle Orton I I just don't know how much more Kyle Orton . Does for you -- me he's not a long term answer this guy would be how -- to -- -- would be.

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Number is eight point 30234. This case to bring relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 550 this season. Yeah we are well you underlying. Rock do you by the premier group wind may be easy. It. All want heart -- the IR. All of thriller current charter calls like -- -- gone -- bit and guys. -- -- part America for your -- or partner borrower are not bigger problem barker or. I'm not good and bad about haven't EZ pass the good is obviously don't have to sit in line. The bad is you have no concept of what polls are so like B drive to like Albany or -- drive -- -- we dragged down to the city every you know if ever visit the family. And you get off at. -- last hole is it's like ten bucks now ridiculous. That's the bad news about not about that and it was she -- at all anymore and through its ridiculous drive on your state through and no I'm. You know she's the -- are realize you can't read that little to -- look at the statement not an easy pass I just go I. Oh the light goes on -- it would I don't know if you're Ali can -- -- for I have glasses now I don't I don't. I don't ever look at the easy -- got another marathon tomorrow on AMC -- well I'm being told right now. What time in the -- 1230 caught up again I know all know what it's America and easily re -- lukewarm. So what all goes from 1230 to midnight gesture I don't know if this even sure what they're like each movies like six hours Howard got there are a lot of commercials that football games these days yeah Lotta commercials and ANC to just write that movie hall. Top trading today on the other to get take a whole thing about the check out exactly the time schedule might be today but mentally don't. -- Never start. A certain angle. But I own virtual. -- trickle Paula aren't. -- here. Repeat a couple of more large part it reads even and that's called it the more -- when all couldn't share on Sudan. -- not beat her -- sure. Course we -- if you like take away the Miami kick return in addition to the bills punt return then the bills that would football game that you can also take away that little ground ball down the first base line toward Bill Buckner. No don't do that and that's -- on the World Series. I. No dropped out. Who's poor crop well. Oh no problem. He's going to -- up what it every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. I -- that you know. Big drink a lot like a lot. In order. Goers will be -- -- what it took almost a anybody who's there all -- -- But stores now I know I know stores some -- -- big sales at midnight Thursday tomorrow night. But stores are open during the day I understand I thought everything was shut down until now like people actually go shopping during the day. Yeah really stores are open so I I know -- tried to -- I think I think neither I've just -- a few years ago I believe I remember correctly like some of the stores not occasionally. Then open they do open on Thanksgiving anonymous got a dog rag like six or -- to get up here they're trying to get earlier. Coming here virtually one of the first what they don't want people trample. -- scrambling yeah that's not it I'm I'm voting trampling off. You know to put that there was -- knowledge it's crazy. I covered parts that we -- all of it quite well over the boat. And Ellsbury and not L Ehrlich and as we you're out all of that what this story getting worked -- -- the record our car. People out there -- -- and figure out of our part ordered her fury over here. Eight at 830. What I would like to bring up he had read suspension being overturned and absolutely because I'm curious about why they did that so we'll discuss that and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't -- Spiller and no I wouldn't tell. So I'm now under control of the interior remarkably. Public explanation. It's like that's -- pink and -- -- -- people can get -- back. Of the shirt and a quarter. Or what it actually -- From one over T bother to. But -- the -- I brought you -- -- Amerigroup wind made easy the prayer group one of the week is fair in your white zinfandel just date -- and -- -- Magnum. Only 699 after mail in rebates you all -- -- with a specialist from airlines dot com.

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