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Jerry Sullivan Wants it Straight from One Bills Drive

Nov 26, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    Jewell was and tell us what colleges did with Mike she'll open the better times speed that he doesn't have that group and they marijuana arrest on his record and WG ER so it'll be fun Sports Radio feisty. Welcome back shield was the only this now back from Rochester alongs of take you to get back from Rochester it takes roughly. Round in our ticket to the studios which whatsoever I mean it's. And Neitzel drive you go to 92 that you go 99. I was gonna ask you next what I man I have an hour at all times ago from the night an hour at. So you go that way networks at 46. Doesn't longer we go. Go you go through the city yes. Why why away away so much to me it's just you don't slow down and all it's usually always 65 it slows down to 55 what's you know by ninety. It's in that you get right over to lap that I'm I'm all for that we get off 31. New even go up a can of worms you get off the 59 the 31. avenue and slipped to that way oh yeah very interest yeah usually use violence creek road yes and and there's no depth. There's another road down on the way a little bit that you can kind of past past the way you can kinda which way there. We go remember take more than an hour drive recklessly. out. I mean adding station vehicle Bulldog I need to be incorporated. And she had as much time office again yes. are there a lot more often and what was the story of practice today I the story was the fact the offense does. All the along in. It there or sometimes they saw EJ Manuel get on the same page with Sammy Watkins but it was just sloppy all the way through and in Rhodes said as much after her afterwards and and certainly. Even Jeff tool admitted it when when we spoke with him a little bit because there's burgeoning backup quarterback competition But. All the don't get me started. Its. The the offense was the story of the day the dolphins have liked and really keep the defense line out of out of the backfield. Is that bad dale in all it was their first in pads to. And was Manuel. In denial about that as you as you heard him eight it was a little odd because he. We asked him just as a normal sort of wrap up to the practice. So a little bit of or day for the offense today like some negative. Stories you'll meet the bills and yeah that's exactly what he said. And then he came back with the industry got a bazooka and it. I don't have the kind of rub me the wrong way it's just it's. Out of them by especially in your head coach comes up two minutes later and says we were sloppy. We have to decide whether or he meant it. That's I always want them to be real and if I think they're not be real it makes me angry and if he's being real and really thought that the Mets and other. Topic right he thinks they're good whether not that good note to you was coax more important will it either view had a conversation with Chris Brown. You were wave one day. Mutant enemy camp and on from global dot com. And we talked about Egypt and he described. It. and in but they have a problem with Egypt but but it concerns. Raised to me. Is that in watching the dolphins when it is when it's bad when EJ struggles win. Things are going wrong. EJ sold even temper and that Chris was kind of asserting that you might like to see him it will pissed off show employers some leadership in that way like We're better than this you know line receiver in the wrong spot or just some sort of rallying. Cry for manual instead it's just. It's still waterworld time which benefits. But you can't do that if you're the problem. If if your they'll his receivers are running right routes then I agree go I'd get their face that is leadership I think to a point there was a lot of that today to it if he's the problem resources at all I don't wanna throwing tantrums. It want him being himself popular right I don't want tantrums but some some evidence that. This this isn't we've read it's got to be better. Yeah and it seemed like from everything that they in the offseason that he was trying to get himself black level. And take more control of the huddle that's one of rain that you heard Doug Whaley seat time and time again McCain EJ Manuel taking control. Of this team of this offense. And when you maybe he was just saying it out outside of practice just. Just to say that but. It didn't look as though everyone was on the same page there were a lot of times where there were routes seem like it was drop. There were a lot of time for there and overthrow there's an under throw eight pitches didn't seem like was on the same page and even the best player of the day for the offense. Was based off an overthrow when Sammy Watkins rose up and snatched it out of the air even though probably should have been accountable ball so. I think threes in the them any idea I think radius that there's this little CR effect. A I think today was was that not a concerning but he wasn't a their greatest day that you would like to see the quarterback say hey you know what we have a good enough day we got to come out and be better tomorrow. Do you maybe it's just too early you know. Because it is very early for them talk about Watkins. Do you have any feel for. Weather and he'll be patient. With manual if Manuel is on even. Pretty much like last year you know how wide receivers can be is this guy supposed to be like that is exposed to not be like that. I think I think he might be one of the most for 21 girl. Across and at its nuclear. I know you now at the opening it's his insurance is important yeah. Hopkins I think. He was. The way he approaches any situation changes very. Very baseline. And you'd like to see him get hyped up and which I'm sure he's got that. A excitement factor to him once he gets in to a game but he understands it's it's his job and to make everything on the offense his job to make the quarterback and and help him in situations throws where. The always right there when and where it should be but he's he has to make that place I don't think he had. The type of personality that gets upset throws a temper tantrum on the sidelines I saw each aunts and if you just there was huge thing I've thought his defenders would tell you. That. He did not and the barest quarterbacks on the field in a press conference which some guys do I think. But he was passive aggressive about it you would see things on the field that were immediately was obvious. He was ticked off and you know all the guys would be that way. Wide receivers need quarterbacks to Play the position well and be acknowledged that. They have to do both. For wide receiver to get off so you could understand you know like I can understand why a receiver can get hot. And especially when they're young you know Watkins who is so highly touted. And rookie and he's playing for buffalo which head quarterback problems forever. So good luck to you know if he keeps it together albeit for a. I think you know what I think he does have the personality to keep it together I saw last year. So TJ Graham get frustrated at times because he was open I mean we also thought he was open they just didn't give him the ball at any point. Robert Woods grew frustrated sometimes. Not not a ton. Stevie Johnson. Not this pastor to the year before that with Ryan Fitzpatrick still playing there times. San Francisco game especially where they discount the worst blown blown off from. He was. The site himself on the side and remember there's a couple of times throughout that season. That Kirk linebacker of the veterans on the team had to come up to Stevie johnsons say listen. You got there. Need to get it together so I think I think Sammy Watkins doesn't necessarily have that sort of ticking time but a mentality to him yeah I think he's a lot more even keel I. Yeah and I would expect. Does this should make sense anyway doesn't have to would be true but at the earned the right to have a tantrum yeah just he's a rookie. But it wouldn't expect him how however frustrated he might be inside you know at at at quarterback play at some point this year. It's not really your place but knowing that you got to establish that you're before you could start getting mad the other. But Mike made a good point about the wide receiver position and just how that's kind of evolved with the personalities that are in there. You could be a younger guy not even have made a roster yet in your life and you can still see some visual frustration from some of these guys Watkins doesn't have that in he's a very highly touted. He's one of the better talents to come out of college football from that position that within the past ten years and I think I think he has the type of mindset and mentality that I said before the when push comes to shove and he's not getting his stats he's not gonna get frustrated he's gonna do whatever it takes to be able to go up there are doing more what's what's your favorite thing you see. Him do so farming I've heard a lot about these long touchdowns undressed Mckelvin at least one time. But what what's been the most impressive thing if you boiled down to 11. Punching back on the jam I think that's that's been my favorite part to his game because I. Teams in college football. Were so scared of him that they just played off and that's why you seldom throw bunch of screens a little short route to San just to get the ball in his hands. But Leodis McKelvin for the past two days has tried to come up in jam him at the line of scrimmage. And Watkins essentially just room to the side got right by him and got a I mean. That's what you wanna see. Out of a player like that I want to see a against a war that's the next step because very physical with receiver so far. In the first three days camp but I haven't really seen those two matched up I want to see that when they start to get into the scrimmage in parts of buildings. What you just described it gets further evidence to to just how much of the entire package the guy represents me. He's not as big as Mike Evans or even the SEC guys that went high a few years ago we were Jones or or or EG green. But to have the ability to an NFL corner albeit not the best guy but still corner aside on the jam I think news is Yeah I. I've been talking this guy since October. And it hasn't been hyperbole the he has all the skills you want to have elite receiver on your roster. Now it's just a matter of he and wanting it and him wanting to work at which I think those are both there and having the quarterback that. So really that's and that's that's the plight of felt like receiver is it too soon to start thinking about. How the guys are going to be that they keep receiver no I don't think it's too soon I think you can start see. That bubble guys certainly come through and I think the bubble guys are Chris Hogan. TJ Graham Kevin Elliott Marcus I think it was at the before really really ones that that you look at the bottom of the roster guys like Chris Summers Tori cal poly. I don't think goes those guys that much natural for guys you name battling for two yes two maybe three if if they like one of them enough. So I would probably think they keep six receivers. Which her latest. Level of expectations. For these guys was released outlook. I think somewhere between. Five and seven wins right now I don't. I haven't seen enough from. The defense just yet. To make me think they're going to be as successful as they were last year. In not only bring down the passer but helping to hide the deficiencies in the secondary. I think Leodis McKelvin is someone to keep a close eye on this year and he'll start the year as the outside cornerback but that I have my questions. Same deal with. The safety. Opposite Erin Williams if if it's going to be to or see how much of a liability is he in pass coverage and and the defensive line help copper all that up will they be. And as hell raising as they were last year to be able to Take away the seconds needed to be in copper which. So that that that leads me to an area where is okay well to have an offense they could probably overcome that. I'm not sold on EJ Manuel for this year it is you know. I can't figure out what to do yet but. Picturing them as like a ten win team is a good team is really hard yeah so. I know how I am and I think all of us have to be is as good as that but if you'd think you don't have a contender. You should back up. Now how does this team back up. For sale. Ring now hole or not no first round I think I'm when you ask bill Whaley and know first round pick. Spiller is contract is expiring. Daria is horses going to be like always. While it could still turn out. The bills haven't exactly convinced me that they know how to reach him. You hope because. You know he's here we are again he's not practicing. That's what you would do if that's what you should do in sports. Bureau or the sabres right now as we should do and sports if you don't have it. And these guys going to have their fingers crossed. I think what they don't have Is. Certainly a quarterback like the rest of the roster. I'd I'd feel pretty good about a lot of roster now I recognize that they question market wanted to see. Him but to have a most people agree is at least very good in Gillmor RL bigger appeal it'd be great every year. Right and they declined Corey Graham so they backed themselves a lot like it is really So much of these island. Whether or not the quarterback is important. Idol the rest of the bill roster they've all they've already kind of I think when I believe that there are more counted in most spots and then they were five years ago. And I agree with that and I think there's a couple of pieces on offense that they have that they are going to. Either a better utilized or the have added in the offseason that can help EJ Manuel get to a spot where you're saying OK well. At least he's tolerable as the quarterback or or maybe maybe he can get to a spot where where he's he's good just not greats. Outlaw Russell Wilson last year with Seattle in his first two years really with the Seahawks. I think if he were to get to that level that would be that would be best case scenario and the guys that they've added. In Watkins but Tony no is going to play a pretty solid this year tight end and then you have CJ Spiller and trying to find exactly how to use him best which I think they will use him better than they did last year especially in the passing game. That that all plays into it with manual. But all the same I mean the guy's got to hit the throws down the field it can't all just be underneath stuff and allowing your your players to. Do yards after the catch likes boardwalk it's. It has to be where you hate your intermediate targets back off the defenders on the trophy on the appeal throws and and that's how you have to make your living in the NFL can't do that. Then he's gonna struggle this offense mr. IA agreed that their mortality than five years ago fighters go finish. But I don't know that the more talented than one year ago that that a natural. Men and they won six out connect corduroy and is part of that according Glen Bristol this just much question marks he was on Friday night 0100%. And to come off the non football illness list yet. And we don't know anything more than we did that. So. Bird. Blanton is not. He doesn't belong there yet artists of course from Dario this time last year I don't know Stevie Johnson watched a terrible Watkins a big upgrade of Stevie. In my opinion via via But I think it comes out I don't know with such a like it's obvious that there. Mortality they. They do you have talent on the roster but I think a lot of other teams have have some talent and a Miami is starting to gel old more with you know going into its third year but it seemed like. You don't know what you're gonna get from the jets this year because geno Smith it's such a question mark but all you look at everything. In all these teams question marks and the bills just. There was question marks for them just continue to build build build and that's concerning especially when you talk left tackle starting weak side linebacker who is runnerup defensive rookie of the year. Here stud defensive tackle me the probable last year. And and certainly. The quarterback you know what you're going to get from and it's billed as a big year yeah yeah it's and at the keyboard has been used. Over the course of the past five days. Well this morning I woke up to hearing about Peter King. Predicting. That. Bill be good if Manuel does this that and if they are used as as this that he was pretty much the equivalent to not talking you know like I think this team's go to their quarterback really good to be very Vegas two very big and that's all that's that's the the context for a wild card season. And if what's it's kind of ironic almost that. Again at a sort of woke up to that today here here's a big famous national guys saying. Me neither good which he almost always says I think. But I hardly hear fans saying that that that's been one thing we have talked about a lot this summer is where are the fans. Mad mad at me. For not talking them up more like usually that just goes with the territory. And this year sort of PP people seem. There always are some of those people but more than I would expect seem. Well just not there. And we all know exactly where that comes from that from. If you had immense faith in the quarterback in the most important additional sports than. You would probably have a lot more this roster to say you know what they're going to be. Pushing for post season no doubt about it at worst they're gonna have seven wins in but they're still gonna show progress on the office No one knows EJ Manuel is just yet EJ Manuel doesn't know what he is just as well and there is no plan B that. People would wanna tell laws they should go to to me that Lewis and Jeff tool. And pass. As announced today Jeff tool and that Lewis are in a battled back. Is that needs to be in notes. Well as a football I asked him I said Jeff who got second team reps today could you explain thinking that your work in a battle at the back position. On Any questions for Should I try the other way to Rochester Imus done it once before just the almost never in trouble. It's more direct. And you can almost as fast before. I. The slowdown in the city number. It's just awful round ones and I think I get intimidated by the approach the deal. It feels relatively sober for you on this but it feels right see when I go through 392 the 590. To me it just feels like hey as soon as I get off the ninety and they're I have like me 85 miles. I think it's more. Go past the mall we could talk of Africa a big joke and I. Look as though everyone was on the same page. There were a lot of times where there were routes and see what you throughout. There were a lot of times were there and overthrow there was an under throw it just didn't seem like at room on the same page and even the best play of the day for the offense. Was based off an over throw in Sammy Watkins rose up and snatched it out of the air even though it probably should have been kept the ball. with a less than glowing report of the bills' offense at practice today. almost. Who are so limited of course I'll say it now. Those that concern you at that now. I would hope. Two respected Joseph. It doesn't concern people that the bills might have been less than perfect at camp today it might rightfully concerned fans that the bills. Or the bills. It was as would want them to base that on what. Once said of today's practice you know and even mostly. Just just blend that into whatever you're already thinking I'd feel better ignoring it all if I was trading off d.s. Where I heard they looked really good with the days where they really didn't. Going back to the mini camps which again like I mean you know break don't don't do. Don't put it John. Maybe you're single put anything on it. I can't get away with putting nothing into it. So long trying to be careful bottoms are just waiting for a day where all the offense with great. waiting for it because it's it's just football practice rightly they should be should have a day where they can they can went to a well it would bank. I guess. Your your memories. Fade or even changed over the years but if if I remember right. It's just a general point just like in the glory days Those guys could have been blind fold it right don't agree I I think when I started going out there which is at the tail end of that. I never paid much attention like no community why I knew they were greatly ever I don't I don't I'm not gonna awkward about August here. We're in a different business. I haven't really talked to those guys about. What those practices like. Would they have practiced hard because that's. Building good habits. And it's important. So like. Would they say like with Thurman who I saw yesterday could have thought as yeah. With say that those training camps. Weather earlier leader in distributed very maybe it would vary but. Were those for those things like getting. Good one reason why we were great was that we really took those practices seriously. Or. Well that's good. By the time I started don't like it sedated those guys were also there but they were penal just beyond the years. It that the joke was camp Kelly and Bruce and Thurman and Andre in at all those guys are still on the team they've been replenished with. Other veteran guys Ted Washington Paul Newman was there. And the running gag around practice round training camp was like that they've known network are all as Marv bought the best way to preserve. Jim Kelly on dream of some of those guys was not. Cook them in August when we got bigger things. You care about with this team like how much those guys play it'll. And in the pre season and Emanuel should probably play little game. But her her mock us and I've that he should play is marches but as you possibly can can live with you. What does that decide. How and try to finish the thought. How much power you can live with yourself that's how much should play. And of course where's that line of demarcation Susie gets hurt it's too much you know soul. And it was seen anything by saying but it. I don't need him to come out after the first quarter of the first game. He needs work in the offense needs work but in this for years. When they had veteran quarterbacks who were really all that prove and they can we need to get opens on Triplett it's what's well. Let's use this opportunity. Praying for. The improvement this year which would be seven wins they win seven games which is not even. 500 of course that would be their best season since 2008. A better record meant that any season since 2008 when Dick Jauron but The Beatles led the bills to a seven and nine record for the third One important. a and all that got a comment about the bills question. You know we're here and feel 30550 is our number not to bezel like him begging. One lingering question from yesterday I I think. He's what was Tom doing out there. So. Maybe you have a story like this. My group and higher out there on the golf course it's. An hour to into the round so we're like third hole second time today for that joke. And you see golfers all over the place. You see you know high the dunk tank on tank for instance. You see the highly. Effective. And efficient. Beverage team when they were just right there everywhere they were all all I need one there they were just like constant it was great. It's it's a big to go to a golf course. And you might wanna drink and then there just like not out there which happens a lot Leo not at this term no. So you see there and maintenance and is sort of the organizers from our sales team and promotions team. There's a lot of activity everybody's in parts bright people coming going all over the place. And the first Tom. Walking. You know without clubs. You know the older way. I'm gonna guess. Is walking along I ran into Tom. The first time. Pro about an hour in. Oh. The third hole we're under second hole. But we. it was a met in that. In that intersection in where there's like three or four holes together there and is one of the food vendors is there and don't think it is a lot of activity needed it. One of the hotspots yes the John Cutler from ourselves is dealing cards. card game really the point. We have a few years you're going with John's very welcoming over to play cards to play cards Michael. You might win something happens there so. Into homes there and I said. One with Tom up to it through and and code that you even really gave me an answer. No I don't I have no idea what Tom was doing walking by himself around the goal what I am saying is I think Tom knew Tom was or Dodgers made you don't. Evil arming you don't know it really told me what to do you know I was necessarily their radical but I was there AM have a good time and kind of what I did is walk around I constantly had a my hand and just walking around the Munich carton. Kind of hard to coordinate with someone else has ever and head. A job to fulfill or something specific to you or at least they looked like they won't I don't know that it's people were actually doing apathy seem like they had a purpose I'm pretty bad at taking that fan base coaches walk around say I eat the food drink the drinks. I just slightly amend that. I would say there are a lot of people that had jobs to do. And a lot of other people that looked like the jobs you and apart from those two categories people in bathing suits okay. That might have been their jobs to be and I legitimacy that is probably what there but that's over time it up as you know first basically didn't have my side it's time so you just walked around all day. You know walked around went back to the music. You know just hanging out to bans. we had. Whilst the stuff was out there you know that there yeah those guys were there they're always there in the right from the beginning I got there really early they were voted playing right. And then over on the other side of women's locker room. Over whether it was the bar in the clubhouse and everything was another warning them woman who could could toward her That's what are those moves were really deserved what they deserve on piano that was yeah that was only in the morning all right will be done by the time we sort of playing and maybe he got up I thought about it more I saw them but what he married I was a video piece and then competing bans tests at the golf course right next. A lot going on with that sect that other it was via this. But we LL the tournaments what what kind of music do I wanna listen to over this way I was disappointed or you do on stilts. that that's still the guy was not there but I think maybe the theme was different it was a Caribbean thing as opposed to Mardi mean Mardi Gras that's where you get the guidance is that there's you would never see a guy on in the Caribbean it's forbidden. It's is that little that I I've been there are multiple times. now out. Two it's I can't ever seen anybody on the pirates of the Caribbean films not a single I am still seeing the whistle on them bulldogs probably right. Here's Kevin on WGR hello Kevin. Failed to go directly to you. Doubling what can look it up for this season I don't think there's any way to go to Eric. Having and where they only win six games. They got enough together. Fired. You know sure circuit may think it will be an like that but all the players that are higher. People that we see. fans looking forward to seeing their they all of a year experience plus you know you're gonna go out and do. EJ you know top. You know target and Larkin you know they were less than not 08 games we're gonna win nine and deftly going to be in the veteran allowed carts while others were second that you Nancy's so. But the only other thing 81 of them they can come and in the about. The fact that there's no more tickets are configured talk about it recently but we Eric I didn't hear that that work but you know I think I'm disappointed you know that the tickets are kind of they collect. And now you get disc now credit targets like when you I like it. People are telling me you can still get the take right anyone can download the tickets and freedom. Yourself. I think. Or even get him from now I don't know I don't know but it will get some clarification on but yeah I solves anything instilled it in its most your fans talk like they think the bills are gonna be a winning team I just I'm saying I don't hear as much of it as amused at hearing. 8030550. Is the number oh look ahead to camps in next weekend. Not the bills' game but the ceremony coming up much over the Bulldog WGR. Yeah. There's competition that would there's no rest no. Market to go play you got compete everywhere and great thing about. Whether so you. Ability if a great thing about now. That's Sammy Watkins that might be today's Sammy Watkins report. Who want to report. we the report I think is that everybody's talking about them he's been. The show I think so far three practices and there's been some things. and not just from people who wanna see something rightly be just go what I think not being even a bills fans. You can will. Come. It has been where he's sort of people. We had a minute wanted to minutes talk about camp next weekend and calls to get to two. I hope to wanna forces and right now I wanna say something about Watkins and Reinhart. And were you know good in a minute or. Maybe next you know Wall Street here is wanted to record so Dave here on WG RO Dave. Guys expect Mike call Bob actually. He's from buffalo that now that you show whatever it grow out thanks to eat picnic golf. I wanna go back to your comment that aid few minutes ago about the difference in the roster. This coming year or last year and you know at least and who can go to the burden. To a question mark. Wondering where it the heck coach was a rookie last year quarterback the last year our RR OC act it was last year. He got edit their second year. How much you'd think we can sit sort of a this by the get out they'll each other better be able outlook or or gather each other's. how much can that are edited and it. Not that much in my opinion you you can get improvement this is how I feel about it you can get improvement from Manuel even from grown. But I don't think thanks Dave for a check out I don't think that that point matters too much. Familiarity I guess I just think that is manual learning what they wanna do. Frustrated. That. Here we are at the beginning of another season. And and manual works are are similar to me in this way. I really don't know what I have been either guy. I guess I would say I'm more worried about both. But and we've been saying I'm happy to admit this. Don't really want to just sit here and talk like I think they're both gonna not make it. Because no one really wants to hear that it's taking a leap anyway I'm just not prepared to take that leap. But now watching Rome last year I felt like he didn't really have it he didn't really come as advertised to me. There were a lot there wasn't a lot of courage on the field there was a lot of double talk from him and and manual. I mean he was a reach of a draft pick and he wasn't that impressive so you just have to hope. That that's how I feel about this I don't rule out that either or both of them will be good. But. I'm just not ready didn't say I believe right expected. I think I respect the group. Familiarity point. I mean I made an immediate thing last year out of all that stuff being new and I don't think I can really sell that is being my opinion about it. And not respect that there be. Some benefit. To the offensive personnel to keep people being together for second year in manual but it really it only gets you so far it manuals going to be good. Then their familiarity will be to their benefit. If he isn't his fundamentals it is mechanics are flawed and he's floating balls and not accurate. His familiarity that it is only gonna get you so far. He may know better where to go with the ball but he's got to mechanically. And skillfully make it happen. On a regular basis and there's still. Reason to really wonder about back. If that clicks then I think it will be to their benefit they are together. And and he knows what Hackett is thinking when he calls for this play him like what which guy should spring open if we run even. This play followed by this point ball by this were set them up for this kind of thing and like all that stuff it's hard to. I think grasp all of those subtleties right away. The more you're there the more with the same group the more you're gonna know about that but it still comes down to. Real he under drew rats. You able to get the whole needs to go it's it's the dilemma like some guys always fits. That's the is different offense knew where to goal I think almost all the time. But he just couldn't make it happen. And then you've had other guys who could roll the ball to a from sixty yards away. There's no tire on the feel what it's a moving target and they don't. You know last year there were a couple of games. Where. Let's make it about one I don't wanna just pick out the bad ones. The Pittsburgh game OK he comes manual comes back from an injury. And boy. I'm not gonna win all the time we know it takes time it tends to exports don't expect you know fourteen into. Rookie year and I'm already well and my season at that point but. The cowboy quarterback that played a steeler team that's not that good. This is where you should really see this that this was a game where I really wanted to see. Manuel. Beat all too. Well I guess what I thought. The level should abandon. And that game was a disaster. They went to play the Steelers one of the many franchises that own ranks the bills you know you wanna be somebody. There's a chance to to beat a good franchise. A famous franchise. down. And the bills were just completely. Inept in that game. I wanted. I thought at first I thought to put Tampa in here but it was different. Temple was just a disaster anytime anywhere from an earlier plan the steeler game was symbolic steeler game was. Despite Osman had a game in Pittsburgh was exactly the same. All the Steelers were better than they were last year at that time. The okay. And am ready to beat. Teams that are to own when you want to sabres are you beat that of the Philadelphia Flyers when they can't stop we'll talk no. The sabres the bills are you Steelers. When their weakened no not even close. This year we want is the bears. The bears. Lambeau Field. Not fox parole. Denver. Chicago. A pretty good team. I think they're gonna be really good but they don't go into this season yet is really good the zero and zero they were not in the playoffs last year the bill's goal is EJ Manuel. But to show up and play well in Chicago weakland mean want to put their money on that. I don't mean I don't wanna put my money on that I put my money on last year's team and lost. So it's harder to go back. But most of us to say. They see this guy. Born in there. Wait for beginning this season and like nailing it just every game. Pittsburgh. Yikes I wasn't ever in the game was one of those horrible bills games against a team that was really don't. And the give you those games you know. All right and of speech for now 8030550. Your feelings on the season that's correct camp the way Bulldog WGR.

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    Tue, 22 Jul 2014


    dick jauron found at 11:02

    of that mean I haven't even really been. Folks well remember when. Dick Jauron was the bills coach and it was. All so. The feeling then -- been forever since they were good in they have
  3. 7-21 Sal Capaccio hosts Schopp & The Bulldog HR 4


    Mon, 21 Jul 2014


    mike williams found at 25:40

    and one team this year to be -- in what those guys Mike Williams . He joined the under the -- your Sports Radio 550. That's a long ago actually. Just a couple of hours ago after they were don't practice a replay that interview for you. Coming up here just a little while take a break -- replay that interview euphoria with Mike Williams the
  4. 7-21 Sal Capaccio hosts Schopp & The Bulldog HR 3


    Mon, 21 Jul 2014


    mike williams found at 0:57, 18:07

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike Williams it's just sit in the chair that was. Interesting interview with my guy I think that he has truly. And tried to
    Adam I like he. Obviously I can't see -- making Sammy Watkins Mike Williams Robert Woods mark he's given -- all assured of making this team. I love what Chris Hogan has done and -- practice

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Out of they're not a bad I don't know. How much difference there is between. India and Jacksonville. And the rams mean that at this assume they're gonna win two games. But I don't know I don't know I don't think they -- decidedly better than those -- but I'd I'd be surprised that he went at least two more all five of their games could be. -- can be wins we know they're not gonna win the -- the they don't have any of them I think 8030550. The number here's mark on WGR I'm mark. I -- beyond Foleo and the moralizing and Google -- to talk about -- every week CJ Spiller carry. -- play calling the orient our thirteen years ago Casey. The play calling -- went out here and wide receiver back that they knew he -- Gailey. I it will -- do that. Don't stick by their statement but. How it actually relevant to build article from a lot people are. Living here in jets and our country they're ready to run wreck on how to count. Who they -- because there is -- game -- make season the ready to clean count and here. Foreign government like that got him and old -- my god it. It could lead you to bulk. And in nowhere where it no quarterback no no urgency to get 10. Strapped to guide you agree or that and your starter there -- so hurry to get that long they won't do it. The same recently when he -- -- apple Mike Williams is so scared themselves. You it would at least focusing -- -- about the quarterback I was thinking this before. But the extent they went to protect. Fitzpatrick from whatever threat they thought Vince young's presence posed he is not here to compete. All like -- you would have thought it was important. Or something that that that be that way. This is another thought I have to think about why they didn't pick other quarterbacks that just seemed to be sold. Hell bent on avoiding any kind of controversy. Which sold -- If knicks were to say -- Gailey needs a couple wins here or if it again comes back to the you don't know who really. Calls the shots. Cherry somebody's gotta say it the idea of Ralph Wilson and calling them every day at this point my goodness. I mean I why don't wanna see something's not right here he's not before. What they talk about. Just please stop insulting us all the time. Let's be real about this. Not just Ralph but in. Who cares if there's a controversy deal with it. Who cares. You bring a rookie -- Vince Young tart Paris Jackson Mike -- who cares whoever is let's let's play it on the field. It think Fitzpatrick -- that protection he gets by this organization. Yeah that coloring is that a mouthful and I thank him -- start to address with which part of it but. The jets compares in his soul right hall yep gesture -- woman bolted to a three and six. But the idea of of the jets are a couple of columns -- -- -- of the jets somehow be alive in the playoffs was -- laughed out of the city. But here you know we're I was just you know applaud all ready Ryan has to go right right Brian as ago right. -- -- -- I I am I applaud him for. In his own convoluted ways same resiliency tonight. Absolutely believe he's calling -- coach's play calling. And has the backtracked I think I believe fits double homicide it was by the way went down they want the reason I -- -- there that shows up in the locker room. Talks about it. Clearly talked to Stevie -- Steve becomes so there's been a calculated. Decision I think this comeback out and revisited and what does it walk it back where they and so Stevie says he and I knew it was coming you talk about audible and I'm -- that Stevie you know the word audible never -- -- in your -- yesterday the were audible and we you think we're stupid. And I think -- some way it wasn't that. Straightforward that he thought the whole play calling should be taken away from camp but he definitely. This question in the play all the smile when he said the that he -- -- his smile thing and but again. At least someone -- had the guts to say something in there. We CJ Spiller is only the nicest guy in the world is always tweeting biblical passages he's not gonna question. But even -- I think there's got there -- guys that room that are really losing faith in this coach an opinion that. Let's when I know many of these that's what I mean about the controversy point like just is it. The number one organizational policy that nothing negative ever be said about any anything else anybody else is that. Really the most important thing. So so what if the with the receiver thanks deal with that have a coach he's wrong I'm doing this is why does prove himself. Who cares. What the media make out of it big deal this isn't New York by the way. That's Iowa and Kelly. Wanted to calls all plays that it happened is that that was a team where they they spoke up. Mean if Thurman Thomas were in this position -- Spiller a kidney that's the place to be on fire every other week. Spiller has game that reminds me of Thurman it's doable 45 when went 15135. And I'm I'm still. And -- -- on here but that's the reside -- think mark Levy should be in the hall fame are you kidding me. This happens with Spiller every other week it's -- seven point six this is not a fluke that that is not integrated say it's 76 like every other week. People in the league must be laughing at them. It was 63 yard pass. And suddenly it's still is not on the field like this team's on its heels. We got a first thirty yard pass on the road all year to a receiver. Let's let's get our best play are the great player giving the ball in every -- shows up. Pass pass scramble field goal. You you don't think the guys that team like roll their eyes in Steve in -- to pass is open and after the 63 yarder but I think he's stand. What a lot that they can see he's being under used here. I'm among other things I don't know anything but I would be throwing the ball to plays in a row after he just had a sixty did and do it. Everytime I see it runs for more than ten yards on the bench he went thirteen 1120 and he disappeared for the whole second -- that happened all year it's that. But Utley learning -- is not changing. It's all so familiar and and Jerry Sullivan from the buffalo news with us Mike show in the --

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