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WGR550>Topics>>12/3 Chan Gailey on winning, CJ's vs Fred's touches and the rest of the season

12/3 Chan Gailey on winning, CJ's vs Fred's touches and the rest of the season

Dec 3, 2012|

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    Sports Radio 550 WGR buffalo and WK SC HD to Niagara Falls buffalo. 98 point five. Here he's gonna run and really CR Sports Radio 550s. If you're a billionaire at a procrastinate or bad news is a deadline today if you wanna by the bills. Bids are due today the next step in the process is. A 5 PM deadline to submit a notice of intent prospective buyers an explanation of how the team would be paid for. financial firm takes all of those reportedly as many as fifteen or sixteen and bring it down to a smaller group. A potential buyers John of the some reporting that could happen by the end of the week that we get down the smaller number rule of course. Reportedly in on all this. But from a group of Jon Bon Jovi expected to make the necessary moves as well. As is Donald Trump who says he is going to bid but also says he doesn't expect to get the team to win it because he's not going to be something stupid. Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports. A second source telling in the Morgan Stanley's nondisclosure agreement. Is restricted. communication between individuals and groups that under different circumstances those groups might it will work together by the bills but that is not going to happen in this case. The bills did get a practice in last night moving it from the morning session into the evening because of weather. And tempers Eric what do on what to do. Post scuffle in the camp. I here subpoenas aren't we aren't there. The problem we will accomplish numbers wolf players and then of course they did today they generally happens in camp but it is what it on the field and and from. It seems a lot of padded practices. Working up to Sunday's hall of fame game. To baseball Milwaukee's lead the central as down to a game and a half over the St. Louis Cardinals ten to beating the brewers to one. Pirates shut out San Cisco five nothing Melky Cabrera homered from both sides of the Toronto gets a 141 win over Boston. Which is also trade right hander Lee and Anderson catcher aircrafts to city for infielder Danny Valencia Texas scores for the fifth. And a comeback win over the Yankees Yu Darvish works seven and it's his tenth win of the season Matt Philadelphia 71. I'm Jeremy Sports Radio 550 for breaking sports news text the word sports the 55550. It's not always so I mean you know. We're out here to compete the office decided to score were out it is do our best to stop them. They've put up some great place today you know and I was had to do our best back especially when he came down in the two minutes. All this is as good competition you know both sides of the ball just didn't have fun. On WGR. Sports Radio. fifty. 806. I thought that the coming up just a moment Howard Jerry Matthew here at W job. The fight club song the bike clubs on the picks these were where's my mind I'm told that is the microbes on Joseph referencing. The movie anchorman in his day eight notes at WG Arafat can deduct up more than escalated quickly. Joseph this joining us to analyze what happened last night tko is knock outs who scored the most points what's up to this guy our real. Gentlemen good morning so would you you'll fight analysis don't last night. I had to I mean. I handed my scorecard and go. And fortunately for the the parties involved the the defense seemed to come away with the the better of those exchanges but. You know their offense certainly got their shots and do. We'll talk about that in a moment and if you call it right now Foreman drew opening got a question about anything at bills training camp housing guy looking at any of that stuff 8030550. Joseph is your eyes out a training camp and Joseph segment with has brought you by New York's outlet liquor. What's your outlet what what led to all the fisticuffs last night. Well. It was just one of those days I mean it happens at least once a year when when it comes training camp and it really all happens when you know they're sort of a buildup to this point. Where it's getting a little bit physical maybe they've had a couple practices like they'd like he did on Saturday and set in Sunday. And then it just kind of builds up then and once you have kind of a a report with a guy named him with the other team. And if somebody does something to upset that then things like that can happen. And it all started early on I think there was a where Cyrus Joseph was. Was going up against you saying Venus on and he was essentially. If it went after the whistle and Kwon ended up throwing some punches at at Venus and so. There was there were some degree repair. And then there had to be hit or something that provided as the catalyst I didn't exactly see what what the play it was that really got everybody go and but during one of the team drills. Jerry Hughes was over on one sideline just kind of yelling something at the offense and I couldn't really make out exactly what he was saying. Played it he was not pleased with with some sort of play from from one of the office of players I would assume one of the offensive because. That is the most physical. Position between offense defense. Though when that happened then it's it's kind of devolve a little bit and at all came to a head when. When Brian Johnson the third string defensive end in and McPherson news that third string senator. big got little bit of a scuffled with each other around and then Brian Johnson and throwing for at least four punches at MacKey MacPherson it's midsection so there is a there's a lot of a lot of things going on his double was not happy with it. right after the team in team drills went and it got to the special teams He yelled out for his offensive and defense of life to come over and then huddle around him. He started talking to you than and so and I didn't hear but I would assume always telling them you know. He'll be respectful of each other and be mindful of each other team all all that stuff. And once once he did it seem like he was he tended to tension in the laughed a little bit. But he wasn't done there because after the practice he spoke with pepper Johnson the defensive line coach and and spoke with both. Kyle Williams and Mario alive I think it was something that did not like one it. Joseph you think that it's a product of so many padded practices and so many long practices and it seems like the Donald wants 66 pack and and they're going to two and a half hours. Yeah in last night's session was shorter than all the other practices so far but all the same. I don't know that it necessarily. Facilitated that. That sort of behavior out on the field I think it was suggests. You get into the the dog days of camp where. At one point. Tempers start to it happens every single maybe not as large as it did. Yesterday but I remember. Let's 2010. Win and made him just to act Fred Jackson the random run up the middle. It and it started things off where. Where I think Eric would yelled something. And I forget the other linemen that went over to me between god and has faced That's that happened right around this time in camp where there's just enough time. To be in camp and the novelty has worn off the now all you're doing a a basis as being there. With all of those guys and I'm sure there's a lot of banned terror and trash talking thrown one way or the other from the office of the defense. And along with all the teammates but. Yeah I think I think that plays into is well. Joseph this guy when it's as we talk bills training camp 8030550. Or 888. 550 Q 550. Joseph wanna ask you a little bit about the offense because I took a glance figure out your day eight notes which I would advise everybody to read on a regular basis daily notes each year. But if you dot com to miniature election last night how did it go for what each end that Louis right. That's right took Jeff tool that not. They put 11 minute 42 seconds on the clock for both of them. And EJ Manuel had the total of five plays his first his first pass for play really. He completed it to Fred Jackson for. I think ten yards. And he's he's second pass was all bulls picked off. He was looking for Robert Woods on a post over the middle. And he completely. Through it in front of them by about three yards and Jonathan Meeks if you with half a step more forward. He probably would have picked off the past. And what happened was he he dove for the ball Meeks mrs. He dove for the ball and and it hit him in the mid section but he was a forty pretty much pinned up light on the ground. So it it fell on the ground and he was able to pick them off so that was a mistake diverted. By his third place heat through again the projection they think this time for fourteen yard gain. Then mark he's good wood and a six yards Lance. And then he thought he had a receiver. On a flag route on the left sideline. And who is covered up by one of the safety she took a shot at a rod Brooks. Who is a sin was the quarterback. Vote right side of the defense was up in zone read manuals eyes read him. looking for that. And drifted back in very very nice play by him. And rose up in and I pointed interception which was which could have been his best player. Training camp in his career and it was just the very next play on his part and that's that's how his day ended that Lewis. And there are a lot of sacks there were some penalties on the defense it was it was sloppy and ended with. In heating it down on the field as time expired to TJ Graham who pulled it it was for your shorts for your short of the of them so on the daily. How did EJ Manuel look. Update how to and look yesterday. Overall not just the drill here you looked OK I mean he wasn't it wasn't one of those days goodness gracious it's. This year it's going to get it and but it wasn't one of those overwhelming days that maybe we saw last year. That means you go okay that he's he's having a good day and I don't know if may be our. Or. The way we're expecting things from him to progress this year's may higher than it was last year but I think that's natural because he is in year two and would like to see him do the things that he didn't do last year. I'll say that there is a couple times that I saw him go through we get to his second read it before before. Diagnosing and things are I'd I'd better dump it down. He did that a few times so perhaps he's progressing in that sense but I still think that. He doesn't have further I'm sorry Jeff tool. For progresses. Through the play a lot better than EJ Manuel does at this point that's not to say he's more man that Manuel Manuel should still be the starter because. The armed armed and tool doesn't really have that. Overcompensate. For what what he does through his progression so. I think. I think Manuel had an OK day and I'm sure he knows he can probably be better than he was especially that human intro. Still not a good on that a lot of good about about there. I'll be totally honest when when he gets gets to go but it. Eagle three excuse me 8030550. To join us Franken gets really around which show here on W geography had. Yeah hey good morning gentlemen you're all I know you better than that analyzed and Larry calls all week but I actually have a question about the coaches. I was not too happy with the ball higher. Wouldn't let you the result but here are pretty. But I'll look not a don't need to be any different than the coaching this year I mean it. And he was a rookie last year but Marron and acted a bit of an improvement that. Well. It's tough flotilla for a lot of it is dependent upon what happens on game day. I think morrow and is taking a little bit of problem for. Trying to find the right way to put this but. He's trying to trying to take a more of a eighty overseer. Role a lot more than he did last year that's the type of head coach he wanted to beat. But he he wants to be very meticulous in how his practice is run and went. It breaks down as it did yesterday he gets upset because he wants the practice to go a certain way he doesn't expect. That his players on his team would would. Take part in stuff like that but the thing and the thing Hackett. He has the he has a bit of a possibility this year because he's not coaching the quarterbacks and get so focused solely on the on the offense and developing that office but. Until he gets to. Until we get the game situation where he's calling plays and adjusting to things on the fly. I don't know that we can really see whether or not there's a change there. I mean he's the same guy in he's really energetic and he gets really excited a good place for for the offense during training camp practice but other than that. I don't think you can really speak to exactly what type of changes that made. Speaking of coaches Joseph we know we had Nathaniel Hackett on the show yesterday. But then both coordinators were made available to the meeting yesterday Hackett and of course Jim Schwartz in the beat a guy. Yeah I think I think Schwartz was. Was good in the sense that he talked about his. Blitz philosophy or gave at least a little bit of a look into it by saying hey you know what we'd like to have the the capability of blitzing when we want to but not happened templates and that's I think that's important when you have a good defensive line and I know a lot of people were worried about Jim Schwartz that he was going to be another Dave where he was only sending its front four. And I'm not gonna say that he's going to be blitzing at all times there's going to be a lot of times where the front four is dependent on two. You get that pressure but he's not templates and he showed that through the first eight days of training camp in. And being able to league get those guys the linebackers cornerbacks safeties in these on the pass plays to help the defense but. It's kind of more of a situation where he's looking for the overall. Overwhelming hammer to the offense as opposed to it in addition to the into the four guys that's rushing the passer but. In addition to it he brings that seat he brings that linebacker brings that quarterback but he doesn't depend on those guys in able to get them past Russian. And I like that way of thinking. I think is it really explains what he has been in both Tennessee as a respirator in Detroit as. As a head coach and certainly someone who has a pretty big. Pretty big. Look at two at the what they do from a weekly basis in Detroit so he he's been he's been good in the Joseph with 8030515. To join us the bills are off today we'll be back on the practice field to to. Thursday at eight Friday at six then they'd leave Saturday for I I got and they did the first depth chart of camp is out of when asked about that in a moment but let me and spin back over the offense for a couple of things joke. I was on last night a volley you about your very good on Twitter. And a Sammy was endured much and I and I okay got a little nervous he's okay right. Yeah the from what the bill set after the practice was. It was essentially arrest because they've been giving him a lot of time on the field through the first seven days or so. But that is that was the reason given to us if it continues on Wednesday then than maybe that'll be cause for concern but. In the interim it seems as though senior is okay. He was running routes after the practice with. With the quarterback and and Mike Williams as well. I think it was probably just the rest because they have the they have the day off today so maybe giving him a little bit extra just to get him in right ahead it is. Last three practices before his first pre season game. I want to the other on offense when asked about is Cyrus joke you had a note about him in your in your column and I'd mentioned here I thought going into camp. That Eric piers was pretty shaky right tackle as long as basically didn't look completely lost you would have the job by opening day. There's no indication as far as what you wrote that plunger was anywhere near up to the task. He looks completely lost I mean that there is. I wrote this over the weekend and I certainly don't take it back after after what I saw last night either. trail Henderson looks like the second round pick and Cyrus quantum looks like the seventh round pick right now. And that's that's a bit concerning because it just seems like quanta is very raw and on saying he's he's not going to be able to. Come up in and progressed from this but it's been eight days of training camp in and he is now what could in fact. Defensive linemen have been taking advantage of him. I mean there is a very clear the way of going after him because when he comes out his stance he. It seems like he gets a little bit too tall for. In a dialing lost especially in Mario Williams as well long has those long arms. All Manny Lawson has done is in one on one portions of practice against the offensive line. All he does is give it a good solid puncher good solid jab. Up high near the shoulder pad area of squad And excited not to back a little bit because he's on balance because of it because of the way he kind of gets to a lot of its stance. And that gives just enough whether he dropped one put back gives just enough loss and it slipped right under and get to the quarterback. And there's been a bunch of bunch examples of this happening throughout throughout the training camp so far. struggle against loss and again yesterday he he got beat by Mario Williams on a couple times it just doesn't seem like he's gotten there yet. And he's really. Has not performed. At all to the level that I think the bills expected him to be at this point. Of his career now he is a second round pick so he's not a perfect prospect obviously. However date I'm sure they were expecting a little bit more from him right now in. He hasn't done anything to kind of break into your peers hold on the right tackle job in effect. I think that that margin has might have his even gotten baker. From what he's done burst depth chart is out the bills put out their release for the opener against the giants pre season opener. And they have interest as you look that it. Well. The one thing that looks interesting to me is the running back position because I thought. And this is very down Donna rabbit point put. Priced product helps him either third running back and Anthony Dixon has listeners their third running back. I found that kind of interesting because I thought Dixon was going to be the fourth team running back of the special teams days that. Wherever he needs to fit in he mail but he's been running very art training camp. So with Bryce with Dixon has. Then notably physical and like the way he's played a lot since camp has got that that was one of the surprises for me. Other than that I mean you've got Brad and as the first team weak side linebacker which was to be expected. You've got Chris Harrison has the second team right car which is to be expected so there's there's a lot of different things but the the running back situation is the one that struck enjoy your day off so you've earned it Larry thanks guys. Thank you Joseph is always just column is up actually got a couple things from yesterday day eight notes you should read Joe's daily notes on a regular basis you know what's going on at camp. That's available at WGR 550 dot com. And we talked at the top of the segment about the fights last night our Paul Hamilton was campus well he's got the rundown on that story. You know suitable for you it WGR 550 dot com segment brought you back. New York's outlet liquor what's your inching number on 5000 yard passers that and it felt like I'm last year. Bowl Drew Brees and Payton Manning threw for 5000 yards. In NFL history looking back to the guys that have done it and then their follow up season Dan Marino dated 1984. He was the only 5000 yard passing season prior to 2008. Those the only one. There was went that long Murano somebody would have done it. Nobody befall other than Marino before 2008. And then two dozen major Brees did it in 2011 Brees Brady and staffer. Two dozen twelve degrees 2013 the reason Manning and how many times does got through over 5000 and then follow up with 5000. It's not unusual at all Brees has done in 20112012. And points thirteen back to back to back seasons Matthew Stafford missed it by 36. 33 yards. So you know we're talking about manual on his expectations and whether or not he can get to watch. 3500. Plus that like the guys that are weighing unit are thrown for 5000. On that note let's do this we get back and I story last night about Eli Eli Manning and the expectations there's a statistical number. The quarterbacks coach has put out on what they'd like to get me like Manning this year maybe think hey it's I think it's ridiculously high for him but be. What are the numbers region do that we get back eagle 30550 to join us 88550. To 550 coming up at nine. you'll join us former bills' coach will be presenting Andre Saturday night and can't for enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We'll talk to back nine on WGR. Our Sports Radio Sports. I'm not gonna do something totally stupid maybe just a little bit stupid but not totally step. Speaking with Fox News that Donald Trump who is still candidate. By the Buffalo Bills he says he's in it doesn't sound too convincing or even convinced that he has a prayer but he will be one to submit. By 5 PM today initial bid includes detailing how a bitter would pay for the Buffalo Bills it's non binding at this point. About the financial firm takes these kids up to 5 o'clock today from there they get down under group of finalists. But the bills on the field and the day off today so there won't be on the field last night primetime practice that was a make up from the early morning scheduled practice. Once again Doug Merrill put his players and that. I thought processes so elected you know. Practice in pads we've been going one here alive you know tonight no tickets. The change schedule. But. They get a day off and we're not going period so that's trying to get back injuries to. Again team off today if you missed showbiz guy yeah find that on demanded a website WGR 550 dot com also complete recap of day eight. Of training camp for the NBA the sell the clippers appears to be on the way. As Steve Ballmer has won a court battle actually sterling who wins the court's approval to. Sell to Steve Ballmer. The lakers have finally confirm Byron Scott is their next coach the entries in a news conference today. To baseball four for five for Ryan Collins four runs batted in Toronto 141 went and at Boston RA Dickey pitches for the victory. Strikes out ten in seven innings met some Philadelphia 70 on the red wings have agreed to a three year eight point 25 million dollar contract. That's with Thomas to tar between Israel for second on the team in goals last season in nineteen. I'm Jerry white AVG our Sports Radio 550 for breaking sports news text the word sports the 55550. Gordon will go to third and he understands. Seventh place go to war. In his career the he's Headwaters of the borders with two out. Seventh place all time it. And I it talked about Eli Manning But I want to bring a stunning about Jeter to get a phone call in a real effective in wanna bring this thing up about Jeter that Mike and Chris were talking about yesterday. 80305 get to join us we continue talking bills training camp with you cover to those training camp. On WGR present about UB dermatology York's leader and skin care protector skin schedule your annual checkup by Hugo college educated for life. By New York's only outlet liquor what's your outlet and by T shirt university from the NCAA to every team in the league. Excuse me every team in every league when it comes to T shirts got you covered 8030515. Join us. 888552550s. We bills training camp we put up web poll about each day. And playing time come Sunday night how much she DJ Emanuel play Sunday night in the pre season opener only a series are true. One quarter two quarters three quarters where the entire game you voted WGR 550 dot com 42% voting one quarter. And voted two quarters which also equals one half ended metric conversion let's go to up. Bobby in the false does that Bobby in the falter on W John even know metric at all. I don't either hi guys. I want I want your opinion about this. I think in order for the first well I think he gave should play. At least two quarters because it would so much time last year. I think he's got to play myself I know there is the risk of injury but what I want to say about is. I would like to see in order for it is succeed acting dove world needs to be more hands on with them I was disappointed. In in the only picture I I I personally felt that he is. Not enough put their hands on coach but he's deal was. What it means practicing him with him personally taking charge of some of his. Always an offensive lineman and he's very hands on of the islands and that group back in the quarterback coach works with McCormack. Yeah and the coordinator Jeremy Scott he has an offensive coordinator whose job it is to run the offense though. Let that guy work with your quarterback and as chairman mentioned the issue that brought in that it never quarterback coach they brought in a quarterback coach figure out that the assistant. I do realize that I wonder how how many tricky as Vijay in Chile to submit if you get some advice because I used to hear stories. When when Parcells had Bledsoe that he used to really spend a lot of time with him and I'm hoping that is gonna do that cost. I think that that would help EG two to succeed and that taught what to take it. I don't know that it would I honestly it's Bobby I hadn't thought about you know I'm sure he talks to them. But I don't I don't know that a check Doug Murrow would. All of a sudden EJ would flourish because the world talks to him more again I think that's why you have the main guy its profits of court there. He's got to have the comfort zone with EJ with the quarterback they have to have the relationship the main. The main play caller. And the quarterback. critical relationship you have to have the give and take that the play call got to know. What the quarterback likes to run what he's good at what he's not good at quarterback has to trust the coordinator I don't need my head coach to get involved in that. I my head coach to have the right offensive coordinator. Quarterback coach. Handle EJ Manuel and step aside and reported out. is an offensive lineman by trade. He does a lot of one on one work you if you go to practice she'll see him working with that group working with individuals. Always pointing out the technique and and different things yup and the climate I don't need to spend more time with he's got guys whose job that it's. Spent time quarterback but thanks for the call it a real factor to join us 88552. tawdry story last night about Eli Manning. It Brando offensive quarterly like coming off a career high interceptions last year. At a miserable year that brought a new offensive coordinator of the going to the West Coast offense. And the story out of giants camp sites their new quarterback coach Danny as the giants quarterback coach they set a goal of 70% completion rate for Eli Manning this year shouldn't all the a 100%. And zero cent one it's almost. Unrealistic get a 299. Let a missile pass. as you heard they're gonna clocked the ball Vuitton yeah right because there yeah deterrence if 7%. To but futile to unrealistic his career completion percentage is 58%. He's never been above 62 they won seven. Whatever but the Eli Manning thing got me thinking about OK so the giants are going in the certainly wanted to cut down and is interceptions last year at 27. And eighteen touchdowns. And they say I would like to complete 7% of your passes. Which by the way is only been done. 345678. Times in the history of the national football. You brought it up in the last segment. The what's at what 3500 yards a completion percentage. Yards. Touchdown to interception ratio about rating. Or about sack totals. I don't rushing yards just completion percentage passing yardage total. Touchdowns interceptions. And curious. If the bills even due. To the bills have the bill's gonna do agents that OK you're gonna shoot for this year. 60%. 3000 yards that's probably too low like what numbers do you think you would set. Seven percentage is stupid on the Eli Manning cellular and even the 60% three Jerry would you last year to come. percentage. I wouldn't even worry about completion percentage. Personally. I would I would be aiming for touchdowns and the arts. And I for this this season Emanuel I think 3000 yards and twenty touchdowns it's totally fair. It's Ryan Fitzpatrick. And then take a step from there on your three but 3000 yards in point touchdowns is asking sole little. That those are minimums he resigned he was on pace I think of giant trying to math like life. over 3000 last year right 9121972. ten so let's say about 200 yards a game. Yeah yeah that's over 3000 played a full season already was on pace of change in my little over 33500. Getting that's got. 3520. Touchdowns that. He was not on pace for twenty tell if they've that they've Sammy Watkins and the offenses dynamic rookie. Game breaking number one receiver and he has the same essential passing season. That what then what is he four. And in like touchdowns and red zone and stuff like that gets a lot better which you know if reds and gets a lot better I'm not a running touchdowns but the touchdowns could go up to right. He's got Sammy Watkins or Mike Williams leaping up to catch a football and his touchdown total will go up. I think by the 60% probably too low anyway no you don't care about completion percentage. In last year last year he was. He was Smith and that fifth just a shade under fifteen. So he should go to get into the low sixties. And I think 3500 yards is. Completely fair to ask. Of a guy who is on pace for well over 3000 last year how many quarterbacks threw for more yards per game in each game last year this is this the humans out you know who's injured when he was at 197 per game. Also a sixteen when he 636. Ups. 36 including Matt Brian Hoyer Chad Henne. Case Brandon and Matt meant warning Ryan Fitzpatrick Jason Campbell Josh McCown. Matt Flynn. Greta these guys dollar right for what is right yards per game. We could do just yards and pro rate. 3200 yards. So if you play the whole season at the pace that he played at. The number of quarterbacks have more yards than him. Would have been nobody team. Including Chad With Jacksonville. But you know injuries plane that's often given right Ron Kaplan X numbers passing wise governor makes some. Makes up for in touch department orient. One. 2803. And some rushing numbers point touchdowns 3500 yards fair. It's well yes it's. Laura do you deal with it stay healthy 200 plus yards a game thread one yards points more per game right. And and a little over one touchdown a game on the eagle 30550 to join us 888552. But if rattling on your calls coming up we'll talk bills training camp with you also given away. 25 dollar rewards cards this week to any read his location it becomes thirty dollars when you register the current online or bodily. General cut those rules apply. Enjoy fresh Mexican food made your liking with a bar and each location for great locations including transit road if you like the win column now. 6449878. giving mood today. take three winners. Callers 56 and seven. You each get the 25 dollar reward card to release all location again you'll be thirty when you register the card online 64498785. Caller six caller seven caller. Will make your day and make you win. David Ortiz. that deal though she's upbeat ready because you don't. He's cost more it. Big column small heat tell more kids being column small OK we got we got it. That was murdered or callous hockey interviewing. On TV with the travel blue jays this broadcast and it was. Former Verizon is that it's actually by the way the blue jays it's hard to get together in College Hockey is done very well for them but I remember last year with. The post interview right when he was bringing he brought the little translation book yes yes in Toronto. Yeah ancillary yes and he screamed my name is minority College Hockey I'm from I'm Japanese it's. That's pretty funny had a very good with duke and then early this year and yes where he talked about. When he gets cold at first base when he's coaching first base or on first base that he dances around. Good idea is best interview in baseball you would stay warm shore. Speaking of the is by the way they're continuing their homes then. And their home took rights and it'll as take on the Indianapolis Indians they start a series Indianapolis. It is Tuesday that would be TWO. Tuesday's show. Get two tickets for the price of one tonight and that is courtesy of fire house of spring and he received from firehouse get for when deal. Also two dollar not just tonight and two dollar Labatt blue and blue light special ballpark. And Denny McClain will be signing autographs the former. Cy Young award winner the last thirty game winner in Major League Baseball. Always signing autographs tonight at the ballpark a couple big emotions come up this week as well old team photo and autograph day as Wednesday night. He went the first 3000 fans in attendance you get the 2014 team photo. Then head onto the field and gets what are the autograph session the entire team started 6 PM to 7 o'clock game. The second to last Friday night of the year. The penultimate one yet that one it's Friday. 50s this morning get cold. It's getting dark at 830 that very 45 and like upfront that I bash so that's the deal on Friday plus is the family The annual family and otherwise it's camp out package available you only twenty dollars and include your tickets for the Friday night bash. Then but the down the center field and watched the Lego movie on the big HDTV scoreboard. Go to iTunes dot com anytime any tickets for any of the games left on this home stand or the rest of home games this season. Go to iTunes dot com the schedule is there the promotional scheduled is there. Pick the game you wanna go to select you want to secure for any end and then tickets out right there on your computer it's simple it's easy to do. And did everything. From and dot com. Is an ultimate one of the most misused words. In the English language that often I've been guilty of California's adult not often. Often visited the second the last yes so what's misused inoculate people use it to describe. As like an amplifier. Select our second the last day camp say coming up Thursday our penultimate day of training camp. An amplifier I don't know. Just a misuse it for us and learn stuff and people misuse there. Can how well there. I I look up words a lot. But I don't totally get in the way all I I look at not like looking up new ones the ones that I have a pretty solid. Because I like the phrase there are no truce in and and like everything is a little bit there's the reason Durham worked for the is that the net a little different. Like fast and quick but at the same thing. You're telling my dad at dinner table making me look things up and if you know understand what words mean and a lot of times I'm reading a little writing a I'll be halfway through a sentence and I'll use the word that I know what it means and I'll look it up anyway just to be completely clear. On what mean well if you've ever read any in my you know clearly I do not do the same thing you do I just put it out there and then barely spell check. I was thinking about this to you you mentioned fantasy football few times today which bills player would you most. Like to have on your fancy team this year and let's include defense and special teams as a player. Which player would you your team the most instead of saying you know what round is this. When you the most is this one of those things I have to ask you how is my league based The structure of the league in points and how it works out defensive players urges the defense. Just want the defense let's say the defense would be if I had a special teams is would play a player like would you take that almost leagues operate operate. Indeed been special teams like the defense or kicker. Spot carpenter. Kicker. Good pick carpenter. I'll take. Succeeds I think he is gonna have a big year now you really think he's gonna please stay away from Watkins. a rook your neighbors and become Vijay Emanuel now I would. I think good stuff that no matter who the quarterback is still be able to get some numbers finally yeah. How good Sam Bradford he better than EJ Manuel. I think We'll say it also last year didn't do anything right in one big game yet and he was drafted in the top ten he was. Many saying. All of this immediately the most explosive guys in the league rapper got hurt too but if he's that good you did think the matter with Kellen Clemens I think came in and took over for Bradford out. And Taylor and Austin did next to nothing for a long time it took him until November 10 to go over. 47 yards receiving wouldn't shy away from Watkins. No I am trying to think here Bradford got hurt in the lot. Seven. In week of the season I think anyway. No I would shy away from markets and I would I would I say my my first pick off the bills but you're right I wouldn't shy away from him to be fun to have a and that that might have been my answers I had all the guys I'll take Watkins exhibit lot of am on the team. I wonder what round he'll go in nationally and what round he'll go in here. Is it possible he goes undrafted around the country because of the passing game. The quarterback yet he pick here this area. Mid round. Every league's gonna have a guy that's gonna jump up and really want Watkins. how much for a galaxy on Austin last year but again Bradford was a little bit more of an established quarterback yeah I took Austin last year very early And I jump from the week before he had a huge game has its own story fantastic. I think official building nationally it will be run in the gets into markets because they Woodward about throwing the football. Eagle 30550. To join us 888552. to come out of the next hour. We'll chat with Marv coming up next he'll be presenting under read into the media Pro Football Hall of for on Saturday night we'll talk to him. Want to bring up a potential. Dilemma when it comes to. Yankee fans and football fans in New York.

  2. 729 Fred Jackson


    Wed, 30 Jul 2014


    mike williams found at 4:32

    is your offense. Different take out Stevie Johnson had Sammy Watkins and Mike Williams and Bryce Brown so how is -- are as your offense. Different from last year's. Other input from people in different places
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    WGR. The non binding bids are and in the sale of the Buffalo Bills has taken the next step perspective buyers were required to put in their bid by 5 PM yesterday according to the Toronto sun. There were only three bids received the New York Post is reporting. That sabres owner -- Google has entered a bit of over one billion dollars Tom Golisano did not submit a bid. And the -- reported that his group that Bon -- group is scheduled to have a meeting with upstate New York developers Scott until about possible stadium ideas for the latest code WGR 550 dot com. The Buffalo Bills were -- training camp yesterday their ramping up towards Sunday's hall of fame game. You know we -- computers determined aggressively -- didn't know John. Their respect each other trying to you know -- across them. Get a -- and I obviously it is very this is different in different -- different style of play from different team. That's Mario Williams -- saint John Fisher College begins at 2 o'clock today we'll have complete coverage of bills pre season opener as well as ceremonies for Andre reed hall of fame induction here on WGR. Elsewhere in the NFL the Arizona Cardinals have agreed to a seventy million dollar contract. We've quarterback Patrick Peterson also ESPN is reporting the judge court ball flight his
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    out of a Nash. National football power Kutztown state. There's another receiver Chris Burke had a good one. At a given that year's draft no one would have dreamed that he would have done that but

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined here at Ralph Wilson Stadium by the head coach of the bills Chan Gailey with this team coming off the 3418 win over Jacksonville yesterday here at stadium did you just finally get dry. And it was is way down there but. As a lot blood on their sideline and it was a mile course what was your message to the team afterwards when you gather the guys in the locker room after the -- which tell. Well you know everybody was jumping up and down and do -- Knew it was going to be a win and I told us that this is what the locker room is supposed to be like. He knew you'd expect to win. You go out you dominate. This is why there's not a lot of jumping around I just warn them do it it's look at and feel and see this is a way -- post based. On a regular basis in totem as a great win all three phases. No contributed to the win. And then sold over there were a lot of good things that morbid businesslike approach right to -- -- take care of -- that's what they did yesterday I took care that this. That's exactly ride did you I mean it was a game yes you're right I think a lot of people -- gonna win. I don't like but obviously I was gonna bring up like the Tennessee game a lot of people -- gonna win that game did you get a mention a game like that in preparation for game like this and. Now. I'm one of those that doesn't bring up unpleasant. Things very often you know I mean you do -- if you make him a specific point but just as a general rule. I don't bring that the EDC for a correction. -- it -- but I don't use for motivation. Yesterday was to steal the term ground and pound all about ground and pound was -- how much of that was the game plan going in how much of it was the weather. More of it was. What was working. The fact that we had a lead. And the weather did play a part in it and -- we actually had -- no huddle planned to go yesterday when it worked on there are no huddle shotgun. The stuff ready to go. But it didn't know work out that way in all of sudden are running game's going to and we got to leave then. So he just keep pound. Yeah I just that do you did you like this was like the game you imagine this season where you get a lead. You control the game you put it away which -- running game you minimize you know fits the throwing like seventeen time to run in 46 the defense is playing strong -- shut down the run your special teams contributing. I would assume this was like in the master plan this would have been the blueprint you would have drawn up for a bills game. I'll I'll assure is -- ideally that's exactly the way you'd like for it did attack happened. But it doesn't in this legalized there's there's a lot of other good teams that do a lot of different things that don't allow you to. Go out and do exactly what you wanna do you can't go out stuff the run every week he can't go out and run it every 46 times every week has just the way the game goes sometimes. Fred Fred Jackson let's talk about him -- because it's we -- this the way the season hasn't pulled TJ it looks so good. Yeah that people are saying give -- get the ball more -- -- you know you can you can forget that Fred Jackson obviously still a very effective football player you think you felt slider and I'll be the given the extra. Motivation but all the talk about Spiller this season. You know everybody's a competitor. And everybody's got a little bit of an ego. Today is day all you know is that all do well -- all wanna compete competitors wanna compete. You guys for the first in your ratings everybody's completes OK. But how you handle it if your. To me Fred yet he wants to compete but he understands. The situation the same thing was reversed last year would he was playing so well only at CJ sitting there. And that we warm currently reply in Fred a lot more -- playing so AJ so. He understands he handles it with class he handles it as a team player. That's what she got to understand about this weird we're so blessed to have these two run him back in the character in a class at to have. On top of their amazing ability and I keep town embody. We got two great backs not everybody has full we have. Do you is still had time just failure read some by the way which will ask about could you got three touchdowns it where she did Spiller is really not in the red zone packages that. Pass protection thing. Now it's not I think yesterday it just happened a couple times and then. -- we may have had a couple times we wanted trade and if for some pass protection situations yes. But. Thank couple times it just happened as -- it's not a plan to take him out don't get it don't don't say that okay. Mean you have to talk to him about that like one time I don't remember which struggle was but you were here in the red zone. Hubble and the stadium and she gives out on the field in fact he ends up walking away from the played down by your 45 yard line -- hands on -- -- Stared at the game comic ever talked them and make sure he keeps his. Kept talking as they don't don't get down and you wanna go out there that type. And now. I don't think so I think both of those guys are. Competitors you can't play they've they don't want almost applies and neither one of them is getting to play and it isn't nearly as much as I won't. But they they've gotten out of character and class to -- the right way and we're going to try to make sure they both. Give you get Carrey's in NRA -- to do their job. The red zone production was better yesterday three touchdowns and five trips war. Which -- better. But ran the ball better helped get the ball first immortal one person that doesn't hurt yeah. That you know there's a lot of little things that go into it just like they're a lot of little things are going and it. Not making it -- down so. That play they got it -- for someone on what was a deep pass to TJ Graham and you know fans that may be. Want to see more from TJ injured O'Donnell puts him in that spot where you happy with what the way that he played. Yeah I think so I mean it wasn't a big day for pass so. It he made the play he was supposed to make. And I wasn't proud of him for that now and and he proved that a round up people and kitchen didn't tough weather and so that's a plus we -- -- and they dead on down the line and I guess I wonder. You know you hit that big play we we've we've seen TJ. Show off his speed and he's the trap that specifically for that reason do you feel like hitting that that one time granted you've dialed up if you try to throw those tropical but hitting it. Is that as effective as actually attempting it five times one completion is as good as five attempts don't you don't say like. By getting it now it's on it's on tape it's it's a successful downfield pass that might make and I respect -- more. -- probably so yeah I mean -- agency just throw it not completed it. -- People say hey let them troll but. You know what you hit a couple of like dead that all of a sudden. Draws attention and they get more a little bit I want nervous which is what -- on the you mentioned after the game that was inaudible yeah. What is what Brian C year can you talk about that about why he audible or was it something you guys thought you might see at some point they'll allow that plated are bulls are set up on particular things. If you see this do this if you see that do that we saw the look that we wanted to throw the posters of breezes Tehran and I'll tackle. -- Gailey was here on Buffalo Bills football -- if before forgiveness to the injuries cuts to long list. Anything -- -- -- happiness I don't know any thing news that I didn't know yesterday and I didn't know much yesterday because they were going to have to look at on this morning and so. I don't know if it's one game. Three weeks I don't know what it is almost to these guys. I would say is probably the shortest term is going to be Leodis McKelvin. And I don't know which ones longest. Okay seed yet it knows this guys seem the most serious some though I don't know. But unfortunately any of the other three could be the longest. The talk a little bit about some of the young guys that got to play -- you know before dilemma but -- -- Stephon Gilmore evenly as a young guy but he's been starting. Talk about his play yesterday because it it I don't know how often he was matched up on -- a team -- covered most of the day -- and basically took him out of the game. Yeah a deity covered most of the day they got some situations where they were a black -- men and Stephon couldn't get to indict. We've been doing that a little bit more more is is matching -- Stephon home. Or whoever we think they're they're normal one guy he is in he is continued to respond. To that challenge. Matte of fact he won't see it. And that's great that's what you wanna see in a -- Can you talk about his development -- because -- went through some struggles that any rookie quarterback would the first month of the season got beat up some moves and all that now it seems like. He's been pretty consistent and -- not just coverage sticking with guys but breaking passes opera knocking balls out things like that. Via a death first game oh we go to the jets and and everybody -- everybody in the secondary soft. And we came out talked about how lose the coverage was in as that. Since that game everything's has started to tighten up. More more and him in particular he'd become more aggressive. -- he's become I gather has more confidence that is getting his hands on more balls that sees things better. -- he is. He's becoming. Very good players time those -- Me feel like he is that the term is shut down corner of ever uses polygamy they got it anytime you have a matchup. Yeah gonna say OK you got their best guy have a nice game yes and I'm not sure I ever agree with that dad called a shutdown corner because what happens is -- guy. When you say that you expect got to be a 100% and there's no such thing is under percent corner. I mean they're bison grievous trichet managed eighty -- for AT&T so there's no such thing -- as one of those guys. And there's guys that are really good. And you can get that matchup and hopefully end up -- your advantage the majority of the time. Do you do you envision him as more of corner of a dozen -- so we match up against well that's the most productive receiver but maybe the biggest guy because teams in this league seemed -- be moving more towards ever -- got one big physical target he seems like a quarter of the can handle that type of that at that I've won yet he can't he can't in -- you have to make a decision remained. It's I got a big gather don't throw it to let's put him on the little gather additional children you know I mean. You just got to decide it and make a decision each week -- the smartest thing today. When asked about one thing we saw that we hadn't seen -- that it was 2010 Ryan Lindell you know contends that sort of the wonder. Kenny kick from fifty way to get a question obviously he can yet he hit it hit in the rain from about fifty yards so. What was the decision there to go for yet last week you told us philosophically don't really believe in it but you had a chance here. Well we're up to touch dancers. Three minutes to go in the third quarter now you can go about three scorers. Instead of two scores at our defense is playing extremely well the -- now the reward is worth the risk. Whereas other times the reward was it worth the risk. So. It's a decision achievement -- -- good for Ryan to bigamy -- knowledge in game I'll probably sell you know. I think he has confidence and -- he knows I've got confidence in film that. Everybody in the outside of the building had made such a big deal about it that. Probably the it. Clearly it used him up Jack the -- got a touchback on the ensuing kickoff. Well I think he did. Eight AD -- he was he was excited about button. Hey it's it's amazing that we thought the wind was actually blown -- -- the way Nikkei two touch that -- Yeah that directed. Looked like I mean it seemed like the wind was gonna be a big factor and yet when I looked at the flags on the goal posts in the tunnel and they were led most of the day and they were more than a little bit at the score well what was that like governor. If blood -- bad as you would think. The way it was smaller bill is more important than the then a win was the -- had a little bit of an effect but not as big an effect as you would thing. He started Ron Brooks yesterday. Yeah I got on how much you got a chance to break down a look back it seemed like I mean they're deathly some -- have been nice play on the first drive of the game got beat a couple times tipped a couple penalties. Any thoughts and on on how -- thought he feared yesterday got a lot of snaps on. He got a lot of snaps and he was not supposed to play that much that Leodis ended up with a tight backing couldn't complain about Anselm. I think he did okay and a guy like you said he got some penalties. The thing is I don't think he had a ton of mental mistakes. Which is what you worry about what they got that playing for the first time in the middle of the season. That was -- now are the first eight weeks of the season isn't gonna have a total mental mistakes. I'm not sure he did Leon have goal to get to begin to make sure but it. They keys I think he did all right for the first time out is good. Do you see for him on a week by week basis -- because I thought in the pre season for a rookie again -- really get enemy he seemed to be able to be in the right spot and together. Some good hand slash ball skills from the pre season games. He does. He. If you just say hey go cover that -- He has got the skill set to do that but kinda -- went. All the little things that you have to do to play corner as far as when they get into stacks and now when they get into -- sets. And when they sell one robber with a safety coming down now you got help and saddened. Now one time you got help outside. All those little things. Key to where you ease your thank you mr. play. And you have to have all that you -- is not just as easy as say an OK okay you got healed right now everybody out to just do you. They get to the stacks and they get takes and they get by choosing get aches and also a new day ahead. So it's not as simple as that but. The skill set is there. Just -- the confidence to be able to do it down in and down out within the system is what he -- Can you talk a little bit about Mario Williams obviously had a big play yesterday and continues piling up the Sachs now I guess talk about. Why he it has been so effective of late and what's that trickle down impact on the rest of the defense the way he's playing. Well thank what is happened is if you look at it may be sits there -- our defense is continued to get better and better and better. Will we had to all -- hands of footballer early in the season the second half -- -- in the second half of San Cisco. And bases -- there is our game to -- we've been continuing to get better and better defensively. And I think it's both -- Mario has been playing better. I think it's the close. We got tighter coverage and their secondary. Think -- to what everybody's playing more consistent you know I am every bit of that. The only other guys don't ask you about -- that we were told by young guys a moment ago and forgot to beat up easily. Just talk a little bit about. I would assume that's like one of those moments as a coach. You'll love because here's -- with everything he's been through with the injuries the heart ailment he finally gets on the field he gets a regular season touching breaks to big kick return what was that like you guys. It was great and yeah I didn't think about it for a he Helm until toward the end of the game and I was excited for us. Though when it happens because it set up feel though I think right there before have so. That was bake and so it. The little thing. Of all he's had to fight through to get to where he was in there and have that opt in did it take advantage of it. I was excited for him at the end of the game when I thought about it. How is he coming along and practice as a receiver a lot better he's make him they make in really good strides as a receiver. And he's going to have to go apply now. This in two years is not east. They got really missed two years of practicing and playing in and do and the things that he needed to do. And felt really about halfway through this season is he started to come around and started to get back into the form that we -- all might be there is a rookie to you the last -- is -- before games you definitely see some time for him in their receiving picture I think he's got a chance here they'll only get that but I think he's got a team. -- congratulations to get on the wind and I appreciate the visit here tomorrow night aren't you beg guys to care now.