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12/3 Whiner Line

Dec 3, 2012|

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    got burned last year he felt the media we went crazy about Mario Williams what -- injury wire to tell -- why did he -- get a second opinion. So maybe he became like OK you
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    right so it's not not like or even now. It it wasn't Mario Williams but all the hundred billion dollar god as a lot of practice -- now. Its -- folks the guy you love is

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. Curtis he's covering rallies to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 556. Season. Yeah we are well I underline that drug do you buy the premier group wine may be easy. And certainly the water line where it pretty well well well he -- here sort of community banking. What a scary thing for me to answer questions. That can't -- same question I'm sure he'd be up -- that. All the angles -- that alone right yeah. The whole shoot me and listen to this room when the ball -- -- -- separate so there are perfect but also root for what you actually throwing error. But also work. That's what they -- -- without those laws they being here that many different ways we used to hear people for now it's August of those people who ski Kozlowski as 10 let's that was lose no it's guy he get a pick there. Nicely -- -- we should definitely doing here with the. We'll go to -- you won't rule very. I dare you and I -- good results or for -- -- aren't. Married and garbage. Know what made. Her mother call partner network where -- -- blow -- -- market and it hurt your. Board execution either -- the -- principal jaguar. First I would very Jim Clark pictures -- built for like just like shared our. We're working with cable Rollins will be just like the pure iron pure called Google could happen we're going to the Super Bowl mom. You -- -- -- and the colts know how all luck could. -- -- -- for an immediate quarterback he even G and what -- You don't have that at -- -- -- don't -- -- can close it until we get the but he looked at. -- That this Seattle through you know the bills are gonna see Russell Wilson and a couple of weeks and a look at port -- and that the Seahawks are seven and five. Today hold down the second wildcard spot in the NFC right now to -- -- in the Chicago. Played a really good bears at least a very good bears' defense and Russell Wilson rallies in lake gets him in overtime. Throws a game winning touchdown pass it over time and see up -- now in a playoff spot. We can hopefully we'll get a Bud's for you made Jackson into -- top guy gets punted the ball. But not something people the better team seemed resolved we'll walk -- think it's great she exits correctly filled up. We'll ever hear back. Remember that trap and good news rob Miller -- orchestra pit bottom dollar -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know or who were or weren't you know and second that there -- -- this back there and brought to you by facts. Stop it not being so negative and putting down the callers. The bears this. Hillary at 25 I'm moving on from the hundreds of Thornton are huge because I. Oh and it's good to have a thoughtful well upload it but it didn't really play full plate of NFL network show. It lets you had a -- -- last night there was stuff that their other games. Right there are gonna spend a lot of time on on the bills -- the jaguars -- a couple of comments one I forget who was one of the guys talked about they showed. -- -- -- is interception. And they talk about the Specter is good for one of those again that was the extent of the bill's commentary blunt -- Brought you by the premier group wind made easy book premier group one of the week is George do you -- beaujolais nouveau. Just 699 for a 750 milliliter bottle you can see all of -- which he specialist at -- white dot com.

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