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WGR550>Topics>>12/24 Jerry Sullivan talks about another Bills loss

12/24 Jerry Sullivan talks about another Bills loss

Dec 24, 2012|

12/24 Jerry Sullivan

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    And home of the the feels it's all over. And bottom of the hour. WGR. non binding bids are and as the sale of the Buffalo Bills took a step forward yesterday prospective buyers were required to put in. Bids by 5 PM according to the rolling three bids received the New York Post. Is reporting that sabres owner Google has entered a bit of over one billion dollars Tom Golisano did not submit a bid. Bon Jovi in the Toronto group reportedly are in the mix the AP reported that the Toronto group has scheduled meeting with upstate New York developer Scott Condo about a possible stadium location. For the latest head over WGR 550 dot com. The Buffalo Bills were often training camp yesterday they begin ramping up towards Sunday's hall of fame game. You know regarding to computers determined aggressively incident your job. Their respect each other trying to you know across them. Get a and I obviously it is very this is tonight different do different standards different style of play two different things. That's Mario Williams practices saint John Fisher College today begins at 2 o'clock we'll have complete coverage of the bills pre season opener as well ceremonies for Andre deduction here on WGR elsewhere in the NFL the Arizona Cardinals agreed to a five year seventy million dollar contract. With quarterback Patrick Peterson also ESPN reporting that Josh Gordon will fight his yearlong suspension handed down by the NFL Gordon was suspended. For marijuana use in baseball the buffalo and beat the Indianapolis Indians seven to one yankees hold off the Rangers twelve to eleven. Pittsburgh 31 winner of the San Cisco Seattle beat Cleveland five to a walk off home run permitting the shot I was the Orioles beat the angels 76 Phillies shut out the six nothing. Blue jays hold off the Red Sox for the two starter Jon Lester has been scratched from his next start as trade rumors swirled but no deal yet in place to move the Red Sox starter. For updated top and bottom of every hour or need breaks. I'm at the WGR Sports Radio 550. We live from Eagles training camp and John Fisher College. Remember it's your first your players you have better. It's a life changing experience for you guys. Trough here for everybody so a lot of vision dry you can create as many places I mean did every person on the a couple movies he's not Howard Simon show with Howard Simon and Jeremy White wall to wall coverage feels great. Buffalo Bills WG our Sports Radio 550. Presented by UB dermatology western New York's new skin care protect your skin scheduling and we'll check. And brought to apartheid you know college agitating for life outlet would. What's your and T shirt university. From the NCAA every team and every week when it comes to T shirts we got you covered. So I said so the only conversation can involved like this this lovely woman who's helping us was. Solid bills must be done to Toronto are. Actually just went to display but that is incredibly serious reaction to what was I didn't smoke so. I'm opposites and yet I battery don't know what this Townsend family yet know if my bills. Go to Toronto we're going to war with Canada and. That puts us a tough spot right here on the front of the battleground. Well that's I was gonna go to its gonna go to Toronto this each year when they play the chase them. Items at the camp boycott candidate yeah altogether right to run of it's a lovely city it's a lovely country. And let's Niagara on the lake is gorgeous. It if it. The US candidate get a divorce it's importance I just think they do want the importance. If they take the bills because they could be more profitably Canada I think we should take him Morton's is it and they basically raise the child. And then you know the child grew up with good trial let it hang out with us. Well we raise the bills. So we strip away something near and hear from them doesn't ever want that's okay so Canada gives the bills Toronto gets the bills. What we're what is number one near and dear that would congress some parts out of Toronto audiences SA lately capitation few coach before picks yeah return what do we get we'll take him Ortiz and need more what would rip the heart out of Toronto audience but we would also want it don't this the F felt sorry. Well take the CN tower. This break you know to put on flatbed Africa CN tower. again I don't want to go to the mall. Now. We got water into the water front thing. There's a lovely place a I feel that the cops that are going to be here at at the art it is seven late. And we're built trying to get the sub is now coming up out here in Pittsburgh New York the bills beyond a practice that at 2 o'clock that you do not need a ticket in street is open public. As spartans get for the rest of the week thinking of coming out here to picture what that can work out. Today to tomorrow morning at eight. Now Friday is a 6 PM practice and all the tickets you did it take for the night practiced. All of them have already been distributed so today it you to Mardy are your best shots the bills will leave on Saturday for kids. And we'll talk about the hall of fame ceremony because of your discussion about. From James Lofton going out like Christian 8030515. If you're just joining us. The deadline passed yesterday deadline kind of pulling together the various reports. That your post reported that Carrie did indeed. Well multiple reports confirm what do Google place the their post is reporting it was more than one billion dollars the two Ronald reporting Tom Golisano did not place a It doesn't. Necessarily dependent talked to me that he's out of the process. Apparently if you came in with a really solid now investment banking firm would not say no effects. Trump confirmed as the better. The Toronto group confirmed as the bitter. As far as the process what happens next. The investment banking firm will look overall bids. Perhaps by the end of the week. They'll get down to a list of folks they think are serious enough to move on to the next step the next step is. Interviews days in person that the investment banking firm Morgan Stanley sets up with the interest groups bidders but over the first week of August. They will meet. They find out more about that the bidders how you know financially secure they are. The bidders can find out deeper financial information more detailed financial information about the football team which they would use to put their final together. Final can be expected. Maybe end of August early September. The trust to make a decision. Perhaps by mid September. The four to the NFL finance committee that meets September 11 Europe it Somalia while all the stuff we hear from you. Eight of real fight if the school within in Toronto and perhaps he'll be others who knows their secrecy involved. I feel it now what are you thinking about that the latest on the sale process that your. Your thoughts on what's developed overnight the process I'd say don't open the add ons are by the way. We're training camp. No no we don't mean like forget that training camp it's hard to forget sitting here state. So if you wanna talk about camp. And players and roster battles in the game Sunday and whatever's on your mind as far as bills the offense the defense coaching the players. That's fine you know obviously the sale of the big story today but if you wanna talk about camp me real candidate of real but if that you want names. Yeah that that. Question supposed to however for the break was and I think this expletive kicked around as a fought football topic I but if you wanna. You know this without re going on sort of think about you know the bills. Need to varieties the hall of they had in this roster as well and I'm sure that we've asked before you know which. Player from the bills glory days would most benefit this team in recent besides Jim Kelly because it's more. So that a route it back to the nineties bills that four straight obviously in the team that was the best in the league for. A decade ago. What player from this current roster. Would you most like to have seen with that team would have helped them. The most maybe you wanna say get over the hump yet that that that big that that he was missing that this team hats. Obviously this quarterback couple favorites but you know if you could take someone from day. And what about that team. Did you put this on your Twitter I did not yeah OK that'd be curious to see what people I didn't either and I'd be curious to see you probably should have that like few people are putting arson against. I'm a check that excellent Liu bully break your top top three I would assume. If you broke down offense I would people would the only person someone would would be Sammy walk but the area to a halt that's why it wouldn't be sick while it's for me because the offense. Was great. So I went that deep that it's on the ball. So and you could bring up Mario Williams because you'd have Bruce Smith it was at 34 back that you have Bruce Smith and Mario Williams which is pretty darn impressive. But it's like the hits it was a slouch though it was fine gets its act you can work on that side. So to me came nose tackle. Could you a linebacker you had common that it tally and whoever else it would have been maybe market that you can like Alonso. You could have one of the greatest line backing quartet That I thought about quarterback what about on that team you had with James Williams and then whoever the came after JD Williams you have motives in great quarterback in the but for me. I like Jeff right but I don't know. If I get I got Bruce and I got Hanson I've got tally common in my line backing core. And I can put limbs are martial artist in the middle of that front line. I would have had a you know what defense that defense was. Okay it was good. It had a hall of Famer on it but. I think most people look at that team it's that boy is great looking back the defense was a little bit better I don't know if they got nineteen points bubbles like get that. Put that up that defense was a little bit better. So I thought it's got to be on the defensive side and then figure out a up front linebackers secondary and I would vote for up front over linebackers secondary it's funny when Willy mentioned this about. Fifty minutes ago right before the break with beat this. I said to you when I say you. Don't say Dan Carpenter yeah the text line thought we got among the top comedians aren't. But his leg 35 and export the kicker out of and I can't remember if can carpenter. I didn't court sitter that we all know that joke is out there. David are that are last night. I thought about it right away and thought of and have to squashed that pretty quickly. So to get anybody. All of then Dan Carpenter. Now lofted of course was double time not so maybe Watkins is not a bad it because of that right and that and that even when Lofton was there BB eventually came in but he went that was there I thought. OK you got Kelly. You've obviously changing quarterback addicts Billy you yet and yet Katie Davis I did you were better that's a large better than Scott Chandler I think. So that I thought well you often at Watkins. It's a pretty impressive triumvirate to send out there with all of their quarterback all of fame running back have read what it's Lofton or read Lofton walked into whatever or That's pretty good but at the end they thought. The offense was good enough to win. I don't I didn't need to improve the offense I would have needed to make the defense that are needed to put. A guy back there. You know it's buddy the if he was still would have thrown the equation I was and I think bird that's why there's probably would have been the answer because I was good enough upfront I have three great linebackers. I had a very good quarter but I would bet that bird. Yeah I had. All of this bad product like the other safety. And we just came in at some point maybe 91 somebody he'll text Jeremy your tweet me. Trying to they're too busy texting Dan Carpenter who was the first Super Bowl team. Who was the other safety with so this is so bad. I feel terrible. Anybody texting was get a safety and pursue global team. a work great but I would consider that a bird is that I've got that big time playmaker back in my defense. And I think that would that would help the team back then playmaker on defense is the answer pretty much the matter where you're taken it. Yeah you can that you could. It's just a matter what your priority is really because I think but if you looked at it right and you set I got Bruce and Leonard Smith Leonard Smith okay. I think you would probably a a guy like bird because you felt good about your defense and you had three tremendous linebackers and you have now at a big time playmaker. On the back in I think of bird was still here. I would have voted for Bert let me thank you and that eventually it was drafted in its. I don't evidence. Yeah I think that would be it. But burst out here so wanted to go up front Pat Williams are marshaled but one of those guys in between Bruce Smith and until incident after the races. the blue jays and raptors. Which trade pull those the bills now. Now I really would like an idea that says how would you know my troubled port estimate how would we approach it went when. With the set and it comes out about Bon Jovi and hatred for him and the Toronto group there are few things that work there's. Boss obviously our our investment in this team but there's also the idea of moving the team. Does it bother you when teams move at all. But let's save it for whatever reason the raptors were in trouble and the buffalo was in the next. Terrible by at a B and NBA team in brigadier would you be morally against it if that team is supported in the city that it's in. Or we will be sensitive to the bills merchandise I'd be I'd be hypocritical but I'd say yes that Orleans who wanted to be here. Yeah I think you just look out for number one yeah and that's your team in the it's being threat of moving you fight it if we just talked about you're gonna get a team. I give buffalo was gonna give I don't NBA team or baseball analyst team tonight I've read all about it sign up on a we've taken them from the site you thought we'd be rip in their team off take care a lock out there you now. You know yeah just. tough for all idol I would like that I would have any sympathies cutthroat. and I that's for senate in line if I said I would do it. That's why it's another thing with the bills thing like I was about this last night to Mike was talking about. Owners like what kind of an owner. Would rip a team from a city. Who do you like he's trying to Mikey that he is it was clay Art Modell right and it it was a rhetorical question he's obviously would would make you do that but he said why would you commit as an owner. Quiet team commit to that city and then that team out of that city had taken away from its fans and I you know the answer is obviously get Syria to make money you can make money somewhere else or maybe from another city you always wanted to have a team there and this is your chance to put a team in your city. But the point about about taken another team and I thought about this the bills. We obviously there'd be outrage here you mentioned earlier. There'd be anger directed towards the owners that the anger directed towards the NFL there'd be anger directed towards product group whatever. If the bills left. You'd think there'd be outrage. not only to be outrage anywhere outside of western new York and transplanted buffalo. We went when the Oilers left Houston. Did you give a crap. With those whoops that was in 1977. He would probably care I didn't I was graduating high school when. Got upset when the colts left Baltimore I think because they had movie that's in the middle of the night people get upset about Seattle the Oklahoma on it would. Just like the that's too bad for the summer that's too bad event that's right we don't get upset that the pressures left would have the letter like what they observed him anyway. But who gets upset really. When the browns left people got ticked off at Montreal Expos moved to. So I want perhaps that grizzlies were in Vancouver once they went to Memphis. sleep. Well none of these franchises we've talked about outside of the brow and that's good bad example they were there that line we're talking medical but here you know fifty years. But at the reduce the prologue time yeah. On of the week we thought that's too bad for Houston. Didn't lose any sleep over that L and all these scenarios they are part of what's it was after he and Saint these are cities. These are cities that would never be accused of dying without their sport would let let my question is but I don't have left but I think a matter that he would there be outrage. I don't know but I think it matters that. In this conversation puts up the Packers at Green Bay will be different because yes it's it's a liberal city giant already there that's their livelihood. They're like the raiders leave Oakland it's going to be like. You know all that read your comments made to a magazine. Reid talked about you know bleep Bon Jovi. But he also said in there if buffalo that the bills leave you puzzled at what what is it road city into a river brought over the falls like it's brought that through it let it drift out of all this idea that now. I mean that's not. The world really the city would. I don't know. There are people of calls and say that they would leave they remove that that one of the reasons they say here is because of that sense of community what you're what you. There there are two ways to live life in any city you can live as. A passive person or like you live here and that's just your life your job. And then there are those who are active really a part of their community and from her fans that go to bills games that's one thing that you do. That is as big as anything that is actively engaging in the community. Even though the games can sometimes be raucous in drunken. Obnoxious. To meet to. Is to really take part in what it is to be. From buffalo and I've moved here in 2001. And go to bills games in order sabres games like that is the that's a community standard up pretty have write it it it's a big part of of what this area. The isn't in in who we are so because it's something we have in common view you have done with other people were strangers right. So. You know would there be outrage. That there would be. I don't look I didn't would say that's a shame yes they would say that's a shame that what you asked if there's if there would be outraged if they do leave I start thinking about it. What Peter king's columns say that day. He would talk about like she game. Or it's an injustice he would bring up how comes to camp all time any of buffalo and he loves the bills but at the end of the I don't think Gingrich read the national hopefully for I don't think so either. The other thing about it is even if there was. Outraged or sympathy. It wouldn't do with thing to help the way we feel about it you can read a thousand articles and a thousand tweets from all these people think it's wrong. But it authority you know the ship has sailed out of the harbor what difference does it make it would you know three denotes I don't think there would be such. A nationals. Think that the NFL have no choice but to put a team back here like you said. The colts left Baltimore they got a team back. The round that Cleveland they got the browns back. The let Houston they got an expansion team back I don't think the Peter the John Clayton and all these guys that there would be enough of a national. Revolt and and how could you do this to buffalo national football at what's wrong with you that the national public would say. Are bad will make an option we're gonna expand buffalo you're gonna get next and I doubt that would happen. I think if the team leaves we'll never see another team here again and I just yeah I I don't think to be outrage I think most that would be that's a shame. I love buffalo to great city used to love going to games there great fan base will talk about how much fun it was when that that one of the Super Bowl. Most of and I think about us and deservedly so. It is to get it from that national outrage how the do that to a good fan base like that you need to replace that team I don't they would advocate. Eagle 30 but it did join us. 88552. But if you straighten get we get back. Running back Fred Jackson will join us Nigel Brad and bills linebacker coming up at 742 with Kelli at 8 o'clock as well at 8030552. Thoughts on the latest. Developments overnight on the bids in for the Buffalo Bill you can join us that WG. Deadline for potential owners of the the next owner the Buffalo Bills at 5 PM yesterday groups were asked. To submit non binding bids the trials on reporting only three bidders want them sabres owner Terry from Google has submitted an offer over one billion dollars that according to the New York Post also Tom Golisano reportedly did not submit a bid Toronto group with Jon Bon Jovi. And Donald Trump said to be the other two Bon Jovi group. As a meeting scheduled with upstate New York developer Scott console about potential stadium locations read the latest at WGR 550 dot com on the field the Buffalo Bills prepare for Sunday's pre season opener. And he that would have again. We've pretty much has got to come I am working on fundamentals and you better defense we know wanted to stab at some random and it's risen more. And got to have children now we've got mine is come on in just try to penetrate on. They don't go to integrated. It's like we've got and the group was out there. Nigel him there the team had a day off yesterday they'll practice saint John Fisher at 2 o'clock today also hall of famers traveling to Canton Ohio this week where Andre reed will be inducted into the hall of fame here is one of those hall of famers James that would show the bulldogs because. On the ball inside slot. He was great. Run after the catch it tremendous hands. And tremendous courage. Hear that on WGR 550 dot com in the NHL the throttle Maple Leafs agreeing to a five year contract extension with the feds and Gardner in baseball Jon Lester scratched from his next start is the Boston Red Sox way potential trade options. No deal though currently in place for updates top and bottom every hour or in his breaks. I'm dollar WGR Sports Radio 550. We live from Eagles training camp John Fisher. Everything we have first your players at the end. It's like experienced these guys trough here for everybody so a lot of things you can create just made plays and so I mean did every hour. A couple good piece he's not Howard Simon show with Howard Simon and Jeremy White wall to wall coverage strange. Buffalo Bills WGR's. Sports Radio 550. GR IPV dot com and presented by UB dermatology Western New York skin care protect your skin schedule. Our fight you know college agitating for life. I'll let you. What's your and the T shirt university. The NCAA every team in every league when it comes to T shirts we've got you covered. annually that operate Jackson fighting for room. Look the metal any. Just up yard touchdown. Open it up and EJ Manuel. Fred Jackson try to get him some fantasy love Fred Jackson joining us here training camp the sun is out it's now turning out to be a lovely morning the bills are on the practice field at 2 o'clock Howard and here broadcasting live those training camp and joined by. The veteran running back of the good morning mr. Jackson welcome to the show them you know now before we actually get it to the nuts and bolts of the interview we have an exciting announcement to make. And we can tell you that Fred Jackson is back for a second year. With Jeremy and me and Monday bills football Monday we'll include Fred once again welcome back we're glad to have shoppers waited. Always a lot of fun nukem. Monday after the game especially after so. and a lot more goes. I think. I believe you're the first bills player to actually have a second consecutive of other built. Football Monday so most guys usually opt for some reason so thank you for doing that as well It was a lot of fun and pocket and you. Well you're you're the one. I was let's talk first generalities on the offense. It's had its ups and downs here in camp so. Through this point of saint John Fisher how would you describe where the offense is that and how it looks. That you you know says it has its up and down you know we're on a lot of stuff from the playbook. Like for folks in one thing one week. We have Burton a soul the morning and you know right now so a lot of Gaza struggle that. You know it's a lot of commission today. Not to mention the fact that we have a tremendous defense that morning our defense on you know one of the best if not the best in the in the National Football League right now and then you know great because it's important it is when those guys and this the place those going to be tough for some plays consistently. That's forward to it imports of focus on men been it would become better at it the was the difference in the defense you know Mike skies and no last year at camp. The offense had a bit of time to adjust to it not knowing what you're gonna see is it any different playing against Jim Schwartz defense to this point it is you know. Pat had his defense girls got all over place you look up five TDs on the you've gotten that's an iMac or walk and it is like that so. Schwartz's defense that is one this is lineup with him so you what's coming so. Word word excited about the you put it was pleased. That the defense on that we have you know it allows word. Dotson to sit back and make please you know not have the without Tom. O Schwarz would do it then those things query and Afghanistan and that it the line plan on record. You know with the office of he's got to take advantage of all there's skill sets be fun watching that you. You mention all the stuff going in the opposite is it bigger than last year's playbook is that the same. Well I mean you've always got to stuff and often systems and that's what we've done a lot of the summer you know. That's what we have to be just to you know we've it's that's the same office you know. But when you put guys in different places you bring in the and you'll see what he can do it's EJ union offerings. him to get much more you can order room. You know guys like myself and see today in you know with the addition of movies and you know price they have to learn the dolphins also. Your in the same office but did you change some verbiage when you no you have to change some cold words that defense can't key you know it's things like that that would. You know a year ago if your witness at this point a year ago and probably where it would have been natural for me to ask you about each day whether his head was spinning you know try to take all the stuff that. Is it still is is he still struggling you think that all of the stuff that the opposite is trying to put together here and can't be always in your number two. Not like last year you know this is the year where you know he he's had a tremendous opportunity with the coaches currently in. some of the verbiage and like down. Utilities and department so. That's one. That are down it's you've noticed in your excited about. You know what were also to learn you know the new verbiage. The new concepts. People in new positions that are capable of doing so. I think everybody's in the same boat right now. How is your offense. Different take out Stevie Johnson had Sammy Watkins and Mike Williams and Bryce Brown. So how is off as your offense different from last year's. Other input from people in different places you know it's not. What's different. You know. Parents skill sets and it is is it different because they bring different things to the team this is about it you know where it would Sammy you know he's the guy that's. They can you can throw the deep ball to come to an intermediate routes. A the eighties he was very. You know there's nobody. More so you've just got to figure out things like that. See what it is at prices. Rated what do is that movies don't like that so. As far as we know what we do often it's it's going to be saying we're going to be attacking office that it snaps of bars and you know up Put personal defense and that's what more do more to get them off while still expecting the run game to media identity really that's what we will you know. I think with you know. I'd like ourselves Tuesday you know like message with partisan partisan movie. We want to make this thing build roads and wanted a lot of so the ball went on last year CJ had 202 carries 2060. Pretty much. 5050s we'll expect the same kind of thing this year politics so you know thank you. Both Roland. We keep the person. Allows us to take advantage does Tom we you don't you know fertility. You and CJ or both going into the final year your respective contracts can you talk a little bit about what you know where's your head that. You're a veteran guy you've gone through this before how confident are you you're very popular here but he loves avenue around how confident are you that you will be able to stay and finish is a bill. Enormously confident. You know I think the only thing that I have to do is continue to go out and play well on the on the on the football field and you know to take care of itself than you on that's what are the focus on the zone and that I still have some years left him in. mortgage adopting care. They don't have like a wheelchair a walker back there everything is not yet if I'd known you keep you're not yet okay. You are are sporting. A special here today the three nation that treated picture could see it. On on Twitter this morning. You live your life for our about two and really really good program for a lot of people just talk a little bit like. You know. Puts out there what you know some of the accomplishments that division at least do one. You know it's one of those things that. We don't give scholarships that division three and I think that with my family and some corporate partners that we got lined up we would like to some you know scholarship opportunities out there. And is this going to be one of those who have ties were you can get some apparel were you can also see what some of the problems that some of that stand out division three athletes are doing out there on one ability of you know have a simple where you can say that with the division three in their walking round. You know like what the only thing but that. Is to be a lot of fun you know I think that. We don't get like I said. Acknowledgment that division one athletes doing. That's one thing dollar bill put it out there and you also people that not only our division division one athletes bird with. Their greater at all levels. Well thanks for stop buying we're looking forward again to talk and every Monday morning and have a great year thanks operatives who got them you know. Fred Jackson joining us here bills training camp at saint John Fisher is as we. I will I'll take what you handshakes thank you drop it right down there and Fred we're gonna let get back to work. And I rat in a minute right. Well that no particular we got a break coming burn burn up a lot of back. WG the a series tweets. Suggesting. A potential scenario. Any a long term kind of like what the Bon group could be doing. How this all sets up beautifully his theory this is good that this is a good series this is good. And I think it makes some sense. Okay. But going the last night. And that You know Orioles network. I. It's their home tonight there is out this fall Coke a 705 game against Indianapolis to today tonight is team photo and autograph. So if you're one of the first 3000 fans and a tendency receiver Verizon's 2014 team photo. And that you make your way down onto the field will be an autograph session with the entire starting right at 6 o'clock. And again the game tonight at 705 there are just two on Friday night bash is left in the season. And one of them is this for several plot against Indianapolis he got pregame party and happy hour firework fireworks after the game. Any of the family camp out that is also I'll go get your district and if you don't one. Feet it can see. Sleep sleep I should be nice sleep six to eight like those that and how big the adults are like sitting three separate room. All the fighter well flaps looked very trichet. Where was going FM again about so what you can do is there's a package available is dot com it's twenty bucks. Include your ticket to the Friday night bash game. Then picked it up Satterfield by the nice spot but let will be will be shown on the big HD scoreboard to all the campers. And as this Friday night any time any tickets for any game. Go to buys dot com. You can find the complete schedule you can find a rundown of the promotions that are going out of the ballpark is still some great stuff the national the mystery ball might. And then appreciation night just to name two. And then you can select the game you wanna go to pick the you wanna sit and and Pritchard tickets right there on your computer you can do all of that ad and dot com apartment A key area. A full blog it is optimistic thought for the morning. He says Allred is two weeks in order that and actually point to pick up what comes about Joseph mean terrible. Assuming only three is accurate. Others stayed away because they can't compete with the cool and they know he'll win. But group is running the race to curry favor carry paper with NFL for future consideration they make. For good leverage peace drive the price up snapple group as I don't know exactly how a team in Toronto. That's not the bills works for buffalo from attendance standpoint but I could see Goodell telling Jon Bon Jovi Sheryl consider you with a future. I just it is one thing for me the NFL has let the threat of LA work. For them for years to drive stadium construction in all about leverage and perceived threats. What do you think we got better for got a coming of thirty usable preview. Could. Jon Bon Jovi and the Toronto group B. Helping. The conspiracy to us just drive the price up to get. In the good graces of the other owners that will take carry it out lied. We go to other here to drive the price of the possible that. If the Bill Self for what. Point six every other franchise. value likely goes up. I would say yes not likely I would say yes so is it must have been a small market without a new stadium itself for one point six billion. Right and the idea that everybody's value go way up what do what do cowboys were the bills go what six noise. So what about that yeah possible sure. We're to about that earlier sure why. That's why set I was sickened we talked about this earlier. If if ever what everybody in the national media we talked it would keep telling us league doesn't want team believe. For whatever reason whether it's legacy. Whether it's. Arthur saying we need small markets whether it's Charles Schumer threatening that you know. The league doesn't want to mess with the deal with the government because will make life miserable for you the paraphrase. Everybody keeps telling us the league doesn't want the bills to the buffalo. OK if that's the case. What does the league want just the league wants to drive up the value all of their franchise. So they get the bills sale price up. That the next franchise that get the sale price goes up as well everything rises accordingly so I could see that we were. We talked about that this morning one of the trust has been told. You make sure to keep the team here. Don't you know so you don't sell it for like a bargain basement price you drive the price up as much as possible. At the end of the day the local that submits the highest bid but do whatever you can't keep driving the price. I could see that so it looks theory would be what Goodell met with Bon Jovi New York he basically said that. your job by Joseph we work with us here we'll you we'll hook you up down the road don't sweat it but. Dry you know help now to drive the price I to that happening absolutely. One other thing I asked. Was if Terry does win the bid by the bills is he the most popular awful all the person. Ever a busy past. Shots Kelly Thurman Thomas you and me course on the that it IU. And if you go higher bit golfer bitter atmosphere yeah did he pass everyone and a number of good point tweet him about would cool to be number ones number one now did you get any consensus by the and I'd like to know who's number one. I think it's you know I think so. And your and not just sports you're talking and lower overall everything the whole gamut anybody who's born here lived here spend time hear anything. Here some of the responses. One week. In reference to Google you mean mr. saint doctor Adonis Angola. Yeah like. But got works everything and erecting a monument is immediately in order. Other built a statue retrofit City Hall to look like him. And Marty reply tweets if you're asking if I would get is based tattooed on my body the answer is yes the just where where does that you go. And I scripture they don't want that she's I think we would make it like. Who has put in front is my second game of Brown's reference to its problems that as a giant statue just rattling waterway he could that could be the pedestrian bridge we can walk over his shoes. As it straddles from the entered the outer harbor. While our combining ideas. This is great. As opposed to or you don't unite and put it like on top of the first Niagara center. What I you know this is the this is gonna get in the trouble. I just flashback to the World Cup they kept showing that famous statue of Jesus over Rio receiver elect. Why our dated December right now okay now if you're gonna get all that angry religious August that I wanted to be a pedestrian routes and he's functional. That there are broad goal at arms outstretched on top of the first 9% there. Welcoming people to it to buffalo and then the sabres win the Stanley Cup economic giant but let's get a at all my I think it. Already in trouble I. I was gonna break an eight open up by fifty to join us in 888550. To 550. When we get back we're training camp GOP is gonna join us and I know we had. A lot of folks on hold. Fred came in and she wanted to talk to Fred Jackson lot of folks on hold we were able to get your calls it. Joseph is gonna be here but we will obviously take calls to Soviet if you wanted to get in with some folks wanted to share their opinion about ownership. Then if you can give us call back we'd love to hear from apologize for not being able to where he calls an earlier. But if you get back that's great 8030550. Or 888550. 550 and we'll continue for bills training camp joins us next on WG.

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    different do different standards different style of play from an opportunity. That's Mario Williams have complete coverage bills pre season opener against the giants -- ceremonies for Andre -- deduction at all fame. Here on WGR
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    is your offense. Different take out Stevie Johnson had Sammy Watkins and Mike Williams and Bryce Brown so how is -- are as your offense. Different from last year's. Other input from people in different places
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    WGR. The non binding bids are and in the sale of the Buffalo Bills has taken the next step perspective buyers were required to put in their bid by 5 PM yesterday according to the Toronto sun. There were only three bids received the New York Post is reporting. That sabres owner -- Google has entered a bit of over one billion dollars Tom Golisano did not submit a bid. And the -- reported that his group that Bon -- group is scheduled to have a meeting with upstate New York developers Scott until about possible stadium ideas for the latest code WGR 550 dot com. The Buffalo Bills were -- training camp yesterday their ramping up towards Sunday's hall of fame game. You know we -- computers determined aggressively -- didn't know John. Their respect each other trying to you know -- across them. Get a -- and I obviously it is very this is different in different -- different style of play from different team. That's Mario Williams -- saint John Fisher College begins at 2 o'clock today we'll have complete coverage of bills pre season opener as well as ceremonies for Andre reed hall of fame induction here on WGR. Elsewhere in the NFL the Arizona Cardinals have agreed to a seventy million dollar contract. We've quarterback Patrick Peterson also ESPN is reporting the judge court ball flight his

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- morning 630 on WGR Jeremy -- -- about GO here on the WGR with Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan. For buffalo global money good morning Sally aria yeah. I'm a little under the weather had been it is highly rugged and welcome to the club barely a Merry Christmas. And you guys. Comport with what you wanna begin sharing. Hopefully analogy officiating I would be out of the notion I was wondering you -- -- -- almost every single content. That these two games we decide she until it featured ball like that. Have a hard -- believe in capital there are a lot of people would -- that was what was at stake here. Yeah I think it makes I think it's kind of -- the idea that it would hinge on two meaningless division games. One of them next week would we -- against Greg McIlroy I like the jets are. A shell of the team that has been in the division for dailies entire tenure with the bills so. I don't know what kind of you know what they've put on these two games. It's tough Gerry -- I don't know do you find it tougher than ever to really figure out what they're going to do. I'd like to tell that I think they're gonna fire. The coach of the gonna make it change the deathly gonna do this is this that or this but as long as they continue to talk about like their clothes and like they're getting better. It's tough to panic. Debate goes to work together. Yes and it didn't pick on a function that potent. To be hard to solve the coach and the quarterback but they have so openly journal on something itself. And LB it's sort of subliminal. -- from. Police and not give any stadium but. I don't know I don't know what people go back -- do it but I'm meg kind of assumption. Mean right now in my outlook doesn't like surgical coaches who doesn't like paying them not to work and other body -- and that is coach. And they say they're getting better so I'm posting work and change favors. I don't know what's gonna happen. -- element here on WGR -- -- Jerry what do you make of Stevie Johnson's game yesterday in. On every play the kind of window he had pretty pretty bad day especially by Stevie standard but overall it's not a very good day at all. -- are part of -- because he was racing and his mind you know studio very emotional guy I don't know are taught them. Tashard Choice -- really animated not yelling at beginning of the Big Brother of speech it's like I've seen. Should get a book -- under the name and your you know your great don't -- out those kind of broken down on yourself. Bennett is going to be OK you indeed. And it looked back at it at that as the upon people not very clear that he down against you get married in -- -- to our. Mean bottom right these they're cliched and never too hard too little studio I know -- of people while the guy he's so. And here are a couple of odd I think that it -- to -- aren't too low because they have very emotional -- And the great captain and but he admitted that thing about change and I think you mentioned you think about it I would not cooped up in my head he said. The way I run my pattern that -- very patient to great road runner and we just to practice today and that produced. A lot of those mistakes I guess I am not -- eroded the newspaper. Report on the coaching situation billion. -- got people thinking about the wrong thing you need your -- you -- organizations. That might decide the coaches say that these two games. Maybe a postal down for the players that you know one week acquitted yesterday there's sort of confused it's just -- and you don't look good for the coach. And -- one thing about his comments and CJ Spiller as well Steve you know one out of his way and based who's had put this game on meet Spiller. Apologized for his 62 yard run. -- sorry I didn't score there you know like he's making everything happen and he's their best player offensively Spiller is he. He doesn't get the ball off -- yesterday you did any still finds a way to apologize so. I don't you talk about accountability and in wanting that from this team I think the bills have. Individual players who are not afraid to to take but you know responsibility and and showcase accountability. But there there's some sort of disconnect when it comes to the team as a whole overall showing that because it doesn't seem like. You know you talk about guys that have lost their jobs around here it's the punter like it's it's -- the -- -- joke that Brian Mormon was let go because production. And really nobody else really -- is. You know and all that it they would amendment one guy who stick out again I've poked my head there in Maryland people on the make a big party list votes change and he's talking about turnovers and short fields. And again and -- He's not the only problem I putted terribly yesterday's right tackle and I can remember it was actually -- card. I know when I watched you stop in one on one and he just like that we report you can't -- in this sort of like obligatory putted on -- and and then because it doesn't really -- he's short but you should. He should do what Stevie and Spiller -- in the coach to let go out there wasn't very good I I their responsibility I break that record they let speed that they're not responsible it's what happened. They are taken the battle. And it actually. You know what I would have done it feels like it really but he would grade school. It's streets that you clearly disappoint -- and ultimately will be this year they aren't going belt player isn't good enough and it doesn't take responsibility great. Why is the question is now. Where does this team go from here Gerri I mean. You're around the that the guys you heard Eric what's comet just a -- fully expects some sort of changes to be made are are you kind of 5050 not knowing what's gonna happen you expect change to be made where you with us. I I'm more about and it's not war -- you know right can what happened but I mean -- What is except but like the kind of here and -- -- up there even question about insulting. He could take explain. It is inevitable -- and around -- planned sixteen games a year. There are honest about it these guys whose job he he's not -- no -- in the back intact but it happened when teams. There are successful so. I don't know I'm just. -- -- -- indictment that. There's definitely a court practical these six. Rookie dissect your cornerbacks in the playoffs which -- More you just happen so -- and call Verizon and the bill so I can occur. Though if you get that guy. Epic to look good luck I'd look good in the sense that he -- -- guys they're behind the curve and he's gonna get a -- 8030550. To join us you know Jerry last night watching Marshawn Lynch Ron effectively for the Seahawks you know he's one of the top running backs in league CJ Spiller you know once again we're hearing all these things that are mentally he's. Quietly emerged as a potential star is yards per carry is ultimately better than Adrian Peterson and once again you have a game where he gets he gets it off he shows you the big play ability but the thing about it is for me climbed. The five Jane Gayle King -- provide -- ruffles I should say thinking about Chan Gailey or whenever I mean think about it I think. That or 62 yard run. -- dead into the rams game. The Texans game and the and keep going back all the times that Spiller didn't get enough carries will -- -- what -- that that run of made a difference every time is not a. What's that I'm like you know I'm right there with to have written and not taken yesterday chairman and they -- that's a career high it's not a career because. Karrie in nineteen in this game -- fifteen and ran in carried seventeen and it came might have been the seventy RE eight yard never got a chance to do. -- what's funny is to -- watching the game I believe the thought pastor my head there were two times in this game. Where he actually got the ball three plays in a row. And I believe that's the first time that's happened all year be thinking back I could be wrong but I don't think they ever gave him the ball. Three times and -- -- they did that would bring Jackson several times this year. But CJ Spiller getting a lot actually three plays in a -- for the first time this year is very telling in the way they've mishandled them. You know I don't and I hope it's not system -- see it doesn't work and it was the -- of one of those third non accrual and I'm like good. All year long on third and short you have had a -- back in a vacuum -- -- -- it's called CJ Spiller you know I mean doesn't. Break a candidate like after untouchable on this side -- -- -- galway. That's a good -- I haven't seen. You know personally Jerry Sullivan let's get to deemed. -- you're on with Jerry here on WGR. Our -- -- guys. I hit just an observation may be a little Christmas wish. I get a harsh ever since they put polian on the wall and and shall I know you don't like polian. I didn't ever cider I got no way we raced out I do I love. Bill -- he's just not the direction I would go at all. Well we differ -- yeah I'd say there's something in the works with the long term -- and -- debt sooner. More than later I think we'll have a change of ownership that I think has already worked out. I think poll instrument back and I think we get polian back with a long term lease its clean house time and the polian. And a better owner we projected coached and the bet my Christmas -- anyways. It's been terrible year and I kicked -- is a nice start but -- She's approaching Gerard has the worst game -- coach I've ever seen then. We need to change gentlemen you know so I thought I'd say that exists thanks to Europe but not -- -- -- you know you're suggesting and ordered a new coach you're tournament a new owner like massive changes that I don't ever hear him reasonably that. In and you can't necessarily predict sort of ways you get a new owner and ruffles in the wanna sell the team so you know. I don't know what the puncher bureau and I'm really is. I'm -- I don't know. I just think this organization needs knew they did they need new ways they need new it is they need freshness they need. Whatever it needs. Life Jerry I I've made this point what the caller referring to -- your thoughts on this -- my. Issue with bringing polian back is it does exactly what we've all said we don't. Want the team to do anymore which is reach back for the past. With older people who've been a part of what happened before to try to every how great the future's going to be and to me I think that's the mistake that this organizations made time and time again. But it's out there people want it to happen where do you stand on this. Well it's intriguing because it's only has done -- several other places and he's won the -- -- he's eight feet. The great GM and an -- at a game and he's up there already counted that as a package this -- which blew things up and indeed. He -- older to give him -- -- -- work habits and scouts and people underneath them it would the end of the way you get to that he might. Give them more credibility attract a better coach and coaching staff that's. That's attractive but no but in the end it took another big -- in the league who wouldn't come up well I don't I don't think I need to have that you want to come back. We'll have other options -- I don't think you'd expect -- multiple people who who love this city he loves. Those teams don't we all need to talk to the other day about a comeback. I'll be coming back. Terry Sullivan in -- WG RI Gerri thanks for the that the schedule adjustment safe trip or even Miami right now. Orlando airport. And well and Fort Lauderdale and I got to connect involved Martin -- -- not. They are my chances of staying awake throughout the wonderful life are slim tonight. There's a limit their loved them sharpened well you know and what the couple actually so that the watch and -- probably you -- have a good Christmas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- them -- on his -- here on W chair for his. You know Monday spot to realize that I don't 30550 Chan -- top of the hour your phone calls when we return on WGR.

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