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WGR550>Topics>>12/24 Chan Gailey talks about the Bills loss to the Dolphins

12/24 Chan Gailey talks about the Bills loss to the Dolphins

Dec 24, 2012|

12/24 Chan Gailey

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    and how long is gonna get. But now we throw in the Kyle Orton dynamic how does that change. Anything about how you think the bill's not how you look at a more sour me your listeners. How the bills are looking at Vijay and how much time he gets you know handle the job the Kyle Orton dynamic what does that do. I don't think it changes much I think Kyle Orton is there hasn't as a very very highly priced insurance policy. And I think key. Is just their four incher for the insurance reasons for injury. And if the thing goes completely off the rails. And I'm talking in in week 1213. Or something like that they're -- sit mayors saying our right where to attack and what we do. -- Kyle Orton and their because once once they take out EJ Manuel even for a second. It's over. It's done I agree yeah I mean you can't go back -- were -- about can't play that game and so. I think Kyle Orton . He's he's not putting pressure on EJ Manuel went away I don't think that's that's going to be the case I think we're gonna see EJ Manuel and and give him enough time to be able to come to a decision. Or maybe he'll make the decision for them and then go from there the -- Are you saying you think the leash used is still as long now -- was when Jeff tool is a back up with that -- a back up. I try to get the sense by a million dollars a year Kyle Orton winning games in this league. Maybe there's a little shift -- thinking there Joseph may be that at least a little bit
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    because you may have changed your opinion based on the signing of Kyle Orton . You may look at it -- guys you know seventy starts 3535. The minute there's trouble the -- Morton's in -- maybe
    -- you know it wouldn't. Isolate it when we committed so dealt Kyle Orton is Russell Wilson. But I didn't say that you did you -- -- Daniel for Russell Wilson and. Have not comparing in
    all pretty. Can't get them in the bath and I look at Kyle Orton he has big play people down in Dallas when he came in that final game he had does Bryant. He had written that I then he got them the ball are you gotta do is get these. He's a 500 cornerback Adam thank by the way the 500 quarterback just interject this here and I'm not 35 and 35. These -- will think I like the Kyle Orton signing but just so the caller knows. He got them the ball. -- -- lesser percentage that EJ has gotten them the
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    And it -- I know there's a lot of ground to cover Kyle Orton -- here and he's got what a five million dollar contract he is not a -- and we're -- all trying to
    thinking exchange at one bills drive the story line for me is. Kyle Orton . Whose only 31 who has won games in this league gets five million dollars. I'm telling -- I think I agree with you but I think the leash is shorter than -- than we ever thought it would be. Yes yes I I feel like I'm supposed to think that way. But I don't because it goes counter to everything they've been doing. And I understand that and I don't know I think -- had a shift and and it now here's the other thing here's the other part of this discussion. Kyle Orton I think is it. Whenever he's just another guy he's he's in his career record is 35 and 35. Sully did a column the other day about he's basically Ryan Fitzpatrick. Okay he's -- he's its completion percentage first career is basically exactly what each case he's nothing 59% passer he's nothing special why I said look that Lewis went -- would have that mr. -- to integrate. Take -- 35 at 35 big deal when they signed Kyle Orton . I -- I was a little. Surprised although I guess from from what Doug -- it said yesterday there were in very
    it -- it hasn't played well the first month the going to Kyle Orton . It's Kyle Orton I I just don't know how much more Kyle Orton . Does for you -- me he's not a long term answer this guy would be how -- to -- -- would be.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning Buffalo Bills football -- they Jeremy White -- a popular view from one bills drive waiting on Chan -- -- should be joining us. In moments here on WGR the AFC playoff picture is set the Bengals make it once again any Dalton in the dangles in. And the bills fall to five and ten with a one game remaining on the season and early this coming week against. The New York Jets 8030550. To join us you can email text we all that good stuff. As we've. Meet with the bill said coach right now -- -- weekly spot here on WGR the bills falling to Miami final score. This time around was -- -- -- splitting the season series of the dolphins morning Chan could see again morning. Let's talk about yesterday's game what happened ultimately. And he talked about post game offensively. A couple of drops couple of fumbles on when you look at the game and and how things started off. On do you think that it was it was there for your team and ultimately. For whatever reason the fumbles the drops that's ultimately what what and of -- the end. Yeah and -- it -- -- You'd lose Scott channel -- play of the game -- You have and makes them he scrambled to make some adjustments that I thought to you know he does handle the adjustment pretty well and in -- in -- When Adam answered the call now Sam young and to the call against. Camera weight pretty well he got him one time. For the most -- he did a pretty good job and you know I thought CJ. Did some really good things in a ball gang. It to me -- we had a chance -- a fleet. Don't fumble the first time down there we scored the touchdown the second time we're down there. This school fourteen points in the first half then maybe it's a different maybe it's a different game but you don't and that what. Well I would ask you about the fumbles and about a couple of other rulings there because. I think as as as fans as to -- you sometimes -- frustrating because. A calls made on the field -- say ruling on the field stands. Challenger not. When you look at those place. Like this DD one -- -- a fumble on the on the first one on that slant because I feel like I've seen in this league a lot that called. Not a football move it was too quick to bang bank. It seemed like every single one of those could've gone either way at that soy felt to me and that's. What I understand from people that watch rape like I said it could've gone either way so they normally stay with the ruling on the field when they ain't figured out but is that something new you can -- consider is. You need overwhelming evidence to challenge something because they they. It it seems to me that they will tend to just kind of lean on that ruling on the field via. It's exactly right to me. And it's it's obvious you know then. You know when it's obvious -- you have to you have to challenge it you get a chance to challenges but if you if you just not obvious. Found that you waste your time on. Felt that way on the CB touchdown that was ruled incomplete I need out one going to be overturned. Because of that ball a you -- -- you almost today I have to get up and give the official -- all. Yeah if they do the official -- Sadie you when when everything happened and he didn't that -- there's no -- to -- challenges those donate two bit. You know on main I've heard the officials say ya gotta get that road change because he had the but he said he had the ball when he crossed the goal line right but. You know -- need to come up with he said ya gotta get that -- -- to me here's here's the with a frustrating part for fans and of course we don't want to get by by speaking out against officials are rules or anything like that but this is what's frustrating for me. They were running back that situation that's a touchdown so says he catches it to -- is that pushes himself as a running back coach in. Once he gets over the goal line it should be treated just like a running back at CJ Spiller had done that from thirty yards out. It left the ball there that's a touchdown barrels that's exactly right and them. I don't know why it's that way all I know is that's a Roland. It's. We tell our receivers every day you gotta get up and on the ball so rightly expected dude did go your way. Is same thing are out of bounds play if you go down to that. If you have you feeding inning you go to the ground and when you hit the ground -- come up with -- don't ever call an incomplete. Those -- coaching nearly here on WGR. Another game ten points offensively if you look back over the course of the season by -- is the seventh time this season. That your offense scores one touchdown or or not mean multiple touchdowns. In seven games you your your offices failed to get multiple touchdowns a over the course of the season. Offensively. What what would you diagnose as. The reason of the problem that you can't seem to get consistency and keep talking about consistency. Well seven times out of fifteen on any multiple touchdowns seems to be you but fairly consistent. Inability to score on office. -- Lou we had our struggles this year at times we have and then. You know it's gonna. A combination of things I don't know whether it's. Now pass protection is certain times. Whether it's. Not pretty -- in the red zone and that's been the biggest thing to me from last year to this year if we haven't produced in the red zone and five to look at that attitude is that two areas are will you lead. At a bad we've we've not done a good job and red zone that's one thing that we haven't done and we just haven't consistently. Been able to them. Put together drives because we shoot ourselves in the -- with the drop passer penalty or something like that and that's for a within this year. One of the criticism coming out yesterday is when you're down two scorers. Here's 65 minutes left I believe maybe. -- as much sense of urgency has a lot of people like to see did you think the your offense showed a sense of urgency he went on the show in that situation and what was the thought process at that point. Well we were still down to -- statue distilling your your game plan now. But now you go. You go to the start the fourth quarter the first -- had a fourth quarter we went there are no huddle offense. But knowing you're down. You know when you're down to score she just you need to make you stay the course 'cause you get a chance to FICO score one that's a one score getting exes so. To me there's not a the you don't wanna panic but she wanna speed things up a little bit but. To me it almost has been more than two scores before you get to that message four minutes left in -- again. You'd -- coming into this game and the last few weeks that you know obviously showing up every week being professionals Monday through Saturday in the of course on Sunday do you feel your team. Competed at that level that they show up you say they show up throughout the week in that they compete. The way you would expect professional to compete at the situation Paula thought we competed. Did you think you'd think the guys quit yesterday I'm not on the field I don't think they quit notice now I don't think you're right I donate their they're there didn't seem to be -- -- at -- didn't seem to be a sense of urgency late in the game though. As I was saying to track it down the field score quickly and make something happen I think that's a frustration a lot of fancy though. And he had I know what you say because made do we wrap the -- we took our time at the line sometimes. -- what way what happens is they were given a -- ever looks Fitz was making sure that we had the right protection home. To make sure that we didn't get hit in the back -- so we could throw the football down the field and that was. One of the advantages of beta that I am with them moving around in them with a different -- -- to -- he could get the protection the way he need to get the protection and that took a little bit more time. You just don't get up there and snapped the ball in and everything happens automatically. And a you have to make sure you guys get on the right -- -- is we saw a number of comebacks your team was strong in the second half in the early portion of the season. Early in the showed yourself -- mention that when he went in the locker Tashard Choice was talking to Stevie trying to. Tell not to get down themselves CB Johnson essentially took a lot of responsibility for lawsuit a couple of drops rough game. Do you feel your team. He gets too high to low IQ is there enough of a steady. Kind of feeling in the room. If if they if it is too high to -- feel like that might explain why. When things seemed to go bad there that that it off the rails you know Seattle San Francisco when things go bad it goes it goes pretty bad pretty quickly so. Is there the right level of I don't know stability or belief. Forty feel like your your guys can get too high to low. Thank gets a good question that I I think you sit there and you try to go through the season. I don't get the -- lend their dates that we are male and emotional wreck during the course of the season you know I don't get that feeling. But. You get to the end of the year and you go back and you look at every game and you EC. Where are what our reasons for being high and low wattage that happened two years. During the course of the week so. I think that. I try to be a stabilizing influence on him so that you don't get to to blow. I think that's one of my responsibilities. So. Try to give that but so I don't know what's in it she questioned Ashley I don't know if if we're no go without emotional up and down and that's the problem I know sometimes. It gets going bad and and -- Sometimes can't stand that -- that. Which do you think is closer to being what you want it to be your offense your defense. How about nature. You know of that nature. And here in your focus obviously be offensively in it if you you know if you're looking edit in this off season approaching it nobody's talked about a big target receiver is something you'd like to add. When you look at the design of your offense. Do you have a fix in mind you have something that you you might want to change you've already kind of thought -- start to think about. Thanks so like we always are evaluating where strengths are we're weaknesses are had a -- improve on our. Our weaknesses and had a week keep that situation now our strengths and so yeah I think we have thought about that. After a nice run from the defense allowing you really few yards per game rushing for about 45 stretch last couple weeks. Tees and able to run the ball on you again have you really figure out why that's the case again. Yeah I think that the I think the quarterback great thing is has put everybody a little tentative has made. You know the backs have pursued a little tentative so. In that was more creases and then. We got miss a line twice yesterday from big runs -- missile -- just there's no skis that we have had we had had that and we had yesterday twice. Who had linebackers run around trying to found outward borderline men. We yet -- for big runs so. It's I think it's the quarterback greed is is. Creating tentativeness. We have gas air to make the tackles it's not like that -- device just a little tentative. As compared to when you were playing the traditional ties tight stuff for the four weeks prior to that. When the stories in the league this year yesterday another rookie quarterback in Ryan ten -- You played him once before you split with him Russell Wilson two weeks ago and last night on senate football's Seattle wins again. The rookie quarterback it's almost -- the year of the rookie quarterback and this offseason I think we can it's been a lot of talk about rookie quarterbacks potentially for the Buffalo Bills. When your when you're talking about the future you talk about a quarterback that might come in. My question is do you get a rookie that fits. York's your scheme. Or do you try to find the best one and then do you kind of develop a scheme around a guy now just conceptually not a silly in my replacing its pageant this question is it about. Your system plug and play or find the best guy he found the best guy you always found it. This guy and justice system around a bit players you always do that depend on who have you have whatever you have infuriate. It fury. Pittsburgh and you get drone Bettis and you got Kordell Stewart you adjust around that a few got. Known John Elway you did you adjust drowning him I mean it loses its Colin you have viewed justice system. If you get so hard headed thank you system is it two years in pro all the know you're in for a short career. And anytime a player's name is brought up whether to draft pick or it's a free agent. You know it's you'll see national guys John -- and people suggest -- Chan Gailey likes this type of guy in its often. A guy that is mobile and Izzo is a runner would you say if you've got your pick up. Of the perfect quarterback that you'd like to design a system around the way that you called offense. Which hit its accurate that you like guys that not just are able to move and evade the rush but can actually run like like I mean Russell Wilson the way you saw him. From the football with a cavern can get to fifty yard touchdown runs -- season. Is that accurate when money has suggested if you. I think probably what has happened is I've had guys that can run and they've been successful so. People think that's what ball but we've been pretty successful William we had a lead them lead you know. Fits how wouldn't I wouldn't classify him as a runner normally done some good things at times. With fear itself. I think that -- people have seen where the most success has come prominence assumed that would be the the best fit through what I would like to do. Be honest with you. If you get a Ben Roethlisberger. You'd just around him you take that you know if you get a Troy -- you take that so. EU adjust to what she's -- what you gear in the best players. Philosophically coach it was always said that the read option that quote unquote read option from college would not work endlessly because defense of attitude that. -- had to pass -- is a wanna expose -- -- Why has it been working so well over the last year and a half two years maybe even go back a few years down and for a. You know. I think that. You know when people. Looked at option quarterbacks they couldn't throw it well enough to -- In the past and the last two or three years they started to develop these quarterbacks that can run it and throw it and be very effective federal and it. And people are less likely to keep from. They get more exposure quarterback. Right now to the hits. That's what they say have we done a you know it that's our quarterback hey we're not gonna run the read option with the -- exposing to the -- world. I think people have -- item as a football is there's one more dimension that would be nice to have. To create problems and eighty years it does create problems and that you gotta have the right kind of -- that can take the hits -- as soon as the couple these guys. Run this thing and they get hurt everybody is gonna go I don't know you know is this the smartest thing to be -- this -- And that's why Washington may have drafted two quarterbacks they knew they had when they had to do that with a hat and so you've. There you look at it you say. What is the best direction to go and you can't. You can go either way but -- -- probably if you read that option -- then and there and exposure quarterback like that you better have to when asked about the penalties or quickest they are too many eleven I'm sure you know I mean -- and now. You know some preset penalties it just you know religious -- -- and some dumb penalties. Frustration penalties. So. It -- that was lack of this formal -- or no and that's that's my category disciplines mother my technical. Those that coaching nearly here on WGR one more game left in the season you know what all the message -- to your players. Heading into this than in his jets game. First moss to jets and you wanna beat the jets. And any anybody that -- with the bills always lost big digits so. And second of all do you wanna finish with a win and nobody wants to go out loosen. Like this so you wanna win and if you have. Pride and professionalism. That you work and you put prayer in you you get ready Coppola. But nobody had said it was last week did you know everybody's under -- -- nation -- -- itself to top to bottom bombed by the end of the -- never one gets looked at. On -- when you look at. What was happened in the three years do you feel like you have the confidence of body and that things are on the right track. I think everything will be evaluated -- he said at the end of the year you know. Thanks have not go home in the win column like guys like warned them to like any of -- wanted them to and I know we've split the L fans down. And they they believe Dennis and believe we're headed in the right direction. Battle having any. Proof to show for that and I know where things are evaluated on the big board Miller of things are evaluated in the years. You feel like. I mean do you feel pressure to -- fans might look at this is a meaningless game against against New York it's it's the close up the season but it's actually not mean a senior us. I have never come across a game there and never had my name on it that I felt was meaningless. It when you start taking -- meaningless that's win. You don't get that business. He is equipped injury update on obviously said yesterday -- in the doesn't look good but. -- Dickerson didn't look good on the field he tweeted after the game that he -- say he's gonna be okay the last eight me it wasn't as bad as I thought. Now all that was precautionary looks like that -- they might have a chance to get back this week down opening day of practice Wednesday but he might you be able to get back. I'm bills that coaching Gillick coach thanks for the time and how they feel like I'm great thank you very much because they -- just. I cells got the update back 80305 if you their calls here on WGR.

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