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Dave Burns KTAR in Arizona on Cards Coaches

Jan 2, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    too much open the Bulldog intense debate going on right nobody reads my. You don't wanna be in the room would Billie goes oh you'll want to kind of a comment if you open a bag of freedom was and it just it didn't know what what she. Heads of the Fresno bulldogs party racking. destroying. BP put cheese ropes is capable. Beautiful it's Mike show. Boulevard didn't know you're you're talking about the all American ship. You do it loaded up let's get it up to right now what have you ordered and no bull dog apple pie and freedoms. It's out alive chips you. Argues Bob Barker right here right at the quiet and you'll be able to gross. Too much you'll from the bull but believe go to articulate brilliant but this the first gulf resort. The birth of their car and I the I don't think I don't think we'll have filed they've looked good. How Warren Buffett. That's what. Cold does look very verbal whatever the outcome. marks two bulldogs golf team yesterday. Or paying such close attention to this show. The gift basket you'd even really need or expect to get that close of its own precedent I mean people like played with a like. Y name or drinks that they wanted to share like this one specific forming. Frito for a part yes they brought me. A or autograph photo. His and hers watches which I guess I'm told online if you people's public at some point we talked about watches as I'd like we're often Maybe that's why I mean even asked them too busy laughing about the rest of the content. Awesome footnote when I got home my son Leo eight the Frito is almost. Immediately. We are sitting here in Rome he's even in my wife walks in the room what does she say. What smells and hear her True. That's it's my misses there. My gift basket was Johnnie Walker platinum and I couldn't love my guys more for that that was also one expected and high quality. That's probably my first ever Scotch drinking round. Shearer. And still have not cracked the fuel however Scotland is the whole we'll go hole from right. I don't think I've really ever head. Any thing moon. Ever had and being bought beer angle I know as far as alcohol was imminent. A national water heater in there too which is super you know well. How how Smart dot com him. But never read them the liquor I am really worried about what accountants on all relative to block. A moment ago. It happens it got a headache just thank him again and even I totally needed detox period. Yesterday. On the heels of fallen in the sullen. At home all day Sunday need to and fear. On the heels a big party on Saturday. Maybe there although it was inside And then on the happened Friday night because it was Friday night I need. Compound and I'm kind of excited to get home it's a somber. Goes obstacles women and I don't swimming what go. Skelly and Howard Simon report that the bills say Marcel glorious is at saint John Fisher now. He has reported to training camp returned. To training camp so our returned. Great the only thing I would say about Daria is I wouldn't Cottam I wouldn't. Be. That. Way about this but. It's a little bit about Stevie Johnson kind of point for me. Some day somehow all the bills to beat good I think. Need to be able. To get there guys. To pay attention. And to and to care and to buy in those kinds of things now I know somebody's gonna tell me about guys on good teams that are straight and that's right. But I still think. At some level. You have a team that. Those that have the necessary credibility. Or frankly a coach. That that doesn't. Have the necessary credibility it's tough to say you have a couple guys. That. Disrespect. The team. Like this and it is probably right to say that this does happen in a lot of other places but. It's what my gut tells me. Is that I would like to think after the last episode which came on the heels of another one which included. Him being suspended for parts of gains twice. Like. The bills still haven't gotten to Daria is And ideally. Once would be enough you why do you why do you punish people what he would do things like that you do that so that they will not. Always use this problem again. And here we are. Yeah I I I also would mean. I think it's a it's a hell of a spot. You're the guy is an important. Very good if not capable of being great player. So. There are different rules. I'm still. And like. To me. In case you're wondering have been hard on bearer actions. Pertaining to other guys. That to me are more dangerous but more menacing but Darius is hurting himself he's hurting the team. He's not a threat. I don't think I mean the threat that they on the street rescinding could've been much much worse thankfully for him and for the bills and make it worse it what but it was dangerous. The could be some menacing argument. By. Overall. I don't know what else I don't know what they're doing to try to reach him. It's question it's whether it's working or not it's not. And you know a a guy needs to. Except that he needs. Counseling. Not drug dependency marijuana but but for. I don't know is okay if I use the that are leading him to. Stay out of shape enough cannot pass conditioning test after the offseason he's had. Tell me like bears. He's got to want to help and if he doesn't the bills and help spot. If they can make him get help Munich and they can provide it for him and I would be shocked. If they haven't. Taken steps to facilitate that. But I I met. I don't know what went on how much they should be counting on the scary I think you'll get in shape. And get on the field soon I trust that but how. How dependable is he going to be like how driven is he going to be week to week game to game like every says he's a good guy I totally bite. But there's something beneath the surface there that's mass animal and that needs to get straightened out and he's got to do that only team can do our business can do to help write an employee that's in trouble. But I wouldn't. Try to send a message by taking him out back or anything at this point I think that's the last thing you should do with this. But where. Where's he going to be on Sundays to help the team. Mean I don't know I'm I'm I'm really in the woods. This is the fact that he showed up after the spring he had what you are removed. And who's not telling you It's just not you know he's not been straightened out by. close calls he's head already. You know that that's. that could be either. Signal. A larger issue. So. To end the suspense. What game is Andy Dalton amazing. You don't know right I don't know it is an arcade game what is arcade is about ping pong okay. Cincinnati receiver Marvin Jones old all the to second. Took a video. Of Andy Dalton playing pop Russia. The option. That arcade basketball game all of while Regis. If you're really close in your make as many baskets as you can write the name is like a little amount of time right. And it's Dalton as fast as you could almost humanly do it. Making sixteen in a row which is what really the ball comes down out of the machine you have to pick it up and put it in the bad right. I couldn't make. Sixteen in a row maybe even like plan. From right next to the basket. topic once in awhile you just grab the ball and orient exists banging into the rim is like little little ball right it's not is there the full sized ball. What it looks like it's pretty close to a real sized ball okay. I don't know if it's exactly like regularly but still close OK Erica so so Dalton just. Does that tell you anything about his future as a player. I'm afraid not. It doesn't. Where are Russian. What was his office of Heimlich while he was meet that goal that no pressure and approach this time pressure but yet not all that's though that's that is the kind of pressure. It's not violent rush but. You you gotta you gotta keep you know you gotta get done. It tells me he's got good hand eye coordination tests aren't quite obviously mean that's that's pretty good. Ignores depleted by CBS sports dot com is a reference to it in the bill Barnwell article were talking about before they had the highly controversial comment about saying we want the constraint which was. That he hasn't found anybody else in around in or around the league who made that trade which I totally accept and believe. Isn't. So there really isn't that bad to say. No I would image entered. And I'm excited I am I can't wait to watch him practice even emblem of order watch play to going to be really agree. By. I I didn't need to make this deal I said for days weeks I wouldn't do it. I'm I'm I'm in this camp takes. If I qualify is around the league which I dial up. I think you do okay. Then I'm I'm I'm with them. I would have done it. Oregon to a things throwing Leo okay I'm. Ready Billy club. That's screw it. My heart to her. To some plays this thing about Clark the bear Clark the bear is the cubs mask these new this year right. Bear made when they introduced it yet that that's all. If somebody just screwed around on the TV show in the ended up with a chancellor's. How to what's the term and it Tom physically anatomically correct. Clark caught Clark where are the cult is actually the lady doesn't even give the name Clark the the club. I'll put his historic so apparently Wrigley bill. There is another big for a he guy called silicon mountain. That is not the club's official mask not affiliated with the ball team it'll kind of thing out Billy is wearing a big furry mascot outfit with Billy club on the yes the Jersey named Billy club. And he has been inflates. He has been accused of demanding tips for photos would imagine you get a picture. If you're so excited to meet the cubs mascot and and after the picture the mascot talks to you were exactly as about a evil I bought a bottle money beer maybe right. Making quote Propane in derogatory remarks in just regulations. It's the culture for crying out loud pork callebs. It punching a man at a bar near the ballpark from the neck. The point was caught on video. So the cubs are suing. It's the best. exploiting people. I still. I I still. Think I I still haven't seen this ridiculous is your point. Jumping the ornament and just that's what it's it's it's weapons tests but. Honestly. Uh oh there's so much a layered. In this. The idea that I hear that caught the cultures are suing the people they think are are behind this Billy Part of the lawsuit apart religious lit me up on Sunday morning was how it's said that they think fans are confused. The cubs think fans are are being confused. That this column is not an official malaska which isn't. As if fans. Think at all about that. Which you're just drinking beer at the club's game you know that's the culture never winning you're just there. People are tourists you know it is drinking years at the clubs like yeah it's a certain kind of ballpark atmosphere and to think that. And it's not even in the stadium where this would happen but the thing that like you would go then. Was that the official mascot of because when when your pondering what you've seen. But to the cubs are showing the people and that's just what you need in life is to have big wealthy sports teams suing fans but the part though that you're kind of saying. Is it really like which you have a problem if you dressed like a mascot. For that into games. You wouldn't be. Saber tooth. But you would have liked costume and and you could be a sabres mascot and not just you were doing it right 120 other people. Right or right if dressed up what giants towards Swords or bears or tigers or teeth What all over the sabres but wanted to be some things affiliated. Familiar with the team look at tiger would make it is a better point if it's the bills. Sabres who it is already really famous and yet anybody. They get sick at the sabres. You could not know would think you were really with the sabres. If addressed at the game OK at the game bills well. Couldn't care repairs yourself off as a bill at the bills game. As a mascot. Some sort of frantic I agree with this thing the savers I think. You like fans who just aren't there all the time with little kids if they solve. Mean he dressed up like a big not to put some other blue gold the costume was grin off OK they might just think. It. I meters short I the girl there's Sony. Too to with a and like image in my eyes and I like. You know what I rightly right summit just really worse than that. You know. It's a bright I would get caught decades if you it would voted with legal analyst horrible thing and like you can tweak these people us insurer. Please please you're in order Abel Ortiz says she's close or do it's actually it is horrible play sorties slash. I think there would be there would be that I'd use IE it's merely the sort gossip. They were working for the. I think you're right you've convinced me I think you're right. The dozens of like eight mascots right I mean look the sabres have to. So you to reduce your and there that you're trying to build your risk. Each and put he's doing what I fantasize about doing it and does the real bills mascot not yet. conscious handlers oh. you have handlers. Maybe it's not that hard to get tickets lately so. Anyway. Just. Heard this called lost hurt the the teen was showing the the fans. It just the giant the the the guy in the costume guy and five people right. Who they think are behind it yet but the team's gonna sue gun. I just wanted to get like fifty people together and all where battery costumes into bills game but patience to debate a point. What she'll want this to stop. Yes right I mean so the Sioux community really looking for money you're just too depressed but it's. What do I get it you want a guy that could be confused being your mascot. Groping women in hours in the lawsuit that says they want the defendants descend on the costumes they can destroy. That's part of the here none. I don't know though I just think the Chicago Cubs can't five guys. Nothing that's what they're supposed to do nothing. He's not in the ballpark he's a big hairy bear that's down the street in a bar this post do another supposedly learning thing. This postal let that happen if somebody gets punched there's police for that is not the cubs. Problem. We're sending these messages to me just. But fracture but it's all on one punch from my memorable and Official mine's got forty for the mind him. No don't launch mine so. McGraw can't just let the thing he'd what your whole more why I regardless you're. Who am suing. I don't need them to be getting money idea that they they don't want somebody that could be confused America grow. That's not a reason to my stance. Confused. You it's very cold punch a guy and you say your body hey no that's not the official Alaska. just imagine the this week and I love it hit the Letterman's Letterman. He looks like that the rain would try and there are quite honestly needs on children's. Councilman should probably. Car bear have had a more interesting mascot season and they had a baseball season in seventy years. It. Who points to these bills practice next on WGR. OK welcome back Joba where the snow back from Rochester take you to get back from Rochester. It takes roughly. Ground in our ticket to the studios which whatsoever I mean it's. drive you go to 92 that you go to 99. Was gonna ask you next ran a mile an hour at all times ago from the night in the hour that at. To that 39 news at 590. So you go that way 46. Doesn't order that we don't. You go through the city. Yes why why away away so what's it to me it's just you don't slowdown at all it's usually always 65 it slows down to 55 what's them by ninety. It's in that you get right over to Munro lap at 590 I'm I'm all for that we get off 31. Do you you're gonna go up a can of worms you get off the 59 the at 31 admin avenue and to that way oh yeah very interest yeah usually use violence creek road yes and and there's no depth. There's another road down on the way a little bit that you can passed passed and you can kinda with the way around there. We go member takes you more than an hour drive recklessly. Quote I need an organization vehicle Bulldog I need to be and operate. She had much time office again yes. It was there are a lot more often don't blame him it. So what was the story of practiced today like that the story was the fact that the offense just. All the along in. It there or sometimes that you saw EJ Manuel get on the same page with Sammy Watkins but was just sloppy all the way through and in Doug morrow said as much after her afterwards and and certainly. Even Jeff tool admitted when when we spoke with him oh that because there's burgeoning backup quarterback competition when I know. But. All the don't get me started at its. The the offense was the story of the day that the offensive line really keep the defense line out of out of the backfield. Is that bad dale in all it was their first game pads to. And was Manuel. In denial about that as you as you heard him eight it was a little odd because he. We asked him just as a normal sort of wrap up to the practice. So a little bit of or day for the offense today in his like some negative. Memories you'll meet the bills and yeah that's exactly what he said. And then he came back with that pretty a it was a packed and it. I don't have the kind of the rub me the wrong way it's just it's. Out of them. But so you'll especially in your head coach comes up two minutes later and says yeah we were sloppy. We have to decide whether or not he meant it. That's I always want them to be real and if I think they're not be real it makes me angry and if he's being real and really thought that the Mets and other. right he thinks they're good whether not that good to you more with either view it had a conversation with Chris Brown. You were wave one day. Mutant enemy camp and on from global dot com. And we talked about Egypt and he described. increased and in care it is they have a problem with Egypt but but it concerns. Raised to me. Is that in watching the dolphins when it is it's bad when EJ struggles win. Things are going wrong. EJ sold even had a mountain that Chris was kind of asserting that you might like to see him it will pissed off some lawyers some leadership in that way like eight. We're better than this you know buying or receive or in the wrong spot or just some sort of rallying. Cry for manual instead it's just. If they're still water all the time which has its benefits. But you can't do that if you're the problem. If if your receivers are running right routes then I agree go I'd get their face that is leadership I think to a point there was a lot of that today it if he's the problem was peaceful societies at all I don't wanna throwing tantrums. He ought to want him being himself popular right I don't want tantrums but some some evidence that. this isn't we've read it's got to be better. Yeah and it seemed like. From everything that they in the offseason that he was trying to do it himself flat level. And take more control of the huddle that's one refrain that you've heard Doug time and time again when McCain EJ Manuel peaking control. Of this team of this offense. And when you may be he was just saying it out outside of practice just to say that but. didn't look as though everyone was on the same page there were a lot of times where there were routes seem like it was Europe. There were a lot of time and overthrow there's an under throw it just didn't seem like at room was on the same page and even the best play of the day for the offense. Was based off an overthrow when Sammy Watkins rose up and snatched it out of the air even though probably should've been accountable ball so I. I think the and that and I think that's radius that right this see fact. I think today was was that not a concerning but it wasn't their greatest day that you would like to see the quarterback say hey you know what we have a good enough today we got to come out and be better tomorrow. Do you maybe it's just too early you know. Because it is very early for them the talk about Watkins. Do you have any feel for. Weather and he'll be patient. With manual if Manuel is on even. Pretty much like last year. You know how wide receivers can be is this guy supposed to be like that Jersey sports and not be like that. I think I think he might be one of the most or 21 girl. Across and at its nuclear. I know you now a that it it's it's important yeah. But an office but why. Hopkins I think he was. The way he approaches any situation he's Very baseline. And you'd like to see him get hyped up and an inch I'm sure he's got that. Excitement factor to him once he gets in to a game He understands its its its job and to make everything on the offense matter it's his job to make the quarterback batter and and in helping him in situations throws where. The passes and always right there when and where it should be but he's he has to make that place I don't think he had its. The type of personality that gets upset throws a temper tantrum on the sidelines. And I saw Stevie Thompson do that quite if you just there was huge thing I thought you know his defenders would tell you. That. He did not and the try to embarrass quarterbacks on the field in a press conference which some guys do I think. But he was passive aggressive about it you would see things on the field that were immediately was obvious. He was ticked off and you know a lot of guys would be that way. Wide receivers need quarterbacks to Play the position well and be acknowledged that. They have to do both. For wide receiver to get off so you could understand you know I I can understand why a receiver can get hot. And especially when they're young you know Watkins who is so highly touted. And rookie he's playing for buffalo which had a quarterback problems forever. So good luck to him you know if he keeps it together albeit for a. I think no I think he does have the personality to keep it together I saw last year. So TJ Graham get frustrated at times because he was open I mean we also thought he was open and they just didn't give him the ball at any point. Robert Woods grew frustrated sometimes. Not not a ton. Stevie Johnston. Not this pastor to the year before that with Ryan Fitzpatrick still playing there were times. Sanford Cisco game especially where they just up the doors blown blown off from. He was. The site himself on the side and remembered there's a couple of times throughout that season. That Kirk more sin but linebacker of the veterans on the team had to come up to Stevie johnsons say listen. You got it. Doesn't get it together so. I think I think Sammy Watkins doesn't necessarily have that sort of ticking time but a mentality to Olympia I think he's a lot more even keel I. Yeah and I would expect. This this should make sense anyway doesn't have to master would be true but. At the earned the right to have a tantrum yeah just he's a rookie. But it wouldn't expect him however frustrated he might be inside you know at at at quarterback play at some point this year. It's not really your place but knowing that you got to establish that you're glory before you can start getting mad at the. But Mike made a good point about the wide receiver position in just how that's kind of evolves with the personalities that are in there. You could be. A younger guy not even have made a roster yet your life and you can still see some visual frustration from some of these guys Watkins doesn't have that in he's a very highly touted. He's one of the better talents to come out of college football from that position it within the past and years and I think I think he has the type of mindset and mentality that I have before that. When push comes to shove and he's not getting his stats he's not gonna get frustrated he's gonna do whatever it takes to be able to go they're doing more what's what's your favorite. You've seen him do so now I've I've heard a lot about these long touchdown is undressed Mckelvin at least one time. On the what's been the most impressive thing if you boil down to 11. Punching back on the I think that's that's been my favorite part to his game because I. Teams in college football. Were so scared of him that they just played off and that's why you seldom throw a bunch of screens and little Lola short route to wac and just to get the ball in his hands. But Leodis McKelvin for the past two days has tried to come up in jam him at the line of scrimmage. And watch games essentially just room to the side got right by him and got a stumble I mean that's what you wanna see. Out of a player like that coliseum goal against that's the next step because Gilmore and very physical with receiver so far. In the first three days camp but I haven't really seen those two matched up I wanna see that when they start to get into the scrimmage in parts of. Things what you just described it gets further evidence to to just how much of the entire package the guy represents mean he he's not as big guys Mike Evans. Or even via BB SEC guys that went high a few years ago we were Jones or or green. But to have the ability to throw an NFL corner albeit not the best guy but still medical aside on the jam I think news is Yeah I. I've been talk in this guy since October. And it hasn't been hyperbole the he has all the skills you want to have elite receiver on your roster. Now it's just a matter of he and wanting it and him wanting to work out at which I think those are both there and having the quarterback to do. The of the that's and that's that's the plight of at a felt like receiver is it too soon to start thinking about. How the guys are going to be that they keep receiver no I don't think it's too soon I think you can start see. That bubble guys certainly come through and I think the bubble guys are Chris Hogan. TJ Graham Kevin markets easily I think those of the before really really ones that that you look at the bottom of the roster guys like Chris Summers Tori cal poly. I don't think those those guys have much four guys you name me you're battling for tooth yes two maybe three if if they like one of them enough. So I would probably think they keep six receivers any questions for us Should I try the other way to Rochester I guess I've done it once before I just it's almost never in trouble at all it's more directs. And you can go almost as fast before. I think. The little slowdown in the city but never traffic it's just beautiful round one one years ago when we think I get intimidated by the bridge the field and it feels relatively sober for you on this but it feels right see when I go to the 392 the 590. To me it just feels like hey as soon as I get off the ninety I'm their man I have like me 85 miles. Well that's that I. Think it's more. You go past the mall or we could talk with a replica a big joke that I. Thanks for listening to WGR today I'm show bulldogs took off a little bit early I'll be back tomorrow at the re. John Murphy who of course is next joins me now from Rochester I was at their jobs are hot and muggy Mike but it's been and I say and they practice and stadium which is probably good for all of us yes. Get him in early before it's too yes when we talked on Friday and I think you agreed that it would be hard maybe even. A mistake. To try to. Figure out make a conclusion about EJ Manuel through the practices. I think that's senate I was thinking that way myself. Is that how you feel and what what would you say after three practices considering that point com it's OK I think it ought to be on this is probably. Contrary to what you may have heard today because some of the reporting to hazel I items he didn't have a great day. But over the three days as somebody asked me to great amount wanted to end the three days I would say. Six point five to seven you know I think he's better and he was. In much of the OTA's and mini camps quite frankly a today was not a good day probably for a variety reasons but. I think he has been all right I I think they're there. To me the first two days there were definite signs of progress from what we saw on Ortiz and many. How much are you seeing Watkins. Help them be the players that we talked about when they drafted and you know just I know a lot really help a lot and I think that's. I think that's the key so far and again three days is pretty small sample the training camp but. I think that has been the key for what we've seen Emanuel Sammy helps a lot he gets. Most of his reps with the EJ Manuel so you don't see the same effect on that Lewis or or Jeff tool but yet the even to a point where yesterday at that these guys there are really kind of digging in now and getting traction and developing some sort of chemistry so that's that's been really on the watched it three practices. John Murphy coming up tonight we have on the night well tonight Brandon Spikes popular line backers had a couple of good days Join us tonight talk about changing the culture and talk about. This defense is speed in this defense Steve Weiss from the NFL network we missed most of last night we're gonna drag him with him a 8 o'clock tonight. Worth it to go back to him after last night's. He had issues he would personal issues knowledge you know as we tomorrow night I'll go up. Very good what's the schedule for the rest the week out there well 8 AM again tomorrow. Tomorrow's Wednesday guys AM tomorrow don't need a ticket it Thursday off players' day off will be back in Orchard Park do the show. And then Friday and Saturday night practices 6 o'clock each night right. Are they still the only team practicing the giants to object in the giants started today maybe so I think they reported today may in start up tomorrow with practice all right. Good thank you John thank you John Murphy show is next I didn't Bulldog left before I could ask him one question. Which I probably will save for tomorrow. Which makes right now really awkward is now I didn't ask him and I'm mentioning it to you work happening quicker. I'll try to save face by saying tune in tomorrow to hear my question for Bulldog about the Red Sox. Red Sox are in Toronto. Five wins for Boston five wins enroll for Tampa. Baltimore hanging on beat the angels last night. So far so good I guess for Baltimore out west Toronto. masts. And the Yankees are trudging along the Yankees picked up Chase Headley. From San Diego continues to be I've been fascinated by that division since March the offseason it continues to be fascinating I. I think. Right now tonight I wouldn't I don't feel like a really strong on this but right now if the if there were a bad. Tampa or Boston the two teams tied for last or. One of the other three to win the division I would take Tampa or Boston Boston's good I think even better the Boston they played this weekend in Tampa. I don't know the blue jays the blue jays are trying everything. To get to get there with the Yankees down the Red Sox though they tried everything they're on waivers every day moved the fisons but. 12 games over. See you tomorrow thanks for listening what show with a Bulldog WGR.

  2. 7-22 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 3


    Tue, 22 Jul 2014


    dick jauron found at 7:23

    Ten years without nine and 76. Years with O seven and nine. Dick Jauron is repetitive seven in nine seasons. Are the best they've -- Since he arrived. So you know. Maybe it's this does that
  3. 7-22 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 2


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    ted washington found at 24:46

    are still on the team they've been replenished with. Other veteran guys Ted Washington Paul Newman was there. And the running gag around practice round training camp was like that they've known network are all as Marv bought
  4. 7-22 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 1


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    of that mean I haven't even really been. Folks well remember when. Dick Jauron was the bills coach and it was. All so. The feeling then -- been forever since they were good in they have

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from Arizona is Dave burns of the birds and gamble show Arizona sports 620 KATAR. Relative. Competition in my congressman right now they enact -- law we need to make sure that vote will never get to know just all in -- together we can make them. Jack they -- -- hand in hand we did that we can change America one ball in that. We're getting right to that this relationship has grown quickly. Good day of what what can you tell buffalo about their apparent first two. Coach interviews here Ken Whisenhunt and then re -- Arts are what can -- and I mean I got to know all that statistical data EIE. I think you consider that an error or -- around here we are you here on our opening eat eat it's something that was previously thought to be. Unimaginable attributable -- -- -- -- -- the older you minutes and 36 seconds away. From winning the Super -- and -- he became along with everybody else and -- -- -- a rock star around here I mean after. Effort his first three years earlier on the cardinals. That think that it changed a bit. And he got fired in many ways it is very difficult for some around here to -- -- to wrap their mind around with the candidate they think to themselves. All are getting any better Khamenei took the -- brought up for an cardinals the soup or how do any better than Mac. But the last three years he it's just they lost her Warner. And I I think one of the big problem a lot people had with general -- -- what -- -- so involved in the personal aspect. Of the carts that -- was responsible. Our day in day out basis we try to figure it was replaced her water and they were your secure right. And they failed every single car and then and so what he would talk about the -- record back in -- kind of looked -- the that he made ready sleeping -- now and as part of the problem -- losing streaks are -- are the -- stubborn that did not make some changes that need to be made. Or proceed part of -- problem then and it's a target wouldn't doubt that this report out that out. Is it did this he blamed for the choices they made a quarterback like selected the players I am and I'm really asking here David is this -- guy that. Would be better off coaching and letting general managers and other people pick the players. I completely believe that our leader all -- and to question about whether blamed for the quarterback situation. I think by most -- I mean. The cardinals front office is kind of convoluted -- -- compare at all here going to be hot chili. -- in all the all the ingredients -- -- doing it took so long or separate them but I do believe. -- -- came especially the quarterback position that Ken Whisenhunt had a lot of what should the chaebol. R&B chart that I think a lot of our offense to hold him responsible. Or that Kevin are not what they gave up in terms trapped exit body and things like that but yet but they've had three years and they've gone through. Derek Anderson and Max hall and Kevin top that -- Scotland quiet little a year. In order in the first NFL start as a member of the car opener in and out. And that they are now here are three year later they're no closer to figuring out order or cute after -- and they were one distraught that started when he retired. Dave burns with -- us from. Arizona sports six when he KTA. Are here on WGR. Woody Allen had a line I would wanna be a member I would wanna join a club that would have me as a member there's a part of me here that feels. -- -- I don't want the bills to hire a coach. A coach for Mateen they beat. In -- we've been losing for so long and if Writely which we hardly beat anybody this year and really nobody could you imagine Bulldog that would go over I'm sure you have beaten the bills came home with Arizona's head -- -- offense. You know what's funny about that is that we had on our show itself talent earlier on today any at exactly the same thing about the cardinals hiring Andy Reid. So why in the hell would you -- our -- theory why you need. To -- here. Appeal last year and its chief deputy demanding NFC championship game why would want him her better than. -- -- Interest in the hope that that's. Sell that and Andy -- fair and apparently. You all know self made that abundantly clear that -- topics and of -- -- but yeah I I hate so I don't know why. Necessarily agree applicant I can sort of like a sort logic behind him behind that I mean you QB can -- about it -- That -- good culture. Keep them very intelligent. Man she he might be the smartest guy in the rule. Are so that -- discover that some of that leads to. And insistent that they cute way you'd -- way and domestic which is way you've got. Firm belief for the incompetence and sometimes that goes personnel well what are the the offensive coordinator Mike Miller what it was watched Graham intent or are in Phoenix have been called for Russ Grimm. But -- up at like coach skip -- year it was never. Ever ever. Are sticking with tried to law when it was clear that you need it to different directions things like that but he is a very intelligent man and I and certainly wouldn't given the right parts she's. America has coached -- it is the question of whether you want in picking. Who post hearts all our because it seemed like a Turkey really -- outlet. Out -- Orton goes. You guys to sit there -- with the cardinals today yesterday and today. And he has quickly grown in a very popular figure here cardinals defense command that they have been. That and you all want to work with wage skirt so how it is and people -- -- and everybody kind of response to something like that so. He's very popular guy and I think of most cardinal fans can -- order there're there're. Wish list. It would -- it. Greg Orton doesn't get higher learning and Andy Reid. Come on at the head coach ray Horton stated defensive coordinator I think most -- as well that arrangement. -- so -- do you think he's a real candidate for that job or real candidate further even like a -- job -- think he's just being patronized. I think it's a legitimate candidate I think it's far beyond just a really cool guy is in -- or. I -- I know he has a real candidate here in Arizona. RR I. You might be more fall back option that certainly felt like they set their sights a little higher on. You're Chip Kelly -- bill O'Brien but why are I would Lenovo right or when he had an interview with a built up perhaps they will well. They were Arnold to hire him but they -- what he interviewed very well last year in Willis you're very well with the cardinals over the lot or four hours. I'm pretty sure they're very well the -- will ultimately put them. You are -- or whatever those epic. Dave good insight nice to talk to for the first time here and though let's keep in touch. Thank you Dave burns Arizona sports six when he KT JR on Ken Whisenhunt. And -- or it's up.

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