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WGR550>Topics>>1/8 Sabres prospect and World Junior captain gold medalist Jake McCabe

1/8 Sabres prospect and World Junior captain gold medalist Jake McCabe

Jan 8, 2013|

Discusses World Juniors and future with the Sabres

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    And it -- I know there's a lot of ground to cover Kyle Orton -- here and he's got what a five million dollar contract he is not a -- and we're -- all trying to
    thinking exchange at one bills drive the story line for me is. Kyle Orton . Whose only 31 who has won games in this league gets five million dollars. I'm telling -- I think I agree with you but I think the leash is shorter than -- than we ever thought it would be. Yes yes I I feel like I'm supposed to think that way. But I don't because it goes counter to everything they've been doing. And I understand that and I don't know I think -- had a shift and and it now here's the other thing here's the other part of this discussion. Kyle Orton I think is it. Whenever he's just another guy he's he's in his career record is 35 and 35. Sully did a column the other day about he's basically Ryan Fitzpatrick. Okay he's -- he's its completion percentage first career is basically exactly what each case he's nothing 59% passer he's nothing special why I said look that Lewis went -- would have that mr. -- to integrate. Take -- 35 at 35 big deal when they signed Kyle Orton . I -- I was a little. Surprised although I guess from from what Doug -- it said yesterday there were in very
    it -- it hasn't played well the first month the going to Kyle Orton . It's Kyle Orton I I just don't know how much more Kyle Orton . Does for you -- me he's not a long term answer this guy would be how -- to -- -- would be.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With the captain of team USA that just won the gold medal at the world junior championships. Jake it's our Jeremy good morning congratulations and thanks for coming Alice. They are sure. I I guess I've always heard having never won anything significant in my life Jake that it takes like a couple days for something of this kind of significance to sink in. Has it sunk in for yet. What's included Soviet Russian I think it's sort of just. Sort of like they're by the you know I think in the next couple -- -- -- again and the -- pretty good -- Yeah when when it does sink in -- when you actually have a chance to sit down and really understand what you guys accomplished. How significant was this -- got to be something that I don't know thrill of a lifetime forward I would assume. Yeah I mean whatever Snedeker played here Lidstrom the other person's a sure -- Simon -- mute. Them over the Charlie here and then. Now you have the stick to determine -- the military together. Yeah match pretty quick -- about it not redundant. And our coach Hartley and her coaches after the good job. Pretty -- leadership group and we we get better as the term most -- What -- what was the whole experience like for you the make in the team you know going over their -- -- -- determined play in all the pressure packed game plan for the gold medal what was this whole thing like -- There was you know I don't really -- I mean that's or worse second. I have. About a lot of international experience cover up that's spears and have put in Africa appears let. -- -- -- beer. You know. Seven time and I also have chores. Total pet -- wintertime and that's sort of that's the biggest on the just as the media circus over there -- there that your practice or game however -- -- Is pretty close to an expansion. -- it means working athlete you're on top but I can and master it and yet another way. So you're able to enjoy it. I want so overload them and I thought -- document -- -- -- and realize their friends and you know pretty. -- Hey you what you mentioned Phil Housley Jake everybody knows him here because of his playing career with the sabres we had a chance to talk to them. Before he headed over with you guys to compete in tournament how much did he help your development your play in the tournament. I think you know a little hard and green here. Is stuck with the game plan throughout the alternative to marry you. There's so you can kill his it's not such an initial receipt. If you understand that -- order and services players in the you know and when considering real -- Saturday and -- -- down and normally did. All the jumpers appeared to build fires up our locker and so but spoke stroke but -- much tradition. Cut talk about your gambled it Jacob I know it on watching the games the guys who were called and we're talking about how steady weren't your own end. But you also had a big offensive tournament had a couple goals I think it was the semis. Against Canada and and you certainly chipped in on the opposite side is that the kind of game you like the player were you. You know you will you consider morbid defense of defense that are -- Well my concern must vote to advancement and in terrorist camps let them put out situation with -- -- let profoundly kill them. -- more defense initiative. Genius is though that role or hear all of them. The -- make up since I think -- detriment of our -- so I think the average production went out -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. I have kind of a stupid question -- because you're really busy concentrating on you know team USA and trying to win the tournament. But the cal Gregory go is is a draft pick obviously -- savers you know that I mean. We -- -- pick would you did you watch amid all the what was it like playing against him can you give me any thoughts on what you thought of Gregory ago while you're busy you know doing your own thing. The current. -- a few times since just over the years and Everett attended Prosser and his such a big body out there it is and so what skill and Camilla you just be aware and is not there near their plan against somebody you know eject and became an act whether. No date there has go for it you got to be aware and you know take where demonstrators in the military where I would stay mr. gonna make you -- -- -- Consider this still forward then I can the -- Who did you think -- where the best guys you played against the whole tournament. Talk for a other commuter welcome to the conservatives are there and -- that is not a secret that -- -- -- yet are here because. On. Forsberg and street and you are still would also mean most a lot of German there's somebody I -- players it's. Generally -- for a what are you so what happens value back to Wisconsin. -- -- better chance to step recommend a selection I hadn't. Rhetoric one -- after skating to the body -- throw them or them -- -- on the road you should make you know this weekend so we're. You can have a picture can capture. What about your pro career is that something I'd like do you play out there was that the season Wisconsin and then go let's assess from there what are your plans in the future. Who in our little evident plan amendment really know very make that Nextel opens. -- -- near scouts and coaches -- -- fantastic job. They're developing -- both of us as players and nobody but he case and also pardon me I want to get my degree eventually didn't. I really it's. And -- timetable on it notes so all in sabres fan myself whenever. You're ready and you know regret -- now and really no very and -- -- colleges and really like this. I was gonna say what I'm hearing you say Jake is guys -- ever been in Madison it's a great party town I really am in no rush to leave. -- and so without -- The development and -- just let this thing but you know let's let's -- a good social took. Today due to jump around thing at the hockey games or is that -- the football game thing that's. -- -- with those are legal experts at one time at a football lofted. Well listen Jake thank you very much I really do appreciate you coming -- I'm sure you're exhausted from the traveled in the turn of it's are we really appreciate coming novelist here in buffalo and congratulations again on on being the captain in and get the gold medal over there and in Russia. -- As Dick McCabe against sabres draft pick second round pick.

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