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WGR550>Topics>>1/11 Lindy Ruff looks forward to training camp and the NHL season

1/11 Lindy Ruff looks forward to training camp and the NHL season

Jan 11, 2013|

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    Let's get right to it joined by Jarrett bell from the USA today was it bills can't earlier this week get a couple of columns available. And I USA today dot com Jerry Howard in welcome to the show first of all. Hey what's up guys. doing well thank you very much first of overcoming all of us. I ask your first off you wrote your column Jim mentioned Sammy Watkins you had a story about Marshall Doris as well. All throwing EJ Manuel we can throw in the impending sale of the of the pending the What do you is the top story right now our what grabs you as the top story for the 2014 bills when camp. And I think really the top story. Is. This probably is coveted Arlen if you care because. What they could affect the Arab exactly EJ Manuel. Is still one that you really. Have to. Did you head around to see how it progresses because. All the time that he missed last year he's gonna catch mole he does some things there. You know can really get too excited. And we have some skills and I think he's a great guy to use them. Being a part of a little bit this week in the last season like in his toys and does that mean and all of that. you just wanna see him on it to the next level because you've got all these weapons around him. And I think the defense can still be OK even without Kiko Alonso and Harrisburg. So much rides on Egypt. we were talking about that huge I agree with you that the weather you know you look at patent leaving and Alonso and bird and all and artist who might be suspended. But I think the quarterback and the unknown about EJ even with improved weapons around him I think the unknown at the quarterback has the trump whatever is going on on the defense side. and then a lot of stuff or is to the to and I think they're going to be good. A fun game to watch really because. That the potential of didn't get it all together. It can get really beat. You know something special for if get that into my shaken. You know a young change been so long since we've been a playoff contender. Well you know left buffalo capital to the jets can perfect opening it up a home. Similar situation is that direct question about the quarterback situation. Did did today. That directions. And they've had their program there for. A lot longer really. Start to Iraq while maybe just to As opposed to Barcelona game. Can give. Knowing that an to put. Or is curious about that from your opinion that you've been the two camps now bills and jets I wanted to ask you. A what who do you think right now it would nobody's played game. Who do you think is the second best team in the division and what is the gap between new England and that team you think is second best. Get that particular the second best game and because the defense is. A lot more established and that defense of our news is. Pretty special com. And shoot buffalo got a huge kick some talent up front TrueCrypt. But buffalo got a big question with Darius review under But but they're fairly and the Quarterback situation. Is. You know another unknown so. New York their allotment option routes upgrade their options giving Chris and Eric Decker. Michael Vick obviously so they can put it all together after this fifteen is always. What you don't know so. How hard that gap between him and New It may not be is is why that thing. Even though New England won the division you know harmony turned over the last 1012 years right but the jets beat Hillary Clinton wants last year. Could have been adamant on the term and if you look at New England. Probably want last year Boise and a lot of polls on the hot game right now to the wire because where can. Wolf for. Captain we just announced a New England has improved. The idea that they had so many games where it came out the last last seen is that real equalizer but they care so it. That debate and there are humans do. It Jarrett wanna ask about is the hall of fame you've been a hall of fame voters and 97. Even around for a long time you saw those great teams you know was a hard road for Andre He's in he's going in next weekend. Do you guys as a voter do you ever you don't feel like really good for player after a guy like Andre waited so long and finally gets them. No question a question that I always so good cigars. Because the thing about the hard way when you don't give. If they're talking about you there. Really. Have bracelets that you could or should be game. So there's just statistic about the finalists that's out you know. Surely would have something like if you are a heartless and multiple years your chances. Of get into the alternative like ninety something percent it's so the competition is So. Chris Carter got him before Andre and an artery get it before Chris Carter. It's very DO OK Warren Sapp got it before Michael Strahan. Had had gotten it before separately you couldn't have compared to that was until this right it's I think that's kind of way. icy about cases like Andre and you know Cabrera still out there. It was bit longer with the procedures and around you know Marvin Harrison is going to be in the Nixon and a conversation. And I wondered frankly whether. Ericsson will get in before read what he got into the group last year and I'm glad we get read in the and it. The book before Paris and not to diminish anything Harrison did that just because. I think Eric is our favorite point B and there one day it. Andre has waited and it's good to have this A day we got to let you go work don't forget yet and Randy Moss coming up to. No question about it and you know. The way the game has changed the numbers are The best way to the to give who should be in who should be it and that's been the case really. while record numbers look at Michael for example. He's got like 750 catches you know lynch Warren is foreigners there was always done right right yeah so boy if you look at GO. Just want to look at these numbers. That can't beat their territory. every that's kind of what helped our preaching is the only numbers okay so that what the course a look at Europe but I think it's. The other you'd do. Kind of really. And that's why I love the fact that we get and we talked about on this stuff. As a committee because you didn't talk about remember Andre played in buffalo where. The coverages will. You know brutal and then in December and in the Q what he did with this type of approximately. they have when they haven't sort so what did you really kind of put. The qualifications. Character expects to great change but. Is that these special agent he actually can true read in two bills are a little bit. I know you're busy covered in camp so let's get Golan thank you very much given us some time. you bet thank you checked out USA today one of the voters on the hall of Famer one of the members of the hall of fame selection committee will talk a lot more about this next week it's going to be a lot of.

  2. 7-25 Howard Simon Show HR 2


    Fri, 25 Jul 2014


    mike williams found at 20:58

    got that's explosive kid in Watkins you bring in a guy like Mike Williams who had 360 plus ski package seasons in Tampa. You'd be so much more hard pressed it would all that to say.
  3. 725 TJ Graham


    Fri, 25 Jul 2014



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

About for the new sabres head coach Lindy Ruff and it's Jeremy and sell the morning. Morning guys -- good -- my morning wave of the schedule and I'm sure you are also right. That is the most important piece of the puzzle when a minute maybe you're not waiting for the schedule Lehman actually habits. Potentially. At this potential -- -- one of the things were talking about today that there's a report and I don't expect you to comment on on this actual -- this a German. New -- reporting that you'd be bringing you can hash back -- -- if that torture I know last year you would expressed concern over -- and I think that there'd be a conversation. Within the organization if you were bringing back about. His health so what can you tells about about last year and about what he went through and I guess your level of concern about a player that has battled such concussion problems. Well again. Think again we're we're aware of how well you'll in this played over there. And talk -- new -- -- at the end of the year you know he expressed that. He was he was feeling real good again he's. He had his. Discussions that you dealt with -- obviously played very well so. You know a lot of players have come back. We don't play in this situation I think anytime and and I -- this in the -- -- -- was concerned. I've seen players sort of have lasted and -- -- in different states from Mac and again off to Tim Connolly. And and they'd still come back and play at the time we are very concerned -- further help and and they usually bounce back and and -- -- could Casey. He's been back playing over there and has played very well. Is it a case where he's gonna have to leave it to the medical experts slid to the player and say you know if you feel good enough if you feel well enough then you don't. Welcome back or or whoever the player is you yet to give a player of the right. I don't believe so I mean I I mentioned two players had missed their great periods of time and -- -- ball players are still plan. And they've missed a lot of time for -- I think there are there to -- -- you'll you'll always wait when you get into a player well with those type of conditions I think every team deals with -- And it's the risk you take. Syverson coach Lindy Ruff when the with training camp and it got your players skating are you. Have you gone to watch the -- I -- are you allowed to goers are we still on the not allowed to go watch them practice -- -- -- -- that I have not gone to watch him play bidding contact with the player. On on a daily basis here on. You know our our key key players and talk to vote. They want it to me and put on on the type of first gates they wanted to do so with. You know we've we've talked on several occasions but I have not been out there and -- of the coaches have been on the -- Iowa you've got training camp that we we think opening. Hopefully by Sunday or Monday in the season opening. Next week when it comes to your roster we asked Darcy last week and how set the opening day roster is a lineup is do you have a sense of your defense pairings because. It is seems like you do your bit crowded back there he might have some personnel decisions to make -- -- with waivers is one. But when it comes to that the six the top sixty you having your minority feel like that that sixth spot. Maybe 67. That's still kind of in flux a little bit. And I think it is I think when you when you look at that spot you can. You can. You can utilize. You know the the defenseman missed several different ways there. You know you could have that spot if if you're top guys can log big minutes and I'm talking about a guy like hair -- who who like some big minutes and and they can get up there in the 25 point securing. That frees up that six bought war. You know could be you know power play could be especially defenseman. You know -- I think you have to leave. Leave that decision opened. You could even you know argued her case in in some situations. You could -- seven have the years haven't been that specialty guy. So I'm -- and all that OpenId I think. It'll right now with guys playing vs guys who haven't played. This short -- gonna have is gonna give us an opportunity. To evaluate -- guys are gonna be you have to believe different situations open. Give any sit any pairings on offense kind of set in not in stone but I mean. Written in already that that you keep guys together that that were together before I mean. In the case of -- off insults they played together and they played well together but -- is necessarily -- you know thought of this as highly by by many as some of the other defensemen so I wonder. If he's up the chart because he plays so well with what they're -- mention like the big minutes. All together it is something that we have well we talked about Jeremy that post who did play very well together I don't. I don't think you can disregard that. Or you don't go by him because he's played very well over in Germany played very well process sometimes it's finding those two guys that play well together. It'd go back to it once bought it first got here and Indians struggled with. Try to find a guy Korean play with and also in the playbook there Campbell and and that -- pair became a pair for the whole year so I don't wanna. I don't want to disregard of the value of those two guys playing together wanna you know take a look at that and give that still works -- on the offensive side of it was very good for us and defensively. They played well and we wanna went on a real good run as a team with with those two guys. Playing in in big situations force. Coach let's look at the goaltending situation with the shortened season. Do you have a plan of attack and I'm assuming you're gonna have to get -- -- -- a little bit more time in -- he Ryan Miller some more rest and it. Based on the fact that schedules gonna be so compact would that be correct assumption. Well again -- you know I look at the schedule in the schedule. You know he's no different really than. The schedule we would have any other time this time a year were. You know the games are compact that you're playing more games. You know the better a couple of weeks. You know probably to the back into the schedule which. You don't. Put stood two or three games and in that week you had three games to an all -- week. You know you don't get that break your goaltender. When you're looking at you know again very -- off for the all star. In Ryan's case. And knowing how important all the games are in and knowing that your your gonna be loaded up some back to back situation. Yours is gonna have to play. I ideally would like. You know Ryan to play in the you know probably in the high thirty. And -- to step in and in play in those sticky situations force were were playing to -- back to back. You know and I felt that Jonas this struggle a little bit last year but they're pretty been playing -- very well this year over in Europe which is great and them we know -- -- -- to step in and play. Sabres head coach Lindy -- here on W -- -- the new players that fans have yet to really get to know Steve bot John Scott. Public that the two big ones that did come in at least in a pro players that are coming in. What have you known -- seen from before in field for the first time really get a chance to work with him. On a consistent basis what are you expecting what kind of role will -- have -- this team. Organically if you look at Steve you know I look at him. You know fulfilling -- -- ruled on the middle worries he's been very good piece Nazis played these cup play against. In the fearless type player he's really kind of like left handed Collette but. On the offensive side he can be complacent power play. I'm looking at using him in the penalty killing situation of law use a lot of paper. In our view a lot of people ought to Maurer you know he's he's not an easy guy to play yet he gets a lot of guys. Basis. And in place to real hard nosed game. You know -- just. Couldn't a man trying to define what really fit -- what role -- form in the in the short camp. But -- you know -- up keep face tough situations he's good faceoff guy he's gonna have to step in general and you know until we can elevate the level of and then mr. Watson and even in the face off percentage we know what we have with the galaxy box so. If you go to John's gotta think everybody know he's is one of the biggest toughest guys in the league and he's going to be there at. Provide cover for our players and I talked to yesterday he's excited to be here I think to Great Britain now we look forward evident lineup expects an address regularly. I really think so. You know how much he -- is -- is going to be. It is is probably going to be the decision I have to make but I would anticipate him dressing on a regular basis yes. From the sound of it you know between that if he dresses and might not play and you mentioned media power play defenseman a power play specialist dressing. Does a shortened season. And compacted games allow you more or less of freedom to do that address a guy as kind of like a specialty guy area are you talking about not rolling four but. You have. I don't know I guess I'm asking if if you are more likely to use a specialty or that some new wrinkle your thinking of this year. Kevin new wrinkle and been -- talking around where. Trying to utilize those -- those top three lines maybe get the minutes up a little bit. Because of the schedule and the lack of their practice time. Just get ready to play the games and in trying to get the minutes supper for those top three lines. You know maybe that third fourth line is especially line of penalty killers it's -- power play guy. These are all things are gonna weigh in in a shortened schedule. Knowing that. You know when you play inside your conference here you know you're knocking each other off -- state so that. Those things I wanna be open to going into that first -- first we -- camp and be ready for the first game this season. When he can you give us an update if at all that you could even on the health of Tyler Myers Nathan curvy. And Cody McCormick and maybe even anybody else that you know of that may have some sort of injury or -- that we didn't know before. While as far as I know on on the on that Tyler Myers you mentioned Tyler Myers and the court. And Matt Myers is. It's healthy play the game as is as far as we know. It when you go to Kirby -- McCormick there are still working their way back to be -- healthy there is concern that neither one of those will be ready for. Full contact in camp they may be able practice -- limited databases have been skating. Herewith our coaches. And both -- and we know they're close but we don't know if in those two guys specific case -- they will be ready start season. And lending -- one must question for the GO for me the most interesting thing about camp and what happens in these first two weeks is just what we see out of -- -- -- is that. Do you the most interesting thing is that is that the biggest unknown US while. Yeah it really -- good idea -- the same way I feel is very you know giving him against. -- -- opposite. You know competition and and -- what he can do you know we saw. And we've seen so far were you are still seem to for the junior level -- an elite player -- a great world junior. Against all the junior players and now to get them up against you know the best and the strongest and the fastest there and and evaluate what he can do will be interesting to see. -- -- coached under -- Wendy thank you for the time and before to the start of training camp whenever we get things started. -- -- -- -- -- --

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