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WGR550>Topics>>1/21 John Murphy at the Senior Bowl

1/21 John Murphy at the Senior Bowl

Jan 21, 2013|

1/21 John Murphy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Occasional picture that you don't matter. And whether or not exits sixty degree so -- aren't dumb and and it -- -- Peebles stadium that all of the year and -- south Alabama looking where the north. He was on the field another -- children for another hour so they got about one hour in the district are still doing. But of individual looks like seven -- a court filing and yet practiced looks like football practice. There are lots of NFL people you recognize there too. Oh yeah absolutely. Which -- the morning that the out. At the headquarters hotel he -- are so what are they both. Went our audio that's the and I'll yes I'll opt out there and help people here it's great -- and a lot of people. You know bill's point is people used to work -- People locally didn't like conversation what -- actually a couple of open neutral literature -- -- chargers -- government report but are you both slope side tempered Egyptian -- -- sprint product than that the level. And we're gonna utopia podcast that. Are you comfortable with their being multiple. NFL general managers that probably grew up watching -- If you accept that you do it thought it certainly you know and I went up overnight certainly induce a balcony of the short of the New -- is still illegal it's. Yeah. I'm all I would be like if I were down there I'm assuming you are gonna probably try to get a real good feel for. All the different positions that are going to be available in this April's NFL draft number I think I would be following the quarterback around like located. It's appropriate because it's a bit of. Or do and that's really we'd better for an hour and a focus and look at. Duties with the -- web site as well and I keep an -- on the -- virtual perpetual focus our attention on the lips and stuff to. You can tailor your approach on the popular stuck to -- we checked out for him and would that. Tyler Wilson to put it on the -- you don't hear you Arkansas quarterback who got. She took it pretty could get an expert -- -- Yet so it's you know it could use as a kind of inevitable repeal a 5050 by players -- team. So are you prepared manageable group first you know mining stores out of Europe and find some -- -- story like. Who wonder and know what a wonder this a lot between now in the draft just how maybe this standard has changed at that position. In the eyes of the guys who make these decisions I'm guessing that. Even a lot of NFL executives were taken aback sure they work by how good. Wilson was in and cap predict and of course looking Griffin. As rookies -- -- in his second year nine starts and he's in the Super Bowl. Just you know what we have to say about that John do you think that some. Executives old look differently at these guys are maybe be looking for different traits. Yeah I mean that's a brilliant question because I think he there are several schools of thought -- that you don't. I don't you know as a consider what you -- -- for North Carolina State in the pocket and throw it out healed and there's. I don't think -- anybody you know. You know give up on -- a classic pocket -- you know the guy with that. With a big garment they talk guy who has can fire at Tokyo but you're right there -- others who I mean I guess it's just -- the way to win the most judge -- He's viewed these coaches and GM so people who work keep their job or just looking for solutions formula that. Because recorder regular with a new quarterback in the you don't have on mute your trouble and whether it's the development called pocket structure garlic lemon -- look at every dollar so the others. They're a couple of ways to cut it I think they're all over the borders or so exactly what they're looking for him and I think the Smart ones. Would you know bigger stronger assessment that a tailor the system. That order that they went up. Right he's easy like for instance John I I I'm so enamored of these athletes now. There -- guys that might just mentioned that run around in this read option -- that's that is going on. But I I tend sort of blow off the idea of a guy like one. But yet there's Joseph Flacco yesterday in electoral -- heard it over -- one of the read option -- Joseph Flacco and he he's -- -- get out and all the pocket and on the field. Exactly I like play October. You -- -- duplicate that Roethlisberger with this great stature and you know even Andrew Luck I think you know classic kind of quarterback. I don't know -- -- -- pre recorded exit we're trying to put. Well it would whatever delicate reluctant or such affection. This read option -- I could ask the same questions and kind of question about the style football. That we're talking about here and I read this point I'm online today. Somebody asked if you know if they are put down the the read option put it down as some bad and the response -- red one as well so what -- fitness. It is our San Francisco you're in the super boy you're favored to win I mean maybe it was worth it even if it -- of that worst case. What do you think on what do you think that the sport is changing for good or we gonna find ourselves in a couple of years talking about this in the past tense. Well you know I I energy arbitration last week. Iran which big winter Thursday without PayPal the goalie running let's go to the Packers and good offensive mind and you keep in mind and I struck me after our conversation you know you're on the radio show that in just about oh loss to no jeopardy and that type of offense with. In that I -- almost Alex's words. Herded by -- Rodgers Packers quarterback last week -- we -- all indicated that. The read option it's a separate thing. They're both indicated that offenses are cyclical and other books that are -- wildcat and the success that -- successful -- at all. We don't like six years ago and ability registered on the way to stop it. It was received well relic like we about that they don't. Together our people are at a party and then and bought others are gonna say well wait told -- that it all the put already you know that if police ever -- -- the number one solution that will bring out the years is that there. People quite solution -- the other guys -- you have to keep all stranded treat them with employment actually. Defense is catching onto it or the other thing that I would consider -- a large tractor and you know is no way to really know. How how this will. Play out but the health of the quarterbacks to -- receiver Robert Griffin somewhat. I mean he's already seriously hurt. And those guys you know that are so highly paid is still viable. Start getting banged up then you know that back I think as much as defense is catching on would be kind of thing that might slow teams down from him. I think you're absolutely right yet so I'm I'm next to -- don't really curious as you work goes over the years I think next you're still -- working on it. It again like I said earlier the team that whenever the quarterback who can do better probably you know corporate ultimate in there -- in. Just in case you're wondering John and you you may not be. I remember you you pick these two teams to make the Super Bowl this is your game. Yet -- the two don't thrown darts but I'd -- broken well -- that. I -- I've got a good feeling about the niners based on the way they -- question the rockets because. Preceding their predictions but I just -- the miners were set up really well. They're the ravens are -- Flacco they want despite. I do I I knew he was the postseason player that was Douglas -- record you know vote graphics adapter that that we know how good you'd better. In the postseason. You'll open brings a lot to that team obviously. -- gently -- -- write a letter to speaker there well put together extremely well coached there. He's won six road playoff game now -- are great that's that's that's with quite a court that the bills of 13 since the merger portable. All right John mystic nice to have checked it would be here and now with a forty -- show at seven or no wait a minute tomorrow. Our guest tonight a couple of -- -- common -- tomorrow and -- they would like -- 7 o'clock between people. Very good thanks again. Gonna get back in the habit of remembering that there are sometimes hockey games and you're right.

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