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WGR550>Topics>>Darcy Regier on Decision to Keep Grigorenko in NHL

Darcy Regier on Decision to Keep Grigorenko in NHL

Jan 29, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    Brings you live from training camp I've seen John Fisher College. Remember it's your first your players at the end there. It's like to experience its trough here for everybody so a lot of things dry you can create just made plays and you did every person on the a couple good piece he show open the Bulldog it's wall to wall coverage job skills training camp on the boys club. Sports real life could be at WGR hi got. Presented by UB dermatology western New York's new and skin care protect your skin schedule your annual check up and brought in college. I'll let liquor New York's only outlet liquor what's your round. T shirt university from the NCAA to every team in every league when it comes to T shirts we've got you covered. Thanks for listening Steve tasker a moment the David Price trade goes like this price to. The tigers. We had Austin Jackson going to Seattle. And two players going to. Tampa Bay including group smiley the Mariners gave somebody up there their to a course that forgiving right now. Jackson. I'm told was. Not surprisingly. As Detroit is playing today on the field he he was in center field in the middle that game. And a cold time and replaced him to take him off the field as he'd just been treated like one moment for a player is he thinking about that. As he's playing in the game everybody knows it's deadline day is hearing. Somehow from the dugout from the crowd that like people are starting to think he has been traded if it happened like that or is he completely. Shocked to be taken off the field like he was why is he you understand. What it's happening why it's happening. Maybe the manager goes you've been traded we'll play it a little bit we talked to Steve here and then a secret here with that sounded like. From the tigers White Sox game today. Steve. I too much about football season. Brenda had even hardly got started yet. You players are you would you would call this football season I'm Evan I have a tough time doing that. It's too All football season because. I'm going to Amylin prior to that game tonight is the fifth game of the steered so well and sure. Why why would you be doing that. I mean what was wrong with it but all your now I don't like April couldn't the that would have big blue bombers yes. I would be ago I sounded better there forgot that. How's it going up there for how are you enjoying that. might be able to sit and watch and be Tran and watch him play and actually have time to do it you're the first mile an app that he and just they're not have to relate. Work well and build it so and plucky play just about every operatives now captures so it's been in the senate to really see him play a lot. Do you like the rules differences. Some of them are really good and you can see that you know in some ways the the NFL kind of is. Gravitating toward that I don't think they're not delicate at three now. But certainly they're stored around like they do and people Foley now in the NFL and some of it does translate another. I think he would see FL has turned into a kind of a nice little breeding ground. Purdue offensive players in the NFL because epic cover so much space and run and cover a and had become so much more. Prominent that the skill to have in the NFL the other guys are really being able to show they can do in a bigger deal. Covered a lot or ground covering a lot more You think you would like to play in that league. Why don't know all the money not as good so would have. I got rather I shall what color on that yeah I mean it would have been on the play that type of environments I don't know. I don't know covering kisses all that much on not in the Canadian League like it isn't in the NFL but ducks. Certainly it it's different lead to different atmosphere it is a lot on low level where I I ever think though. When you are in Houston owner of more never talked about it. Well I I think he thought it was great had a lot of success out there. And I and I don't watch yeah I mean I played with a guy and that and watched him play as well ready and I mean there's no question dominated at least six straight up like it at all. Steve tasker my guest and yes I just asked him why he would be going to a CFL game and he politely reminded me. That his son plays for the Hamilton tiger cats which is why and now we know we all have remembered that and I felt dumb for asking. So it's another one of these celebratory weekends for your bills team how are you feeling about it. Promote the mountaineers picked it degree chairs they're not only renewed its comment I mean all the thought you know there's no way to not let Andrei agreed an All Saints are we knew. Essentially it would happen I think. Guys really started yet reached out to players. You know a couple of weeks ago when we are getting there where we're staying and all that stuff when they're getting there when we're gonna touch base in. All of that stuff so it's the start to wind up in the start guerrilla reported seeing each other and it. You know I think that's why we you know obviously it's great for Andrei were very proud and obviously you're circuit but it also a big excuse for a salt we get together and hundred big hug and say to each other well. You know Steve it's many years later now and it's all been said many times by you guys. though. Even even as commonly as your to talk about it is your teammates are as here you hear fans talk about. The the bond. That exist between. Yourself and your teammates from those years the year just happened to remember that in some random moment. And think about how special that is like is it still. Is it still special to you to think about on usual maybe it is that you had a team like that you run a team like that. Well like I saying that it was special or not only that it special that happened the way it but also in the year subsequent years market not I want to get. You know pragmatic about it but. With social media and now we have cell phone and email struck it much he forgot stated such plots. Slowly and about our guys and team that their whole career with the team a lot of our guys the bulk of their career not all of with the Buffalo Bills and units in the beginning nobody could anyway. And that because there were no free agency and we really did genuinely like each other and I think the thing that separate art like with so it's set. It wasn't just about lark when that was about a why is that our moms are in the law College buddies and you know it became bigger and get the owners in the locker room and that I think that's what it forever think that white ball and go so far beyond. What normal team you would think about being normal team scholarship would because I got your. you reach out to guys who. Not work on the team family now on an effort we they checked up on each other. I'm getting caught our calls last week from a friend can't hole. That was up in the buffalo area so you know that. Expecting different and I think it continues to be that. Well said Steve tasker my guest here on WGR Bulldog is off today this is Mike show so Steve I had a I thought of a new way to ask you about some of those guys to release it's new for me to ask you this. I wonder if you remember your first impressions of them. Andre your sundry re going to all the things you come over from the Oilers and you tell such a great story about that. That whole that whole period so you come over from the Oilers and you see Andre and Kelly and Bruce those guys not yet but those guys are all. On the team already what do you remember about your first impressions of them. Well Arafat told you this story and a little bit lately but our first time I ever sat down and eat. What the night before Marv Levy very first game as head coach. That was my first time in the real. I didn't know anybody in the made the order. And it's more benign form are getting. And that's what struck back that day. And all. It was interest in was an eight. You know and the guys there were even were packed packed with Ortiz and and bowed parts a bad game they were new direction. New new attitude new head coach new step up he Bruce Smith in the room Jim Kelly and read in the room barrel At holt and the room. They got the nucleus that go forward with they're really excited market so by the way. We got a new got up and orders recover exports tomorrow. He cannot watch and a and you could just out here they currently all right direction new player here we go they turn around and I stand out. Anything and you could feel the disappointment. In the future actions. All. But I you know you know literally. Won the lottery. Getting drop into that room at that moment in history. Who knew mark Levy and had such career you would go to all of crane and Jim Kelly the first ballot well. The first out longer going to be an all in all in the war all frame and then have another year to Thurman Thomas hall of fame running back it. Drafted I not know. But. My first impression that Andrei was manatees typically get Strong. And committed. Just. Really worked hard. Better and I couldn't believe. How well he was built as a wide receiver you really looked like a running back and that that was first person mayor why it got old guy act. And I'm you know really when found out nothing was. Steve tasker on WGR. So. In those. Beginnings. And you were with them early enough. If people talk about Steve with with the bills now or even the sabres with any team that hasn't been good in awhile. The they talk about the culture. And how old somehow one way or another thirties to this so called. Culture changed now it's not it's not my favorite phrase not having been in the room like you. It it's not my favorite phrase I think. What's more believable to me. Is you get a bunch of players together and there really good they're talented enough. They work hard enough they like each other well enough. And then by virtue of that. You have that culture change you don't have like a concerted effort to change culture you have better. Tools to work with what do you think. Well like I thought about a lot actually my parents and I and I hesitate to. Tell you the conclusion that come to there's no question the Buffalo Bills got a lot of doubts that limit at the line you look at Mario Williams and Kyle Williams and those guys you've got. A tremendous speed on the outside and expanding walked into the in Omaha and he got some really truly talented guy. One thing that that team like this. Doesn't I don't see it guys who are willing to hit its fight. Guys in their league team. To make sure things are done the right way they don't tolerate. Half an effort and it don't tolerate lose and they don't tolerate. Good enough. They don't tolerate anything but really hard work I don't know there's enough of those guys on the I don't maybe there are. But one of the reasons we became the bickering bills. What the fact that guys were willing to stand up and called guys now. Or not. Being good enough. And it costs a lot of problems early on until it decided that that would be more empathy they want to work harder than anybody expected more. Of each other than anybody else expected. And they were holding each other accountable. And that's one of the reasons we became the bill because we're we're not allowing other guys on the team. To be less than their bet. And it caused some problems and a team that at three and thirteen where everybody making a lot of money still. Are too soon for me. All the guys make a lot of money it is Hillary you reached Rock the Vote. Well. Somebody start rock the boat. Because we will win it and when that start to happen between the bickering built double Dutch didn't wanna be a part of our. Were were let go and I think you know this team and I don't know they have to do that but I certainly think that when you talk about and I think that's what you talk. You think there's most certainly from your words and you think there's a benefit to it. Absolutely you've got to have somebody in their who's willing to for his teammates. In a serious manner. About what's going on in that locker not not in it that simple the bills' locker room is all you're not Ryder dysfunction or anything like that point. My point is that the attitude. They had to predominate the locker room at one of accountability. And it is curious. Way and I mean very serious and professional atmosphere an come from. The locker room. The coached and promote it and then he can elect still wore a part of that neck. But at the company got a block from where I think they're all the locker room who can make it happen. But I think that's what have to be there for a team to take another step. Steve is there one teammate of yours you give the most credit for that too. just on exactly what so special. That there was more than one guy like that on the team. Certainly when Thurman got there he was that way yeah mommy you it. You can't name without knowing how much he expected it teammate Darryl Talley. Was. An absolute vital piece of acting. In that regard he was absolutely that got the personified bear these. And I mean good mammogram or go to victory got that it can't hold little Thurmond. Errol. Were four guys. Who were open all the male worker. In their desire to win. And what they would trade their teammates. Their point across and I you know that those guys or are legendary. In buffalo the next scene and certainly in the NFL in large measure because of that. So the bottom line and I love what you're saying. But the bottom line here as you see it is quite what is it not it's not that a team has to go through it that's what you said it has to get to that point. But you've got to have players and good players it sounds like it it's necessary. That these players who do this be important and good. Those guys refused to lose to fuel our cliche. Right that's yeah that's cliche in your right that kind of what it means that you're right it. It works the best when it's the best players and certainly that chairman Berman and Andrei. And Darryl Talley hole when those big guys. That. Org or the guys who were actually commanding that of their teammates. There also the best Soul. Who me special teams player what Mike and do not give up that steps when he got the best player not only Turkey but someone in the best players in the leak. Maybe in the best player in the game at their position. Are all working harder and holding themselves I level how can anybody else on that he not and that's that's what elevates. Wouldn't greater rate than the sum of the parts. What do you think of Vijay Steve. I think I think Exactly the kind of player young player that he needs to go all in where Smart you particulate. Committed physically yet. What you got all those saying all the intangibles. Like that are lined up that are you wanna be and where you don't wanna give it to like well yeah Abbott. You know you're wonder what respects you know you don't want a dispute that so you don't want you with the guys who are. You know on the suspension blocks or so contest. Conduct detrimental or you'll be you know he's gay is a great start. Great attitude. He's Smart committed and physically it. I mean that. Is what you look for when you're looking for guided through the do and not that's what I think there are featured no question he got away go to. Experience and all of that. But man you can't pick a better type of guys and that. Last thing are you optimistic for the future of the franchise. Outside of the I mean I don't mean the players on the team but with the sailor mind. Yet science and I'm very optimistic about it I think there's you know we'll hear about that. This owner would be good the owner would be bad this or want to move and that auto owner wants to its stake. But also goes beyond that I think there's some political will on the state level. To keep the team here certainly bears will be actual football league not. Collect the Buffalo Bills become. A different thing. I think. is also another obstacle that would have to be overcome by a new owner and I don't think every owner with her stomach or. Certainly there there is that possibility on the horizon but let's not forget either you look around a lead at the Jacksonville Jaguars the St. Louis Rams. The San Diego Chargers. There are other means who are actually even with the new with the owners that they haven't played. For more susceptible or just as susceptible to having their franchise moved to another market as the Buffalo or perhaps I'm a remorse. Right we're talking about the raiders in that respect the last couple of days. So we're we're still in the old stadium in Hamilton right. Does that make that the first city. And the old stadium is now all outside of the and they built a new brand new stadium It's called it important stadium imagine that and and that is not quite open it'll become a month. Well I went over to on Hamilton but I loved the rest of us. Let's start woke up Hamilton don't go into it and I. A little sort of well. Right and by the way just one more thing. of long lasting things the legacy your bills Hamilton's old stadium I stadium lease and all that much. That wine opener you bought me for my wedding is still working fabulously. They are bought myself one just like of that fact you know I looked like in the they would like or year. And then and then I heard you on the radio saying hey it was ought miners who want you guys are it is like myself like bear yeah you're right that thing is money. I did some celebrity bar Steve and the guy there are great bartender for Dan he had this this regular. You know corkscrew like damn right. What are you doing. And I I told about the rabbit and and you somewhat you know the new technology. And this was 2004. You know you are still using rotary phones. So here ten years later in the thing is just perfect all right well. Thank you for that OK Steve well good luck to Hamilton and you much talked his way. And Steve tasker. While it's some super good stuff from Steve on these bills on what it takes to win. That they need to be militant in their desire to win beautiful. Play that back and just super strong. Joba common not on responded some of Steve's comments some pointed comments about. if not the exact current roster recent build rosters at least. Texas at 55550. You can tweet at me shall talk is another way to reach us. And I'll be taking your calls on this in the course of the date Bulldog is off this is Mike show on WGR. You've got to have somebody in their who's willing to confront his teammate. In a serious manner. About what's going on in that not not in it that simple the bills' locker room all the you're not Ryder dysfunctional or anything like that but my point. My point is that attitude. To have predominate the locker room at the one of accountability. And it is curious. way and I mean very serious and professional atmosphere and a come from the locker room. I almost get chills hearing that I loved that from Steve today that has to be one of my favorite interviews with them. Just a super point. I can't wait to play that again so I can listen to it. And of course he bond bonds when I should be talking but that is a second I wanna hear it again. Steve tasker great stuff from him and that'll be online if it is an already WGR 550 dot com. For you to Joba an update on the bills today. Let's get you another look at today's Watkins reports. No one can report Washington report. Like Sammy Watkins report or Watkins report. One in report Watkins report. Who won him reports from Twitter and tweet from Sammy Watkins it reads. For picky eaters start with the foods they love then slowly add more adventurous items. I'm sorry that's from the Food Network. One under on my feet that's one under. Right next to say Sammy against weak cold tub lol gotta take care your body. Who want kids report. with me now and Joseph apparently from I guess I learned this from UN from Paul Hamilton out there today. Sammy Watkins had another. Exciting moment at least. One yeah couple. The first boy is he nine B eight or 97 yard touchdown pass he burned on the left sideline pass. Past Stephon Gilmore and perfectly thrown pass from EG manual but just dropped right in the bucket into him hands and Gilmore wasn't gonna catwalk and from from that point for public separation wide receiver had so that was a very exciting moment. 44. Fans in attendance and and later on in team drills him gains made a catch from manual where it was a little bit high. And it's snuck up on Watkins. A little bit quicker than maybe he was expecting. And the ball went right over his kinda reach back with both arms and in corralled it and and it almost as though his his arms were his hands were behind his it was just a it's just past the kind of took a back a little bit but he still wrote today in there was just. A couple of those plays are it's a say okay showing that he's he's a pretty good target but. But all the same I mean EJ Manuel got the ball on that that deep throat today against the against the team's top corner which like Joseph on plays like that. Either where you are with other reporters or maybe even would you see coaches or other people that work for the bills are reacting to that the view. What what more happens from these moments if anything then your basic your garden variety nice. Plays at training camp yeah it it's. Big gut reaction for persons. Out he'd sort of sort of deal and in that's. with Watkins he's. He kind of serves up one of those ever a couple of days then and it just goes to show the type of talent he has and and what's it what he could potentially become in game setting. But but yeah all that it's it's always usually the same where people just kind of look at Iraq and the plane made in this kind of shake his head shake their heads. MIA sensing correctly that there is. More more people are more more people being impressed with how manuals looking. From yesterday yes. Europe early on today. He he was looking good. And then it kind of evolved as the practice went along there there was some. There are some interceptions. There is a couple of from him it wasn't as strong practice at least I felt is as it was yesterday. So it but he is. He is looking better he started out very well today and and you just couldn't continue it all the way through put. We're waiting for that one overwhelming effort yesterday was the closest we had to it. And today stir up very good but who we get there. scallions here on WGR Bulldog is off today this is Mike show. Joseph. Steve tasker was a with me and he was strong points and about the about the locker room and in the roster at large I think maybe. I don't know if it's right or not but I I get the sense may be Steve's talking about recent editions of the bills if not exactly this group. That he's making a point. About them going into this year it's how it sounded to me. That the need more. Good players. Who just cannot tolerate losing. Or are less tolerant of losing do you think it's a fair criticism of this team in recent years that. It's best players are not quite. In Steve's words anyway or his word for was militants. Are not quite. Angry may be enough. Where they Lewis. Yeah I mean you agree there there are some guys on that roster that absolutely. Has that. And like Stevie Johnson has one of them he. He infinitely care how the team did he he wanted to win as much anybody Iowa is one of those guys. C Fred Jackson is one of those guys were there are obviously. Sort of deal. I will get older people's faces. I think I think Eric what do Kyle Williams certainly well I don't. And Stevie Johnson might about it he might have had the wrong approach about going about it and Fred Jackson. I think he's more of the strong sees something when I need to type. But the first to a match and Williamson and would I think those two guys were really stand up and shout at people if they needed to you I know I've seen Eric would it would do it. On the field force though. I think. I think they do need more of that presence that more accountability inside the locker room I think that's one of the things that is really tried to. In steel in this in this culture it at one bills drive by. You can't really find those guys just anywhere and but the more of them that you have. The more people kind of start to fall in line in the more. impetus there is on winning so. It's it's touchy it's. It's certainly something that the bills need more out but do they have that right now. I don't know I guess we'll see. But there's only a couple guys maybe three guys that I can think of on the roster right now that would be able to do exactly what the task of talking about. I would think Mario Williams name. It not I wouldn't say conspicuously absent because I think people follow him all the bills don't think of him is having that type of personality. And I wouldn't either criticize and so much because. I think his reputation was. Somewhat at least well known in this way before he played for the bills like I doubt they would've signed him thinking they were getting. This kind of this kind of personality. But having settled at Joseph he is in on your list is. No he's not. And another guy that's analysts that needs to be an analyst EJ Manuel. I think I think it's very important for quarterback to have that mentality. And you have The bradys the patent Aaron Rodgers the Drew Brees who will get people's faces. Philip Rivers certainly who will hit people's faces. But you have those type of successful quarterbacks that. Will strike that what it's need. And as done that just yet now. Is he capable of it. I don't know seen he's got to deal at all he's got to be good player first. To sure. Sure but. I think I think it kind of goes hand in hand with that position of being someone that is in overall encompassing leader. And is he that guy right now. We don't know could he maybe probably if if he gets himself enough confidence and into that level plane which you're talking about. But I kinda wanna see everything come together all ones that I would like to see you JP one of those guys that Steve was talking about. Joseph last thing dog I read said he would. Wait until after tomorrow's practice to decide I'm playing time for Friday night is there really is there really that much variation. Coach to coach year to year on how much guys play in the beginning is always barely. Yet usually barely. I I don't know I I think I would tend to think that that is gonna give EJ a series or two. And and then let there younger guys go into it because. It is the first of five pre season games and like to see him more than those one two series just based on the importance of this year for him specifically. And the fact that he's getting those reps where teams are going after him rather than. Just reps in practice where. He's not really in any jeopardy of getting it. Then I would like to see him out there a little bit a little bit more feel that type of pressure and feel and feel like if he's not in a controlled atmosphere. That that's that would be my only critique of it but usually the pre season games especially the fame game you really don't see a lot from the starters that's right. Joseph John Lackey. Lackey for Allen Craig in joke Kelly a small price. No it's not with having a down year in and he's over the thirty mark. Cardinals are Smart man and they got they got have a good year. who Greg who was evident. An OK year certainly 237 and only has seven home runs. And they have Oscar taveras waiting in the wings to take over right field so I'm I'm pretty okay with everything Allan if if it puts a veritable. And Kelly's all right but I I like you I mean I am I'm like you on this you can usually trust that the cardinals moves are good moves Lackey is the minute as the minimum salary next year. So I mean financially. No riskier at all it's a that a contending team especially defending National League champion team can make. Now so I liked it and they have the the minor league backing the new. Yet taveras is a top prospect okay thank you Joseph. Thanks at bills the bills to practice tomorrow. Our show tomorrow will be hosted by cell departure or cozy all they will be on from Cleveland. And they will be talking a lot of course about the whole theme ceremony on Saturday night in the game Sunday night. Both of which can be heard here on WGR the ceremonies Saturday started seven. There are seven. New inductees and I believe. They go in alphabetical order. I also think Andre reed comes in fifth. Of the seven guys before Michael Strahan and in his Williams so. Plan accordingly if you're planning on watching that Saturday night again I'll say I think it will be probably will be very emotional. Tennis a special memory for bills fans with Kelly there and all those guys. Celebrating there years together they're great teams for one of the last times on the all the themed stage. If you heard Steve tasker wanna comment or something Joseph said is well eagle 30550. Is the number I think they'll be talking a lot about. Culture next hour whether the bills have the right makeup. Lines are open this is Mike show on WG art. Well the tigers right now are making a change here in mid inning Austin Jackson is being pulled out of the game and this probably is. Addicted what's about to happen. Helicopters Austin Jackson. Being taken out of this game now runs he gave us the. Well there's a thing you don't expect to see at every sporting event. A player. A well known player of a every day player on your team at that Austin Jackson Detroit center fielder but pulled from the game because he was traded. I think most fans most tigers fans the vast majority. Are. Quite happy with the trade that went down the getting David Price. From Tampa Bay they give up Jackson who the Mariners they give up through smiley doesn't cost them too much here. Smiley goes to Tampa Bay I believe. And they also give up up a nice shortstop prospect the tigers it for that trade but. Kind of of wild thing may be. Bittersweet for fans at that game you're sitting there may be your big fan of that player in their he's leaving the game you don't understand that like. Why does a player taken out in the middle of the inning like dizzy sick. Did somebody get mad at them the like. Not use two hands on the Google esque touch. Doesn't have to be you the announcer there says these fans know and I'm sure a lot of them did figured out. These days mean on your phone who is in. How many fans are just sitting there on the phone especially when you're a big fan in your following the deadline you wanna make sure you're doing that. Your epic game that's cool but. It's going to be looking at Twitter at all time to see if you're teammate in the other trades or whenever big moves happened. And their goes. You're starting center fielders like that. That game is continuing the last I looked it was the ninth inning in the White Sox lead the tigers 74. To talk about some things Steve tasker said some interest thing and even critical things about the bills make up. As we come back at the top the hours a few minutes. Tom who is excited. again. About a movie. Go figure I it like it's bad it's not knowing if you're excited about being so cynical I'm not god I'm really not I'm happy for you maybe even a little jealous. He should be excited for guardians of the galaxy you're going to see it tonight right tonight at 10 o'clock at the IMAX. And you have prepared to deem. For me yes with that movie in mind and. Honor at this momentous occasion what's it called it's called marvel character or Laker. Okay great and you're gonna name for these. Things just give you name and I will. Guess whether this is a marvel comic book character or Los Angeles yes and because guardians of the galaxy is the first marvel film to encapsulate some of their. Cosmic characters as opposed to their earthbound characters we kept to strictly. Marvel cosmic characters of that health Seattle and marvel cosmic characters or lakers less feasible tend to be there. You know regular name Alter egos as opposed to they're crazy superhero named three axis of great I'm do terribly let's hear Koppel now let's have three of them we'll give you three of them. Thank you. Let's start with eggs your Henry. Marvel character or Laker. Hoff won already. Xavier what are you guys think. Oh I can't hear you. Marble cosmic character weaker of the Laker. Xavier Henry was ago our 2000 or 2013 present. Thomas I think it's actually pronounced obviate I don't know that it's answer moment but no obvious now that I've gotten it right I'll stick with my answer but you wanna wanna be right of the day. Henry is sneezing and rewrite yes Henry is not known that you can be no problem wonderful one new element. Way to go so they're gonna Douglas. Arthur Douglas is a cosmic here. He is indeed directs the destroyer featured in guardians of the galaxy I was said that. you told me that earlier. Rick Roberson. It's got the literate news names. All gold marvel. Forward center 19691971. Rick Roberson. It it it's a pretty good basketball name. It's also pretty good early comics. Alter ego Peter Parker rich yeah idea right. The governor Rick Roby in basketball. When I was young he'd be bringing them down all over the place Rick roe V 0000. Rick streak. I'll be there but to win one in the early going of marble cosmic character or Laker. And more these brain busters coming up if you missed Steve tasker is comments about the bills or. Maybe you heard them and thought them very like guided State's only talk about it after sports eagle 30552. Of the bills. Have. A shortage of players. That burned to win. Steve. Thinks so. And Joba agreed Talk about it although it is off this is Mike show on WGR.

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We -- -- goal is he going to. -- tonight with. Less of a distracting a lot of pressure on and on his shoulders we'll see maybe he didn't. Free -- a little bit not worrying about -- had back to junior hockey but tertiary care sits down with us here at the -- -- -- time -- And that those few days it. Games yeah our -- appearance here would have brought you by always impulse power of attorney by Paul's view casino resort Niagara Falls Canada. -- error one -- overriding thing that made the decision for you weren't like most things it's complicated the keys -- No one's over. Two things. Two dominant things we talked. The ability to continue his development and his ability we. To help. Elizabeth to guard forces. How about. The development point of much. Or do you think there is for him to learn here than in juniors and not out of that breakdown for you. Well I think that if he had gone back to junior he's been very good situation with Patrick -- Plain statements in a lot of situations. I'd there might be some question whether heart would have had a taste. National park and you know that things kids or. And work -- should over. On work on things. But I think what we waited so. He more than anything else helped himself by not -- in the liability when it was a place and you know. It. You know it runs better and I talked to employers and times and -- -- them you know what do you think the first. The first goal business and help the team and I said yes right after columns -- And and not -- that he means. Getting an opportunity to be on the ice with the trust of the and the confidence that your teammates and coach. And be in the situation where from that point you can do to create something and and so. In in that regard even though he doesn't have any points he has done a very good job being defensively aware. Responsible. And and that has continued to minimize. If I could use the the plus minus just for this point even though there might be flaws that these pointless and a minus one. Is that what you make to say that if he might have. Three goals and three assists but still be a minus one -- every exit even strength right he's on for seven against. That you look at that as maybe not as good as always been for you. I think that there's points and the others and that's even better. In -- taken a minus seven if you are not sound like this one minus one -- you might as well as I got asking if he scores but. The goals against the liability point isn't their freedom make is. Is that that things worse off well like I. I don't know like you'd have put in the ads to look at the into the girls look like -- your initial answer that I could energetic you said what you take the points right yeah. Yeah yeah absolutely take points. I think the other thing that's really changed things is this isn't a September decision and if you haven't in this September decision -- Really can't imagine us not having sent him back I mean I went into back I saw him play games early on in the year. And at that point in time he was -- good player but with a lot of work confront them and he he has done in conjunction with this team with his coach Patrick -- Has done a lot of work he went to the world junior team. In him and played for Russia and came out there. Really in my view had been the best Russian forward. And I think that's that's helped his confidence and you know we just have to keep building -- Would you go so far is to say that he worked while he was of course playing at it differently -- junior league with a different coach. Different system. At a mine to be working on the sorts of things that would pay off for him once he got here assuming the lockout ended at some point. I don't think he had a choice could Patrick why we you know my conversations with Patrick. Revolved around a talent I'd tell him that he needs to do these things if he's going to play in the national hockey so. Even though there's there's a there's a junior perspective. And most junior players most most coaches did in the junior ranks are content and happy with a the star that they have in the office production that players putting up. And not concerned about his NHL. Future I think Patrick focus very heavily you know about him in in so convincing him that. He wanted to be better and he wanted to play national -- it followed that he had to do these things. By the way and I notice in the past now but as a junior coach get lots of calls from NHL people and do -- poll that he sway over what the junior coach does as far as you know coaching his concern. They're very level bulls players belong to the junior club they have their own operations have their own culture -- -- the wrong way things and and they'll take input but generally. There. Are other times what you might have said through your career to a junior coach hey I don't like it. Tell you to do this but I'd love to see this guy on the wing element like that no well. Richardson on my wanna talk about it with somebody I think probably some union organizations. It has from time to point out that we think it matters. Offers solid. Governor Patrick -- tournament crisply hit fifty point four you can do whatever. He was producing delegates -- -- -- majority leader. But there -- sure you're thus of course another point made is Powell. You know your team needs him to some extent here at recognizing that he hasn't deployed up yet let's let's hear more about that kind of shaped either accurate up -- I mean -- federal connection Scott dressing for every game when you signed or. You're -- and you know maybe he was off the radar like where you add up front and your -- Well work word relying too heavily on one line. Can't even won a member from one. Line wasn't there the other night another line produced but the other one you know the other three did -- and and so we've got to get production more than one line and I think the defense of late you know and we run the numbers and defense and we -- a good place -- good place as to how we're playing defense is well. But offensively we that if we have fear related to become more productive and and hopefully when you look at Cody Hodgson -- Tyler -- hopefully that. You know -- -- control that that third goal there at all. You -- I'm guessing sorry that. Those numbers -- shots. Shots again lets -- I was gonna ask you target goals against like -- the equality champ the -- like that what kind of numbers other chances that your chances and -- You know different variations of chance and percentages. Right for again instant on net you know that feel right to your. From what you've seen in five games of feel right yes does does yes does the shot totals can be misleading. Yes yes we can. -- to give up stuff out here nobody's -- Right to quieter and -- got a good look at it that's not that's not a concern right that's right that's right they can media. You know -- with you -- You go at the statistics that you know. Historically. You know. -- ones Losman. Girardi explained how you know what when it is somewhat the decision to keep Gregory go here so this might seem look at. But needless question but I ask it anyway it is game Sunday. Portable over the top there's -- played the most minutes he played played with. Paulino at one point and -- that looked like your best. Dual I don't know who was that would have been different guys on the other -- throughout the third period but they -- dangerous. I think it was he in -- very important game. For him and for the process of making decisions really helped you really helped himself. Let me. Made a decision this was the game we've really had to get a better sense of where he was. Maybe to -- better sense of -- us. -- and put him in a position to play regularly in in in the in the top. You know arena against good teams that who has had one and and and he played well one. I think now I'm remembering to ask you what if he'd been injured. In his five games. What happened he could still be returned that's or -- it would when you can send them back with an injury yes -- you couldn't do that. What's the situation where you couldn't. While -- trade somebody who has her. Well you can of the other team -- aware that agrees to a and you can't send players down to minors. And nationally heard. And I think maybe a lot of fans don't know this but it also may not be a fought anymore you could still send it back yes we can't. We we. We are allowed to. We are allowed to up to trade deadline is April 3. And so that that remains an option -- the only thing you we really have done is is using the first year -- three year contract it. -- if it goes back the years garment that's. That's and he did we get paid -- -- ultimately what you're paid to lose and you all over the years of -- talked often and in and give it to well that's up to the coach. I'm wondering giving his age eighteen years old -- skill level. If you guys had more meetings than normal of course to this point I would assume yes. Deciding whether it's gonna be here -- Talking with Lindy Ruff about how to handle it. Like how hard to be on him what to encourage discourage it back and look at the good organizational tat if you well for. -- -- We talk about a planned for it and ended. The plan is really a number different scenarios on how we might be used and it's predicated on his play. And you have as an example you have an opportunity to use him. And can't protect him in certain situations a lot more and he -- road when you've got the last change. This other advantages for him -- at home verses on the road to the extent you wanna you kind of protect the ice time. So that's one example we talked in terms of well what -- -- we can't complain what what other worker we going to do with him. What -- that consistent off the -- On the ice. In and so we we did go through all of us. Tertiary gear with -- this year while it got you Garcia mentioned Scott earlier just about your forwards and has curiously. We we haven't -- this about him what. Are you getting. As you watch the team now through five games or are you. Thinking that that was a move worth making I mean he's playing in these games he's up even on the ice with Greg regular the other night which. You know will not talk about that but just you know what what did what did you want to what do you see happening with them. I am happy with bulls have been on the team have them play. At this point and you know who knows how many games and play whether you play all -- -- -- I'll ask Clinton questioned what what are the things that coaches get a sense that he can't give you can't it -- -- standing by the benches. Watching people come off the -- the expressions the attitudes. Interaction with -- other irons and other players and and I you know having having -- on on the bench. And have an ammonia ice wineries on the base. Is. You know as safe working environment for four a lot of other players and it's encouraging. And and and he feels that. He brings. All right good we -- have this extra session with viewers or to talk about. Gregory go whichever way it felt -- -- question for us you know keep up the good -- that stated our secure -- thank you -- --

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