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WGR550>Topics>>2/7 Ted Black on state of organization and team's play

2/7 Ted Black on state of organization and team's play

Feb 7, 2013|

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    Thu, 28 Aug 2014

    Good morning Jeremy lights up about and Joseph now on the line quick note though. While it's everyone understands the importance of shopping local on value senators have been locally owned and operated for 46 years chances there's value right in your neighborhood. But the products and people that help you finish your project. And you know if you visit value homes that are not aggregate purchase any one of 65000 products and have it shipped to your local store for free. That's each time and money and helps get the job local shopping easy shop value. GOP joins us on the AT&T hotline to mention our our phone being upgraded at the AT&T hotline. Soldiers on the morning Howard's indications cells here Joseph we open up the show with obviously tonight the final pre season game for the bills it's the fifth and final pre season game and I am today feeling like. For pre season games to wanna you wanna whenever it was consecutive days of padded practice the bills have escaped without any injury. And as much as. I've probably been guilty of saying like it I'll put about their I need to see something from this offense I'm about face 100%. I want zero starters sea island no minutes in this game for any starters. I think they should be happy they got out this Bahrain without any significant injury. hall of all the team Kiko Alonso got hurt in the offseason but they've made it through clean. And I'm nervous about tonight. yeah for sure that perspective today. Have done quite well for that they'll open or street a three seat that. I think there is a little bit the only guy that is really. Up in the air right now is probably the last are well because he just hadn't been able to get back from that lower back injury all the way. Practiced last week it did play of the game at practice this week. I worked out he did that week on the field against the lion but yeah they've been pretty much healthy all the way through what compare to last year. Kevin top state happens for a rare a couple different of paper The habit training camp met in it in. It lowers the concussion suffered in one of the preceding games. And EJ Manuel heard meet in one of the preceding games. So yeah you're you're actually right they've got the wake up three ovals Scott in this he's been. But I do think that that it's still gonna stick through it got there and keep EJ Manuel in the game for at least a theory. Baby too. I think he wants to just keep everything fracture in And these I don't know that they necessarily want to 882. Week low in between game performances especially where Beckett to get the bucket yours was. We're not a good what they're. From that from who they played it. I know he's picky about the second half and they were able put a couple of drives together but palace. Propagate the Buccaneers second and her team are solid again he had abated anarchy. And it didn't establish some momentum. Going into the regular season about after beyond sidelined for a couple weeks they'll. Yeah I think we'll probably see less starters under the by the ball good and maybe so on the opposite side of the. But even the point about wanting to stay fresh and stay like. I don't know in a rhythm if you even make that case last year he missed the final two. Pre season games he came out the opener and played in one of stronger games right we're pretty well in the opener. Yeah I mean this Iberia all of this won't matter in a couple days but. EJ Manuel. I think. The head coach just wants to keep it a little bit more actually wanting. On that Joseph is he said he wanted to get players that haven't had a chance to play together a lot time together could he mean DJ and and Sammy there. I don't know I think I would I would just distributed. Sit stand you lock it down about not have you're so worried about it because if you go into it. And into this game and Sammy Watkins. Had that rib injury or is that the Brewster wherever it was. And he goes in there and it's hurt again have all of a setback or anything like that. Iran ignored why the heck replace it We need him for Chicago your survive this error it in Pittsburgh why are playing here so maybe that that. A line of thinking but. I don't know I think I think I would rather just. There's even have. This you have not used and locked in than any capacity. And maybe more more black. Look at the offensive line is that the guys that what he play together a little bit more because it's there whether it's actually that. That Chris Williams won't be ready for the opener which I don't know if you Miller then. They're gonna have to have your records and get ample time. Feel that everything like that so. You know it it would be a tough situation I don't think they're gonna get you what there is fury maybe to do act most. Read. I would think three would be stretching it but. I think I think this is something that is important big kid at least a little bit of I've Joseph was joining us on the AT&T hotline you can follow on tonight on Twitter during the game at Joseph was also. Read him at WGR 550 dot com by the way very good stuff on Kiko Alonso situation what you wanna get too. In a second at the B jerk like the dot com over but he can go read it sorts through some Joey did a very good job on that I wanna ask you on that but quickly. On this note of these guys playing tonight. Is it about the or is about confidence because. I guess. I feel like if they looked really good or at least even better in the previous four games may be the at the starters don't play Should. Yeah that's probably the case I think it's more about confidence. I don't I don't know that's that's clearly. I don't know that that's certainly had anything to do or as much to do with. They're wanting just to get more reps out there and think establishing themselves the first he'd they're trying to push away. What they've done it over the past two. Pre season game now with that first gave up that big that's what they want Go out and because let's be out of Detroit out. A lot of their starters in the game needed to start though. I don't know that you did that they're really green too much about your offense by having a good day kind of going into the regular seeded where where some good work and I think that's that's maybe what they're looking for here. and I good stuff on the website did a nice job of sorting our straight upper but can you explain to our listeners. The injury list he was put on and what that means for this year in his contract going forward. Well he was placed the the reserve non football injury list and essentially what that means is if it's not the same as the injured reserve unit played some in reserve. You word if you have do it would have to be done for the year elect. Seeing as how the injury did not happen he abilities he was eligible to be put out that are not football and let. And what that essentially mean is it works kind of news in the same way. In the short term as the physically unable to perform list which note accomplished. Each hit after six weeks of the regular speaker of but the build though have about a a five week window where he could. back if he if he is now Chico allowed little help clear by that point the let let's just rule out that completely. But what they can do with that matters is if you can not get back practicing at any point it. Here that. In that. It in that situation which is the most likely outcome. The bills can't keep him on the reserve non football injury list. And according to record this mediate a lot of bargaining agreement. Then it seated would account for and recruit see it because the injury did not equate something facility. The that would mean when his contract runs out after twenty Eckstein. Which is that his deal for four years and after that year did he did not have the war or what hurts even. Even though it contract rubbed up he would not become an understood freeagent. Instead he would become a restricted free agent and the bill of the more leeway of the air. So that that's what it has been with though. And he would and because it did not happen and people really know what state he does go back and they're attractive but they don't being. in their five week window there would be able to they would have to put him on injured reserve. From that point four but I bet the both publicly and are. Joseph was joining us here on the AT&T hotline. If you have a comment or question for Joseph you and I text us tweet us any sort of common questions you have for. But guy we prepare for the fifth. And final. Pre season game against the different lines I wondered if EJ Manuel. You know they say he says he wants the focus on the bears how much will they focus the on a couple series here. When he when he said that it made me think late. The guy which is inept play tonight right probably doesn't wanna play he probably wants to focus on the bears and I'd be much happier Manuel could hold the clip or an iPad with the bears. Game plan as opposed to worrying about what he's gonna do against the lines. that's probably right I mean EJ Manuel though it is big blow it up he knows exactly. What is at stake and actually. Does start earlier but. And maybe it's it's kind of you know when you accepted. We have to prepare for something and they know it it's really not going there'd be a huge issue. The actually you know it's not going to be aired a situation where you're gonna be doing too much with that he's still happen next repair that he needed. Doesn't wanna dagger. I don't know I would I would probably feel along the same lines because. I mean to hurt or preceding game were good you got two feet wet. And played the hole or staff and to drive in the second half last week I mean you would prepare for all that and that's in game coming up here. The well it's. Not really important immigrants in a statement probably be going up against their second and thirteen murders. I'm I'm he won't have any problems with we're getting himself ready for it by. Yeah I would I would probably be able want it now if I were him just sort of are wondering area one cheery optimism in the night dot. If you wouldn't you agree with you because you're so close to just get there. They would that you take the right job in which on the spot here its bills vs lions however. Give me the five real match tonight who'll who. Like roster spots guys that has stuff to got to lose and he fought if you can come fighting on the three that's fine but I. It's the the score sheet will save bills vs lines but wore the real battles between tonight. All right at the five top five battles and governor try to rattle off by Jordan Palmer verses in itself but. HI this show good performance did tonight in order that it shook. So between that you deserve roster spot. Kind of like what happened with lighter in that Lewis Platt here Obama really didn't have any competition. If Jordan Palmer doesn't show well enough then the the next round of cuts to come out and and there might be a better quarterback option out there or bad is the kind of realized. okay we need something a little bit better but I. And could he could want that he get advertised not can he get the number two spot he plays well enough. I don't know he would having any in the offense we'll look at but. I think eventually he would be at the right let yeah. The second one I would it is. Maybe a little bit more decided. Then that it thing TJ Graham market easily. For that six wide receiver spot I think right now it's market polluted I think apple really bad day you know the police that spot on the roster. But I also think. Gigi Graham will have to show really well. And try to troops to the bill today he's worthy of a roster spots. And in bad keeping veteran receivers. He. So I mean he has had a much better past couple weeks. if he has what it takes to be older than their right up to him and show this team. And that he deserves that that separate receiver spot because I deeply. Hogan and easily error are right right around that that law territory at this point. This third one which I think it a little bit underrated Craig first Douglas the old guys have been. Haven't snapped the better and both guys are swinging interior player Herbert has been playing. Center for the past couple weeks back better. And I think those two guys are battling for one spot to whoever had better tonight might end up getting that job. But the the other one back and think. This is what punter hunter Melissa Jones and bunker bunker a couple of the near Jordan gamers right what they expect the tour de. Going to be a one night for bird or day by. If it he's joke well and option if he does well enough in the kick Which I think he might get a chance that you'll be Carolina. I think he might try to push for a spot at. The one opposition that's looked pretty good with depth this pre season that there's been some battles going on but now. Allan spinning out as defensive line see that shaking out. Yeah added that it that it tackle spot I think. They're probably gonna end up keeping five and that would be too obvious star is entirely up. A quarter Bryant played itself on its proper in itself into a pretty solid. Third man in role for the department tackles. And they've yep that's the Charles do I think is extremely talented and I think he's got a lot of potential. And beyond if it's going to be way to go and I think making the roster he adopts. Through practice appreciate games he's he came that are singled and built can't ignore that they can't. Neglect that and he needs to be on the roster at least admire. So bad that that group report sent. Does that 585. I'm excited become honor that's body count upon her and then that he lined up aren't. Good. Be like that that's not really a battle right but I that we can talk about all night I will be listen in tonight and tomorrow of course we'll talk about the four occupancy for the fifth pre season game. Based everybody involved in the sport but right now they called the third that this that you would have to though you know you can go for. I can we just forget about the Tampa game then we'll tell the other the other three so far. thanks very much. Joseph on the AT&T hotline. And we've got a minute and a half years there's something that we should maybe. Oh well. Is unfair you guys are looking at the same screen on there were not an screen notice Matthew has prepared he's got a crush building in my excuse rentals in some trivia for this morning here's a guy. Were talking about match all earlier or is like on the great match. Yet and and match up 18 passing ties with the in 2009. Led the entire national football league football in passing can you name the other. And guys or nine guys they should say the last. OK but a lot of it was the last ten guys to passing titles is included in your name the other nine goes back in 1998. Okay it's about tonight's for the last ten winners. Of the passing tiny eight to 2014 us so that like. Sick how many seasons sixteen seasons attentive to the ten guys OK although one trying to think you guys were okay shop. I'll start off okay. Drew Brees that is correct Drew Brees won for 2012110. Wait in 06 Peyton Manning. Manning is correct he won 32013. In 2003 and 2000. Tom Brady. correct Howell KC one to 2007 and 2005. And I would have of that one very quickly I will go to Philip Rivers Philip Rivers is correct 2010. Were doing the the last ten human beings to win passing titles in the NFL. Yet at one dog but it it was a Brett Favre beret everyone in 1998. That is who racked Now aren't I I am going to go a minute I'm gonna guess year but I think it's I thought it out an educated guess. The year that Randy Moss came Culpepper death yeah I have enough I have him down as one of maybe I think I think Culpepper did. I think he led the league that year deal yeah let's go Culpepper 2004. all And a year that's OK I'll take it. Very good are they get sick a of Culpepper. I got another educated guess about Rich Gannon. While he won MVP you won an MVP item that you illegally passing but if he won an MVP Raiders made the Super Bowl that year Brad Johnson was the leading passer in the NFC. So I wanna see Brad Johnson could be me one no he did not up after a scan and okay I know he did win MVP and he threw for a lot of yards let's go re election I'll give it 101000 and soon you guys are closing in on running the table you only got two left. You want the years now know. Now don't want years put the names of the club LAV 98 I'm good I'm going to Super Bowl winners and curt Warner won a suitable. Curt Warner's agreed idea and it would have happened. Yes let's go Kurt Warner Kurt Warner is correct. And can run the table one more here's the thing one. Okay I've got a name down and got Mark Brunell written down but I don't love that answer. I'm thinking I Testaverde law of but the jets had a good year or two in the air and they threw the ball in Testaverde was good. Steve McNair. I was thinking McNair but. Let's think got very quickly Darren Manning one co MVP one year they did but Paul Lovett McNair but Eddie George in that team you know and the ball here here let's do this. Let's just Super Bowl quarterbacks winners and losers say go through who did the Brady beat he beat we we had at America Do you meet Jake DelHomme Kurt Warner and Donovan now I would not be surprised object was on this list. We wouldn't surprise Are you say Jake Tommy when you're doing exactly was McNabb I don't think McNabb would have done that no I don't think we used to much that you want passed a runner to. I don't know let's can we hey guys you have not said his first. Problems are having citizen emea old old line all right. He goes to 98 when did Ron Amadon retire. I have him written down Ron Amadon. It event he would've been to you earlier would have been for him he got knocked out like 99. I don't that you allegedly there's already been taken over by well wait a minute when that. I'll retire in after the 98 season are any nicely as our and I'm say Ron Amadon. I'll just say away because I think maybe that last year's. You couldn't me hard there and Steve Beuerlein. So why are you kidding moral line. That's the percent. We did I say young I thought I'd read I I am an air I think asking her line admiral I'm but I said young here is here is at 4436. Yards. For Carolina 99 we have the right team with the wrong guy. It wasn't Jake DelHomme. That were there good its replacement wallet was piling up we touched on the that you're just that steeper eighty. 36 achieved over his essay that was around about a decade 36. Touchdowns Jeremy when we come back. There are five I think five on the go there 1234. Five categories it looks like to me that either the bills team Horry bills player is top five in the league in pre season I want askew. How much any of this may translate into the regular season of top five in category category statistical categories the bills as a team. Or eight player on the bills are currently top five in the pre season. As being best at something I'll ask you how much you think it could actually translate into the regular season. Bring in a thunder today as I said Gergen do that are boy Jeremy lights up a popular Howard's on vacation this week phones here so we're not taking calls so. Texas and tweets and FaceBook as an email us and snapped Janice and don't it's I'd I'd don't get it still and don't understand what the point is I usually get stuff like and although we to the that of a now now what's been well looked up. I so anyway it's 838 bills' final pre season game is on the way tonight. And SL UT something about the pre season at the bills have done a few things very well they have in the pre season you wanna know if any of them. Do we believe they'll translate the regular season's other top five and how many little category well there. There's there's five categories with kind of things really it's for basic statistics it depends on. And it's also team and individual congress or I'll tell you. What Buffalo Bill or what category Buffalo Bills. Are top 45 in the league right now in pre season. You tell me Jeremy if you think it matters a or B it will translate into the regular season. He went in there right now none of that matter how can I figured you'd say that might translate you know well I expect similar things haven't regular season that I can answer. Okay. Number one will go with a individual performer. In fact two of them. Re section leaders. Robert Woods is tied for the most receptions and pre season football this season. Thirteen of them and Fred Jackson. Is number third number three which so Robert Woods is number one and Fred Jackson is number three. In pre season receptions in the NFL thirteen for woods' twelve and how much that translates into the regular season. Not much for ones and he'll be targeted. Geez I expect Williams Watkins. And the running backs have more targets than woods may be even Chandler who led team in receiving masters or do not think that will translate for a woods. For Fred Jackson. Among running backs. But the bills have a top five number. When it comes to receptions by running he's actually but number three overall in the league. I don't think he'll do that day because of the going to be on the field and rightly CJ will be the starter Fred's a third down back and also in. Will not catch more passes CJ now I don't think so right I hope. But maybe. And I hope and speaking of running backs. Bryce Brown. Is fifth in the NFL in rushing yards this pre season a 140. Through the bills for years. translated well now that I agree here are your top rushing leaders through pre season Jennings for the giant. Telfair over the ravens then Williams for the giants on Ingram for New Orleans marking my have initially year by the way okay. He builds an ache in categories this is interest I think so this is actually going to translate from what I've seen on the field. The bills are the number one team. In the league. In allowing yards per attempt on the ground they've only allowed. Two point seven yards a carry will it be the number one run well how much we'll they may be number one of the beat top three or four I mean. Be up there I think. spikes is looked really good against the run exactly supposed to do. The bills are number 12 point seventy the number 22 point eight Oakland number three at three point the bills lead the league pre season yards per attempt allow. On the I'll be surprised at their top five run defense having to be better last year there were terrible. I mean I I think that will translate I can't promise civilly number one but. Well I now their number three in total rushing yards allowed only eighty wanna game. That's that's all that's alone number will they be not yards per carry but total yards a game the anywhere near that spot number three right now. You can't was number one Denver's number two should be a good run the right right that's I so yeah they should be better whole defense of leaders. Total. The builder for the only allowed 273. And a half yards a game. They're behind number one Seattle we don't have a good defense and they're showing again the pre season number two Baltimore which is a staple of their although they took a dip last couple years. Number three Green Bay. Number four buffalo traditional good run to good deep that teams at the top. Buffaloes in the their number for allowing less than 274 yards a game total defense. I'm trying to figure out how the extra game plays and does total defense that doesn't. Well yards yards total average I was having it doesn't need yards per carry in really dozen yards per game you could make a case that it they've got the whole fame game where teams are. Very prepared. But. I expected defense to be good to be ranked ahead of the offense which is right. A change mean bound depending on which which statistic you're using very very bad against the run last year I think they'll be. Yeah sure that'll translate our. And then the final won the section that ranks sixth which is still nice ranking great quarterbacks that they play this year Brady twice rivers once. Cutler welcome last year I thought they didn't play many knowing quarterbacks and then all of a sudden they got eaten alive Monday yeah I mean it's still they're passing defense wasn't horrible last year. The bills are six and passing defense in the pre season they've only allowed opponents 192 and a half yards passing. A game in the pre season so the run defense is the number one the number six. Played Eli Manning who's been terrible that played camp they did not play against Cam Newton but played Josh McCown. Briefly against Ben Roethlisberger who got all on one play and then tonight it will be who. Matthew Stafford fair re briefly if at all right so I don't get anything from that at all because they also have their own back of 2.0. They don't care OK don't care. Cam Newton didn't even play. Eli Manning played three drives it to me is the same as saying that you know they held Jason Peter Paul and check for two series like it's over the course of big the entire game. Now the and get anything I don't know why I'm I'm I'm stupid but I'll put more weight in the run defense in the past. From the OK let's put a number and I did this with Bulldog when a host with him last week at the casino okay. Last year points per game that's really matters more than anything not yards or anything like that points per game are and what you put a number. On this year's ranking last year the bills' offense ranked 22 in the league in points per game. The defense was twentieth in points allowed per game put a number this year and we think both those numbers fall. See I think the defense will be my spiel about fifteen. May be a top I mean what how much of movies and it's I don't know I mean it could be last year they allowed per game. Mom. Bailouts when he four point threat points again fifteenth how many like 23 point eight. Mean it's not that's probably not have a very big jump so that the league could move around I don't know the defense the defense will probably give up fewer points. How much difference will that make I don't know I don't expect the dolphins the feel that dynamic we'll see if it is saying you gains we have not seen. We have not seen CJ Spiller the way they'll probably use him. So it's the pre season it's tough together anything from it. The pre season's terrible it ends tonight and somehow. They're gonna trot out their starters is get out LT. German lights up about GO. They allowed 88 points three say yes very minimal right very that's it the difference between the the difference between. Twentieth and fifteenth. Total points last year was twelve right exactly well over sixteen games over sixty one thing you can do and by the way the offense allowed some of those pointed sort of special teams. Right we will help countless numbers about like rankings it's important to know right how big of a disk you know. Discrepancy there is between went twelve and 24 are at point park. don't we use that. Can make it seem a lot worse than it is. All right one to get back today is a big day. Internationally. There's an idea they use not here that we should use here because it would be so much more fun. And lead controversy him myself he's got Tommy he hates it and think. But there's a great great event going out for 45. This afternoon and I think that the the NHL. One of these leaks. Like Webber wants sign up and take it and just. Henderson on. Adjusting to right tackle bills to play lions tonight fifth and final pre season game. Jeremy lights up a pot TO here on WGR joins us on the fault him on the AT&T hotline coming up top the hours that's the talk about. And was is Elvis trench tell people this trench thing. I'll talk about it when a little bit but the trophy award is western New York's version of the trophy and it's been going on for several years in fact. Exactly how many years are here. Since 2003 even know this thing existed but we're gonna get the trip the that get the big fat. Guys a little love here all the all the respect to all you high school play football but I. Carl currents is my one of my high school football coach physically until he runs this out of the the Lancaster become a pretty big deal and is now one of the guys on board with this is really help helping it out and we just want to. Talk a little bit about if you wanna. Maybe help ought to be can anybody want to become a member of know how they watch these guys and play at things like that with the Connolly cup the Heisman here where yeah this is the covers the island so anyway we'll talk a little bit about Judy but. We also bring him on to talk about you talked you brought up the of the day the east concussions and pre season. And all the issues we're having here now 61 I believe you said right up and of course we know Jody has been at the forefront a lot of the issues going on with concussions. And related issues with the retired players come a few minutes. First two things to get to one. you want to see what was the other one remember I know that I know them all the drawings yeah. And the wanting and on counts yeah Tennessee punting league it's survivors survivor partner at Tennessee punt survivor study SharePoint survivor. We have. A group of sixteen individuals of two teams each assigned randomly. And every time a team from inside the opponent's forty. That team gets knocked out lawsuit last team standing it's I look for week one probably like five or six teams quake. Punting inside the opponent's forty I got opening Green Bay and feel good about those two teams why because. Green Bay has a good kicker so they might kick it into the 38 right it's important. And Oakley and I don't know why feel good they've got nothing to lose so because they had Sebastian Janikowski still. Yes. It. Yes no kidding they may try it from seventy with that you make anything like that image right after the team so I have Indianapolis. good at the dome helps you out. And the giants. Now Coughlin. Help on all the time I had a right you know it's gonna be around Matthew drew Philadelphia in Jacksonville which like the top two picks. Smart guy in Jacksonville and got all the Smart the analyst of the Smart guys I get it yes. I get it now. Yes that's right you got that study and that looking into things and didn't do studies those are Smart people yes sometimes they draw wrong conclusions sure are anyways so the draw today. Tonight today's afternoon is the UEFA champions league group stage draw. Now is that while. All the soccer leagues over there they've. All five of his other master league where Arabic countries play each other. Basically it's kind of like if the US and Canada and Mexico. All had hockey leagues and the champions of those leagues played each other for you don't world supremacy. You know here when you win Major League Baseball you call yourself world champions despite not actually having to play anybody from around the world. There are they do like yeah we played just about everybody. Anyway sell what they do. Is a lot like the World Cup soccer does this. I don't care about your state concedes really they put teams in the pots and they draw one from each pot and then that's the group. So what they would do basically instead of having these cheesy divisions. Which are annoying and useless the NBA is going this way by the way probably eliminate divisions. Self for instance let's say the NHL playoff field is Phil what do you you now have four divisions right. And you have four teams that come out of each division essentially if three and then two wild cards what they would do is they would say. If they wanted to adopt this they take a four division winners they go in the pot won the for second place teams going to pot to. The fourth third place teams going to POP3. And and the wild cards going to pot four and each group would only have one drawn out of so you wouldn't have. The same matchup sever imagine if the sabres were going to play in the playoffs you are right when into 1820s. That I and they're gonna play in the playoffs. And we don't know where they're gonna play as the season plays out we don't do this. March towards. Looks like your scooter Boston may be Tampa we'll see who wins on the last day of the season if they get to avoid it now instead of that. We all tune in tonight. And we wait to see. What ping pong ball. OK so so how long before the game actually split the series starts do we know. Up to me three days. Two days it's a regular season ends we do the draw all right make travel arrangements let's go. I like it you know I like it reminds me of the NCAA tournament. This is selection Sunday. Selection Sunday is like a holiday for us basketball fans the only problem with it is all the NHL kinda has that right now this year Saint Louis and Chicago played the first round which was a joke. Randomness people are afraid of randomness in sports when it comes to these straws but in the NHL we just had it. Where the Rangers in the flyers played and they were the twelfth and thirteenth best teams in the east. And I'm sorry twelve and thirteen best teams in the league. Both in the east they played each other in the first round while Chicago played Saint Louis that was like number four vs number five. in baseball sometimes you have a one game playoff and in the next day got to play series don't know we're gonna play. The only reason that would cause me pause or something like this Germany as. As a person whose coach I like the idea of preparing for teams to the super very bright so so as long as the if we don't know I have to wait a date so as long as the window isn't that. Bad I don't care but again it's kind of like. The possible to Also my mistake the draw is at 11:45 morning it's from Monaco. In the UA fought Ross center everything that he was cooler they could do it in Monaco. NHL cool to be in Monaco next elected not all right very good press credential that happens Joseph be on the other side wanna get back here on WGR.

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    josh mccown found at 14:42

    an interesting situation. You know what's gonna have a nice little year. Josh McCown -- -- wanna believe that until I watched that game the other night I I didn't think you would start. He's got a big line but he's a nice you're thinking that often it's the made a trade they traded there tight and Tim right. Two New England for Logan Mankins we touched a little bit yesterday and talked about a lot. That tight and they treated it was the third leading receiver
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    feel Sammy Watkins especially should not touch the field. I'm Marcel Darius Kyle Williams Mario Williams but I -- list the players that shouldn't touch the field courted one should not touch the field. Not -- anyway. I
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    I think everybody pretty competent in the new law that system yet Mike Sherman -- the -- coordinator his first two years. But the dolphins and was also head coach in -- -- in him he's moved on from that now bill -- came from the Philadelphia Eagles and kind of -- a huge you know. The Chip Kelly -- and and so the other things he's seen this sort

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And I wasn't. 361 this could get really really nasty thanks for coming in studio for. Sure facility as talking about the yes on -- to talk and sports. Drilling hours about the Weathers the storm coming tomorrow. So you ready for the repeat of last season's questions. And sure enough in the same quarter let's let's start with Darcy Darcy has some comments in the paper today was asked by Mike Harrington of the news if things don't go well this weekend. Which you be forced to make big changes players or coaches and he said it isn't the coach. Is the coach not under any evaluation at all as far as the sabres organization is concerned. He's not part of the problem at all. Which question the coach. Is not part of the problem not he doesn't get a value of the question that Darcy was announced our first first and reacted -- first -- follow if things go poorly this weekend. Basically -- you get rid of the coach. I waited. Wonder if any GM in the league asked the exact same question would have said Yemeni -- and my coach things reported this week so in terms of fairness. I don't think that answer is should you know blaring headlines. Your other question was the coach part of the -- art of the problem. Sure yes coaching staff me -- -- all we're all one unit so. No one is above the problem. Terry -- you know hopefully would say he's part of the problem till we're also gonna try to be part of the solution. So what we all have our hands on the dagger but don't you think when you read a comment like that from the general manager the perception is that. Lindy is untouchable. The comment was if things go poorly this weekend we get rid of the coach now. That's what it was kind. Is Lanny that's so that then. His and I -- you know I don't think it's fair to really blow that beyond what it is okay we'll ask you what must have been wants us follow up to -- to Darcy which you know. -- -- -- on your show -- do you think the perception amongst fans and media for that matter myself included. When when Terry took over the team among the things you set on day one was and he ain't going nowhere. The perception is the owner is a big better than head coach and that no matter what happens he's just not and neither neither is the GM. Knowledge and -- to head coach because they believe that -- is the right guy no matter what. Don't you. Eight is that the feeling of the organization. Be if it is is not a problem because it would seem to make it like that he's not accountable. No one has ever said. To our coaches and accountable. So he could be fired. I could be fired you could be fired me. We can get into semantics. Of course. And -- job -- is to make this team better is it isn't that right and he's all of her job right now. All of our jobs -- to make this team better we've worked very collaborative league. And everyone's job that people have different levels of responsibility within certain areas. You know I don't I don't hold the coach accountable for for me doing a lot of my data they jobs. Nor does she hold me accountable but. It's it's one organism one organization. Who evaluates Lindy is it just Darcy is -- Darcy and Terry is that you is that everybody who were primarily because it's that's the GM's job. Primarily but it it's not exclusively. And who evaluate Starr she's job. That would. Probably be a little bit of everyone as well. Why -- putting himself yeah. Why is the team 36 and one. Because we haven't scored more goals than the other team. Enough for the games. Or two of the games are one of the game I mean it's you know. I wish I know. I can sell it in pill form and then. -- -- sit downs each week would be very easy yeah I mean you guys obviously did expect to be in this position absolutely after ten games. So as an organization. What do you guys talking about how do you rectify how you change the course of what's happened so far. I'm a lot of that's going to be internal discussion. A lot of it is going to be you know the it's really starts with the players and that's not criticizing the players but I can't willed them to win. I think they take a lot of pride they take a lot of comfort in the fact that the players of the ones that basically voted to have a practice yesterday. That was it a CPA mandated day off they didn't have to practice they wanted to. So there's there's you talk about accountability there's a lot of accountability right there do you come in here on your day off to that. Detect a no no way I would probably do the political price you're allowed program directors called go to voicemail usually on -- no no but you deal he probably have done that. To prepare for things and could you take a lot of pride in your job. Do you so there's no CBA issues then with the guys coming yesterday. If there is then -- and asked -- to rewind the tape in a race. -- like the Watergate tape I I we assume that if the. It's it's not mandated in the player's wish to commandments they can command and do whatever they want. Do you and I when I say you I mean you represented the sabres organization. Do you guys still believe firmly in this roster as it's presently constituted. I think you have no choice but to leave believing your current roster. Why you're still seeking to improve. So my gonna come on here criticize any one person -- or group now that's again it's incumbent on every when. To play to their potential and folks that don't work. Skating with the puck to do the best off the ice as well. But you can also talk about yeah I mean improvement like. Actively seeking trades not actively we believe in this roster let it have another ten games twenty games let's see how they are. March 1 that type of thing I believe him whenever there's -- And I and I think. You know unfairness towards our GM Mike I think. In the two years. Coming up on the two years that -- taken over the team he has done some. Something -- to move that forward unfortunately. You know the record doesn't show for necessary. This is a pass -- business I want you -- you don't win. Charm and get some calls and -- got a question and one last thing and then if I could could you mentioned two years we are coming up on anniversary. And you know obviously he says you know that the sole reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup two years almost two years removed from that remark to the organization believe. It is better than it was two years ago closer to its stated goal. Where are you in terms of how you how are you need to get to that spot. We'll let you know after it happens you know that's one of those things you don't know I mean. So manic lies are we closer winning a cup sure because it's in the future. We it's we have a lot of work to -- And were very blessed to have an owner that is full and committed. Financially. Emotionally. In terms of giving everyone anything that you need to do your job better. Across the board. Are very very blessed to have had somebody with that level passion. Between harbor center project be just look at that two block area. And only look at finances. The amount that -- put into the team. Without the any bank financing whatsoever without partners and what he's intending to do. The harbor center project you're looking at north of 400 million dollars -- -- questions Perry's commitment. -- seriousness. -- check yourself and. My question is about because a lot of this I think and that we make that point from time to time about the investment that's been made in the team in the area. I guess what what fans want to know in the suspend. An issue before -- ownership is that. The owner and the people that make the decisions -- like they do and I believe that did Terry doesn't you you know you talk what that that often. I guess what people are probably looking for at times like right now. Is -- A statement that is as strong as the you know the sole reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup and I think with the -- In this in this spot feel that they want to hear is that the people are mad you know even goal. You don't intend to fire a coach if you do it kind of portrays that anger that it's not good enough so. Guess the only thing I'm asking is is there anyway to. I don't know rapid often say that internally these discussions to the talk about improving the team like it's not -- Passive kind we think things are worked out but there's enough and aggressive approach to trying to get to where you wanna be. I don't know how -- strongly we can say it. You know we have an owner that this isn't a hobby for him this isn't something that you know he inherited with daddy's money and he's just. This turnaround. This is an extension of him and his family. Where we you don't see this level of family commitment anywhere else in sports. Our people frustrated that we haven't done -- two years absolutely in my absolutely. I move my entire family up here and and and I'll be damned if I'm on leave here with the Stanley Cup. And I'm very glad that we did the one thing and I never realized that I that would happen is that is how much I would really fall in love with the city of buffalo. And that makes us wanna do it even more. We've pissed when we lose yeah I wanna throw my -- through the TV sets sometimes. I want to yell scream but. I can't they can't always do that affect. But but I I I can speak for myself I share my views very very cleanly with. With everyone organization. That has responsibility. But I'd like to think that that we need to do better and we need to improve to even though. You guys are strong in terms of ticket sales were strong in terms of season tickets is a cap is a season ticket waiting list you have a few means. A little amount of tickets left for games. Is there's there's still a sense of urgency there's no hey. Why about it people love us the passionate were sold were -- sell out most of the games we got a waiting list don't sweat it. -- note taking program that I gasoline up. Absolutely not. And we don't we haven't sold every single ticket under the new CBA actually. The whole lot more tickets. And we'll be announcing some plans on how to. More efficiently get those tickets and people's hands the next few weeks were working on. When a program to do that but. We -- we aren't necessarily sold out every game we're pretty darn close -- we do fight that perception. Or TV ratings are first in the league right now I want them to be. More pre game post game shows -- So there is that there's always a sense of urgency and it even if we are number one and all those categories I'd want us to start lapping people. 80305 that description calls got Jimmie just gets you as well. Let's go to Greg you're on WGR with a black go ahead. And gentlemen I noted briefly touch on the flatly. Start your gear was given an extension. Of Ford. And actually -- Well and Derek Roy and -- And so the team clearly did get worse from a point and gentlemen expansion -- More. And yes -- -- had a rolling out in black. And. You know. I'm all in all. Each year mediocre product that I got our. Needs change. Greg thanks for the call appreciate that I appreciate the fact that you do. Buy tickets from us we we take that. -- very seriously that we have with the fans. -- extension. I don't think it's a mutually exclusive proposition that we we. We wanna win and do everything we can win by extending his contract. The moves that he's made albeit haven't led to. The Stanley Cup than last year didn't lead to the playoffs and this year we're struggling. Do you we can look at things and isolation and and be pretty pleased with the draft. With getting. Craig Franco Garrick sends the way that that took place in terms of making trades trading up to get a higher first round pick to get here excellence. The trade for Cody Hodgson was a bold move in and we're very pleased with that. The fact that somebody has a contract extension shouldn't keep up the night Terry Google is committed to doing whatever he asked to do. To make this team. Champion for folks that say. You know you're you're not committed -- -- fire somebody. I don't have any salvation for I don't know what to say. Because that necessarily doesn't follow. When somebody is not doing their job and not improving. In the two years we've been here then off to address those things. Got an email for an industrial 550 your calls -- emailed many teams in the league have a person between the GM and upper management like -- VP. Of hockey operations are senior advisor. They have this they were considered adding a position like this -- who do you go to for hockey related operations advice. We -- I go to do you specifically go to. I don't believe and that. That model we've put somebody on that's just another time if if there's somebody above the GM that's the GM. Whatever you wanna call it and -- the GM and them models and assistant GM. So. Our season is the head of the hockey department. Let's that's that's what he runs on I don't have somebody. Above me -- except for tearing him to go along. On the team but I don't have some. Person hovering above my shoulder wondering what I'd do just as you don't have somebody over your shoulder right now and I don't I don't know if that would. Make you do your job better some news -- in -- ever every time he made -- grammatical mistake -- Yeah so I don't I don't believe in that model I don't think people perform well whenever their micro managed I think you empower people didn't let them go -- I agree I agree with you there I don't I guess I think the again that the perception is -- but it wait what do basically gets to instead. That someone from the outside comes in says while wise Starr she's still here and -- to hear that -- -- cup in fifteen years -- both fired I think that's basically what fans are asking when they say is or someone you could put in between. You when Terry and Darcy is to bring in someone else who would say why these guys to -- that's called a new GM. Not as -- over the GM. 8030550. Join us rob you're up next here it's that black and W Jiaka right ahead. People try to match gets sent out here we are. Are you to get all this the old money we don't chair of the money to mark it was great audits are. I can attaching a fair I can bet that our our problem -- the people that aren't gonna put in chart to do the job and you. Pajama editor who go out there and get along on the trail -- that -- With a coach that has proven over it senior that he can not. Kim Jong -- L. So you have to and are fighting each other I would never want to -- anybody go like that job. Number but something you have to change here in New York advocate change where -- -- -- our players don't worry about our etiquette or chip another crack. -- -- historical aura and bringing in veteran leadership a much bigger than their bigger and yet apparent apartment. Which it works here. -- -- only go go for him it's all right and relying too much. -- check for submarine and the coach can't recruit what to do. You're -- but giving it everything you need to tackle very opposite team and I'm RPI. But they're -- They're fairly -- that young core I hope that everybody and it. And this clip art just a pep the first -- -- or -- short -- it ought to do so. The general manager in my opinion. And John. Critical EL. Thanks for the call around and don't even know where. We're jumping on that. GM's doing a fantastic job in building core Nvidia. Rob I appreciate the frustration and what I love about this fan base is they care if if you opened up the phone lines and that was crickets. That would scare the living crap out of me. So I I appreciate the passion. And that's what we wanna win. We don't wanna win just first self ego gratification although -- lie about it about it pretty awesome. I wanna see tears coming down people's faces so where we get it we get rob appreciate it and go to work every single day thinking about that I don't go to work with -- saying you know like in -- and today and I don't think anyone else does. How do you tell the fans I mean in essence you try to tell me we -- saying we want to win show don't get it. Be patient. Don't need jerk react how. I mean you understand that's -- fit to hear that that why you guys have been here for two years they've dealt with this for myself I. I can't say that it's cruel and unusual punishment to tell people to be able to show the what I think is that true. Going up data that I know that's why do -- so what do you tell fans when they express this kind of anger frustration and despair. Year rob we want to win the cup for you like it like it take my name off of it when we win put yours on every other fan I would do it in RP. That black here industrial 550. If the at the office. We keep your room. You do to me he's obviously thanks so it's on height and I don't orbit masochistic and I knocked it in your private life but we got another call I mean it. So I earlier call -- Dan gets asked me some questions and I it will absolutely Stan we try not to let Dan talk too much on the show it that's that's the deal. Ratings that show us what the team is ridiculous thing happened and for a long shifts since. She gets a couple shift there was an Oceanic shifts yes. Owns. All alone in this I will stay because this is just so much. Dog on the line. I would thanks Jessica. 80305 shipped to join us here on hold hang on. We'll get to rapid fire questions in with Ted when we get back on WGR.