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WGR550>Topics>>4/11 Ron Rolston Postgame

4/11 Ron Rolston Postgame

Apr 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We didn't really play a lot. Other team did. If I was I was. We got our work to read Graham played there. -- No you know. We -- not suffered ratings have enough and we didn't have enough players going into many passengers tonight. As far as I'm here. That. What was it what was the first part of me distrustful you know absolutely there assured us. Very distressing. It's. We'll probably -- Just trying to get something on trying to get some guys -- actually. You know make some place I was only had a couple guys who are some of our younger guys don't -- -- complaints. Again we go back to your best players better do your best players if they're not. You have no chance to win hockey. The first time in his -- Again. Here. Q -- you always personally found. You'll find your ointment solve it. He's okay. You have practice we've got to get better tomorrow and be ready for Shelley. What's that what you. Can play better you just hope some guys start playing better in the game. We had very few of orderly sell. You know we tried to mix it up a little bit get some different guys at the moment is still wasn't enough gone so. Are there -- he played quite a while I mean. There's nothing he can do. They always do -- always -- I mean they always do those guys they always show so. That's what I expected from those guys.

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