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WGR550>Topics>>7/29 Kraig Urbik on the first training camp practice of the year

7/29 Kraig Urbik on the first training camp practice of the year

Jul 29, 2013|

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    CR Sports Radio 550 years. It's big weekend for the Buffalo Bills when Andre induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday in the first game of the pre season from Kenton. On Sunday starters are expected to get too much playing time but BJ Emanuel and Sammy Watkins are expected. EJ Manuel and Samuel octaves are able to do what they didn't practice yesterday the world might take notice a highly camp was a 99 yard touchdown pass. Well just got back differently and he ran a great route. You know and it was against Gilmore says a lot of well you know impact of this His name as a QB gets a 7999. Yard touchdown reception so in the same degree jobs that you know knows for. Bills back on the field front 9 PM practice for 6 PM practice in my prime prime time prime time you do need a ticket to attend. Donald attorney Michael Cohen an email to the Associated Press says that the Donald is heading to the next base in the Bill Self process. Only three reported that are all three are reportedly the next Trump's is set to be an all cash offer upon closing. Capable and the group also formally through the next stage Tim Graham the Buffalo News reports that the specific numbers and figures. We've been hearing it are not accurate but the the Bon Jovi group. Quote has been discouraged. About being successful. As currently structure. The group could change that structure Jon Bon Jovi is willing to be a minority owner tigers acquired David Price from Tampa Bay and a three team deal with Seattle these eleven and eight. Two years after his Tony when campaign price joins Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander giving the tigers the last three Cy Young winners in the mail. Athletics acquire Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes. And cash from the Red Sox for UN assessment as any drastic says that's the Sox a little more than two weeks after winning a home run derby. For the second straight year blue jays gaining ground. In the races known Ronald. Almost twice includes a tiebreaking solo shot and I think it was 651 against Houston it was a gutsy step and get Navarro at solo homers in the woods is sixth consecutive victory. Fires a six under 64 and leads by one shot. After the first round of the Bridgestone invitational Tiger Woods the defending champ made six birdies is to at 68 Dustin Johnson taking a leave of absence from golf. To seek help for what he says are. Personal challenges he will not compete in the PGA championship and could miss the Ryder Cup. I'm Jeremy White and Ichiro Sports Radio 550 for breaking sports news text the word sports that by 5550. WGR. Sports Radio fifty. They had to predominate the locker room at one of accountability. And in a serious. Where spear an epic come from the locker room. The coached and promote it and eat and elect guys don't wanna part of it back. But a couple of guys who locked the Arctic air quality guys in the locker room who can make it happen. But I think that's what have to be there for a team to take another step. It's I would say. Tonight six of the street Friday. Football Sunday it this is our last shelved. Without a football game. war. Like nine months five to the end of The yeah seven. Seven months while February. Or seven months. That's great. Regret at the super ball and the hall of fame game are exactly on the same level of football. But landed in Super Bowl get better ratings little bit and it's you know what. Don't sleep on the hall of fame game. It is football and as you know there is about the hall of fame game it's hard to get an accurate rating because of so many people and Bart yes that are watching doing glories of the viewing parties those Arabic and hall of fame game so I. It. I'm ready for the game you are you are ready for the game a week ago you have your kind of dreading it you think it's gonna be on watchable and terrible I'm really excited to see it yeah. I've learned from a previous mistakes don't get excited I always get excited about the game ice I cannot wait. For the first pre season game I that pumped up. Then they start the game. And then. Pretty darn close to the minute the start come out at least some can keep my interest by halftime. I'm telling I will be in the I'm I'm in the radio Sunday night about that a go to the game govern again whatever level of apprehension. Amid the boot because it's not a from the press box for all the media it's basically being played at a high school stadium. big high school stadium. At halftime I'm gonna be think and I can I leave early go after watched the second half. I knew that it every pre season opener you've got to scout Jeff tool. The Lewis secrecy Hogan and that's why there's no I'm gonna stay for the whole game because someone will say. What are the fifth string right guard. The play what position battles are you mention wide receiver to me is always going to be a funnel like TJ Graham vs Chris Hogan should be a good one yet. I'm mean actually will get wide receiver Kerry took that one. I missed it in how they they will use their running backs I don't know if we're gonna release that much in the pre season there's no. To me there's no battle CJ is one Fred is too. And the depth chart had Dixon three but I would say Bryce Brown would be three and Anthony going to be like a goal line guy. Linebackers. I'm interested to see what happens at linebacker Clinton brown playing. We know that I spikes right who's who the other starters who's in the nickel package. I you know they're talking their. I wouldn't say raving about Preston brown but really excited about how Preston brown has looked through audio TH in the first couple weeks of training camp so for me. With a lot of those injury. I'm anxious to see what plays out other than Brandon Spikes we know he's gonna be there but he's not a three down linebacker so image to see what. What happens at linebacker. Safety competition I think people are expecting to Norris or to win. But does anybody else play well enough to take that job from him duke show opera Jonathan since the safeties are changeable you can plug anybody and I think you watch that competition. Wide receiver sure got wide receivers has so many different layers to it. Starting with they they obvious once Sammy Watkins and to see how good he is and how much the use of what the role is. And Mike Williams are ready to talk about he's going to be a big weapon you mentioned Pat Kirwan from. CBS sports dot com said this week at bills can't be thinks both Watkins and Williams to be eighty catch guys on a few Mike Williams. Bob and I I don't think Graham makes this roster but we'll see how that battle plays out you know what. Woods in Goodwin I think we know they're they're good football players but it you know wanna see them progressing you're too wide receiver I think is the most fascinating position to watch. But I'll watch linebackers I think. I think that's a big battle going on for the starting spots and how these guys are gonna make up. For the stupid Kiko Alonso. What else offensive line. Right guards and open competition so we have to see what's going on there. I'm I'd like to see us I wanna just Cyrus looks because he has not looked good in training camp to this point and I thought he'd be right starting right tackle by opening day. And he looked lost and we've talked to about him he's really struggled. Pierce has been the guy with the ones so whenever Joseph gets out there on a CD can hold his own little play against somebody else. We have really TJ Gramm's name. At all this year I don't give them a shot you know I don't and Joseph wrote about him at the website you know reading Joe's tent date ten to ten notes. TJ Graham. Yeah I don't many chance yeah I was talking about TJ with. Some from the bills of bill's official the other day someone on their staff for a minute and and I just said to him that the repairs were working on punts and Graham returned upon an instant. He says of the about you know TJ and how he's gonna just don't see how he makes no I I think most of us are operating under the belief that. Chris not a lock okay. But I think most of us are thinking he's on this team I think so you right here is name a whole lot more everybody's talking him up that Manuel has good chemistry with him or that he just makes plays and runs good got good hands he finds a way to make. And he's on special teams so. Jeremy do you put Chris Hogan as I don't quite a lock but I wouldn't even a silly go to training camp by go to the regular season where you know Graham. Part of it is his fault and part of it is not his fault I think part of its numbers part of its numbers but when I was gonna say is that. They don't target him all that often there are a lot of times where he's on the side of the field to give manual half field reads he's on the other And Hayes Eddie could be open right they don't think it happens a lot that it's I don't wanna put in say he's a total boss well you know what Yelp when he too. This is he open. Sure sometimes. But at the same time he hasn't done enough to distinguish himself for instance he has in two years he's been targeted a 10515. Times. Wouldn't you think that a lot that's that's a good number yeah. And it might be a huge number but piper has been no better than the 34 receiver for a guy that you'll barely remembers being on the team. A relief they've thrown the ball 115 times yes that's at times he's been targeted look even good as a rookie. Came in. And made some place. You know now you can he made three big touchdown catches you could look at wouldn't say okay there's something there McGee is. What what is Graham have what what do you. Well TJ he's got. It. Not much three touchdowns he they they complete 47%. Of the passes that they throw to him. And pattern well Matthew knows better than I would about analytics a football but it would seem to me. But if Europe assessing your wide receivers he wouldn't be too crazy to look at the percentage of catches. Each one gets on his targets rather a lot of variables that go but it just relative to your own team. If when roto Stevie Johnson Europe 59%. And to robber would your 54% of you 47% it's not hard to then say Maybe TJ obviously the weakest of the bunch because for Understand there are a lot of variables on routes and and who's covering the guy if that ball is less likely to be completed when it goes to support him that is of the that looks negatively on him. Yet nothing average is the amount is that that percentage could be thrown by a guy. Being thrown the ball deep downfield I mean I wouldn't I run a lot of sidelines right I think Calvin Johnson his easily around 50% to a lot of believe what is about 50% but he catches. Like thirty yard passes down field all the time so there throwing him you know and fade routes and things like that throwing him very difficult routes. And with they throwing a lot of balls that TJ Graham that have been deep that it the other pretend. Calvin Johnson is careers over 57%. Okay. But I could get his splits and find he's thrown the ball. At Graham is just he's what He hasn't stood out right and this is a great example of you know you can be a very successful receiver that my receivers in the league are as talented as Graham. The put up much bigger numbers because of their circumstance the situation. With Graham. I did think got a lot last year I thought he doesn't get the ball but it's not the kind of thing I would often. Wanna call him out for that. I thought that about him as a rookie I didn't think about it as much last year 'cause to me I think now you can and all I have I have like. In my head right now I'm replaying plays EJ Manuel throwing the ball over TJ had on the sideline right jets game but I mean that was an that was up. It's not like that happened all the time that's why I thought when you brought up Graham. What would be the break his routes you know how many of those balls were maybe more difficult routes at some other guys but look through a two year body of work. You gotta show me something and what is he showed I it even even Marky Mark he's came in as a rookie and showed us the ability to make some big place. And to play underneath as well the jet game was and I think it was the jet game or Goodwin. That a lot he didn't just burned down the field he'd you know comeback routes on the sidelines he was open he was available for. Each Emanuel. Targets for He's only targeted 32 times last year well there's a good point though. 32 times he was targeted he had three touchdowns TJ Graham has three career touchdowns. In 115. Career targets and that's. That's a strong case like in 32 targets Goodwin has been more effective at getting into the end zone for you know for whatever reason if you don't talk about percentage of receptions TJ Graham I mentioned is under 50% he's good when it's over 50%. So and Graham was drafted to be a field structure and then Goodwin came in and he's more of Field strike that's part of it too right when TJ it was drafted it was hey you know this guy ran track I mean he's got liking credit he's got Olympic speed. Just another guy and we'll hear from right they have they have guys for sure they got good with the burner but right Jamie do so. What does TJ Graham bring to the table this year to the bills that they that that no one else can boring. Branded one of the highest deep ball percentages in the league 41%. Going deep passes which probably that but that also says that. He might not be very good at the other parts of it. Mean we actually saw a member of the jets game mark he's with ability to get off the line up and I think that's probably a big issue for TJ Graham and Evan. The I keep saying in a number of ways I have felt many times like Graham. Now he's not getting a raw deal but he's just getting in a agent you're listening to him called you a lot in say stuff like. I mean I'm not I'm not. As a have been put the best position to win. And that's for coaches there Willits on you show us something in those limited opportunity bright sky like the guy that needs power play time and hasn't scored a power play goal and four games he eventually mean he thinks like. I mean I I need opportunities to show you well you should be shown me the opportunity you had well as much of an opportunity and you just go on and on in the cycle. And I with you I think Graham I think Graham won't make the team. I'd be surprised that really what I there is no scenario barring injuries obviously there's no scenario I can see where he makes the club I could see it very easy scenario where he doesn't make the team someone gets hurt he's on the team he's off the team prize on the he can be the new Ruvell Martin. I like he's up and back right. Right and that is that he looked you know and in if you're TJ Graham. Look around you when you can you can say. I don't know if you can say. The organization screwed me over but you can look around you can and but my point is that TJ gets drafted and then the next year. They draft receivers Robert Woods and mark he's good with. And then the after they move and perhaps Sammy Watkins and they'd trade for Mike Williams and you're looking around on hate what I mean I'm here. No. How much of that is you know hey that they look after TJ here none of us repressed they look around and go. Well we can never get better wide receiver I would have said that so let's go out and get some wide receivers and the lock in thing I think is just. He's a special playmaker I don't know that necessarily. TJ is still not good enough let's get I think that is all about this kid's a special playmaker we need to get him on our offense they'll EJ Manuel. But I mean what's in good went in and drafting those guys I think it was in part you look at TJ as a wrecking. And enjoy it's much let's bring in some more competition let's let's trying get better at that position and they did. And the more receivers they bring and then the more TJ Graham drops down on the depth chart. And you know he's not you could also nick Goodwin good even though. You know that the kick returns in the regular season. Word negligible they really anything compared to what he's doing in the pre season but at least Goodman also brings that aspect of the field now Graham was returning some practice the other day but TJ Graham it's not gonna make. An impact I think on special teams so. Yeah I you know the wide receiver battle is fantastic it's always fun you're right that I think there will be. Certainly the battle for the the fifth spot the six spot do they keep the seventh receiver if they'd I wouldn't if they do that would help TJ Graham. But the battle for the bottom part of the receiving depth chart is always fun to watch everybody. There's no. No one's gonna be surprised if we and we all think the top four spots law obviously Watkins Williams. Woods could win whatever happened so it's really those guys competing for the last two or three receiver spots. But I've I've I'm excited like what individual players you're excited to see she Sammy. Yeah for sure Sammy. EJ. Gilmore. Or how via. Healthy Gilmore Fred Jackson you know it's interesting when a guy says every guy's gonna say I feel better than ever felt before. When we are talking to Fred a force and is not for expansion I got the feeling he feels better than he's ever felt before he just he had something about on the I also want to ask you Mike are you. I know it's it's a little extra happiness that's something like a lot of in the best shape your life you feel better than ever because he just kind of carries himself like he does. And I didn't ask you because I think it's such camp cliche in the and he came out and said it. I don't think it's a cliche in his case he he is or at least he believes it I do believe that he believes it because he just carries himself and that keys. He's very ready. Well I don't other inning guys don't typically show up for camp as answer the question by saying now I've been in better that's true. I but I I'd I actually don't need Fred to play a singled out of the priciest does not need not one. I don't need amber what about And to play single brown died and about not really and I don't you Bryce Brown can it does not have running backs I don't need a running back to even. There's no battle for a position right problems on the team that will be Dixon's probably on the team you mean Anthony. The Asher cherry and let I I don't need to go to nine and either as a running back need pre season games. Maybe the line at the end I don't play well let's say this yes to a degree it was the opener last year where Spiller. Didn't hit the holes you know we watched it. And set but like you missed some holes in the in the next the comes out and says yeah I really missed a lot of my cutback plan. I'm not a big CJ getting were too much running time in the pre season but OK in one of his most electrifying runs in the pre season against the colts remember up in Toronto. He's good Ron yeah. They had a Cincinnati. Angles right pre season game here I think he had a big game against that he maybe rookie year. Yeah I don't I don't throw it I don't really need much him and pre season but my biggest but my biggest question for Sunday night the single biggest question is obviously. as he declined. And Doug were on yesterday said I that he didn't have any answers as far as playing time for the media. He's waiting to get through tonight's practice they've had a handful of injuries so heated wanna comment on playing time until he figures out okay. Who's healthy who isn't healthy what can I do there are guys they've been easing back. There are a number of guys that have op had offseason procedures. Mckelvin among them that they've been easing back in the camp so they might there might be had for the guys that don't even play in this game because they don't want to they have an extra pre season game Amanda put him and but the biggest question to me is yeah. How much. How long is the only playing with the ones if so how long are the ones playing. But the ones are only playing two series Kenya Levy with the guys you can't do that the second straight up the get him killed. You can get hurt any time he steps on the football field I needy on the field and I can't wait to see what are they doing what's the plan how long. We are forgetting the number one story line. In every single pre season than that rules out the battle for the backup quarterback Erik shared a single trying guess this you guys and I'm the barest that we didn't the city there. The number one story line in every pre season. I got a guest K on my guess would be. The running back that becomes the star camp that has no prayer making the team now. You're you're close. Every pre season especially here in buffalo thing for the bills. Every year in the three season something happens. And it will be the talk of the team for the next five weeks before string quarterback throws a blog for touchdown. I'll go to the second OK if Jeff told plays well alright earlier I feel we have a quarterback controversy I tried I try went to the bottom of the depth try to figure that for you were going now quote quarterback controversies so far out of my mind that that didn't go there. It hasn't been what camp though. right nobody is talking about Jeff tool at camp nobody's talking about it because it can't work that Lewis now. It's different camp once you get to the pre season if the giants game happens in manual Leeds and two. I don't know what a field goal on their opening drive anyplace to drives and that's it and then Jeff tool comes in is the second quarterback any puts up two touchdowns. In six strives. It's. Hey guys like I'm not making fun of the people will say that because we will say that that three seasons where we thought. And the starting offense looks like the worst offense. Ran their playing and starting and then we'll get into guys. Tools touchdowns were against you know guys that are working in restaurants next win in Daniel's drive against Indy coming and that the it at that point I last year there was reportedly camp bodies that was the first half yeah. I am looking forward to. Kind of processors kind of looking forward to. Having a quarterback's role well enough to debate whether or not it means. Is that generally out works. You won't mean anything now I think you can you can watch the game and say hey fellas I like which Jeff told it. And you can end the sentence right there but that doesn't happen especially with an unproven quarterback likes of which the bills will but it for me I can't speak for everybody I can I could watch if Jeff plays well Sunday night. I do not go into camp next week thinking time to get can do with the ones in camp it was sprinkling some reps with with starters with Jeff tool. It just it just didn't make any difference to me. I'm by Cingular focuses EJ Manuel trying to get better we have Jeff tool throws for two touchdowns in the third quarter. Honestly would there's no way I would consider doing anything other than leaving EJ Manuel out there with the ones. 100% of the time through the pre season. It's you'd think they would now. And it down there what now. That academic if told plays well there's no way that they pump him up to. The ones you know no no I don't think that. However. When we talk Q personal prestige with the jets. I was surprised to hear that geno Smith only get 75%. Of the snaps of the ones. So the jets have another guy that does practice with the ones right. And the bills don't really do that now and I just read something today in Cleveland I mean I think people are expecting Hoyer to be the starter but moderates on today were they there. Gonna get and sell some reps with the ones in practices so at least just see how he does at that point. So the bills don't even in an even come close to a no. No reps with the ones other teams. You know they that there's a quarterback controversy in New York Regina Smith he's their starter get somebody pops on the steps of the wants to this point We're also we should also one of the bills are on their second week of camp other teams are on their first. So as things go along I would imagine geno Smith's number of reps with the ones will increase. I think fell from 75% to 80% to a 100%. Do you think that. If not a bad idea it's well part of the issue is at this point in camp bills also don't have. A clear number two there's a battle between that Lewis and Jeff tool if you wanted to make the argument. Hey guys it can't is gonna kill anybody to throw. The number two guy out there for 5% of the reps with the first string just always out there are a little bit well I think part of problem is right now they don't have a number two guy. At least going by what Doug has been saying. They've been trying to split the reps three tool and Lewis even have a guy who they would say. Clearly your number Q let's get him five to 10% of the reps. They don't have a guy who's number two right now and it maybe that maybe that's what Sunday night might do maybe if they think. Sunday night settle the number two job and they sprinkle in some for that but that going for I'm not expecting it I wouldn't do it I don't think the bills are going to do it. I'm pretty sure they're going to just eject everything with the ones for the rest of the pre season. 8030550. To join us. It's the pre season version of football Friday the bills are playing Sunday night the moment you've all been waiting for a to actually talk about what does not not a practice not talk about practice we're talking about a game. 8030550. To join us. Who are you most excited to see. What are you most interested in what. Battles gonna be watching on Sunday night. You can let us now the book is wide open to talk about the first game of the pre season. Between the bills and the New York Giants by the by the mentally GR. Eight of real effective to the gravel like 88 by fifty to think that the OK today on the shelf. We will be talking about Andre by the is also going in the hall of fame Saturday night. Darryl Talley joining us at eight and Bill Polian will join us at nine. Arm and Joseph B will be with us fifteen to talk training camp and if you're headed for the hall spurs have never been there before. We're gonna have peaked join us from the hall of fame at 730 we'll talk a little bit about what to do what to see how to go about. Going through the hall of out there. Really doing it for me because have been nearly thirty years just wanted to find out like what battle plan because all that's coming up till I WGR. Here. WGR. Sports Radio 550. Ownership update Donald attorney Michael Collins in an email to the Associated Press says. That the Donald is heading in next face the bills sale process however. Reportedly all three bidders. Are through to the next process it's also. Not a firm deadline the deadline that passed can still come in at this point but moving forward. Trump's bid is said to be an all cash offer upon closing. Terry Google and the Toronto group report for the next stage and Tim Graham the Buffalo News reports that these specific numbers and figures of one point 3000000001 point two billion. Those are not accurate however he has also said we did that the Bon group has been discouraged about being successful as currently structured it might. Warrant change if bon John John Bon Jovi is willing to become a minority owner throttles. Chances could change things could change that point stay for the very latest here. On WTO tigers acquired David Price from Tampa in a three team deal with Seattle prices eleven eight with a 311 ERA in 43 starts this season. Tigers now have the last three AL Cy Young winners aids acquired Jon Lester in Jonny Gomes in exchange for US. Assessment as. And a draft pick blue jays gaining ground. With a 65 win over Houston in the ninth inning they can solo shot from known rival. Joseph Jose Batista policy solo home runs back to football or Marshawn Lynch has ended. His whole body reports the Seahawks camp. The bills worked out yesterday they moved practice from. Morning to afternoon they've got a prime time practice on the wake today 6 o'clock at saint John Fisher you do need a ticket to attend big weekend for the bills in all. Hall of fame festivities on Saturday in the hall fame game Sunday of course. The guys that. Made there will be great see those guys are honored to serve in the hall of fame quote Jim Martin been nominated. The reason. Is a big present we don't beautiful. Let's rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins after practice yesterday he it in 99 yard touchdown for manual which was the highlight. yesterday's practice mark a 664. He leads at the Bridgestone invitational Tiger Woods four strokes off the lead. Dustin Johnson taking time away from golf or personal challenges. He's ranked fourth in the world. to the Ryder Cup standings will miss the PGA championship and could miss the Ryder Cup. I'm Jerry to be Sports Radio by fifty for breaking sports news text the word sports that by 5550. My accident that totally inexcusable. And I mean I just replay over and over my head. You know that's not me my actually inexcusable. And he something I have to live for the rest. Have to live with the rest of my life. And you know the pain and I'm talking about little ways that as we can have every day in my daughter's two years old now and when don't know how old school. It. The straight right just I actually thought. He really went on further about that that was one of the more compelling parts of his. Speech statement would be the witness statement yet no letter in front of them. I thought it was I didn't hear all of Jeremy but I thought the part that I heard was was sincere was heartfelt he apologized profusely. To his wife which I guess the last time they had a press conference he and his he never did that actually. He apologized to his wife we apologize for letting everybody down his family his teammates the community. And they talked about his daughter. And to that struck me. I could scan them I'm Dan I'm I'm a parent and and I know how important is to be at a rate your child the right way when your child should think of view as a role model and all that stuff. In about a opposite. His daughter if his daughter Google's there is their dad's name Ray Rice he said my daughter will Google my name. And what will come up it won't be my stats will be the story about me. Striking my wife and being suspended for two games and a lot. Yes that's. That's and that's not going away like that's there's no. Well it gets expunged from your Internet record if you behave yourself for the rest of the year it's there it's there forever. It'll always be part of UN who you are now people will remember you so. I thought yeah I thought he was really sincere yesterday. And and I thought he spoke from the heart rate he should still be suspended Odyssey and everything it was incredibly well. But if you would if you wanted to hear a guy who you thought sincerely. Was. Understood the severity. And the depth of how wrong he was and what he did I thought Ray Rice answered that yesterday. They went side I had I I'd I got off for the bills here for a but I know I. I was I was impressed. I'd seen that he had made a responsive others pressed aren't the of the ravens have in the waves come under fire because of the way they've handled it. At their front page of their web site while well show your support for re kind of kind of there's one article written that said you don't have finalist I like Ray Rice there was another picture of rice saluting fans in the standing ovation the story was rice receives a standing ovation upon returning to which he did a camp I guess right got a big round and the idea is that if you're the ravens. You might just keep quiet yeah I I wouldn't have done anything. You don't need to put the here's why Ray Rice is a great person articles will sign this this word gets Not quite dangerous territory but get awkward and I mean this seriously. At fantasy drafts around the country the the world as your drafting your fantasy team Ray Rice will get drafted. Right you can't. Are you the same got the criticize the ravens for having imminent ransom on your own fancy team who drafted Dorsey. And when he gets drafted. In a room of eight guys or guys and who announced. That person addressed him will get booed. Boo. And then jokes of me about it. That they gets. Right that's probably how all go in 94% of fans via a guy that you don't care about the guys on your team in the to make light of it and move on which is. To me. That's at the heart of the NFL's under suspending him. Is that they not gonna take it seriously it won't be long before football fans just kind of joke at it move on. Right. Yeah that sad because then you're diminishing you know you're what happened yes. And that's why and I at trial give Ray Rice credit again. Listening to him yesterday. Again if I. I will take him at his word and in it sounded to me like a guy who is sincere he understood the gravity of his actions. What it meant what it meant in terms of his reputation what it in terms of his relationship with his wife what it meant as a father. What it meant as a son. What it meant as a teammate and an all these things that he does in the community so. Yeah I would it would be the end the fantasy football star is troubling it would diminish exactly the seriousness of this tonight and I give Ray Rice credit for not doing that yesterday. Eagle 30550 to join us this morning there's big game Sunday night. They announced they're wearing and the matter whether all whites all of fame game again with the AFL right old. Throwback style almost. Have to you might say blue face masks. The them blue face masks they did once back in the day right and it helped limit those legal. Two people liked the liked those visors with the bill's love it does one they're not a lot of Wear those now but they're Sharpton really cool on backward when we the the show today. I think Jerry Hughes had one on their guys at least. Huge ramp by in its market and he was suspended for four games and eight did you know that tinted visor and the the bills like holographic look I thought it was sharp. A lot. And I said they should let guys that and and I was told that at the very least you can only Wear it if you've you've got to justify why you would need a fighter and I can go and I probably you can't just put it on for look. I think it looks then that's lots of players will be claiming cataracts soon. Well actually I thought here's another revenue source buys there to the add on it. And it could be cataracts for not missile it for the visors but maybe for something else. What what could it Jeremy or something you do to correct cat. Anything as a met a medicine or something like what an ointment you would user out anyway so there's a game Sunday. And under Reid's go to the hall of fame Saturday so to deal. Shake the cobwebs out of your head and that gives the call 8030550. What you know what you Sunday night could be an individual player could be a position battle. Maybe you're looking forward to see in you know Schwartz's defense for the first time no idea. Who are you wanna watch what are you looking forward to how long should Egypt. On Sunday night and I'll go to doctors because that they mentioned Andre is going into the hall of fame Saturday night tally at Dayton pulled in at nine. You Andre reed story your favorite story your favorite game. You got to highlight Andre memory you wanna share. You can go back in time and share your memory Willis is wildly vitriol by a fifth year in 88. 550 Q 550. I'd. Like to make my decision now. For instance trivia yes evil king Solomon here got to try and split the baby I did threaten to split the Forget it just that's how they get in effect it. Well actually forget it's it it. He was wise moving on. I agree he didn't split the baby he you don't look hot take from king Solomon. Well I covered him that was my first beat. Musical do okay answer trivia there are too into trivia is Jeremy has I have one and you have to decide which one you want power. So stopper in the Internet I'm I'm tweeting something for I had OK so my answer trivia is that. Yet to name who the bills played against in order pre season and last year and who played quarterback in those rooms that. And once they're four and Jeremy also has and you got to decide. Mine is the last nine pitchers to win the Cy Young. Or not Detroit Tigers the current Detroit Tigers to the tigers have the last three AL Cy Young winners. For the nine pitchers to win the previous ten cy young's in the mail. At say the am hoping you go mine because I'm. Not pitcher in baseball guy and I know it's kinda thing was. I hope you think you were I was in the lead and you for the Cy Young stuff I'm three or four I'm ready for that. The bills that one they'll go through that okay like they open the open. I'll think about science okay they opened against Indianapolis okay now want a guy who are I don't remember that transfer got at all okay has got the first in the while the lone wolf on their schedule. OK I yeah I don't remember the they've played Indy. They played Minnesota correct honestly Washington it. Correct and then Detroit or ride gave it right I remember that because Minnesota was here and EG got her dad again Washington. Kevin We got hurt Jeff played almost the whole team. And the fourth game is against Detroit as they always put Detroit well that's the the you've got some of the second part of it tell you got lone wolf there the schedule HL leading passer and each one of those games Jeff tool was leading passer in the Washington game. Created right that's right of the time and for seventeen with 63 yards was indeed the leading packaged EJ Manuel was leading passer. In the Minnesota game called game he play well be too and a good chunk of the Minnesota game. Minnesota EJ you're not running the table today. He was not the leading goodness. It was. Kevin Cobb Kevin Cobb was indeed the leading passer which he wanted to Fifteen was that the game I don't remember any of the stuff that that means they. manual and Jeff tool all play the next game Jeff who went two for three so quarterback controversies that at its height to manual lead in the From the first to add to that a nice half. I'm when he did he did not she now. Now here you were just talking about last segment college actual it will lit it up it yet still played super crazy well with every quarterback controversy while last year he went. Nineteen for 232 touchdown right and 212 yards and there was on any hit the market deeply for a touchdown. At least yep that's right Marcus Easley led that the Ramsey okay so that's went. Hang up before get to the fourth game tool casual and then You throw in a little bonus question the fourth game not just leading passer. Who were the quarterbacks that played that it the cargo plane Matt liner. Three for ten with two interceptions will never forget. Didn't bring in another guy that we. now which is they don't have brother did bring in another guy but. In that you know he played in the game right that's what I'm trying to remember who was Matt Flynn. Is that Lewis Vince I thought that was a product they brought him payment and Andy throw right yeah it was a kind haven't liner OK got Monica I mean. That's I thought Lewis was here before that a case of Lewis liner. The would have to complain about that just listen liner at that. The game and maturity of the job locked up so she Emanuel did he investing in one single receiving him. Bus. So it's a Weiner was the fourth one he led him into it against the I don't know it was that Lewis Leonard had eleven yards. We love our pre season play well now here's a bonus for you. Who led the team in rushing against Detroit. It was bad And that it was that is actually played in that they'd basically rested everybody and Zack brown band and Tashard Choice. Where the running that game and that would the chargers was the biggest name right. 8030552. NS 888550. Q 550 when we get back. There was a little bit of an update in terms of the Elena wanted to talk more about the mystery. Surrounding the bit. When we get back on WG. Mid inning Austin Jackson's being pulled out of the game and this probably is. Addicted what's about to happen. Public company's Austin Jackson. Being taken out of this game now games going out to center. Jackson during the height of games snow. Get her out of it it moves yesterday based. Course the Mets decided to stand pat they like their team and they're gearing up obviously for big playoff run column when he left and your right. How Howard Jeremy and Matthew if you WGR 8030550. To join us. Big weekend this weekend we got you covered on WGR hall of fame ceremony tomorrow. Hall of fame game Sunday night. We actually our coverage will start today this afternoon Brian Nichols who wants out of match to patch south of will be on. For with a Bulldog and Brian and seller broadcasting from Cleveland today that's from three to seven. And then tomorrow. Mr. kollar mr. will be on with sports stocks Saturday from eleven to do we get you ready for the huge weekend. And then tomorrow night at two or tomorrow whenever at five out will be broadcasting from. Fawcett stadium in Canton Ohio side of the hall of fame enshrined meant. And will be lots of VIPs hopefully stopped by to talk to the boys and we'll bring the ceremony would be carrying the speeches will bring you the ceremony from camp as part of their show as well. Then Sunday game day join us beginning at 5 o'clock with pregame show the giants kick off at eight Murphy mark Kelso on the call. Matthew collar. Going seven day workweek we'll bring you the post game show Sunday night and have about two hours of sleep and come back to work Monday morning. league rate topic for next segment. But Andre. great idea but also by the way have Andre as the third greatest on on. I wanna bring up the trying to think you don't forget we have conducted that our greatest of all time behind. Him under that law. No although under event why you have as a top three. Sabres defenseman named I won't go with the giant under the giant I do you have ahead of him yes a giant he did theory. Wouldn't be is not number one that yet a movie about I don't think under the giant. I think maybe he is number one but he is a giant yes I think that's got a lot to go for that carries a lot of weight right international superstar on John. It's the he would dollars probably down a bit gotten out ahead on dreary Andre moves DuPont avenue defenseman the missing is very very important Andrei sector out. IOS idol as a top three sabres defenseman name Andrei witness Charles and off. Is it the same if it's spelled with a forget the big on forgetting a very big Andre. Andre Agassi correct. So I think it goes with the giants was the giant and then Agassi. And Emory and Bush beat a top three I think delegates under the he could lift human beings in the palm of his hand all the stories about how he had a drinking. Uses daily life yeah. Yeah I think that's they keep that's that's big enough to make like that little bit of facts of the does that. Anecdotal stuff about what he had to do and we couldn't dial telephone. Here. Is his fingers big thing you know like the old rotary dial thought he could telephone. He had to drink like two cases appear to have a role model to get too late there's just you know. put it decent amount of food at that each meal. 22 incredible stories Andre the Giant was larger than life. A buzz feed of course original click through at age twelve he was over six foot tall and 200 counts. Under the giant that he was what 400 plus pounds right yeah. He was he he wants drank all 156. Beers in one sitting. No way. Not. All poisoning a man of his eyes right. 156 the earth according to Richard English the giant two bottles of vodka to get a bylaws. You want to sixteen bottles of wine for hours. It's just it was so large yeah he wasn't he was. Thank. Here's a picture of our next to Arnold Schwarzenegger home like but it just Schwarzenegger looks like he the mini little tiny dude. There's all this halls and Wilt Chamberlain 156. Bottles of beer he could easily according to refereeing old friend Tim White. He can walk into a restaurant and eat twelve stakes. The new all the time but he felt like putting on a show that's what he would do. You could fit a one last one you could fit a silver dollar through a ring that he would Wear. That's our biggest fingers for the and a silver dollar goal exit wound right through the rainbow man. It's ridiculous. He allegedly flipped a car over with four people side. Okay is going to be I wouldn't be if you just flipped the car over wouldn't be as impressive and to get the four people than side of it part. 8030515. I wanna bring up the Toronto thing we get back among other items we eat. another code word to give you in our win cash contest on WGR the code word is leaf. LE F. And about a minute and half you could start texting the word leaf. LEA after seven Q8 81 your chance to 2000 dollars an hour wind cash contest messaging data rates. Apply yet until 715 against starting at 7715. The code word leaf texted to 72881. More code words coming up on eleven and two and five. We're playing to win cash contest again next you have it anymore chances hopefully win the thousand dollars for Andre Dawson. It's good ones are not top no I think he's fourth I'm.

  2. 7-31 Howard Simon Show HR 4


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    cam newton found at 4:24

    -- from last year. And -- probably 45 different QBs -- the Drew Brees and Rodgers. Andy Dalton. Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. You know it's just kind of take you know bits and pieces from their games -- in implementing smoke
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    -- five different QBs throughout the Drew Brees and Rodgers. Andy Dalton. Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. You know it's just kind of take you know bits and pieces from their games in implementing smoke any

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our -- we hear it about the -- -- big your calls coming up eight of legal fight if he stepped on Gilmore -- would join its eagle five. Joseph this guy at 9 o'clock let's get right to build starting right guard this year our broadcast location -- correct. Morning all right thanks for coming up I say and gets settled late night last night coach doesn't get a chance to sleep in the next day. -- straight care view it which of the all right well listen what how did it feel to be back out on the what you are on the field and OJ squat here with a big crowd last that was like -- -- It's a great there's a lot of people here in really -- there was we -- break you know for -- -- now. Time flew by and give back -- feel good. Your perspective. What's it like going through the whole process with a new coaching staff how's that gone so far you get to learn. But -- your new position coach Hackett all the people want is good is different purity of the good note coaches. -- -- system. You learn Holmes is dependent techniques different players' analyst of the political mission here and that's what you have coaches for. Well I think we've been remotely. And -- -- things that are workers thing. About the small difference having coach -- work with the dolphins have lied so much one thing we noticed this. -- he's right over there with you guys working individually in my Nazis much of the rest the team. As he -- have you. If they could be a better idea of like what kind of coach he is or what are your impressions of him yeah I guess in that respect -- for sure obviously we have patent. In the league for a long time the most having. Coach -- being able over it teach him he's he's learned over the years. Playing ability and coached league for a long time so having she's -- Two people teach you really. You guys had you're what team you would that Saturday night that that the message from coach -- -- guys opened camp what what was his general message do you guys this year. Just -- You know it's different here obviously real bastard you have made the playoffs put that matters -- were for the different team different years. -- at Eckerd that the Guerrero hurting him and really shall we can do mr. what you learned about it so far. -- -- -- He's he tells it like it is you know aka. And Libya issue you know it does not do it either tell you played there were not going to be. You know behind closed doors -- that you -- on a certain team -- you know. Which is good I mean he -- he held accountable for what you're doing. And you know it's been really good. There's there's -- go across as a as a college coach -- look at maybe a guy who's more. Concerned with that the team aspect of but I wonder about the differences between different coaches someone would take an issue inside a room and maybe -- Too delicate professional and I want to be treated that way others will want. -- teammates to -- the -- accountable I guess when you talk about that you know he won't BS you know they'll make sure that everybody knows about things. How -- how is how should go to walk that line. Yeah it is fire lines but some some guys who -- But for me average period on this. Monday called but. The matter my job so. I think he's seen. Judy you know I think you see you know approaches and college -- -- impression -- he's obviously beaten in the league for awhile so I could have applied both ways of doing it. And that's his way -- so I think it's. I have been good so. It's just watch quarterbacks volume -- to do that whole block yeah. You face another way what does it immediately do you guys talk at all about the competition what's going on with -- manual and everything that are really you know and alive we just know there. Whoever's going to be back to -- blocked four. We think they're both guard Davis the really good chance that way. He worried at all about the about the the race for the new starting left guard Milosevic in the patriot how it affects the line at all well you know obviously and he was the really good player you know via. We wish -- well with the with the titans put. We do have guys that are capable -- and -- and playing well Conan. On the cardinals' order new rules for. Gregor -- with a shared bills training camp. Talk a little bit about just the whole. -- the whole office of what you guys are doing. We're hearing a lot about the no huddle about the up tempo and we're all wait and see exactly what that Dana Hackett hasn't stored. What you've seen so far. What do you think about the off its plan. The big picture -- history of Houston defense and other pros and not be submitted out through Google's fast. -- like so far. You know dispute may have -- from -- you -- didn't run to -- -- so I don't want protection. And now having. Different protection to Serbs to run plays that all the stuff it's going to be. We greatly respect you more have you guys had to train heading off its allotment train any differently because of the pace of the offense. Yet all we've been doing with Schiavo our -- we've been doing a lot of commissioning of drug spring you know -- Summer it -- him in better shape in -- or you know we've been doing a great job of it. Hole on the pessimistic. So that we've been doing there. In engadget. But just your -- Jeremy and I would do what's the conditioning test -- -- have to pass if that do there was you run across field back to a certain time. You attempt Euro. Was to bed ten times around like the same day ten times and the idea is like one this one today due tomorrow. Yeah I went back to back I wish. Just everybody made it yeah I agree everyone may have our group. I'm just not sure what would happen first -- -- that the hamstring are we just drop and lose whatever in my stomach out on the field yeah mine should serve. That's sort of go -- -- feel so bad. I yeah Greg -- -- -- here at bills training camp as they have but practice this afternoon from two to five. OK I know you -- you're not really paying attention quarterback having said. What do you learn so far about hobby but it and Manuel even if it's the personality and how these guys relate to other players off the market -- an -- can give us some. Both of them. You know for Kevin Keyes. He's literally for awhile is very experienced -- knows what's going on and you see when he'd. I've still hopeful when he gets. He's you know what this -- plays all the stuff he just takes charge viewers know what we're doing and he's very confident what he's doing it. EJ -- Obviously learning but -- -- you rookie you know a bit don't have -- look you know he's he also takes charge huddled. Let's get this is lined up and what would let let us know -- -- To a comfortable. Having Selig rookies before and other positions you do get the feeling like you can tell if a guy. Has it for a whole career but just like you mentioned he doesn't look like he's afraid like some some guys come in and the moment what you little big for them and other guys come in looking like they're totally prepared. Yes it does -- he says most men. Because they have you know. There don't realize that nobody was going on but you don't see a lot of guys on the team but she -- CME's from the first they walked him. Very confident player and nurture himself and and the museum to. Do you think will -- what if if Manuel won the job. Would be tough it would be odd awkward for veteran players to be looking at a rookie. Listening to it following a rookie in that. Think so you know and were out there it's the EJ you know tells what to do I don't see. A rookie I just don't look at -- -- you know confidence and it's usability. And a -- in -- So know your busy we're training camp. What in your down time here there is any down time what do you do a milestone time really good wrestler there. To get there after just go on lines. You know I hear I hear your good golfer you know Oak Hill is right up the right -- talent their logo for -- -- really I'd usually don't record hundreds. Yeah to mean no dolphin you -- you would not be like Kyle Williams she's talked to -- to give you some tips yeah I shared calendar quarter pretty good so. Those are is have so much predictive -- -- -- care scope on is looking I was trying to find -- fact it was like famous. They was people from your hometown Hudson is that right from Hudson Hudson. -- on the Wikipedia page so congratulations there is there's a famous alumni are you the most famous person from Hudson was gonna pick -- up there. I think there was the right Barack. Sixties. Jim -- and -- Jon hood Texas and then play with the rams LA rams -- you know and there's and and as an NHL players or can you tell us about Hudson. Small town red river jeopardize her beautiful. Three people. Remiss if there you -- up of Pakistan yeah. And what other sports. Packers twins -- before team close. Yeah I thought it. -- will listen -- it to get yet meetings. Yeah music. You wanna hang out blown off he has what it watching film yesterday already era house yeah. I don't we go to -- teams right now it -- which on the monitor. It's just re launch. Good group of food this year is good -- really good food here. Hope that yeah favorite. When you're afraid the better stuff. Oh yeah we -- three -- but -- thing you press I think you get a -- -- all right we get appealing to nobody has got it wrong I believe on the played in -- scenario I. You see -- the -- earlier this on the side we're gonna bring it over to the illegal border so if you don't -- stake would be cut a little they just thought. The idea that you can keep salad -- all right for the third with a -- -- I was ten and some -- if you don't -- we'll thank you for coming all thanks very great talking to have a great season thank you very much Deborah Willis joining us are primarily at those training -- off to meetings ago.

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