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WGR550>Topics>>9/16 Mario Williams talks about his big game

9/16 Mario Williams talks about his big game

Sep 16, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay America Williams's indeed -- so. Let's a single morning to bills' defense the one in Mary Williams now the owner of the bills single game sack record. Forty half yesterday merry go it's Howard Jeremy good morning sir how are you don't want. -- -- I'm good thanks for coming on the -- -- congratulations on the win yesterday. What is it like to win a game like that I'm sure it's -- -- -- your career but in that kind of dramatic. The -- last drive of the game fashion what's it like to be a part of a victory like that. Pars are great but it from there we -- a security. Problem you know horrible person you're not hundred. I'm not you know not to ever partner. And brother and current score. Yeah I would you know -- know you're. You're on the sideline you know there's nothing you guys can do about it the offense is on the field you're playing defense is that off for you to be I'm sure you're watching every play is -- tough to be stand and on the sideline as a spectator. I hear there -- -- -- you are to be you're not. You know we also it would appear throughout. True true true showed very you know we are patent. And technology -- -- you know are there. And our -- and prevent. Cannot -- situations are there you know stretch. Pressure in here and say common are memory happened. -- and a host our city and. You guys you had a monster game yesterday and I'm gonna ask you about that the one last thing on Egypt by Connecticut I'd love to get your perspective just talked about him. On how much Mary as a veteran player how much do you think a game like that means for the confidence of a rookie quarterback. And how much does that mean in terms of the rest of the players and their confidence in EJ Manuel. The future you look at that the situation there. This happened drug induced problem is -- sometimes you don't often -- -- we don't Burma. Firmer commodity demand -- You know -- current crop there's. Just you to have this property of their route and save and mr. -- are unarmed here pepper and other. Marlins' Willis and -- Iran because you had just an incredible day yesterday the Warner have Sachs just talk a little bit about. I mean did as you watch the Panthers during the week and you prepared for this game did you get a sense that you'd be able to have a big day against them. All I gotta tell. Eight all of us who do well I'm going to come out. Wondered -- -- also -- -- our economic you know certain religious -- -- so you know we are. -- in the Arab -- our situation. Not happy account now burger court. Our coaches not -- You know get tortured -- are there everybody -- not to put pressure. Well run and you know -- -- -- who currently. We're here and under our. I'm not sufficient to borrow the gardener can crowd turned on her spirit her. So you now you go out there like you said you guys are all feeling good I mean from the get go. You know you get pressure -- -- really get in cam Newton's face how much you guys feed off of that I mean when it's when it starts right away. And your your -- some success defensively I would assume they get on their heels a little bit how much do you guys feed off of that. I would definitely don't come under the first. You know lower -- overall. I'm you don't are want -- and you just you know -- -- I mean that I'm back here and good luck. You know Nicholas Thompson to serve to recruit and into. Obviously. He's cornered and desperate you are we can't go to. I -- you because you don't -- we can and pretty well to beat Cabrera and here's. Yeah I you know I was gonna ask about America right I thought I look at his numbers in Newton had four carries for fifteen yards and I know a number of times you're out there. You know string and plays out in keeping him from turning up field. Just talk a little bit about the run defense because it it was a it was very good yesterday and and and you guys not only Newton you did a nice job of of of keep in DeAngelo Williams -- having a big day. There a problem anyway you know honestly I'm happy every immigrant here. Weren't they actually worked right at forty -- sort -- direction. Iran. As a sort of course we did a you'd realize that you don't want the government town earning between -- and -- at all you know these -- -- best special group. Didn't Bruce are from around our country. Mario Williams with a siren WG -- you mention Mike -- a moment ago. -- Byrd had some comments after the New England game we talked about how basically everything Patton talked about what you guys. Played out the way he thought it would in terms of how the game was him and he said expect this today and you guys saw what can you talk a little bit about the impact so far in just two regular season games. That might magnet Mike Patton is -- on EU and the rest of the defense. Old. Are you know well obviously no -- not -- sure. It's weird day congress -- lipstick who warned don't I'm not really don't have a top. And you know -- respond Roland. Am not a secret no matter who aren't going to be here agriculture -- before strap or are you -- congress aren't. You know are we not different not -- but he definitely won't -- in -- -- are true. -- -- -- -- You talked merry go LSU wanna bring up you talked after the game yesterday about how. You kind of feel like you know Iraq peace or this is the most piece you've had in five years. Why do you think that is. And how you know I mean how much you think that is contributing to the way things have gone the first couple games for you. I think it asserts. So religious. -- Syracuse. Believe me. Straightforward dispute are we've spoken to him -- and be happy. And I'm current good here. They're -- really don't know that you read this order you have not gone through a broad you don't immoral or an hour armed. -- -- -- Italian soccer not a hundred -- -- -- are particularly strong. Bishop there every. -- Mario again congratulations on a huge day yesterday and of course with a big win over Carolina we appreciate you coming -- with us this morning and that's a locked -- on Sunday against the jets. Thank you Merrill Williams forty have Sachs yesterday and you know -- -- -- -- His stat line because I mean the sacks obviously stand out because. That was a -- single game record. He also had four tackles for loss. And four quarterback hits. He had a complete game and I I forgot to ask him as I thought he showed a package of moves to -- Sometimes you -- success bull rushing guys. Tackles -- and whatever other times he had a different series of moves he was using to get free. Beating guys -- me inside and outside I thought he did a nice job. Of keeping Cam Newton sometimes from turning up field and -- runs keep them going east west and allowing the pursuit to get -- so Newt didn't have any big running play sadistic. Tremendous all around game for Mario Williams yesterday. 8030515. To join us 888550. To 550 throughout all hang out got an open segment coming up it is Buffalo Bills football Monday. Who -- impressionable.