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10/21 Fred Jackson on WGR

Oct 21, 2013|


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    And it -- I know there's a lot of ground to cover Kyle Orton -- here and he's got what a five million dollar contract he is not a -- and we're -- all trying to
    thinking exchange at one bills drive the story line for me is. Kyle Orton . Whose only 31 who has won games in this league gets five million dollars. I'm telling -- I think I agree with you but I think the leash is shorter than -- than we ever thought it would be. Yes yes I I feel like I'm supposed to think that way. But I don't because it goes counter to everything they've been doing. And I understand that and I don't know I think -- had a shift and and it now here's the other thing here's the other part of this discussion. Kyle Orton I think is it. Whenever he's just another guy he's he's in his career record is 35 and 35. Sully did a column the other day about he's basically Ryan Fitzpatrick. Okay he's -- he's its completion percentage first career is basically exactly what each case he's nothing 59% passer he's nothing special why I said look that Lewis went -- would have that mr. -- to integrate. Take -- 35 at 35 big deal when they signed Kyle Orton . I -- I was a little. Surprised although I guess from from what Doug -- it said yesterday there were in very
    it -- it hasn't played well the first month the going to Kyle Orton . It's Kyle Orton I I just don't know how much more Kyle Orton . Does for you -- me he's not a long term answer this guy would be how -- to -- -- would be.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eagle three -- his Buffalo Bills football Monday. And we are with those running back Fred Jackson one of the stars of the game yesterday Fred it's Howard Jeremy good morning how are you feeling other than feeling -- today. It's it's always better come back would have -- -- it's so -- I'm definitely a little slower but that W definitely make you a little bit better. We got so much ground to cover with you Fred but let me get the most important out of the top. Thank you for getting the touchdown to Jeremy spent a sentiment that. I think the -- You know I'll be aware of how they were doing here. Help I'm sure that was undermined a lot yesterday. Number one parent who their personal. Well -- you -- left Monday you said. You know the goal line series against Cincinnati said it's on me and then you know you you said you promised you get a presidency you're Manny award that's a good thing. I have -- in my can't put it up their own you know they're not but they're into. We -- a word about chip obviously for the knee injury early on so. -- you explain exactly what was that happened in India you seem to be in an awful lot of pain at the that the moment. Yeah you who's friendly fire which is over in. Got. Good dugout he'll block it or mean he got here. -- car rolled in Europe and -- amateur let's let's look at it also ordered -- producing. But did have a -- only. Chipped it and then a bad record them. What does that initial shock you know it did resist you know re aggravated -- is saying and seal it up -- earlier this year well. But not Chinese -- -- -- development on the sideline you know while it is cheap and it's it's also at. You know all. The capabilities of known then detonated two how about -- so. It's you know there's going to be -- -- -- -- -- record these you know all we are and you're you know better -- you know to root for weeks and you know get back on purpose -- When you first got rolled did you think it was pretty bad. Oh yeah yeah it was it definitely -- pretty -- -- -- completely no home from about the top my need now. It's just I couldn't feel any thing and -- home. There it. I mean those scary -- records in order something that a lot epic you know and so excited about south you know. I've played in Miami and they're used or two years. So it was something I'll look forward to -- back out there you know brought like that the American market so. Well motivated to get back out there consider market. Yeah what you do you get hurt. You're hurting it's mammy was it down there are few years ago. Here he told eleven news and you know parts of knowledge out of Miami and I hadn't played that card played in Miami so you know something that what to Wear opens up and wanna get done was -- their diploma and that. Master league to have Miami relocate before 2014 I don't know what's so all right geez you know you're you've got no this from the knee down. So you get to the sideline what happens like how quickly does that feeling come back because. They're bringing the card out for you and your talent and take the carton get rid of it right. You know it's one of those you know I didn't think -- he's caught he thought out. Thought you know it it was there was pretty severe but not so light in a little you know we're a little time that he thought they go to jail or out you're. And you know that says they're not saying give me a little time. They did you know that let you sit that well a little bit dugout and you know little bit more on the back mullet and while there's a lot of Palmer says give me a couple of series when you -- C. Exactly what a little -- -- You know that's what they did northward ever committed -- economy that the players on the side of what it is that they need to get darker. Continue to play and that's what they give -- New -- and Albert out there and there. Well you know what any in Odyssey both you guys UNC -- both heard and I'm sure for both you guys you want to be out there are no matter what because you know the other guys certain Joseph. Yet -- assisted you know. It is not on a portrait you know. Disarm is is that got a widget channel you know an all time you know Comair flight or currently in the two months. You know find out complicated what state did -- that. But you know we ought to be out there we want to meet someone at that weight off each other's shoulders you know -- went up. Children. The way to do it -- be I don't feel well. That's what our normal motivation is to get out there and you know -- where are that the quarterback in order to make children how to make a play where. -- -- to this year around Buffalo Bills football Monday and WG are now you get you get hurt a second time it right at least one other time of the game. But I thought you did did you wrench the leg or near some than. A bit you know when he when he tackles the role become a far more -- the -- you know -- are aggravated a little bit more so. -- -- again needed it to quiet down a little bit know what you're not -- America. I you're you're you know you your run on third down and -- over at the 28 was a vintage Fred Jackson run just talk a little bit about. That play. And the yards after contact because you know obviously that was a huge first down pick up. It's one of those in that situation you know where the coaches call in number and you know everybody is looking in the for. You don't want to let -- you know and we we caught reported on number call. It's a play we had run all week and you know we kind of got the same look that we respect the I know going to be you know. One adultery or -- gonna have to break tackles for them. Talent -- you know motivate the Russell Carter you know are also to block him -- block you know the only -- it -- up blocking. -- militias is only. We get up first on and that it was sooner rather milk the clock a little bit more. That's what we wanted to get dark so knock a couple of -- much -- and -- -- local reports. What what would it what does a game like yesterday like for running back Fred use TJ whoever way and you had this before against Miami they're strong defense. One rushing yards or so hard to come by and and you are getting hit all the time what what is it like -- a game like that. It's one of the world war you know look look you don't -- wherever and let. You know on the certain games on that it can be a football game or you're going to be here you know. One yard loss of -- honest and you know that the -- everything so. We know -- their morning you know. Great -- speaker you know they got -- now. He said. -- while we knew it was going to be a ballot -- the ball you know he's got -- dollar in order. No more chairs are going to be soared to New York for three or so worn Norton you know that's what you'll get a you'll take non military and in noticed that that would game and you gotta take what they give viewers. And continue to plug away and you know awfully it's still allows you is to be to the American border governor. Wanna ask you before let go of -- about the defense but one other thing back to your touchdown. What was the celebration is that a whole thing. Earlier that there it's -- so I called it incredible Hulk and you know that's comedy is what you thought though. It's worn out bump on target on to church now that I think it's something -- -- a that you upload up. So your son named it. My son and he came up with being a -- hole. I like that he's priest it's a pretty bright kid that's pretty good. -- -- -- -- -- You know I've got to get -- credit. I'm I'm sensing the recent T shirts with a picture do you do in the -- move the incredible. Work. Are you let us -- on and and will make sure mention her on the show. What I you know we before that you go obviously we have to ask -- -- the defense. And I guess let's start you know use talked to Mario Williams is that right before the series -- he got the strip -- what do what did you tell him. I just saw them you know it's a goat to -- you know you regard it. Is it -- be reckoned with -- you know -- -- here without like -- are seen. You know it makes you you know that much better you know our physical -- here you know grow. Not console -- it was about toppled another second you know you -- out there. He can't that are you know without him making a play we don't want it so I'm you know that that that's a lot record there you know -- Also left and Nicklaus but it's green and no -- the camera report. You feel that I mean are you naturally the kind of guy who would go up to teammates or do you do you take that upon yourself to closure looked on as one of the leaders on this team. But I think it's it's kind of -- you know. Yeah you're in a leadership role for -- you know a lot of speak you know rock rock -- -- you know it it's not I will. You -- autopsy got options you know Crocker on the sideline you know -- -- -- think that this you know part of -- -- armed men. Captain before you know in college so let -- this -- -- to -- you know our idol Bart Gordon carpet at all. Continue to do it continued until about how much movies and you know and hopefully continues -- it's -- can't prove -- like it -- for just. Now I want I'm sure Marion which -- around. I would like you to confirm the fact that Kyle Williams was attempting to scoop that ball up and run -- You. It was a trip to this group of school you know and we gave them a lot agree or in the locker room. He shared you have to go figure out and he kicked it in case and it traveled. Away he wasn't expected -- He -- several top vote people apartment or are about their rocket up the ball. You know he didn't get the most important thing for sooner situation -- Volvo or. Now here's the -- there was nobody backed their Fred -- for Miami here's my question if these -- it clean. Could colleagues have run the thirty or 35 yards for the touchdown. Probably so you not think. You know you look former. And actual -- -- combination you know an art school and he said he was good for you know those those when -- -- is not a deputy got there. I think he got a handle you know since. Those nobody back there who had bought -- -- think that that's a little. I tell you guys get the ball back you get down there you put the you know the feel gold team comes on for the big kick. -- YouTube watch those some I know sometimes coaches players don't look at those they turn their back they wait for crowd reaction or bench reaction do you watch or not. I talk a lot you know I used to go so well -- couple blocks. I think there -- argue you know Lexmark teammates some calamity. You know that's why it's there you know I -- the targets -- where Bob Barker. You know watch them by non got you did you notice is that person I am I want to see the -- -- the also happy prepared you know do the great you know opportunity formal. He can't through court you know. Then -- the great for our years. You know we don't create -- world and one of. Yeah I was but I am obviously you know I'm sure you were big fan of the previous kicker art world to look -- ago Ryland now. Or -- I got it right yet but to meet Fred boy picked up carpenters then I mean he's been rock solid few guys on field goals. He's had distance on field goals he and despite. The kick up at the end of the game yesterday which he under hit apparently he's been good on kick us to I think he's been a tremendous pick up for -- It'd been -- horse you know an a tremendous weapon mentality that guy that we and they were now out on this -- And where you would expect that to continue you know you've been a great -- or -- and you know we're glad and the man. You know hopefully can continue to play -- over yet does economic policy to cancel barbaric or. Are happy we haven't you know I can't elect a speaker ever gotten a lot -- you know we're happy to have him as another great. I mean we've -- it was a fortunate pick up or somewhere you know glad that we made. Couple -- questions for your Fred now they get the kick off and they return it to a general right around mid field. What are you thinking -- as Thigpen is running the ball back and and then in that last series are you are you still watching were you hiding your eyes at that point. With I'm nervous but I'm watching you know you know they got so the tremendous power play below their. So you know anything can happen -- Our defense is playing well all year you know and once it got. You know parts you know I expect them. You're gonna come up make plays and they do know they're very limited therefore they deliver copper and went there and then they went out at the top or so. Does article from the -- a lot of the report from the -- and a quick look at what we do this and welcome regularly you know. -- Alaska when asked about your quarterback Fred it was a tough day yesterday and I I credit him for hanging in very took some big hits. He made a handful of good throws but it was a struggle for Thad Lewis Moore so obviously them -- his game against the Bengals. What did you tell him well or what what would you tell that you did have a chance to talk him after the game yesterday. Look at the -- don't bodybuilder you know it's now not every game is going to be hurting you know he knows that you know that they're so you know. You can convert good you know -- they're gonna do great things this scheme against you so. All you know don't you can't undo key battle and that's what your group is really kept battling gets in the game you know that the -- -- -- here. Solve -- -- outward about what he I know he'll come out I think it's artwork and -- get better so you know we'd we'd like what he's going towards. I mean you know we expect some great things out of them. And you keep working and you know keep couldn't -- continue to keep getting better. I'd last thing is a big picture of Fred if you kind of put yesterday's win in perspective it's. One game at a sixteen but a division win a road division win which have been really hard to come by a few guys in recent years. And a win when you're dealing with a whole bunch of injuries yourself included what's the significance of this one victory. What do you do you maybe don't put that much significance on it what would you do. However every Wednesday -- Carter who is Rick you know if we have to start article bought into. Oh lead -- we can't seriously you little -- and we got a little girl. There is something we have to build on you know we got another. Tremendous test against -- you know that's where you're going down and order so. We need to teed off this -- and you know go on another hot are. Carter know that we and so always did -- this is big unity government. Oh also got to continue the -- also you know getting a W and gold out of order target another one. -- congratulations again Fred on the -- we thank you become analysis warning. Rest up as much as humanly possible this -- choir practicing and good luck against the saints. Are presented but let me know. Fred Jackson what is your bills running back judges every Buffalo Bills football Monday at 8 o'clock here on W Ciara and Fred segment brought you by north with savings bank. It's time to make the switch to northwest. And by -- smoke shop. Hitting you between the up rights now open 24 hours reopened for your phone calls at 803055888550. Q 550 if you. Wanna talk about some of the things we just discussed with Fred or talk about the most significant aspect of yesterday's win in your opinion. -- big game.

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