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WGR550>Topics>>10/28 Darcy Regier joins the Howard Simon Show

10/28 Darcy Regier joins the Howard Simon Show

Oct 28, 2013|


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    All because on top and bottom of the hour the WGR. Yeah I mean is it that there won't you know prepared to and hit a lot of you know if you work itself and you obviously don't start off we left off so. Gonna take some time I'm glad we're in you know we're not even close to where I would like today. And got a lot of work. As you get to witness today. That's morale on the Buffalo Bills practicing in pads at saint John Fisher College first time yesterday left tackle according not working is part of the eleven elevenths he's been out with a medical condition. Hello how are you concerned I think it's quarter will be fun to be healthy you know and he's worked hard to get back healthy guy The rest of the other four guys who have starters from last great. You know the court can go on short and other young guys coming and its refusal books. That's EJ Manuel Marcel Darius had a flight delay his return to buffalo from a court date in Alabama he is expected to work with strength coaches and retake his conditioning test at the end of the week also Jeff tool that splitting second team wraps around saying that they will battle for the number two spot. Behind EJ Manuel hockey NBC sports announcing its scheduled for next season the sabres will play eleven times. On NBC sports network. Also the Toronto maple agreed one year contract performer David Booth. The Rangers forward agreed to a one year 3.5 million dollar the and and and come to a two year agreement in baseball who 761 over Lehigh yankees trade for third baseman Chase and gets a walk hit for the Yankees in his debut extra innings they beat the Rangers 21 Toronto over seven to four Mets beat the Mariners 31 pirates and the Dodgers in the slugfest pirates come out on top twelve to seven for top and bottom of every I'm college WGR Sports Radio 550. At least you live from. Eagles training camp and John Fisher College. Remember it's your first your players the end. It's like to experience its trough here for everybody so a lot of things you do I even create just made plays and so I mean did every hour. couple movies he's not Howard Simon show with how decide hey Jeremy White wall to wall coverage on wheels training. GR 550 dot com and presented by UB dermatology in western New human skin care protect your skin scheduling for. You know college agitating for life. Good morning from saint John Fisher College in Pittsburgh our coverage of those training camp continuing here on WGA thank you for joining us by name that your life is along side. And the first thing this morning do you think we operated talk bills. We will the second but the first thing this morning as a public service from Jeremy who had to deal with a traffic mess this morning about what heads up on. Yeah. If you're out there driving and using the 33 if they open it up let me know when I left which was considerably. Along time ago. It was closed in the detours kind of like I'll hear you yet get off 33 and now. Locked There is not a detour and considering I'm trying to get out of the night the it was even more difficult so it at a lot of time to my commute with no traffic. So if it is still closed it will be a nightmare. Bernie when trying to use that and being dumped off into the suburbs in the meantime if you got house I did I did they are basically my advice would be to. And lest we hear that it is opened again my advice would be to pretend that the 33 outbound. Doesn't exist today that all pat rode past this huge equities and pretend it doesn't exist. So there you go the picture headed out because I've heard a lot of people generally have a you know to an ID 33 debate like every daily which. Ground that way here I edit every day. This is the data avoid the 33. At lest we hear that it's which could be you know it's close overnight but when I traveled through. There was a whole lot of stuff that they would have to move the course of our so maybe it's opening it. Who knows maybe open at six but it doesn't tweet us but don't we like you're driving right exactly if you're sitting in traffic but it was it was a bit frustrating to say the least. I'm frustrated the subtleties about what the Emmanuel. Now note know about it's OK it was our couple text votes so just opened Erica so the thing that I dealt with this morning. None you have to deal with give that it just for you you know I get things done around Jeremy is utterly cap. What's best with it just wasn't great. Who every our doing great work. Don't mess with the people on the road I'm not I'm saying nice work throw some stuff on your car to drive it was frustrating. I I wanted to get but to bring PGA let me ask you this. Evaluating Egypt this portion of the pre season camp not write ask you this here's a look at. There's not that he can do it can't that would make me go. Wow he's got it. Right beat the only thing do in my opinion reject is that we believe it works but he can't back up these banks which is gonna. billing but other public worried but picked up it lights up at saint John Fisher. The and a no win situation I would not be impressed. He should. Look good in the practice setting in the in the second year the office while at the same up at the coordinator. A number eighty they went on but he does this right let's say that that place sealed but but it's kind of the top spot to be because there's not that he can do positive that would make me say. I feel better about Egypt really doesn't games well would it be as bad days here yeah ago all of these exit training him what that act. Well how about a positive. It would be no negative. He's been bad yet Ali looks like yesterday apparently. But it over the couple practices but not just media members I have a friend was here yesterday who said he's not coming back because. Each case thinks he didn't look good I didn't see yesterday's practice here stuff that the I only saw Sunday night and I didn't think you look at blow your chance to see him again this morning but he has not been. Gooden one of the big things it's developing is that. He has not looked very good. But he is certainly not saying now. Bill that developing story lines is it yesterday manual says of the great practiced by all accounts everybody that was here want to says it wasn't very good. And dug around says a lot of works got a media. So. It's it's not unusual to have athletes that. Or anybody that. Deal with things that way who doesn't have a friend that no matter what happens they stay positive. And for some people that works great grade. all man you just you lost your job like. You know what it's a rise up batters along the doors Oprah or the other but you're exactly right have a bad day you're you know your Carly don't get anyone right. Okay event like if someone is so yeah I I'm not that guy now our buffalo sports I hate it. In that fans and people would cover the sport so we're used to. Vote the moral victory out the of looking next year and a so it IE I don't know that it is necessarily cause for concern but I think it's fair to be frustrated if your quarterback goes out has a bad day. And doesn't say it was a bad day you're gonna kind of feel like. I am I you know had a lot of hand pick the words that he's gonna use. But people want that you think it's not that good it goes back to. The the coaches that have been here right ticket when Dick Jerod slightly notes off the in this league we'd like. It's god be mad that you weren't very good it Chan ways that you know well and spreads to earn it with there's one thing that we don't really like here. It's Washington's. And Manuel is quite wishy washy but. With more role he's I think made some fans with the way that he talks after the chiefs' loss right what do you say. That the congress that is that it. I have had started August or if you could tell he was. Borrowing it affected him the weight affected all of the the viewers all of us were like. I can't believe they lost that game and he kind of seen that. Portrayed the same thing so if you watch a player at this is what made Stevie Johnson a controversial figure right he dropped the ball. And you want him to to old up to it and he would always have a little page of a reason why he dropped it. Or wells tougher catch that you think it was you know those kind of things that those things don't play well pants but if you're manual and you're you're you're out here yesterday. A practices done he's the yesterday in front of it I immediately brought up a podium and it wasn't like that you know group two or two or three reporters it was it was the big press conference. But if annual okay and they ask you the reporter says. Wage any offence looked a little sloppy today which you think and he says however I don't have the exact quote not that was good at that If you're EJ Manuel. These. It was really that he is repeat the main problem on the offense is he going to tell everybody it. I guess you want to say yeah guys I stuck. And while it I don't know what does it. I don't expect him to say it's it's it's a bottle it into that. At Heathrow and Sunday night he threw some bad balls if it wasn't his ball and guys are at rock routes miscommunication and his lack of execution. I would not expect the call out teammates because it's not like he's established himself. As anything volatile football I don't know that anyone who speaks suggesting that he teammates to call out who would call out. City Watkins has been tremendous on if if if the problems on offense let's say it's not just each is making that rose. Let's take guys don't know what they're supposed to be. The of the rock route I guess that it's it's we have to get execution is not a great office is not a great practice I don't think he's in position he feels that comfortable yet it is leadership to do that that's a big concern he has that you don't go with the position but he definitely comes with the position of being the face of the franchise that but he's he's he's. So our list published as an NFL quarterback I don't think he's gonna do that now that's a major concern if he's not comfortable calling out. Not teammates by name or needed mile generally speaking infrared. Yet just if he's not cultural enough to say when they're bad. Yeah I was really bad out there and mean go ahead and say it starts with me or say anything incredibly pointed out its training camp so what differences may keep you go ten for ten. And it doesn't put anything on the scoreboard but they haven't they haven't looked good they are now up through three days has not let go and if they don't look good for another. Like this goes back to the pre season I was bit about when shoulder got fired. The office was so bad in the pre season we would sit here that you believe how bad they are. They fired him. to the pre season is always that this little dance between does that mean something and does it mean nothing when they fired but the aspired her shoulder in the pre season. And immediately ratcheted up how much I think coaches really do value this guy lost his job because the office was that she'll. And they work and put in his system and gone through a couple of preceding games and they couldn't do anything and fire the guy. So I don't think they're gonna fire Nathaniel Hackett that element suggesting but the point is if Manuel. Is gonna struggle through camp. Weird you know it's not a quarterback competition. So OK if it's not a competition where here at the competition is heating up between two pool and Louis LO would get to that discussion board well that would indicate that one of them might be playing like yeah well right. Yeah I season what happens when one of those two that's playing well looks better than manual. I'll bet that happens at some point six so why not that I thought that that person's played against twos and threes by the way. That'll happen while Emanuel plays and has success we told against twos and also the colts game that was right camp bodies is the first half. And before and after the half was even over we're told all those just can't bodies that doesn't count so I don't know why it would be nice to hear him. Own up to bad practices if there are bad practices now that it's asking a lot but I guess and I also don't wanna try to hand what it is idiots. Yeah I that's why don't I guess. I don't get as hung up on I know it can be a big issue. But. The which quarterback out of the many quarterbacks are a couple guys are people like what maybe it was now floating never did in anybody's side there were guys who they would admit they had a bad game rankled people. I don't get hung up. On that stuff. I get more up on how the guy looks at whether bodies but it said that the the that they really DJ in his camp. At Fisher the pre season's different ways in games even pre season games and it's going against other teams that I could start evaluating him. But here of these practices. The team drills seven seven whatever they're doing. From in my opinion there's nothing you can do that make me feel better about the treatment he can only lose by guys that I think that's a difficult situation. you said a moment ago go to protect he can hit it straight go routes. Different receivers. But I'm not gonna walk away going folks. Go home rest easy tonight sleep well when the man are you sure because. The question about each Emanuel as he arrived it up at week two last year yes I but that's what I got excited about that I had private thought they looked at eight it was just you did it. A pre season I want Agilent. Now this can do so I I I can jump to conclusions with the best of them. I just to me I just think he didn't know it situation. He he even looks good it means absolutely nothing but bombs and yet the red blacks are gonna go up because you should look good Yeah I don't think there's nothing if you looks good people talk about it and feel better about and it. Well like I won't that I really it will it will mean a thing if he looks good against his defense training. While it's if he comes out here I can only really at place spectacular for the rest of camp. You'll feel better would it plays great out here it bombs that is filed exact date that will matter more yeah. But I don't think is that this is this is EJ Manuel in the pre season yeah. Throws eight touchdowns and zero interceptions he'll feel no different note in the game. Yes I'm sorry I always see here in the rest of the him but I what are the stories that capsule for what he gave but not looked good three days so for the next three weeks if becomes. Manual start to get throw grade boy he's out you'll you'll all know we're getting on efficient. Now I certainly well. Then again don't have that writes I'd like it to not be a hypothetical. It be nice if he could have a good day. Other teams in the cornerbacks offenses. At good days right. Training camp you should it's a pretty controlled environment you know is here right acts like. That was the story from yesterday he's riding a bike. Just. It signals story lines that are that are happening around here I mean that one of the reasons why. Again everything here so scripted it's so prepped at all that there's no pressure he's he's he's throwing ball going to give them. It I think it do for if he has a good day. For me to look at it go that's a big step region at least had three consecutive really great practices at saint John Fisher. That's progress to to it just doesn't mean anything because again. At the very least in training camp they Wear the red Jersey. Nobody can hit the quarterback a little bit different when the quarterback has to worry about you know what would pass rusher beats an offensive line at a training camp. They peel off you know you can't touch the guy that changes even in the preceding games that changes the giants coming after him and can't Ohio. A week from Sunday night in the first pre season game so that it valuation to me is legit. When we get to those five games as bad as pre season football can be and yes sometimes the ones are against the Jews and there's you know match that. Or necessarily. Are are favorable I should say to a court records basic back At least I can evaluate another team who he doesn't know anything about who he hasn't been practicing against every day. Were throwing different things that him that he probably doesn't know in his sleep now it was all the stuff that that gonna do it David Fisher. And they can try and actually actually taken down. That's when I can start getting a better feel for EJ Manuel and evaluate whether or he's making progress. I look at it can't I guess at this he's not wildly. there's nothing can do Beckett while we have training camp it is just to be it doesn't amount to anything but if they if they continue to struggle. With the same offensive coordinator in the same quarterback the same top two running backs the same number one side and what causes the diseases. One to two of the top four receivers are back from last year. If they continue to struggle training camp with all of that. That I think that becomes a really big story he doesn't look good training camp. I would beast by critics I would be really really nervous I would start freaking out if he continues to rating. Eagle 30550 to join us 888550. To 5:15 o'clock. We'll talk about TJ we'll talk about what is this any Lockett two of the guys yes they talk a little bit about the bill well comment about Lockett trade. We'll discuss that as well since they have a talk about Sammy Watkins it'll back EJ Manuel weather dot aide to Emanuel can get to the football. back to a better. Or you know does that it will help block and become an impact player in the national football. Speaking of Sammy Watkins DL that the ratings are out actually it the comments about that I've got. Question about his ratings I'd go ahead. Departed tell you. Matthew put a scheme to your analyst guy numbers guy rookie ratings. Sammy Watkins. Speed. 93 right acceleration. 95. Right agility. 95. Catching. 88. Overall score. Yeah so tonight as any other other categories that are hidden here's your report card in social united. And Matthew and 93 yeah and champion 97 yeah and in English she got 89 that there your GP AS eight. I opted out what all the things I'm good I got great scores and he gave me eighty. houses awareness right his punting is really low there. But I do it means and trivia odd it was that or five rookies in right quick and vigilant of the top four. I what OK for the for the freedom. The top four rated rookies according to that the Sammy Watkins a Sammy is an eighty that he's at yes I have the top four. Highest score. Is an 83. Let's I'll start with the Geneva and clowning in Iraq as that that's the only guy he's number one he got an 83. Contracts there. Well I I I will I will you guys to look up who got traffic if you'd like to see you address because these are Madden scored so they don't you motivate rank is higher than walk and I'll also say let's go on our. I don't look at the draft I would guess colonial correct. will back got an 81. And the lean towards defensive players being better now okay go ahead and explain this to be remembered we named kids who got. 939595. And 884. And eighty. Oil that got ninety on rushing the passer power 91 pursuit 84 blocks shedding and 74. In zone coverage. And is an 81. pelican Bay Area is out. Let's see three others are ranked higher as rookies on him than Sammy Watkins go Greg Robinson correct. Of the St. Louis Rams. But at that we're running it's not evidence that side that his rating was seventy summit ago. Shake math is correct. Two tackles defensive players Watkins is an eighty. Mike Evans took the tentative via Blake 78. They said that the 82 read about this it's CBS sports the eighty. Apparently hops Julio Jones is about twelve when he came out and is equal to AJ green's And it's a little bit better that I get to got a Saturday. Analytics. That. Sammy and eighty overall. However the rest the player ratings come out with what they have TJ as 7070. Let's say below average rating I don't know or Robert Woods beat. That of the TJ Graham Lance everyone gets the what gets hype train is. All of board and it is full steam. They come up later we're gonna talk to Mike from foxsports.com who was here one of the many members of the national media who came into doubt that the whole. All the crap Lockett has really good thing yeah. So you know why why the second hit a softy to Emanuel discussion on idol addicts go it doesn't look if if sandy Lockett is hauled in touchdown catch them from every quarterback. That'll lead to a quarterback controversy quickly you got weapons they can get the job done in all of hawkish that one of the quarterbacks isn't doing well. It's probable Bobby Johnson and I really didn't hit it at that and Jeff Poland's and that attempts are. Not yet next week down. Yet I like I said. The least at least you get into a to There is there's no way again I. If he continues to struggle yes I will start getting nervous. But in terms of the whole climate of make a lot of people last year who were calling in in over ten game saying guys this guy's a bus like Al. There's no embassy here in late July after a weaker to a practice at Saint John Richards say you guys write he did it just doesn't have it. So I would still be diving I I would be going 100% in getting this guy ready and let me see what happens in the pre season. Here the other numbers on Watkins wondering how he could possibly get an eighty. From. Mad because his strength is low 56. Release is 87 draft is 77 he's. 72 instead farm and when it comes to rocking. He aluminium 55. I don't know why they draft them right. I did their thing I think of where the receivers truck people I've got him a visual of Watkins vs Mike Evans. And the edge goes to Evans bigger struck right in jumping strength catching spectacular catches too graphic released. farm trucking and caring. Advantage to gains in speed acceleration agility routes. Elusive in this spirit moves in juke moves I'll take that. And he's you know 61 have those answers to different receivers Greg he at right guard hit two polyps together. From I've really got to freak out three. Five if it jut as drug bills training camp 888552. fifty. well we'll get into the discussion but I EJ Manuel how much do you care about how the offense looks in this portion of the pre season. The training camp workouts at saint John Fisher how much does that matter as we continue to evaluate EJ Manuel again early on and the offense has not. Look good at this point coming up on the show today we will be talking with the cal of the revelations of the 2013 seasons he'll be joining us its export. David Roosevelt York native back with the Buffalo Bills assign this week as camp began. You'll join us at seven. Our this guy here at eight and it that you might hear a poll from foxsports.com. Which your bills give the other day. As his article up there website we'll talk to him about the Sammy Watkins extravaganza phenomenon what have you wanna call it. but politically the talk the 803055888. 550 Q 550 to join us here on WGR. When you live from. Google's training camp XCEO John Fisher College. And everything. Your first your players do good. It's like you experienced these guys here for everybody so a lot of you can create as many places I mean did every person on the couple movies he's not Howard Simon show with Howard Simon hey Jeremy White wall to wall coverage on feels great. ER ICD dot com and presented by UB dermatology in Western New York human skin care protect your skin schedule. You know college agitating for life. Welcome back to saint John Fisher college and Pittsburgh the bills on the practice here at 8 o'clock. This morning it is open to the public you do not need a ticket they're off tomorrow. The Friday and Saturday practices or night sessions they're both at 6 PM you do it that all the tickets have been distributed. That Sunday at 2 o'clock practice that is the schedule for the rest of the week here Fisher 8030550. To join us. How much does it matter that all out EJ Manuel looks. In the training camp portion of the state John Fisher portion of the pre season. Let us at the outset of mine you wanna talk about it can't. Bullet to wide open court WG right ahead. get caught in my Tokyo they got well they would at this time when it was badly lit. Kevin Kolb yet what does that look what what he looked really give it every day trip here in the area couple offbeat. No. I never really lit it up. I'll let let Rick not Rick would it up but he didn't concern at this point. That I three price ultimately up there we're that was really a competition now I've got hurt viewed the job and yeah the first scrimmage against bills he was that you really terrible you know what where anybody could he couldn't move the football that they finally got the red I don't think they had that took nine drives to finally get an anti Semitic it was a pass interference drive whereas. Jeff duel through double touchdowns via yep yes they didn't I hated he was lighting it up last year now. Well my point was being nearly equity religion critical at this point because they're they're all months before the season even starts and by the need to panic and stay. There's a lot of time before September 7 it and. The router is like the problem is he should look good. An when he a lot of data quarterbacks look good it's geared to it's the same coordinator it is the same offense a lot of the players are on the same. He should let. My point is it me did I wouldn't exactly the say he's arrived but each asking him to look comfortable in this office. At the beginning of training camp in year number remember what the bill said he had the entire offseason and he was able to work out he's he's in better shape he was able. Throw with his receivers let's run around get ready for the draft and do all that. Oh he she would look better that he has in the first three days of training camp is that a lot. 8030 but if it's 88855250. Short that was that was get right back Jamaal gonna be joined by Miguel The bills quarterback will be with year training camp. That Roosevelt coming up at seven wanna talk to you web poll is up by Vijay at weather dot how he performs at training camp matters his evaluation. But at W your pocket dot com policy in a real factor 88 but if the that was a special request. That the current. Lake property these are Obie called start things off so. We played here temperature with the guilt the quarterback out of USC who was ousted again we all that last year a revelation. 2013 back for more eager to fourteen welcome to the show how with thanks to countless thank you good morning. You know I know I know you're all about 2014. That the past is the past but. Let's reflect back 2013 and how how enjoyable was that first season for US Iraqi. It was but I see it as a risky. Much and a lot of new seeing some home. You know it was a different life as far as life and as far as on the field. Playing a different group of guys in came in. No got to put a good Bryant and home build my enough to be feel we you know got Mario Williams we lose. And Darius and in the odious as those guys so. Feel filler is privileged. To be on the field in the those is so. Every time just automated system. It was it seemed like it does watching you a very smooth transition. From USC to the pros for you where you. Surprised at all by that I mean or did you you know you did play at a high profile program we've got a surprise you to be that comfortable you're one in the NFL. You know you know I have high expectations for myself and you know and as have high expectations for. Performance and do so when I got to You know Biscayne the scheme was pretty simple for me in maybe it wasn't complicated to the point where. You know. I didn't really no one known. It was just pretty much straightforward it's who deserved you know play football. And I took over act Erika great miscues. Especially govern in this who. In went out there in the traditionalist move Foreman did pre season. Pre season with a went through preceded you in XP was too. You know you know to a two got a Scopes have potency had to fill it and that was OK so it Was that is is so good in I was just 100% in. That's that was the speed the toughest part seems like players offense or defense what they commit from college you'll always talk about them maybe the first thing notices the speed is at a different level yes definitely different level. Because you have you know you The promotes make the difference for me because they move into is as. And so this would meet the game that much faster. There everywhere else is pretty much the same number of SP deep deep incidents he bit. Did you mainly. How fast they move. determines offense to gain from the game move. Which when you were not drafted. Where it was their initial. Disappointment was there at all a phase of getting over the disappointment or. From day one was it motivation if you like right out of the heated even where about are for yourself that it drove you more than anything else what was that like. It was more like a process. I was disappointed at one point we're not getting drafted because off of life I was good enough. Home to be somewhere. You know and in atrophy. Every Q what did you your kids like the good enough to be drafted so my expectations of being drafted it was you're and home. Does this just my opinion. But it. You know on the flip side of it it drove me that uses it motivated me is it if pushed me. If pushed me hard in a causes. You got before. Come into the because often that my back was against the law and I had to do so that makes happen so the first thing first I had to prove myself and every the made sure it is you know. I do something information that would you know. He could point eight he had to a quote about me. The probably minister illustrate again not the biggest guy in the world at least in the media guide at five days ago that's accurate or not. And I'm not gonna ask. But but you know it for years people talk about what the receivers got bigger it tells you wanna get beat corners you're not a big corner. How many times did you hear that over the years that you know hey you know in terms of NFL I'll lose big there and you're not the biggest in the world to get tired here. Right I've been narratives themselves. Ask there's those school. Everybody question Mathias. Everybody courses. Who do are you you know. You give them you. Just any day you know you you know at a typical corner you know if so. I never really listen to a because it is when monopoly quarter from high school we have to now been going against guys. You know to foresees so a bit over the of my life. Being used to being taught in the so the well you know you go find it villages as being you know if united as a corner. You go farther than just being short so well not much of mommy go for that was my my quick news. In just my instincts. They're calling these people back into hey it's the delegates yet a Google search type in the cal touchdown Miami you know if you would happen. You know A do if they seen it if they seen it it is if they did end there that. So you mention Lester made things really comfortable for you in this scheme OK so he's going to have a new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. What kind of changes are there is there something you can explain to our listeners in terms of the philosophy of how has changed from Mike News Jim Schwartz from your perspective as a quarterback. We're. This game hasn't changed a Wednesday changed dramatically. You know alive our crazy I just for the right now we got Fordham that you had three. On soul. this this the only difference but everything goes on the banking and we pretty much to be you know pretty simple stupid thing no man. Home. zone. For the most part you know complete takeover competitive cars we play man to man. You know you face you know pressured quarterback. It was up the blitz that has like we've heard you know that Schwartz in Detroit. He didn't blitz as much as did here last year what about the plans as far as blitz packages answer. This and a relentless and is a normal. We got we got some business those. We. Know that we got of everything on the everything. You know bus leaves. For the season I feel like. You know if if your budget is acute care about is do they have to do is they don't key on review found. That you're you know your back for year to. Gilmour shear Mckelvin here's the top three quarterbacks are back and Rodgers birds governor Williams is back. There's I would assume there's a familiarity. With you guys back there in the secondary how much does that help. Oh if alive. Because we read and each of the four More. You know. More importantly they simply would be an out of them for years. And so that that's that's the that's the unique thing about it because the first of the new guy. you know trying to establish bone them so now is why is it's mutual would now so. We office and we about each You know we were thing though we've made things easier for each of the because we know how we like you know we know. If I if I know with the utilities on the legalities is going public appeal for me if known. Where we you know you more and give more despite his press' guy and I'm just built him. Stuff like this to Kobe is with a solicit for the folks are listening that all about just a football player now. What would you tell about the cal away from football what do you like what he elected do what's your life like away from football. Alone you know salute from that country bush. alas I like to fish. I was led family man. But I don't family oriented Obama I love my assistant. Bill moment. And more than any gain you know that is too. If that if Obama discriminate you from the only hit regularly creationism what do you fish for. As it is. That we move sometimes. proficient. Some when I was in the winner of vacation. Stuff land my uncle is a semi pro fisherman so that's why. We grew up these you know since I was jeez you know take this issue. And this is definitely into us off double of you know sort of this do you ever do about David oh is fishing derby fishing contest you ever secure uncles are broad negative about anything. No I never got a glove on got you know. Other relatives have gotten involved with you know. So he's got to have big mounted fish on the walls so right yes I'll make. Be are targeting anything close to that. No health was the biggest thing it got. A about a seven pound. Some of them what what what's he got like hundred pounds of like how you know impounded. While I've got that far down I was gonna get for I was orderly if he went for really big kind of stuff like. As far as ways public and an officially I Gwynn great white shark you know I don't know and yes. Can you get into both. Anita Baker but it took him I wanna like firfer bigger so well the ocean We ocean efficient the biggest thing a few kids with room. With partner. It long long the celts got his arms out wide but it's both arms are stretched to the side that's pretty. This TARP. But that Was just this good area right I mean market where we've got some pretty good fishing issues you've been busy you know that whole football thing yeah. Those were to give real time obstacle fish. Congratulations again thirteenth pick out everybody had a great time watching it like look forward to seek to have another figured fourteen. Appreciated next domino appreciated account joining us here at illustrate get join us. 888550. Q 550 David Roosevelt built up at 7 o'clock we'll talk more but he James Manuel evaluating the training camp will be getting it a little bit of discussion. About any Lockett is well before the break remind you you have the with cash code which they'll open it up in just that while the code word for this morning it's able. That's TJ BLE. Table is the code word as to 7 o'clock. About. If not efforts at 7 o'clock text table the 788. Want your with the thousand dollars in cash countless best data it's like. You have until 715 to do so again. Table is the code word for this morning we have Colbert got up eleven and two at five as we continue to play the witness contest. Here WGR. Christian Ponder and his wife Samantha ponder right roster yet had their first child. They named it after Bobby Bowden. It in their daughter after all Bobby about PDI that no. Please don't out. Out out ponder saint ponder. Bowden pulled followed was not a movie with a nine Bobby bowden's middle name is seek player. So which is the same as her mother's. Middlemen anyway they're gonna call that their daughter scout. caller scout but her name is bow. Out and ponder. I thought Pacific I like Michael cloudy with a high yeah Paterno Bobby I know Bowden. It To Kill a Mockingbird scout difficult. And ponder To each their own whatever. Congressional area to regularly and daughter I got it I would go first in the last. 830550. To join us how much does it. Matters in terms of the a valuation of Egypt and how much does this portion of the she's it's not looking good so far training camp but does it make a difference at all but he looks good or bad in this portion. 8305 PS. Roosevelt back with the Buffalo Bills they'll join us next training camp. On WG.

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    Tue, 22 Jul 2014


    mike williams found at 2:30, 12:32

    feels it's all over. And bottom of the hour deluge ER. The Buffalo Bills getting on the field at saint John Fisher College in Rochester this morning and for the latest on their morning practice we go out. Jeremy White who is standing by Jeremy. That's getting by that that I write -- Lehman and is sitting for the time being yet the bill's got to practice field at 8 o'clock this morning and that working on the far afield now. A bit ago. Quarterbacks receivers each came to the near field -- Brice stadium had a chance to watch -- manually the quarterbacks threw Sammy Watkins Mike Williams get a good look at some. Quarterback to wide receiver drills the teams in full pads today so wanting to hear a
    have Spiller as well who can. There is no shortage of weapons Mike Williams has brought him potentially as the red -- specialist and you know if they're better at the red -- last year Manuel
  4. 7-22 Howard Simon HR 3


    Tue, 22 Jul 2014


    mike williams found at 4:13, 15:28, 16:12

    Watkins because is that good that opens things up for Robert Woods Mike Williams . And whoever else is going to be on the roster once he gets to that level if he gets. So yeah that's
    don't each is that -- I get that. But what about an Darrent Williams can prove it to me you deserve that big contract what about Jerry Hughes who had his first double digit sack season is about to be a freeagent proved to me that you deserve. The money I think he's going to be looking for on the market them Mike Williams you gotta show me you can you know not have incidents off the field -- -- Same thing shall we don't have
    -- him. Who's the other -- he said. Typical like Williams -- Mike Williams a marshaled ours those are the main two -- Marshaled ours has to prove that he has the mentality to do it and Mike Williams is used to. Keep his nose clean but. Those are those are really the four guys that you look to Wednesday they

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back 833. And we are joined by the GM of the Buffalo Sabres Darcy were geared his bills football Monday it is also the sabres have traded Thomas that a Monday. Possible take your calls on bald eagle 305508088550. To 550 guidelines open if you wanna get in. -- get some calls here after we spent a few minutes with with Darcy whose been kind enough to join us here this morning -- its power and Jeremy good morning first off thanks for coming all of us today. Good morning my editor. I think fans are not surprised and shocked that Thomas -- was traded. Maybe surprised by the timing of it you know that maybe it would've happened closer to the deadline so. -- in your opinion why was it the prudent decision to trade Thomas -- now for the sabres. Well I think for two reasons Howard Warren as the present it allows us to get Matt Molson is a proven scorer in the National Hockey League and -- going to help us true this season at a minimum. And to address that what we need to do and why we're doing these settings where we need to go which is you know the acquisition of first and second round pick that. We'll allow upside believed to -- to continue to build. The -- the picks are the significant part if you -- a damning with -- Molson prevent it gets USA for USA. But when those were either guy's gonna be next season so with a with a picks really the significant part of it. -- What I'm due to the 210 and one start. How much did that play a role in this decision did it did it -- this trade a little sooner than than maybe you would have because of the team having the bad start. Well I think the the performance of the -- launch plays a role that these were conversations that it started to. And had been offered on. -- kind now and we felt that if we could get this deal we would do what. I'll probably would've done that getting comfortable circumstance. So what I guess I'm trying to get. Where where is your mindset that with -- and terms of was their. A small percentage in your opinion -- that you thought hey maybe -- resign or -- pretty much a 100% convinced. At some point yeah he's going to just a matter of when. I didn't think that. Based on on the conversations we had had with Tom question after last season. In the offseason. That it was likely that we would be able to reach. And and then on the other side with. The potential of this deal and then ultimately doing the -- would start it was a better direction -- ago. -- sort of comes the idea of resigning Thomas and thinking about that how much of -- was. Thinking about the market and how much it would it would have taken to resigning him. -- -- -- -- And and certainly I think Thomas. Is -- proven scorer in the National Hockey League and and when he becomes if you become unrestricted free agent. I was in a position to do very well when you look at our group of players. You know that that's certainly certainly played into it. Sabres GM Darcy gear this year on WGR stars we're talking about compiling all these stakes its 21 rounder next year you had to the previous two years and others 32 rounder coming up next year and more we've had discussions with had like we talked to every Thursday. And hearing comments from you it's up. It seems like there's not only a mindset to amass picks but it seems like there's an overall message from the organization that high picks. Are the way to get truly elite players so. As you're building this. Discover the filling this covered with a number of picks is it with an eye on trying to get as many high or elite. Caliber picks as possible. Well I think if you look at the draft. And the history of the NHL draft. The top players not all we expect traditionally come from the front of the draft and sold to the extent that you can get. As high as possible that affords you the best opportunity to get one of these players that. Help people refer to is different checkers so it's it's a big part when you look at unrestricted free agency I don't believe you can build Accenture and restricted free agency pitched in -- Add to it. Trades and yet the nature of trades is that they're quite equal when nature. The immediate time. Change where you will trade an older player for younger player by experts. But most of the opportunity. To build attacking. That is going to win a championship then attempted to acquire most clutch players I think more are not conch of the draft and and the -- you can get in the draft the better the opportunity. Would it be saved say euros or to interpret the amassing of of draft picks as. Buying currency on draft day. It is on on draft -- but even even now we're in the position. We can certainly choose to. You can use those picks to draft players at the draft in June or we can use them that you saved it in in -- currency to. To trade war players and maybe fit in better right now or are addressed -- need for the clock right now but yes absolutely -- export credit currency that you can use at the draft or any time during the -- And when you say for our other type deals not us I'm moving up the draft you mean. Ottawa gives away a first in their Bobby Ryan deal -- Tyler Sagan trade teams that have acquired players that for someone reason or another are. Only to Thomas Atlantic treaty and I had a player that is on his way out from one team that would be made available. Actually have. You guys at at the draft this past June prior to -- talked about you know Macon some calls called Colorado and other teams I think everybody in front of you trying to move up. In your plan how much do these -- sellout how much could it help you trying to move up if you're not -- the top of the draft but you wanna get too. Wonder too how much could the picks helped you get up in the draft order. Well a few years this past draft as an example article out our I think we put it possibly moved up. In in this draft I think it for probably prevention beginning from getting to one. It the first overall pick it doesn't get moved very often. And the second is you know as you know maybe a little more likely but unlikely. But it doesn't -- get from you know the let's say the middle of around fifteen to ten nor can troops action shotgun. And and and to have that currency is as important. How much -- research have you guys done -- talk about you know building through the draft have you guys. Broken down I don't know the last five cup winners -- ten cup winners may -- may be post full season lock out the modern era so to speak. Broken down the roster make up do you have. Like numbers to say you know of the last. Ten cup winners seven have top three picks -- any of that stuff to to do as you were formulating your plan of attack. We have we've been true we've I don't have in front of me right now but you have done all the work to get our. Was it top two or three draft picks basically that it came down to war or me Emmys was it. Mid first rounder is they're like caught off point in picks. Well I think that most your Wall Street the big the players in the most of the players in the national could become the first second and certainly that there are the players. In the later rounds but the ball and urged -- first and second rounder and the top players generally if you wanna look at you know a team like Pittsburgh Crosby Ian. Balkans and players like that are right -- front of the drafted by the bots are sort of the Chicago. Black cultures and -- position with Kane and Toews. -- -- you you need to. Yeah you don't have to be there and Boston has done that we have. -- Won a championship without that first year or second pick being an important part of their their championship king. That in most cases it is here. Just a couple of things -- what's it when you make a trade like this what's it like when you trade a long time saver. Danica. Obviously pom and Bill Campbell would come to mind what's it like when you make that phone call and have to tell the guy he's been traded. Yes he had most of Oak Park. This job. Because neither have -- quality people very good people. They have contributed enormously to the French Irish. And it's it's it's difficult thing to them. Do you give a guy heads up can you actually do you call and say. Were close to something or just were really working on something or did you just you wait till it's done in the -- call again. Tell you wait till that -- and unfortunately you can't get match up because these things. You only hear about the ones that happen there are sometimes you get caught very close to getting something done and a full service so we have to wait until it's actually down. How do you think this impacts Ryan Miller both guys that talked about. You know doing it you know I don't vote with do we wanna be back to they want us back let's see how things play out with -- being traded how do you think this might impact Ryan Miller situation. Well hopefully it doesn't -- has been. An outstanding player of this process. -- career intent and has gotten off to a -- start this season. And up to this point we've had no discussions where it's. Other that's changed with respect to our pending unrestricted free agent players show -- -- could change but that's where we are today and and I think Ryan being the professional yes they'll come to work and and and do what he doesn't continue to be focused on on in the next game that requires. That would include Steve top men as well correct. That's correct is there anything to report conversation between the sabres camp and in and Steve got about resigning any sort of contract talks. -- there's been nothing since. Oh. You have other players on the team though in a lot of the speculation will be about Miller and because of the contract situations but. When you -- -- like that it makes you follow up of this -- -- teams inquiring about other players and your team other veterans that you might be willing to move. Well we've had conversations I I said last night that. In that the press columns are probably talked to a third of my counterparts on a weekly basis and and so you do have a lot of conversations. And inquiries about players but with respect to serious conversations and actual trade option in discussions. They're they're at a minimum right now. But he said nothing about Miller right you said there'd been no conversation about your pending US face. Poultry trade talks about them yet practice such. Yeah that's I was asked Tom what -- your younger guys are any of them available or do you look at them and say no way no diocese is our future. Well I don't think that you can do that I think that where we are and where we need to go. You know you have to be open to having conversations about you know pretty much every ball all the players here -- -- The gum a quick question -- Matt Olson he will be a UF ARC would do you plan. On having any extension talks at the agent at all with that Molson or just let this thing go. Well I think a lot of let him get started here and have yet to allow him an opportunity to get a census. A working -- and and can people do the same with him removal from the -- The other thing when asked about the other big story by the way the return of Lindy -- tonight. How weird is it going to feel for you to see him in the building tonight behind the Dallas stars' bench. Well I've I've changed their games on televisions -- actually behind the mansion and Dallas but that it'll be different. And actually that it would be nice to ship I'm looking -- How much have you had a chance to talk to them in I don't know. In the offseason since the season began or anything like that. How we stand -- you know. Talk. From time to time I you know obviously you can get some edit out your schedule and -- on the army columns so we have stay in touch. Will there be any kinda mentioned or chants tonight for fans to show their appreciation at all will be there will be nice tribute. -- -- All right one last thing you know on on the coaching -- -- Ron Ralston lot of sabres fans you know we see the start you see the young. The young kids we we know what we're watching this season. When it comes to evaluating Ralston is it basically an extension of evaluating the players and it's not about wins and losses percent. Well I think it's you know it's always about wins and losses but Enron's case Ron Ron is when I look at these players and you can look at the fourteen majors that are on the -- might actually them. I'm -- I see them. Progressing and I think that's the most important thing. Iran can do -- -- that young group gets to keep growing keep them improving and and have them go compete as a as a group. Mean the one that -- -- struggled the most at this point Mickell Greg arango of course came in highly doubt he spent. In and out of the lineup you have any sort of timeline for him before he would start to get worried if if he can make the adjustment you can make the jump. Thought I look at the tail end for me it's it's it's the growth in this game and he's and he has grown. Everyone including myself and himself a little -- it would be faster but he is moving in the right direction so I think that's the most important thing. -- -- -- GM Darcy were here at a star -- thanks for taking the timeout thanks for coming on with us this morning. I sailors and stars tonight and that is a 7 o'clock game at first Niagara -- Lindy -- of the Dallas Stars in town will have an a WGR. Pregame coverage begins at six if you join assembled a late. For a conversation would -- you have it in on demand audio so. No trade discussions for pending -- Ryan Miller and Steve about that according to the sabres GM here -- moments ago like 8305 victory get a break and got plenty of time to get your phone calls this bills football Monday Odyssey where -- two big stories today the bills losing to the saints but. Also the -- Thomas attic we aligned W wanna get in share your thoughts on the bills and saints and yesterday's game. And the traded Thomas -- we have when it's time to take your phone calls joke this guy it would join us at nine as well. For the extra point -- -- noon on football Monday on WGR. No matter what's on your mind EP long summit WGR Weiner line 430234.