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11/1 Brayden McNabb

Nov 1, 2013|

McNabb talks about his 4-point night

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    That includes the sabres end of season press conference with general manager Tim Murray . And head coach Ted Nolan if you missed any of that will have an open our on demand audio section on WGR 550 dot com very soon so check it out. And now after a quick break we'll take you back to the Jim Rome show.
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    draft with their topic. Next year -- we're still hoping to hear Ted Nolan here shortly Paul Hamilton in the locker room we'll get Paul's last thoughts here on the -- But first let's grab the
    after the replacements were made LaFontaine -- coming in. Then he brings Ted Nolan in a name from the path so it was a feel good moment there and then. We know. Little later on toward
    think fans having Tim Murray. The belief that the coaching change to Ted Nolan at least will be a good move through this transition period. The belief that navy -- the coolest deep pockets at some
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    be for college team might be different from what may be an NHL team I want -- to do during the summer after the what you know tomorrow but. I mean it adds that it's nice I have a critical set America back in Madison Wisconsin . Restaurants coach. They're going to be that fifteen of us pros going back and so. And he he -- you know have a veteran with empathy for three years now an amendment ambiance -- and not expect that -- you know. The -- feverish. It answers the you know Brian Elliott does this kind of guys back there and the coming great shape for training camp you know that's that's advisory group there and and medicine worked out for four times a week so. Looking forward to --
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    now. -- just -- and practiced with hammers and the on Friday. Roller coasters that. Blue -- just in Boston and then. Does it then maybe make today's game will be your fear of corruption and that -- needs. Brief littlest taste of the NHL. Definitely I think that -- -- Just can it's the star struck mines. The way and I think playing. You know starting -- home state to you know this is rank them -- -- lists you know. -- camps training camps working now in the summer here. And so it was real familiar surroundings. Definitely comfort factor that you need anybody who plays the next week. Going back to Rochester and now I have an -- It surprised him. I'm big on record excessive and I haven't heard that. These two days may be of help to your impression now with a hammer him with Ted Nolan . This first time -- got a chance here but -- to Maria do you think these two games help to your impression

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Public here is what you have. We showed it. After two periods when they roll over so we'll put him. Reset back in the third and -- Quote unacceptable loss and so you know -- from work. But that's the past -- grown he's got to you know I mean what was the kind of what you got out of the box look back home from the -- was right there. Is. Kind of weird like closing happens very often specialist clergymen. -- filming great him. Help us. It'll -- and it just talked last week about you just didn't talk of the net and I'd take him in a little more aggressive shots and -- school that's pretty much who did just threw the puck toward the net millions of tapping into that something that you brought a little bit more about tonight. I mean it's always good fit in Washington and you can see it and -- it's human -- in there and toilet. Here at them so there's a lane and it's. -- it's happening. Shoot him and it is. Some of the issues in the third period trying to. Puck out of his own seem like his own excellence is just getting up to the winner even winning the battle. It was the issue especially in the third period because first it's like. They're having great success. It's. Basically you know it's okay. Beat him almost you know it. Here's your whole room and you know we're just going off -- -- -- -- -- -- It became pretty tired sometimes -- -- close it's -- taking. Sir scratch. The news. Pretty -- student. What you know what what you have to do to -- Yeah they're they're great players I think losing sleep at times this previous Harlem finishing checks. Good stick. All those of basic things. And center. Anyway it's. Okay appreciate things things --

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