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12/02 Fred Jackson on WGR

Dec 2, 2013|

Buffalo Football Monday

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    It's not always I mean she you know. Ringing them up to the line the game Manuel they've driven a grand total of zero that is that the ball down the five yard line. Okay you're dealt back row and then they want didn't fall down comes back up and they make one hand gets. And I guess that production. what what what I thought I thought I'd. The yet nobody regarded but when he got in September. WGR. Sports Radio fifteen year. I'll the seen around the world. Most famous. Training camp practice catch ever. I think we got to play by play guy I didn't realize we had to play by play by play it it shows you the value video I think the best training camp catch I ever saw was c.'s To the near side fade pattern tapping his feet in bounds and then being propelled into offense that he leaked over. I was like I'm impressed you actually remember I'll I thought he's gonna hit the fence he didn't. Could treat him catch us. That training camp catches all over the Internet. In sports that are last night our bodies out patches now famous. Rifleman Twitter it was before he's now famous that catch was all over the place as I mean I'm going last night trying to find stories we showed they get caught up all the stuff and every. Place you go every nfl.com. Yahoo! Sports that are. It's the Sammy Watkins one handed catch in training camp itself caught yesterday and we talked about it on the show because he tweeted it out over on the air at saint John Fisher. Which got me thinking about lock in thing got me really excited about Sammy Watkins. And wondering. Like you know if there's a few weeks ago please don't interrupt and say Howard not LeBron I know is not abroad but a few weeks ago LeBron and I thought. You know brown. I know that they got LeBron in the got Gonzales thought it's going to be fun to at Cleveland sports and right now they must be feeling great they'd suffered two teams lose. lab but right now. They must be so stoked for their football and basketball season's. last night. with the sabres got me thinking about. Are we coming along do we have but Watkins to meet Jeremy how excited should be about Sammy Watkins I know he's not LeBron I'm not making that analogy. But how many times do we sit here and talk about we've got guys that so exciting the lots of people around the country gonna say look at that guy. Locked in in buffalo it was a little bit like that in 2012 was beginning to get national. Recognition around the league about how exciting this CJ Spiller is this season. I'm excited should I start to get about Sammy Watkins the CRR guy. Like that excited like all man we have a guy that other people are gonna waste they have. Hope so. Doug Whaley about her hopes on I beat I can't wait to see him star player. Yeah I need. Don't want him get in trouble. mean it was a nice one handed catch in training camp we watched JJ watney one overall idea impressed everybody through the first. However many days four days of training camp god he's good. Good. we need that got a no meat we needed that nobody else says Mitt you got lucky we'll have that guy and your telling me that got to play cornerback yeah black guys not court. So you do what you can I need that as we watch the quarterback yesterday and he's clearly not that guy I think they've had plenty of really good players the last couple years just haven't had anybody who's even close to really good equipment and you know so we can distract ourselves with you know. it is it is it reasonable to expect that he can be good enough to make the quarterback. I don't well. That that's conversation that we had when he was drafted it was the conversation leading up to the draft wide receivers making the quarterback is an idea. just don't know how often it actually comes to fruition I think he can. Help the quarterback a obviously. Can make him I don't think you can go that far I think the quarterback makes the quarterback the can help quarterback the running game helped quarterback the receivers get up quarterback. Well but I think the quarterback ultimately. Has to make throws himself make plays and has to make the position who threw the one that Watkins caught one handed. It's a good question have no idea all the catch I don't remember I don't remember if it was even mention and I thought his best catch of the day was through. In traffic. And a jump ball in the end zone is really impressive catch. And watching it there with John walk all the Associated Press he pointed out which is something you do have to camps and we got even and AJ throw right AJ this one was a jump ball the end zone that Watkins went up and high point in her government and John pointed out is that you know it was gonna play. Because we watch and watch confront right now we want to in the court that's something you can forget. Because they don't sack the quarterback they allow the rose to be made up so they'll you know. How come he has caught every possible ball well because every time the quarterback dropped back the lighting in pro. So you do you have do in those instances note all right let's. Pick a It is not quite Dwight Clark in the back the end attached to the business debt that was a little more significant. I'm look at just I just I'm looking for something to make me excited that's all same thing with the sabres you know. I don't know how good the sabres are going to be probably not very right hearts here right playing well and Wright I just need something to get excited that there are. Foundation players here and it's not the quarterback right now well if you're asking that question it's entirely different. I believe fundamentally what the sabres are doing if you're comparing the plans of the bills and the sabres I think the sabres plan makes a lot more cents. The bill's going all in on a guy ain't giving up assets to get him and hope that it works quick I don't well I don't dislike it. I'm not nearly as confident. That in large part because of you know we quarterback. Not to say that East Coast I don't believe that at all. But on the confidence rating but what if you put 0100. How confident are you the sabres plan will lead to willow and much better how confident are you the bills finally to a winning team but the sabres I'm any 100. And bills and at fifty like act coin toss and I'm not so I'm not sure about the bills. Well because the quarterback. That the problem at that and that's and that's in part why I wanna see I think watch games will be good enough that. No matter who the quarterback he'll still be able to make plays the question is how good can the quarterback we'd be with Sammy Watkins. I think he'll make I think is that talented a football player. But it isn't you don't think you can win with just Sammy Watkins on your offense. I don't know Jeremy I just I need to be excited about something I'm not excited about the quarterback. It's little snippets that training camp and we talked about this yesterday even if you let it up I wouldn't be excited but if he struggles and looks bad. I'm gonna start getting extremely nervous you don't look. we you know we didn't see we missed most of practice sensitive okay we're on the air from till 10 o'clock practice and at around 1030. Ish maybe a little bit after that. So we saw the tail end of practice. We saw some red zone drills and you Bringing up the point or somebody it on the sideline the the number one offense was struggling they kept moving closer to the goal line and they still couldn't score. We figured next on the gonna start the ball the one yard line but he didn't look at. She struggled to find open receivers he missed his targets. He seemed to make one reed and leave the pocket and do the spin move and run out. the enemy really. Black was but would you know what I saw from yesterday so I need something to make me feel better about the bills it's Watkins because the quarterback isn't doing. And for every time you hear you further Watkins looks good you've heard the manual does not as anyone say looks good yet four days and had a positive report on manual no. irony. And what I've seen. As not composite. It's been. Looks like a rookie. Yes right if you he's in his first camp yet right and he's just not making the decisions. And not playing the way a guy who'd been in the NFL for a year and is back with the same coordinator and back in the same offense but all of the stuff we talk about. He doesn't look like that guy it should be more fluid. There should be more success on the field he should be completing more passes he just. Just you know the get we saw he didn't. And you can't have it both ways where you wanna hear that Watkins was great tell me about log ins he's great he's great and then went. You hear that Manuel has not been great to a couple of practices he'll be fine. Most practiced doesn't matter that it doesn't matter what concede yet to decide. Does what happens matter if it does and good news semi and looks like he's the real deal in Asia manual mode on the bad news side. Has not impressed. Well that he I I just tick back on a web poll yesterday this will not go over well with the 73% of the people who voted. We we said is do rigid manuals performances training camp matter at all. Yes if he's going to be better in year it starts now 73% voted yes I think that's right and and it then you're not going to be happy with what's going on training yeah I think I think his performances and training camp do matter. Everybody else and there are people playing for jobs he's not playing for a job Jeff tools performance matters because That Lewis or race for the backup quarterback position. And I'm finding it more and more interesting about that tool vs Louis race the bills. Doug Whaley Doug and whatever and they were like tool. The fact that they kept him on the roster last year you know we kept asking like is the big deal. Why he protecting Jeff tool from the practice squad who cares about this guy woody is get scooped up. He's on the team again and now. He's challenging if not in front. But the back at quarterback position so of other players their jobs matter and what they do at camp matters. Than manual those two. I think it's true everyone well. Back to what I said yesterday for me maybe it's unfair but for me it only matters stinks. I mean he should look. He shot looks I wouldn't I wouldn't sit here and tell you every day coming around. K this is it it's a breakthrough moment that I wouldn't he shot. He sure that he does right now and training camp because she's familiar with the office. So for me it matters from a negative standpoint but it wouldn't sway me much positive standpoint and you know will talk to Joseph about how he looks we'll talk to other members of the media because in August you were missing parts of practice because we're on the air. But annual practice yesterday and you watch him in and just got to shake ago. Let's do. It on and Watkins can. Make it quarterback look better because it's EJ's in trouble and he's just trying to throw like that is again he would But the touchdown pass was thrown at the end zone. And make a play and that's exactly what he did. But at some point you need to quarterback to keep making plays and he just doesn't look like again and I try not to get too carried away with manual like you said you can have it both ways of Is getting rave reviews at training camp is his work ethic it's catching his ability as route running his hands. His maturity all these everybody across the board everybody's raving about Sammy Watkins then. Yeah it's not good about quarter. them number one reason you'd like to see growth from Manuel this year. Is. Is it weird a look at the same way a look at the sabres the sabres what they do this year. Is borderline odds are all want to be terrible. The bills. I want them to not be terrible. Because of that draft pick the only reason I want them to not be really if they were if they have their first front And it flamed out I would think whatever draft quarterback right let's. Roll the dice again. Is that why feel more pressure about this season like that. The loss that I should the loss the spending. Of next year's number one pick already. That is such a it's it's game changer. This year feels like. Boy you better you better get to eight so I don't feel the pain of that and I can justify. You're going in the right direction at some pieces. DJ improved get a a year three and we'll see if he's ready to take the next step. Not just passed like mediocre young quarterback but into a and this guy can be your starter for like 56 years given a shot. I wanna get past Ryan Fitzpatrick and right now he's got to pull even with him first. You know fits drove us knots. But we knew who hate. You can play the complaint to liberate our teammates and place he was never good enough to. We twelve games and he probably won't be but Fitzpatrick. That the standard is is pretty low for bills quarterback I just on the pull even with fits if you can do that this year. I think the team can be competitive. The coach seems competent right the offensive coordinator in the defensive coordinators these seem like they have a better coaching staff. On defense they've got talent Peter King says it's more the they've had fourteen years which I don't agree with but the point is that there are pieces in place. And now we just need Ryan Fitzpatrick. Or a little better and we want McCormick to get even with Fitzpatrick. And it seems like work right now. I think there's a layer of issues here to get to it which is you know what you bring up your point of why you wanted to do well there few different things. But I think you can bring up one and the most important thing is we're tired of waiting for quarterback I mean it's just been it's too frequent longer. You're just you're so tired wondering if this is the guy. You know and don't have to go through the whole list but you know that you got excited for us about rob Johnson and got. You know and He beat Houston this is really. And then see an end Trent Edwards beat San Diego. I think we got our our. I'm not we're all tired of thinking we got our guy and then it's Patrick comes in what do they they beat in the end the streak and look everything is. We just wanna get a quarterback retired of one of of not having a quarterback and if it's not right back where we've always been around here wondering who the heck is going to be the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills and going back to watching the draft and later another layer of that is right you don't pick next year. The other thing is. It's almost like. In Egypt look better now or to succeed because if he can't do it now. He doesn't need third year I I would give the third year particularly now inoculated in another year. What what's wrong with this scenario there's nothing there right. What continuity in the coaching staff okay. Talent around him look at it around him. Today it's good but it's good enough for EJ Manuel to succeed. I think as a quarterback in the National Football League east you know there are everything has been set up. For him to make a jump at whatever level in year number two if he doesn't it these days the favorite he gets worse. He's just pocket it forget it it's done it's over there is no you don't need a year three to say you know what Maybe bettering your three qualities not better now I don't get two year three with him and then I'm right back to square one finding a quarterback again so. I need him to play well because I'm tired of looking for a quarterback. And for those that think. He needs you know if he doesn't look good now he's not going to get battering Europe. I wouldn't say I am tired of looking for a quarterback I am tired of looking at quarterbacks that are good and pretending that they are are hoping that they are. So there's a spot between. Franchise quarterback they are set and give me your number three well and I okay and I'm also I'm jealous envious I'm envious of seeing other teams find their guys after routes you know waiting to try and find their guy and You know. Seattle has Russell Wilson are well India's forget Indian it locked in the Cisco's got cannot other teams find their guys Cincinnati doesn't have a franchise guy but they made the playoffs three years with Andy Dalton. Other teams get into the playoffs other teams have found guys quarterbacking fear fear we don't the tired other do it. And wondering why it can't happen here. The highlight of all these quarterbacks has been. Either Drew Bledsoe in the run tonight at seven or Ryan Fitzpatrick and whatever they were 415. And one 11. I think Edwards was 4151. At some point you in there's time we thought Fitz Patrick. Was not the biggest problem they had to beat new England and they beat the Eagles and they beat the raiders right they were put up thirty plus points a game we're like well. You know he's not Jim Kelly we know that. What he puts up points they win it'll go. So what what has to happen for a year three happen. Because. It's almost like I'm not thinking about. The playoffs. Pushing for a playoff spot or winning in the playoffs and thinking about one thing and that's that first round pick. Thinking about the first round pick and what Manuel can do. Because I pretty much put it all on him right Watkins. For their four days of training camp. Has many fans quite comparable betrayed because now it's like Watkins is good so the trade worked doubles look at lock and say it doesn't matter who whether it's EJ Manuel or Jeff tool or Thad Lewis walking to make place. That he'll be good enough to make plays regardless of the quarterback. But there's only so much you can do in terms of making that elevate that quarterback to a higher level but make catches throw the ball there and I doubt it make catch and if you just kind of look at it like you would look at Dennis Dixon Joseph and the fourth quarterback. The bills on Watkins and Manuel spent 31 round picks were spent on Watkins Juan Manuel he could flip it. It would be no different at the same amount of picks and currency spent he spent 31 round picks on those two. And in theory get a franchise quarterback and a top five wide receiver in the late yet. So the question becomes when when thinking about. That because I got in this yesterday with a guy Twitter during the showing her a chance to bring it up. I've been saying this for awhile that lot in straight shouldn't be evaluated on Sammy Watkins has evaluated on wins and losses and he could make ten patrol holes. To be the best receiver in the league and if they don't make the playoffs. Wouldn't you go back and undo it but that's not on him necessary no of course not only he can only do so much as a wide receiver Elvis on the GM. It's on the GM its on the court I said it's not a quarterback yes that's on the GM more than anybody. If you draft wide receiver who makes ten Robles is the best in the league but you don't make the playoffs a single year OK are your GM has made the wrong pick. For the wrong thanks write his name is in good enough you've got a great receiver but obvious you don't have a good football right. Doug Doug Whaley was hired to get a great receiver who started this team in the playoffs and wins. But if Watkins made the Pro Bowl this year well. Yeah if let's say walk ins with the Pro Bowl this year somehow that and make the playoffs. You feel pretty good about it. I'd if you take would have been able to do something right he makes the trouble with his we'd be talking and over a thousand yards right big you know whatever seven catches receivers 15100 yards receiving EJ would have had or whoever the quarter they would have done something right at quarterback made the probable. If the quarterback beget or even close to a good. So how much do you think what you can do it how much do you think he can do in terms of to help manual that we're having this discussion is the is the that that were having this discussion shows you how frustrating this is. That. Were were now begging Sammy Watkins to be so good. At and and is now with the bills are yes and I I was I was gonna stop myself and say that was part of the draft process we're trying to get. We're sitting here talking about do whatever you can to help the quarterback to get better weapons but Jeremy. I guess at some point I just I need to see it from the quarterback himself. And I I'm not sure. Can mask it and you AJ win can this team win the PGA is average to below average but they just have better weapons around. might not be a really good quarterback but it's but it's disguised because he's got so many weapons around him. He can be thrown up docs and prayers and maybe not making great decisions but they're bailing him out based. He can't be below average and one yesterday at least average. In the rank in cornerback rankings one through 32. He's coming in by. Everyone who would rank court next in the late twenties and they're out of five that's what I mean it can't win there. You've got to be. Sixteen worst seventeen at worst so that's the question that can Sammy Watkins take EJ Manuel from 27 to sixteen. Or ultimately no matter who is around him it's still come down to Manuel tried have to improve on he's got to be a better quarterback himself working to get away with it. That's the whole point in any walk to make EJ Manuel ten spots better I don't. And he comes at a Manuel elected and Watkins will be there is a part of it but. And Mike Williams is a part of it and Goodwin and woods and the running backs and all that is a part of it. Maybe they get him up five spots but ultimately he's got to get better he's got to make the right decisions and make himself better quarterback. In the game that and that's the distressing this circles back to the discussion we're having a few minutes. That's the distressing part of EJ struggling at the beginning of camp because my whole off season was based on. Okay there were some good things there were some bad things last year it's an incomplete he didn't play a full season but you know what if you get better guys around him. That will help EJ development. So go get Sammy Watkins. Trade for Bryce Brown. Bring in Mike Williams I was never dragging down the football team but whatever he's gone. Which you bring in other weapons and I thought great that's exactly they did exactly what in my opinion their offseason should have been all about. Drafted offensive tackle. Sign left guard who's better than what you had they did exactly what one of them to do make the team around the quarterback better. First we training camp just not seeing from the quarterback that's distressing part of all that stuff. There's there's nothing I would say I I can't pick up anything I thought the bills didn't do. To try and make they've they brought in a quarterback coach they did everything I think on paper you could possibly do. To help EJ Manuel and your number two and in the first week of training camp he doesn't look any better. Pointed out that Calvin Johnson was on and sixteen team via text that's right his rookie year they were all in six know me second your own six. And since then on sixteen to 146 and 101. Playoff parents four and 127 and nine. Like at the lions spent a successful team in the last since getting Calvin Johnson of alliance's success story. There when the playoffs once one time and they lost that game yes and well. And I don't know that they on do Calvin Johnson he's a superstar right he's maybe the best receiver ever. When you look at note I come how much he puts up. He puts up more yards per game than anyone that's ever played but the game is a little bit more skewed the wide receivers and of course he's a freak show. So. What some very excited to watch very excited yet the fact it. Manuel continues to get poor reviews from camp. four days they have today off it won't mean it really won't get until we get to like game three of the pre season he looks like you struck. Through the first two. Right through the first two games yes. 8030515. To join us this morning 888550. To 550 drop when you can Shimon. Share your thoughts if you bid up to camp and watch in camp and practices would love to hear from you and see what you thought of EJ Manuel and him and Sammy Watkins everything else decided training camp coming up today. Or guy you'll be joining us. Joseph of course was not a camp yesterday can read his date for notes at WGR 550 dot com if you if you did not see the Sammy catch. Sells fine sells video of it is at our website as well. Albert will join us at 730 from NFL network he was the bills camp earlier this week will be chat with him about that. And UB football coach Jeff Quinn will join us media days this week in Detroit. Training camp about start for the bulls and their football season we'll talk to Jeff at 838030550. For you on WG. That one drink get back to even double at least that you know he joked that say where we have Andre and you're you're you're gonna know all they the This right now you know you have. That's joking of course but other things that they've well he has usually in culture they're a lot more guarded. When it comes to put a lot of pressure on and and I think they'll work that way. Maybe right after that perhaps in the spring what and they and they move along here in and there are one over about a kid. Yeah they're they're starting their. Last week a little more of them in and and and talk a little more honestly about their expectations. That's Mike Jerry Falwell. Foxsports.com. He was that the strength of early this week Gonzales yesterday here on WGR it's an on demand audio if you wanna check it out coming up later today Albert breeder who was also in. Pittsburgh this week He from NFL network will be joining us at 7:30 this morning as we get more of a national perspective on EJ Manuel. And Sammy Watkins and the bills and lock and continues to be the big story. Amongst the national media Jarrett bell is in town for USA today he'll be tomorrow. Of course she you know. Cell count on Iran Jaworski were in town. Among them nationally that are coming through their pretty much writing their stories about Sammy Watkins now it looks training camp. We're wondering how much can he actually help EJ Manuel. Or is it ultimately Manuel has to get himself better is only so much the guys around him can do has not look good to the first four days of training no question about that. 8030515. Join us. 88550. To 550 Rick in Rochester Iran WG yarder right ahead. Break open BioWare I agree roots. Pretty much everything guys that. All one finger I'm looking more and I saw one guy Izturis they're all I'm looking for Arum. To be consistent and not consistently crappy. consistently. That we're not talking about errant throws not talking about their treatment and receivers you have Austin and after a part time. Or consider who you are a consistent reliable. Where the weapons you all around you. Being consistently. In a positive way who's gonna win some football games and shall grow our. You I'm not gonna category are ordered to a lot of times. Offenses don't keep collecting them and these camps in all week week and apps and after the second preceding in this you're still saying and you guys in the more air talking about. Are all three weeks from now what you're talking about the past couple days. Then what got a problem. And that unfortunately your order or stroke that will comment Larry because. All you almost result or DJ are giving up their first trial. And I love Sammy. But almost shut the organization possibly earlier forsee him going through the process. And and first welcome back. Yeah well depends again you can win with a quarterback beyond the first round you know roaming cap predict around round two adult was round two Wilson was what round three. to and other guys falls was not a first round picks I mean it you know you can win without don't have that just a first round pick. Is it. All yeah sure I'm not I'd much prefer having the first round pick. But I I don't have buyer's remorse I you know also likely going to be a tremendous football player whether it's. With EJ Manuel at quarterback gore if you doesn't work out the next Jack quarterback I think it's going to be a tremendous football player here. Yes and that's what that looked thanks they're trying to make themselves better football team. And and have better talent from one to 53 I think are doing that and there they are getting better players The most important position on the field. Is quarterback in the bill still have. A big fat question quarterback because she is not looking anything different. And Egypt like Andy he's not looking were different then the agent and we and yesterday and small small part of practice and keep stressing that night we saw the last. When he 530 minutes. But there were again times where he just. You know he'd make one read and then leave the like he didn't stand in the and look long enough he did. You always bring up the spin move he he did one time where he's been made the read any spot out ran to his left and it's just. It's just he just it's a comfortable back there on the offense he just does he looked like a rookie quarterback. He does look good on its feet. For anyone wondering about you know the knee injuries that pop up it was new looks very good may be even better. It was moving around fine you know he Wren let's they read it read option once. You know when when passes weren't well when guys recovered he decided hold on and run you're moving fine. But it's the throwing part that's. That's troublesome if you want proof that the bills are better team football outsiders for ESPN insider. It's within the outsiders write for insider the bills' number two among teams. When it comes to talent under 25 years old. The rams number one the bills and number two under point five talent includes EJ Manuel. According client sandy lot and Robert Wood Stephon Gilmore mark he's good when Cyrus joke in. That's like they've got a good and that they don't mention Alonso on defense. What even though he's injured obviously he's considered part of the defense yet and Martha was in their two biggest guy on that list and I'm thinking about today is forty clan. If is it that he might be more important to watch been manual right now but when we are. At training camp and the ones out on the sideline by himself doing stuff I think. Along Phillies back onto his back because if they are without according they are in trouble real trouble Manuel is in a lot of trouble case like any quarterback. He's better when he has time. When he doesn't have time that's when he rolls out and cuts the field happened dropped the spin move and frozen out of bounds and protects the football when he has time. Ever quarterbacks and according Was great last year very good. He's their best you don't have to worry about he's analyze this and offensively their best he's very very good. And if he is out for any extended period of time that they will feel that. How many lost three wins is courting worked. I can't think in football might be better to figure and in points point is actual winds because there's just side all the editor there's two sides the so many variables. On if kittens sacks are drive killers sacks drive killers also. I remember correctly CJ Spiller was much more successful running to the left side and the right side. Last year and running behind according I think was much more successful than running the other way. It'll take away from every facet of the game with according line especially you don't have somebody reliable means they are playing. That seventh round pick in his place. I think that's huge drop off in terms points. I don't know how many points left tackles Werth who's relieved I mean. What's a quarterback what's right. And could you estimate that quarterback worth and if you bay quarterback is worth more than anybody by force fifty miles but if you don't have it but the left tackle looked at the play is that bad then it's affecting how good your quarterback is and if you're talking about. Usually do it above or replacement level player and a seventh round pick might be lower replace obviously it's John Kyle Henderson as the guy went right you're talking about going from a top ten player in the league to a below replacement level. That's got to be a good chunk appoint yet and but remember what Jeremy when you bring up Clinton remember the rest of what's going on on the line. Yes Williams is at left guard and he's OK but he's better than what we that was here last year we thank in the competition at right art is an wide open right tackle we don't know what's right so like with that there one position woods fund its an epidemic if there really. Like glad you like great don't have to worry about it. Boy and I was thinking that you know adding Williams and having him be so much above the worst. Ever Colin Braun and longer ski who's probably a replacement level player if Williams at least an average player. If he's the fifteenth best left guard that's a huge jump jumper and I was figuring could probably step in. And that would help every facet of the game give Vijay more time and especially in the screen game. Let last year the screen game was such a disappointment and I think part of it wasn't just the play design and maybe that was some element of it. But also he had no linemen who could get out and run. And get in front of CJ Spiller given blockers down the field as kind of expecting that recording a key if you will. 80305 shifted to join us 888550. Q but it is we talk more about bills training camp in studio today because the deals are off. If you're wondering about the practice schedule for the rest of the week. There are night practices 6 o'clock tomorrow night 6 o'clock against Saturday night you have to have a ticket to attend the practices all of the tickets have been distributed to both of those of the next. Free slash open to the public practice without a ticket is Sunday at two nights Sunday at two to be back out when you can have an out there and watch practice. At saint John Fisher 8030550. To join us 888552. Effective to voters on as far as the bills and training camp when hear from you this morning. Albert prayer Metafile network coming up at 730 at the national perspective on bills training camp was what he saw when he was out there that's coming up on W. I would wanna deal that things will happen. Is remarkably similar to what football coaches and owners said that until 1946 about players who looked like Tony Dungy. And it's remarkably similar to what set until 1989. About guys who wanted to become NFL head coaches who looked like Tony Dungy. And it's remarkably similar to what TV executives said at the 1966. About man who wanted to broadcast NFL games and coverage who looked like Tony country. But maybe just as relevant the micro. Tony Dungy just admitted that Tony Dungy wouldn't be a skilled enough coach. To do with the distraction of doing the right thing. It's Keith Olbermann and ESPN talking about Tony Dungy is comments about am. And not wanting to deal with the distraction from the standpoint of a head coach. Howard Jeremy Matthew DRW dropping just joining us 8030550. We were we started talking about Danny Watkins because. The one handed catch you made yesterday. The acres so much is all over the Internet. Gorge about lock ins and how much better can make manual. Which got us into the discussed because he does not look good how much can see anyone can do for EJ Manuel. Can he get them from bottom five to the middle of the pack quarterback. Or more on Manuel then Watkins to do that 8030550. Join us 888550 to 515 as we always say on the show were were were in studio today by the way. Not a training camp because the bulls are off today. Is us you wanna talk about as far as bills and training camp any other player roster battles whatever else is in your head these days with the Buffalo Bills. Beyond Sammy Watkins and the quarterback. You can join us industrial 550 year ADV 550 to 515 we'll talk everything training camp with you here and WG. Frustrated about camp. We say that Manuel does not look good. Or has not looked good. And it's boy you know. I and now we just watch him in need to look at Iowa you guys were not there at all time of a summit was that true we are not seen her practice that is very true. Well Joseph says he has no oil is Joseph know it's like. I don't know just that and every day it's like there's a large percentage of fans that wants to know the truth. And then they find out the truth they need to do everything the possible to explain that that's not true. We have some sort of negative agenda we're EJ. I think we have it's fair to the quarterback is anybody have already cast in the season art gallery got a cute parity cashed in the season. not cash usually usually just be like distilled and he hasn't looked good a propaganda machine this is how Mike Scotty looks core rates and now. I know he should look better excellent right now on the say this until it changes. I'm waiting for a day where gel or worm we're there. Aware anybody that's gonna talk about whether we talked to. Albert prayers coming up at 730 is he was here the other day or we're talking to John Wall or anybody. When making like many agree that hasn't happened yet it's only four days doesn't mean it won't happen And don't ask for the truth and then when you get it be mad about it. They got a long way to go they do in the early coaches that and it's early and nobody has cashed in the season but it's our job exactly what's going on in. One of the stories of training camps that manuals panel. Not that great to good thing they got the extra pre season game in the election time and training camp they needed. Watkins has looked great no matter who's thrown on the football. But Manuel has not looked that good 8030515. Jarvis Mike in Emanuel look better and games and he did in training camp hoping for the same this year. Depends which games. Would be as gonna say. Jerry did not look good in camp he really didn't look that good in the pre season either he had moments. In the game and it looked that good until that drive right before halftime. So that was the issue with a manual to hit stretches I mean you come out. Scrimmage his pre season games whatever come out slow and then eventually put a driver two together but. Yeah he didn't look that much. I mean in as he was his body this is anything to explain attacks from a guy who played two quarterbacks who were bad in practice and when the on the game there were Obama ever agree. Fantastic you played with two quarterbacks. It's and if the quarterback conversation sometimes gets so frustrating. We elect pore over stats. Well he only had eleven touchdowns and nine picks if you're pro about the sixteen game shall find the 34% of quarterbacks have numbers just like that and go on a whole fame careers like. Okay. Where we work so hard to try and make him better than he is. Accused of being negative he's not true well liked. Personally you know what I wanna believe he's who would who would dilute believe he's got of course I'm gonna try and find anything in my mind to convince me that he's gotten yet. the grammar not than I've seen so far that convinces me. He should look at and what he's doing right now at training camp. first went outside he should look better probably should look more comfortable I'll I'll I'll you know what I'll save my freak out like you said I'm just. I'm gonna freak out this this Now. It's. All right 830550. To join 888552. Terrific when we get back. Would you mind if I had a hockey story I can throw action. hockey news from Jason K which one that Tim Murray now beat tumors good job I saw this. Before go to the training camps going on the other and I promise it'll be. 22. work it and oh win cash contest time let's word this time around it is hole. EU LL cool so beginning at 7 o'clock which is a little over three minutes away you can text the word hole. Seven Q8 81 you have until 715 to do so and then you'll have a chance at the 1000 dollars in the win cash contest that like that message and rates apply. Again. Poll tax that is 72881. Will have additional code words today at 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM it is the cash contest. On WG.

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    OK remember that because it's hilarious it's not always hilarious I think Demorrio Williams would not be hilarious. That would be somewhat expected I think Mario Williams got one. And I don't remember Mario is OK I think ever remember him. I always think it's funny no matter who the guy is even if he's really athletic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Manny -- -- Manny Lawson played a lot of the football. We're breaking it down. Remember anybody's I'm not laughing at your -- there are -- analysts on snap count you eat. Had a lot of the snaps of the football's gonna say that Manny Lawson got one though I do not remember. Austin Rogers side keepers at the open. Right about that are we going with many
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    today. And got a lot of work. As you guess the witness. Buffalo Bills head coach Doug we're. -- there -- the bills practicing in pads saint John Fisher College first time yesterday that is about
    at saint John Major college -- to a full pads for the Buffalo Bills team on the practice field now we go live you Jeremy White. Who is sitting by Jeremy -- the latest from camp
    I felt like he's more suited to -- out offensive weapon the Buffalo Bills needed. I would have had an outside receiver that was a tall target it was a red zone target it was 65

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They don't Fortis Buffalo Bills football Monday Howard Jerry Matthew here on WGR Fred come up just -- second we got folks on hold hang on because again we'll get your calls. One when we wrap up with Fred 8030550. To join us your bills football Monday. Bills running back -- right now Fred it's Howard Jeremy good morning sir hi hold not. But more -- not to you know I don't know. Complained -- actually played in the game I just watching at home but it is. There is pretty depressing Fred this just ended the the lows are so hard to handle I'm sure they're taken. How fans feel about it how do you handle a game like that those lows. I mean it's it's definitely you know talks. You know while we go out there you know we -- bought starboard you know you see guys you know working day in and day out coming here. Notes on a dirt then we can get a win and to go out there play you know well for most games and those still come up -- so you know I know that. No doubt a lot of fans that are disappointed you know a lot of people in the community in all there. But I can promise you know there's -- the film and an old cardinal locker room not a lost art that. When -- on. The bus coming home I mean are you. Are you -- IR they're just plays -- sticking your head how are you go back over the game I mean what what is what is it like when you've. You showered you met the media now you with you know you're on your own on the bus there you got you thought yourself are you going through that game what are you trying to get -- out of your head. You always you know go to the game you know I think the number one bit. You know a lot of guys do you know what I news you know -- Arctic that the -- -- -- done better you know could have done in different situation. And you know plays that you feel like you could have made Moraga. They give us an opportunity. Not to be in other plays that that -- You know game not to go the way you wanted it to solve all of those always stoppers self reflection you I think the number wanting you gotta do it. Figure out what you can do it that teammate you know there appear to help your teammates around you. And I think what's got the door and all that -- I think the part that turn a little bit better in our favor. Fred what happened how did you guys lose that game it looked so good you're out to the quick start it's. Fourteen nothing at 1770. Off its plan well the defense gets off to a really good start. How did you guys end up -- the game. Well they don't order anything you ought to do. You know AmeriCredit you know they're better and and erected in -- -- know a lot of people and that there. North American worker who will vote this year so I mean they're they're a lot better than their record and they owe you got to give them some credit. But at same time you know mistakes. You know when. You make mistakes and EU. Have turnovers and and they've like that it's gonna make an article apple -- game. We get it ourselves we shot ourselves in the -- Yesterday and any time you look good team not only does it take advantage of that Merck gonna come back a bunch and Budinger. Fred what's it like to be the guy and that's about whether it's steadier Chandler today that wakes up and in this Phelan. Like he may have cost the team the game and whether it's a fumble or whatever it is because sometimes can be a different kind of play when you're the guy in that spot. Are you into our teammates come over to talk DR they kind of just leaving it leaving you be. Well -- -- government and go you know the guy you know. There are guys who go up to and you can take some torment. Are you know they'll. They'll take it you know in the listen to whatever it is you gotta save some guys either gotta let him let him alone you know that nobody beat themselves up more than they -- Com and it's it's a tough situation being you know and it's just a situation alive. You know don't wanna be an hour or you. Don't you -- -- at all. It's all the also you know yours that you do everything you can out. I'll make a play for you to make it and you end up coming up short you don't know that there's no way to -- expects -- our board you know in the W we've got the guys that we have in this locker. You know we expect on the comeback in you know continue to find him. That's the just the type of -- and we you know all as we have a game so opinionated and compete you know got an analog up and give their all. That's some good thing about being honest and. But on -- -- here if you're listening throughout the day or if you well -- it Stevie Johnson is a guy that is a polarizing figure among fans are many that. Are are quicker maybe isn't quick tip to jump on him when he makes a mistake it is is he the kind of guy he played the for a long time. You take up for Stevie Johnson and that spot as it does it bother you to hear that. What are you know you got are being you know able to play what sort of last six years and a daughter out walk on marking you know got it out wall. To have an opportunity to make a play in the game. I'll when it comes down across you know and he didn't know that -- Warner -- -- and it. You know. You go to air lot of negative stuff you know and this is people -- people you know. Look forward scapegoat. He's going to be one at a time when it -- -- -- -- that the he's drawn up and keep paranoia equally you know. Everybody in this locker room -- you know he knows he's gonna catch a lot of -- You know that this public the territory -- -- inept they'll know people are gonna need something strong wanted to point it. On the -- that got you on the but don't do what they don't know about. You know thinking become so commercial. Go to work and won't get behind him will rally behind him let him know that we. You don't have all -- in the world -- -- you know bomb on -- go to bat for anybody in the locker room you know and he's definitely mono monologue about four. How about one other thing that's you know there's a bunch of different personalities obviously got a big football team lots of players lots of personalities. Many wonder if he takes the game seriously enough what would you say to those people. Without a -- you know there that forgot that. Com there you know he's constantly watching film you know talking to a quarterback picking their brain about ordered it they won't from the get it done. You know talking you know I try to -- this -- targeted. You know play as well as he can. You know we needed you know and either got -- There is always working on the street you know always going to be better not talking. You know different receivers throughout from the union -- is you know they do it is to help them succeed so. Home again and got it on the old. So you know puts in the work you know I get to watch him work every day I would come out come see I'm working. Watching how he approaches his game you know lets me know that he at a rapid has taken seriously and into Oklahoma went Obama. Fred Jackson -- this year on the Buffalo Bills football Monday and WGR. I -- let's get to the elephant in the room you guys win that game if it's at Ralph Wilson Stadium in not in Toronto. There are going to Toronto isn't the reason we got pregnant you know you know granted there is not there like planet at the route. You know and part of our own chance you know we're gonna support that we get from most. But that's not the reason at all you know you know we will -- -- triggered this today. Bought some mistakes we made you know and that this planet for Rocco is you know an opportunity to place somewhere else you know to build up -- -- you know and we we enjoy that you know. One you know like -- fit planet erupted there's nothing like it you know and you know hopefully we cannot. Double Morgan this year you don't know who can take advantage. I think Fred one of the many things it's frustrating about the game yesterday out -- she'd lost. But lost in that is EJ Manuel who didn't have a great day. But when push came to shove at the end of the game he's making plays and he's got a chance it looks like he'll have a second game winning drive inside the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. But that goes by the wayside with the fumbles on the loss. I mean he he he did everything we could ask them you know. Even broke four time -- what he meant as a game well you know and that's great to see from a young guy you know and he's given us an opportunity you know and that's all we can as well. -- program. You know quality continues to grow you know he's developed it developed her game and -- -- what he's due to work our government from a -- and not think he's gonna. You know be a great player for a alone -- foursome. You know he walked away just like everybody else so you're gonna keep common work not just saw me on and watch them now. Topic you know everybody's brain and see what you can do barrier and I think that's what we need to do with the -- There weren't really any downfield throws until the one possession it was late third quarter you guys tried to deep balls on the same possession -- is good when. Was were they not called where they're just not place to be made can talk a little bit about the vertical game. Well that. Former speaker is that they a lot of defense that they were planning if they're trying to take satellite is because they know you know what what type of speed we have at receiver. You know they were -- Keep -- to keep taking those shots and we -- down there you know being backed up against our our goal line. They would figure we were gonna come out running and opportunities for small people when there and we try to take advantage of that we took diplomatic front and we do you know that -- again you know give us a great opportunity to put points on the board and charm to the bitterly. Fred Jackson whether it's good because of the moment Fred Willis here on bills football Monday and WGR and one of backtrack. To the beginning of the game you're up fourteen nothing -- things are going well do you think. It's going to be -- do you think there was any. Complacency do you think guys thought this is going to be easy this one's in the bag and maybe that came back to get -- We are -- you know. It's been so you know nothing ever -- you know and we know that you know we've -- -- -- this is a a young -- for a moment. Home we we. Didn't -- -- -- in different situations -- you're so either learned that you know and one of things that we -- -- I'm not gonna ever gonna come he's not only to hammer out fourteen nothing. -- finally get some good football team. And you know guys know that and we -- sort of keep plan and we just think it's -- you know yesterday and I. We know that you know you know we put ourselves and a bad situation you know mathematically we're still -- -- you know we need a lot of help. But you know got to go on record -- the fight you know ball we have a reason to step on the field and compete we're gonna step up that he can be. A couple of things spread your crossing routes were very effective yesterday even though ultimately Stevie catch the ball in fumbles. How come those result factor was that something you guys saw during the week that you thought would be some you know something you -- have some success with against Atlanta. I guess someone that they that they did they'd like a lot of to manage. Anytime you play you know it's gonna play a lot of man defections. One as it is going to be able to run on the -- crossing -- and of those uncle who wanted to take advantage of not something we worked on all weekend. You know it workforce would have been out and support. -- Fred Lester -- about you know the running game obviously you guys got the running game going -- they CJ had a big day I think getting him going over the last. Five games of the season is important you guys just talk a little bit about this day yesterday and Diddy -- look you know 100% healthy -- -- was finally 100% healthy. So you know it was you know evident that you know he was out to make -- premiere of -- you know an -- -- four. Our Katrina -- how importantly the spirit you know in terms finally gonna give us. A great opportunity -- Escobar -- you know a guy like that that's that explosives and can take the ball you know eighty yards and RP. You won't -- -- you're kind of you know on it didn't see them back you know all Oakley just stay healthy and continue to play like that of course this year. Five Fred we appreciate you coming on thanks very much for your time is always. Good luck against Tampa we'll talk again next Monday. Not a problem that's revenue from. By Fred. Fred Jackson -- this year both of those football Monday brought to -- north with savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest and by. -- and smoke shop hitting you between the upper right now open 24 hours get some calls here 8030550. As we. Dissect the loss to Atlanta docket yesterday who you put the blame on the most yesterday and we talk a lot this morning that surprised me about. Stevie Johnson and what do you think the -- plans for Stevie should be going forward. And owner Robert here they told Leon Robert and welcome to the show here on WGR. -- you don't. Okay for a long. -- -- getting collecting at all so OK I mean if it was a lot of popular people don't stand in front of how to do things.

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