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WGR550>Topics>>12/30 Eric Wood with Mike Schopp

12/30 Eric Wood with Mike Schopp

Dec 30, 2013|

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Well and then the morning and he could get exit physicals with. Team doctors and it's not clear either don't clear view. They're more and living took coaches. Well pretty much all. They -- macular today. -- -- well another season in the books Eric what what to will you remember about this year with what will. Be the thing that you think about the most you think. Just missed opportunities and really. You know -- Topic return in the quarter. Them open. You know never looked -- that this was the year that. -- glad that you know we really really got some peace implementation. The right steps and -- -- -- since -- -- down here in the AFC. You know it's almost close games news same manner in which -- Well who won a couple of those games now. Of indices month and a whole lot different or. -- -- one quarterback or. Or want to thank. Erick wind when I get asked about. All say the same thing about progress I think most people feel that got most fans I think certainly a lot of fans think the bills did make progress. What your record is the same what's the right. What's the right defense. For the point that you made in that I would make two that the team is better or making progress during the quarter as you say. What do you point to to say that. Well. You know we've we had a lot of close games. You've -- won't -- You know -- there was the gamer or whatnot let. But the power levels are. Sure sure. It isn't. It would play with so many different quarterbacks this year moves forward we can get. You know one got to go to the whole season. -- play consistent. I really feel like we have a great team and a lot of us think that we got taken place in Egypt we just got to keep him healthy so. You know moving forward you know I'm definitely excited about the -- can -- -- one thing that I would say is a mile in addition to what you said the defense is definitely better. You guys that the stats show it being unit up tenth in the league in yards per game allowed twentieth in points but. All the right stats for me. They exude that the defense was improved. And you know especially with sex you know he heads to big here it in that area but you know yesterday. Maybe both sides the ball -- you don't watch in the the bills get Ron on like that. It pick it occurred to me I just I wonder if the team is physically strong enough. You we we've seen the bills lose to doing lots of different ways but. Not too many times it looked quite like that were were New England. Just looked physically superior to the bills maybe you disagree with that I don't know but what do you what do you say to this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that. Sit in the second year of coach Ted system there will be really tough to deal -- sailor. They're tough to practice as a note that in they're going to get better and more culpable in this scheme since. You know looks like you know pretty much -- launch of the -- -- most people should back up mostly we hope he chairs back easing its reach people that ought to just back from that. That peace and sent a couple dominant that overtimes I hoped that. Maybe just being more culpable. Be more -- sound. Because of being more -- defense will help put. You know yesterday you know who's. It was it was surprising to me to receive the way there will run the ball at times and I'm not exactly sure. You know about -- -- -- -- meetings to know exactly what happened but. You know it -- -- like at Taj who we. We -- manhandled and -- you know physically children holed up you know I think so. I mean when you look at duster heard OJ doesn't. You know I've never considered strengths -- issue. I just -- -- McNabb played yesterday you know you gotta consider it to. Eric Wood along here on -- WG -- for today it's this season ending press conference from the stadium -- her own dog Whaley. And Russ Brandon. -- Obama on the offensive line what what what do you think needs to be different for you and or for your group. Well -- I think. That we should continue to get better. -- And he can do that a number of ways you know what -- the additions. Can draft a free agency probably there is most years. Get those guys up to speed but you know thank you for the second half of the season we we did a lot better in -- understanding. You know little nuances that. That come with playing with an office building in early which doubled him. Chan Gailey offense the first year record numbers as an -- one works or nearly as good as maybe the second thirty years it's. With very similar -- applause and so a lot of the same -- back so they are excited about the group we are moving forward I think. I'm excited about 41 motive for these. He's at an extremely talented player and they're really coming into the zone in the second year. In my opinion one and that's what tackle football. Eric you said a couple times earlier how important or how much better this season could've been in your opinion. Had you had one quarterback the whole way. Most playoff teams had that benefit that luxury of having only one quarterback play the bad guys stayed healthy for those teams. There there have been questions. In at least from me in the last couple weeks just if it means anything how the season ended for Egypt. Him not playing the last two games he practiced last week. I don't put any words in your mouth legislate from your leader on this team. Maybe just tell us how you feel about his season and whether or not you or -- you think your teammates have any question. About his durability leadership I don't think talent is something you a question about from what you said. No it aired in the other things you mentioned I don't have a problem with either. -- an issue that you know he. You've got to work extremely hard and it is gonna continue to get better could hear the great work ethic. You know after the first. Forward -- until the Cleveland game you know YouTube video but on the church camp reps because. He got injured -- -- appreciate gains and then. You know going into the ground game. And so like he was really coming into the zone and he played well decades or injury. It when he came back feels almost like you're there you know Dick console war again and in and that happens in Turkey's leader common injury. And then he got hurt again so. We -- all the same injury and in Ottawa says that he has durability issues. I don't think that that's an issue at all physically. You know -- what he doesn't look like a quarterback Philip. Major problems he's big he's strong so. Moving forward I don't think about it that I hoped -- ability would be an issue. They're moving forward. You know extremely excited about it. I think. I think with his work ethic that I mentioned before. You Arabic which opened the second year -- that in the bundled with -- in the effort. And and hopefully you know -- to stay healthy -- in control. They've been together we will start to be. Do you think is. Going in and out of the lineup. Affect the what kind of offense the bills. Had or were mean it it was some said that. I don't know who said they really shouldn't put the question this way how much you and I've talked about it how much. Did you have to as the offense how much did you have to change in how much did that throw off. Your your season. If you did that it all mean the the back up Louis. Played about as well as manual to my eyes but maybe there were things that you know love. That you couldn't do because you didn't have Vijay in there or something along those lines. Yes -- quarterbacks that played this year played well. And and we didn't have to tweak the offense a lot of times but there's just ought to get used to with a new quarterback and -- everything was sort of in all the players on the field in the -- -- -- lingo that they use or to tempo that they want it or. You know cadences are little different and so the ball that grows a little different than receivers which the law that all -- time -- You're about to make excuses because -- -- -- quarterback play at all about. To give us you know chances to win that structure. You know you know you're in the game you know you put toll there -- -- -- -- he did well it makes one mistake he has changed the -- -- on the level of you know -- remembers. What he played the game and any managed -- game well. Come in -- for rookies you know that's another guy that I'm excited about move forward but in the midst of the sixteen games you don't you can go through three quarterbacks. You know in and out of the lineup like is. They can definitely you know do you it be an adjustment throughout the week. Or as opposed to. Really continuing to grow and build on what you have to cut trying to adjust it -- and get ready and he used to something new. So if it's not too personal. What do you do now how far away from football you get. Well well under cover you know long season. You know produce played sixteen games swallow yeah. Don't have that surgery. -- -- -- -- Eleven million -- being built with this story here and I'm -- sticker on your first few days. -- built. And hang out. Enjoy almost ultimate. Effect of global world while they're able to stand off season -- You know the trip to cover -- in February. Late February. And you know so -- -- things but because it is to a myself and it and you know at some point probably isn't. Or three weeks -- so you know work it out again and -- one of those doesn't feel like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and working -- -- can do so do so. You know what we sort in the offseason now. I hate that it started so early. But -- of them here. Definitely in Georgia some doubt -- We watched playoffs. Yes I'm a huge -- that I lost the playoffs and you know works -- -- hometown team the Bengals and it. You have got to do yeah we are traditionally -- -- Watching it you know. -- you -- -- that you feel -- we will watch Carolina would be right. Qualities of should be committed. Just if it can't play that what this game all over them which their forum. Do you have a pick me if you also played the saints. A New England twice does one team not UNC Denver Seattle this year but does one team. Who you seem like the favorite. Yeah album well I think there's all parity this year. At the top in. I think new -- really good but. Mr. wolf or -- Our defense can burden. Some of the inexperienced they have. You have to receiver position which funeral and also that was there that -- -- I'm not sure I guess. If I had to pick out probably picked Denver -- -- -- just says. Played so well with paid in the Seattle's history pretty dominant. In the NFC bullet but I mean I think there shouldn't be -- -- About not exactly sure. All those teams get home field to when those are soft teams at home. Oh absolutely -- a lot of the Egyptian. The history would gain can do -- -- this year future at -- votes. Well Eric if you ever need -- thing you know the number weakened just wrap sometime more I don't know. Meaning that you probably got a guy your new contract coming up to lose -- probably had a guy that needs for a lot but IE speak for everybody here I know when I say thanks for all -- or. -- being with us this year you're right on time every week I really respect that and let me know if there's anything I can do for. I appreciate. Really enjoyed during the show this year it's. It's so close together clips acting in I was afraid of those -- -- to file system before I ever be additions. The same -- -- -- -- Thank you very much it means a lot have a great offseason and may -- will run into each other at some point. Okay not literally though I would totally lose and that if I did literally running -- Eric Wood of the bills thanks to him. And we'll have that interview up on the website soon may be even running back here in the course of the week. I was of the do that is me a chance to you know I don't know -- drink.

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