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1/29 Chadd Cassidy

Jan 29, 2014|

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    Our Sports Radio 550 at the dollar. Roll it along with -- Andrew Peters the Buffalo Sabres just minutes ago signing met Molson to a five year. Five million dollar per year contract five for 25 for all you math majors. And also today they have signed up Brian Gionta To a three year twelve point 75 million dollar contract and treated -- second round pick. For Josh Georges that's your up
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    years I think you're probably going too far. Andrew your thoughts. And Brian Gionta and -- -- the sabres great. Talked about a for awhile loved loved the idea love what he's going to bring on. Twelve point 75 million seems to be the number and in years three years to get there we got three years twelve point 75 million Buffalo Sabres Brian Gionta OK so that helps them get to the cap for. That's certainly helps that it's it's a little much when it comes to the cap hit puts it it's only three years not that big of a deal said. The statistics for Brian Gionta So it wasn't as bad as he was being. Against. Put out there to be like now well you know he's really

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Error. Pretty -- They got a first fifteen seconds hey we're pretty good tonight. You know obviously we've we do it they're gonna try to do coming in -- good hockey team and outside -- Kennedy -- Watch what happened there we heard half a little bit the first fifteen seconds -- we played really well after that there's about a five minute span in the second quarter. Telling -- hand in there for awhile but you know the it -- eleven and seven tonight so we won't do it. Really make those top guys for them -- forward -- and short bench pardon me. When -- make him play defense allotment to get a good job where handouts they have a lot of energy plan. It's win -- not they desire and the Oilers and neck down here is this pretty much exactly what they hope for him in terms of going -- game I would think so I mean you know -- -- Because -- best player. And we put ourselves from that. That's the autocrat or -- please. But I I think -- Jack you know for us he is probably our best. A 200 foot player. You know he's got a little bit unlucky with the puck took a lot of -- -- -- issue -- can produce a lot more offensively. He's a guy complaints and he recently it will soon. So this is exactly situations to hear the -- to create the hutchings breakaway is pretty much indicative of what he can do just. Somebody falsely put the puck around him he's involved -- what he's got a great stick he's really strong. You know when he makes a lot of plays like that -- watch how many times have been neutral zone OK okay guys pocket you will be transition the other way here. In the diesel where to lift up quick stick turn and we get out its own quickly that's probably is -- -- -- -- team and you know get -- audience tonight are going to be able -- Back here. You know what I didn't see -- -- -- -- she got it and then he can go particularly since you're all started -- -- excellent. The I -- last year there was a period was. Now invite him he's actually got one guy but yeah he's still harper. Government wants them now you know desire. -- Well and I think Q that sounds a little peace plan ought to do with it is is played recently had a lot to do because I think yell on can. Not relax a little bit but he doesn't have to completely committed scheme to playing defense politics -- include he's been doing your job in his own zone control in the pock. Tonight was one of the best games and he's playing an increasingly in. -- it's one of the few nights yet again on the score sheet but in terms -- goal scoring but. I study had a real solid gains so you know the better he plays easier makes you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right from ours and yeah a lot of what you gotta hasn't noticed necessarily his subtle player per share and like I said I I think it you know. For him he's a guy that you can play against anybody's top line. And I think that that's for probably be what he's molded into as the NH dollars is a guy. Like -- in LA who we put out there. In the most important parts of the game he's gonna excuse or he's -- violence -- in the game and united mean remember. You know the blocks better word getting in the -- -- you're just a quick stick. He's very subtle players that. Lipton camera on the road trip because the way things played prior to. Only thing going six and it may take years. Why part of -- disease and get healthy it's a huge part. We got Jamie back and it's been a huge difference on the power play it's -- net front presence in his puck retrieval on power plays -- And then I mean with McNabb passed it back to hear different hockey team those two guys kind of puts everybody else in the right spots problem. You know for those guys -- run your power play you don't spend a lot of time in your zone when those two guys haven't usually when it's on their -- and ends up on. Or forwards tape and in we're going to work so. You know for me it's just kind of a mix of you know guys playing the right way but also against the players back. We I mean can you actually believe this is. Yeah. I mean he's kind etched himself in there you know I mean it it be heard it. Hard to get them out I mean he's he's been such integral part I mean he's got. I think really did the trip to Switzerland is very distinguished himself -- he had a great triple and moreover us players today early comfortable. Playing abortion or regulates. And then you know -- he's really taken since coming back and you know it. Good power there are good penalty killer -- she's Korean fore check and in that line was shallow regularly used in hutchings has been line we've tried to match up against top lines for the last. Fourteen days since -- were pretty -- for us -- -- for yours. What was he couldn't two -- one. And we're gonna -- but guys are faster. Probably it was going to maintain that position but his batteries people -- -- I had maybe that your way is there any player and he's got great speech and you know he can make tougher for immediately. His lack size to get to spots really quickly so you know and that's been that's been the difference I think there are times when you know you're brilliant guys. -- -- or you have guys in your system that he people in spots -- 122 point one and it is to this emergency where she's a few years older. He understands how important every play is he's got a pretty good trip we will play so he's been active sports. Lou and -- -- standpoint young goalie especially giving Google that are currently and he said he can maybe jump that a little bit didn't anticipate playing well. He got over it and it seems like he hasn't. Had trouble doing that at any point this he's schools acute come in as a lot of lot there have been very few instances this year. You know where he's had you know meltdown recently dad -- the -- Easy competitor killer ever talk to map for one game Murray had a rough. Excellent explain why -- people. That are literally. And that that it a lot of thought because he. And as a matter look in his -- and he wants to Internet and Texas and there's a lot of guys have a hard time doing that. An assistant captains what's this -- he's he's very polite but it seems like he's got a little you know fire between. He's back and he's not gonna swear -- and -- -- dad -- is defenseman but he certainly he's battled fires. Got in that position. Just like -- Clinton. No idea -- -- Act that I had already I've hit the swearing it. Yeah lesbians. Very place where couple times maybe it's.

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