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WGR550>Topics>>6/2 Thurman Thomas at the Jim Kelly Classic

6/2 Thurman Thomas at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jun 2, 2014|

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Our argument has some because you know my first year -- -- -- -- -- -- pro ball but this. So yeah I don't think that's had no idea of even though he had been and believe you are just three years here I can't get any fighter in my first year. He go -- Poland. Oh yeah and at that point in time after going through a year of watching him perform. On the field and not really been. Home in the office that we were accustomed to being with Japanese and in the 89 -- you can still -- Being attuned to allow receivers at the wherein you know he's there was pretty odd event and make a proposal. Coming back my second year if. It was. Let's see what this -- hands and see what he's all about in the he's shown that after that relate to. Unity. The I mean it's. Promises -- -- and you can steal through the presence of him we will be in here and now you -- because all -- all of winners that have shown -- localized in the big sound and that the team and in the over the history of this celebrity golf tournaments of the we know there was so it could be that you wouldn't be here. And all the players on -- His presence here -- predators this. -- -- -- Remember the itself with that. Especially if it fit. -- -- he's -- a lot for the community. But he's also Dunlop outside definition in the big seed them from the Oilers of the candidates around this behavior. -- to be in its content of this. He's from the isn't it manipulated every -- we all understand circumstances.

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