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WGR550>Topics>>6/2 Andre Reed at the Jim Kelly Classic

6/2 Andre Reed at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jun 2, 2014|

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First person that. There's. Very. Very. Jim yeah. Did this you know two years ago it was like raining and elect -- it's kind of hit -- -- around here but. Last night was pretty emotional got -- there -- few things. He's here and there's no doubt about it he probably wishes he was here. How much. -- -- present it well if I mean you know Jim is the -- -- him that exists this is this tournament this is his. Whole deal and what he's done the last twenty years here. Is documented for sure but I think his presence brings a certain amount of I'll just brings like togetherness. -- brings it sent to -- I think family and I. I say what that means every time -- talk about. My playing days and what it meant for me here. And that's what you mean it's families. We've got to get used her office back. You know we all know that that's what we're -- here. Yeah. You. We got to think this carrier. -- it is great summer. Yet you know mark mark you know we've we've talked about this for the last nine years -- You know he's done a great job and he's he was always. Adamant about why should be in all things. And this year was no different than any of the year before. And you know kudos to him he did I was -- Here. -- -- you -- not only -- you know you I have and it got a lot of People Magazine in the last four months has had have been. Pretty pretty hectic logged in a lot of places play. It's like planning a wedding for like six people. And put six on top of those extreme though. But you know what it's that this is what it's about. I'm playing this knowledge from them all question your bills there -- -- Community under. -- -- -- probably I don't know I don't have a hundred family members as they won't they'll be my family members of that. Though. -- odds you'll be terribly high school college or high school college. It's going to be a big contingency of people. I'm just glad that. Bill. You know be able to view -- said they'll rebel oh yeah. They go right down the highway and pick an area I doubted that it's only about a six hours seven hour drive -- I think from -- -- It's going to be a big you know and the bills -- giants and -- and so it's going to be. A lot of. A lot of bills. The timing of it is. I -- poignant subway doesn't mean it's going to be celebration but also. In some ways. On. You know Ralph and and in fact what Jim does not help right and then you going and I mean this actually wind up being. Because of the bigger than that. And it is it is bigger than me and we all know what's going to do me all accounts. -- James you know sidelines. All the stuff that's been happening with -- -- -- organization over the past six months. This is like a breath of fresh -- I'm glad that I'm at the forefront of this. Because there's something to be happy about and -- until last night you know this team stay here whoever buys choose -- Doesn't. -- Yes yeah. We went. There well. We are again the family atmosphere has always been prevalent in and and I evident here. And he we will be the first one to tell you that. And we were not mean we go back sharply reward is here is everywhere because. Now only good football players it. You know we love each other off the field we really care about and it's it's more evident now. I think Jim's situation we really are. No close close in the fifth. It's helped them through the through we've really helped them. Andrea -- Taiwan news he think that little baby Tuesday. War. Well I mean. We knew that didn't with the new NFL is like that they've -- you know -- I'm sure the new owner whoever comes in here in and made by the team that. They're gonna give on the stadium another stadium wherever it's going to be if it's gonna be downtown wherever. I'm sure things have been worked out you know as long as -- teams stay here they can put it right in middle of the lake -- out here. You can float right on the water boy that is our main focus. Morning Buffalo Bills analyzed board. Meet James Lofton Steve Christine much of the guys -- -- -- We're just showing the fans that we care and we went in there. Any time you -- Well you know mark right here like markets in my mind it is after all this and we talked about it as as the years -- -- We never certainly aware of its. That I ever have a doubt he always told me you know it's gonna happen sooner or later sometime. And that's not the way I believe me I was disappointed a lot of years bush. It wasn't up to me you know I couldn't. You can do and that do for me. But now did that it did happen those nine years doesn't matter.

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