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WGR550>Topics>>6/3 Sabres' assistant GM Kevin Devine talks draft on WGR

6/3 Sabres' assistant GM Kevin Devine talks draft on WGR

Jun 4, 2014|

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    WGR Sports Radio 550. quick look at the Sammy it is incomplete. Well covered by curious way at the forty yard line at filling complete Sammy Watkins walking to the buffalo sideline with mark he's good with coming up. Once the train is cleared him to play I was excited about it because he hasn't really played now since the first quarter Pittsburgh. And he really did play a lot you know before that as we plan on playing him alive. In the so you know he really haven't played that much and I I always get concerned. When when people come out and I think you know especially when you're a rookie you we've got to play just electoral manager and this season. Yeah it definitely. But nonetheless you know let us I went to breakfast with the ball. Kamal you talked to coach goes down to a good job so. good morning to sell bear with me I just saw yesterday and Todd nick released their top 32 prospects. So I'm seeing watts potential players might be available around 32. The bill's gonna look at in because. Now it's too soon drafts are all he still not well I'm thinking 33. I'll I'll I'll I say it not excusable they would have to. We and then they'd have to get that actually because they won't have that pick. He died and I'm thinking which player will fall to the first pick of the second route that's what I'm one. They got Kiko Alonso later this vertical or are you trying to planet. Maybe the maybe the bills are worse than picking that's actually I think over time that might be true. Anyway good morning Jeremy lights up a pot she'll Matthew great news the phones are up and run and we upgrade were ready for you. The football team not so much of an upgrade the pre season finale if you didn't see it consider yourself. Fortunate. Which says that considers a fortunate they were shut out at home against the lions. Six times they've played lions in the last ten or eleven years they have not once scored a first half touchdown against that team in the final pre season game. EJ Emanuel went in was on impressive didn't really do much sandy watt played. And got hurt again. In the same spot same injury. Which makes one think maybe the bill shouldn't have played Sammy Watkins which is something that tell when I set all day yesterday. Go that way topic of the show yesterday yet I did enjoy getting a bunch of tweets hey hindsight 20/20 in this case for site was point one. Don't play anybody that's important especially if be their. You don't have. That I'd say if you can go back and actually listen on demand audio at our website or on the app that WGR 550 dot com. Because that was the topic of the show yesterday Jeremy bolt said. I don't wanna see out there I don't wanna see Sammy out there the risk is too much greater than the reward in your ego here's the risk. Now you have seen every insert here is your star rookie wide receiver who you. Moved a whole heck of a lot to get who looked really good it can't all year who's coming off a rib injury and then going into the season pre season finale. He plays which I I just I didn't see any reason for him to play. And now here we are holding our breath hoping. He's gonna be ready. In ninety days in Chicago in May be well he might be maybe it's just bruised me going to be back next week he's gonna get a full week of practice and and OK everything's good but still I don't feel comfortable right now where that situation is. He'd better be OK for Chicago or else that's on. It's either on the coach shorts on the trainers. And I'll listen to either one Ron says when the trainers cleared him declared him. But. There's no reward in raising the risk vs the reward there is no reward to point him in the final pre season game there's no or any these pre season games. Many rewards in the regular season lately for the 8030550. fired up early here is my pre season in review and obesity yourself pre season in review But are still looking for another backup quarterback because Jordan Palmer was as many expect. Horrible. And when asked if he's happy with a player Jeff tool Asian number two last night that said no. They're gonna look for another back we'll see who else is up there still looking for I'd be surprised tools on this roster being they're still looking for one or maybe two quarterbacks. They played Sammy locked in her and he got re hurt in the same spot which is mind numbing leak The coach says it's important to win games and that they played a win them they go one in four. The quarterback. The starting quarterback starting offense gets zero touchdowns against starting defense is they play him in a fifth game in an attempt to get chemistry you're god knows And they shot out across the board. There is. Where you can imagine anything about the fight and the. Blowup and all that stuff that it Fisher. I was just I was I was only golden out there we go back to the Decatur or some other things that went on as well how is going to have with a pre season the pre season games in review there it is. So lot other than that. How to go. guys think. Pre season in review for me is. I am far more concerned about the offense in the quarterback that I was not I had no concerns I did. Of course but. You know you're you're thinking it's pre season. We know that and they are by the way they were last night but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't you be able to move the ball. On basic football plays you call they should be better than that they work and I'm concerned about this much more than I was. Hey they can go out there in Chicago and do what they did a couple of years ago which was look really bad in the pre season offensively and then. Put up over forty points against the Kansas City Chiefs in the opener they did that a few years ago today that it actually know because. I'll play right now I think Chicago is not very good defensively their front seven is. Appears to be slowed me when I watch I think there they're right to at least get run on but. This quarterback situation has a lot of people worried not just the back though the starter as well Jeremy last night he missed a couple of throws he should I had once again. And receivers should had a couple catches don't throw that behind woods should be cotton you know that's another receiver that used to be here it's all day long that he's not good and off. Would you catch that ball here's an important stats and I mean this this is important. The bills last year gave up 300 yards. To Washington. In the pre season with Rex Grossman at quarterback. How the defense do better than that. Right they did not get. Chewed up by Rex Grossman's they give a place but the point is 300 yards in the end and the first team offense of Washington Rex Grossman. So what does that mean for the season nothing. There are lots of things that mean nothing for the season. I I've your post game last night and you and I are 100% like. I would get on your shoulders and shout with few. Don't call about Nathaniel Hackett it's ridiculous not not about philosophy hopefully come on it's it's just you you can't sound more ridiculous. But you wanna call the head coach and a lot of his philosophies. And the things that he does I thought Matthew set it very well. It's tough to believe that a guy that. Makes as ridiculous a decision as playing Sammy Watkins last night. It's tough to understand that the mindset is his answer although I will say this his answer I thought was. Somewhat fair is reasonable he said. Wanna get in chemistry out there with Vijay Emanuel I guess. College players walk out of the field don't need to pre season they just play game. You're about Sammy Watkins adjustment. Like we see make it all these highlight reel catches training camp. Any needs to play in the fifth pre season game what's the reward he's gonna catch on a time where they're planning on targeting them. For like do you really make the case that he's gonna develop. Chemistry in a game situation against the lions second team on four targets in the course of a and a half for how long. They might have plans to play him. In this is compounded by an. Jury if if he had really no injury issues with a rib. And he had played you know a normal amount that he should play in the other previous schemes against Tampa where he didn't played all against Pittsburgh came out early. I would the president is much of a question I'd say well that's what the whole offense is doing but it's compound it for me I think it's coming off an injury. I mean he was just one week removed from that injury that's what bothers me even more about this I will complain about a about one thing. Because up at the velocity I'm not complaining about no one should it's ridiculous I gotta tell you from up close last night. There was hardly anything going on profits are pulling guards things like that they were you what they're doing. Winding up an I formation it's going straight forward and saying just go be your man and let's deal we can and that's fine if that's what you wanna do pre season. Don't complain about it though is a because if to me you know you just simply don't know what they were trying to do last night or in the pre season compared to what they're actually gonna do in the regular season I want to. Gripe I do have though with the to coordinator is this. Three games in a row now that Sammy Watkins has played. That you sent him over the middle and he basically got. Completely demolished almost three times and now theory is nursing again getting pictures baby guys and say well. I'm not gonna send a wide receiver over the middle that he can handle it shouldn't be the NFL get that I totally do. But the first one against Carolina the safety keep the backside and almost took out his knees. And then and that was scary enough and you're like OK I I I get it but glad nothing happen. And then all of a sudden against Pittsburgh crossed the middle boom he gets hurt because the guy. Has some sort of weird you know play against him and then last night again across the middle linebacker comes in and it might name safety to go back and look and just. Completely destroys and it seems like Put a big hit I say I think that packet should have been smarter than that. In the pre season on how you wanna use in Iraq and that he's going to be on the field at all because he doesn't have the choice to not put on the field admiral says he's playing and think your But at least he does have control over where and when he gets the ball how he gets the ball in the situation. Well they've got a call their Vanilla plays in the you know the chocolate. In strawberry and rocky road plays those are different place they can't show those ones Spiller and Jackson on kick off returns in the pre season. Sandi watched kids playing in the fifth game of the pre season what are you trying to prove what in the world are you trying to gain. It's. It's indefensible. And the bills coach. Is responsible. And at Watkins misses any time. You know. They got bit by injuries last injuries were excuse for them and that's just an excuse out reason why they lose some of their games injuries at a loss important players Stevie Johnson got her during important games. manuals for. Defensively right Stephon Gilmore assert CJ Spiller is heard all or earlier jurist was nursing an injury during training camp and early in the season. Injuries real reason that they had struggles last year. If the offense which date spent 21 round picks to get sandy if they have any games without Watkins because of injury to pre season in which the coach played him in the fifth game like. That's the reason that the offense will struggled what it's your fault. It is the coach's fault. So I I'm I'm amazed that he played amazed that Manuel played. The bills were lucky to get out of camp as healthy as they were and they doubled down on a guy that had an injury and played it again. And didn't protect him. He got hurt again so we'll find out how long he's hurt for it it's any stretch of time the the coach should be. Or what trainer you pick you want if the if Doug once say it's on the trainers they clearly should have been okay I'll buy that and get trainer. Or get on somebody who doesn't have common sense on there. The protects anyone in and I feel comfortable doing this this morning because if anyone wants it to you know. Cry hindsight. On demand audio we spent four hours yesterday saying do not play Watkins there's nothing to gain anyone with common sense would say it going into the fifth. Pre season game. Their opponent last night the lions they didn't play they're starting quarterback you know didn't their week one opponent the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler didn't start David fails it. And they scored six points in their in their last downing their offense looked terrible. I don't panic and play him to see if they can get some sort of rhythm and just like where does it make sense what where does it all line up. Guys listen we're not doing anything out there on offense But your quarterback junior receiver gonna get rhythm on plays that never gonna run. Await your your out there playing these players. While not doing anything which is it. Where they get the chemistry. All we gathered at a chemistry against the lions second team in a Vanilla offense or we don't actually do anything that we're gonna deal. So I get it. Joseph chemistry on that somehow and then when you go and the Chicago and play the bears and on the plays that you have not shown anybody which could be great if they could win games. Where it should be how you do that the chemistry practice those in game situations these are telling us which the teams are different than practice. Well. So you need to get the chemistry in the rhythm and that is in the that on plays that you won't run. It's an interesting idea. They were very that'll last night which they have been all its. I mean we've been using the so long now. That I think when you say it sometimes almost goes in one ear and out the other because people don't wanna hear and I get a lot of either because I wanna see them score. But yet if if the point was brought up to me last night to that well if they're not executing you know normal you just have to basically got to think about. Then once you actually did you get a game plan situation to think about the play and had to make adjustments on the fly. That will that make it harder I don't know he may be the answer is that hey because you're game planning it's going to be a little bit easier know what situation you're in but I would have liked to have seen. Even with Vanilla offense as much as it was then advance past the other team's 44 art. Try to get past the 44 stating it the red zone they didn't get into the orange zone or even the white yellow zone 44 yard line. Is as deep as they got. meant a pre season doesn't matter but what does matter is mismanaging your roster and costing yourself with your new star receiver is her. 8030550. Over the phones won 88 by fifty to 550. Rough and running let's go to South Florida for Larry good morning Larry RW GR. Good morning and I don't or do great. Well. Not if it's a armed. With the pre season to what are about facts that help people get hurt there's no control of that. Well are is there and as you guys had mentioned. Let's talk about the So breaches war one war which is just ridiculous are often does not move the ball here's here's the thing that's your. Terming listen you got called comic all the time. All that's here remember sitting at dot C that I bet shell you know we're ducking the insult or watch in the draft. And I was just praying. God that they were going to drafts Paterson not Vijay is varied and exciting days because Joseph distributed. Reported later dressed he gave an really thank you kidding me. So anyway I got a border they got and again immediately shot. So this year. As you guys are mentioning. You and Mike marquis brought that was the big the big ticket items silly at all on doppler that is no way they're gonna trade up. You're standing and you know he's great player the stock Attila and it's too expensive I mean they're gonna get a great receiver can they didn't get on. Odds are probably what all the and that we and Mike Evans the soccer player looks pretty get very. Excited about last night it looked pretty good. So I would've been really happy are those cute government and then what they do is give or take next year and here's scary part in getting mentioned it. What these are working that's at crime. How do you put in your marquis player your off central weapon. And again and he's already heard that need much. Bottle could easily. The way if they played like it in the preceding an awful could easily. Get a top five pick which actually belong to Cleveland. And Cleveland doesn't look like they're going to be very good. In connection team to pick and can that ever happened. And if that's the case had to roll and keep the defense of Scotland. Yeah I would say goodbye to yeah I'd say about a coach and unfortunately got to start all over and by that time were good birdie try to be will be gone. So I'm just frustrated right now. Larry I'll say this. Everything you just said is about a month away. Thank you can't go all the way there on the pre season and why and I says I know you and are both in the same spot on this. But all of that legislate out it's not far away. And the pre season record you know one and four is one of port doesn't matter. It matters a little bit because the coach says it's important to win anyplace to win and we we're gonna about that a win this game like he either says that just to say it. Horry means that if he means it well then one unforced bad. But all that stuff about Watkins about trading up like right now. Watch Kansas her again in the bills have mismanaged this and we'll see how long he's up maybe he plays against the bears. And that's great maybe he's banged up all season. And then the one person. That was the key to fixing your offense and giving you explosiveness he's banged up in her all year he has like the units CG did last year was like. Are nagging injuries guys next year he'll be great all OK well that's that's wonderful. Right now. It's tough to that except Watkins instead of one of those other two targets in first round pick back. I wonder how many times you want to make that trade back betrayed the trade looms. We will talk about it all year. It'll hang over this team over Doug Whaley. And if this team. Is not good. Then. You know. It's gonna it's it's it's going to be the reason Doug Whaley gets fired if he gets fired by the new ownership by whoever comes But Watkins got hit again. Or watching the replay by the way again here of the play in the studio what they I. I wanna throw out there. we at least on this this criticize EJ Manuel pork but at least on this play. This was not and they criticize each day for each of the two step drop and threw us. This was the call the call was deceive me on a slant. Stop with the he telegraphed it that's what it's supposed to do takes the ball he takes two or three steps back he throws it to the slant pattern. Where CME is it was a horrible pass was incomplete he got hit. There's a lot of things to criticize EJ for this particular play. Is not one of them are right. Agree nick over the middle calling this I have issue with that it does become the field I have an issue with. It doesn't even look like a very. If it does look like a big hit at all look it doesn't look that bad if it happens against the bears no problem. This is the stupid. Pre season. They announced 57000. People or their last night coming whether cell. At that game point thousand added that there was fifties now know better 57000. My ticket well because you're seeing how this account so they're saying 101000 extra tickets were sold beyond the season ticket. Number right now here's a with a collar things on the side and I thank you very much because you I think at least the collar. His voice. Symbolize a lot of frustrations and thinks he said that a lot of theater feeling tonight and today this morning should say tonight council last night mode but. There's a lot of hypotheticals you also mentioned how they on this and traded it got two picks from don't know that you don't know that we can't know he's done he's pointing up the Cleveland had to equities while Clinton has to add two picks in now that they've I guess what I'm saying it is there's a lot of things that we always look at the draft well we could go on this way we could've gone that way. I mean who's going to be throwing the ball they would take in Paterson I don't do all right there's a lot of hypotheticals. You know so so yeah we can say they took the wrong guy I'm still wondering did they take the wrong cornerback is geno Smith gonna be the guy that I look at and say. My gosh like they could've had geno Smith that they wanted and what I had to. Yes it did take EJ Manuel that's not taken someone else their borrowings I can think about as well going forward because looks pretty good. Could they have waited until this year and taken Teddy Bridgewater somewhere. You can go before a lot of things to hire the wrong coaches there aren't that's right. All the way back to that they are the wrong coach so so there's a lot of hypotheticals there I get it it's all frustrating because we want answers and more importantly Jeremy. We want simple answers I think that's what fans want simple answers that we can point to something tangible and say. This is the problem this is where all where we know it it's not that simple. Now we have to wait until next to see at least what happens because as much as we're all mad today as much as we're all frustrated. The bottom line is nothing truly matters until we know how they look next week against the Chicago 305518088. By 52 perfectly good board what did you think of the pre season this is the pre season. Post game show the post pre season show. Jeremy so departure parent of each year. It's it's always much easier when you can just focused down and and this tunnel and On plan. Mean that's that's that's the case so. You know from that standpoint. It should be that we have to do their job or not you know because of all the time we've You know get ready for Chicago to colonel you know less fourteen cases of you know the platform now and then wins we've reached a monopoly. Think the biggest mistake you can make it happen too much the only game plan. Watching Johnny touchdown pass against the bears. Watching as highlights. Rolling out on the Iran. And dying. At times yet he had a few and six of seventeen is not great there were some classes I guess that he. In the very good on and some things he did pretty well. Six completions for 83 yards and that's bad in 55 rushing touchdowns this pre season that it Niagara international conference about writing on my shirt shorts. Noting cool how the guy that took over par plaques and Texas and amp is getting guns and in his first ever start in college football he breaks Johnny man's taxes CNET record any deals is named. With 511. Yards passing one game and by the way against the good south Carolina's Steve Spurrier coached team in their house. Pretty nice so who had a worse week Steve's keys yet or dog Marron. Sees Turkey should have that Josh player lie about breaking his ankles in the obviously situation and he's had a player quit the team and called racist. Where is dug her own. His team has gone. Completely. What in the tank and they got shot Against backups yesterday by the lines and game that he labeled important enough to play his starters and and his star receiver got hurt again. Unnecessarily. Meanwhile I'm watching highlights here. On sports center there's a beautiful touchdown pass from Blake portals Teddy Bridgewater had a very strong pre season he's a guy he's that he's been very good. But he's done nothing. And yet but that's this is when I'm gonna be stopped most of the sell maybe you can help me callers can help me maybe dug around and help over the course of the next week. How is it that their openly not doing anything offensively yet simultaneously while admitting they're not doing anything. Wanting to its claim that they want to win these games. And claiming that the players out there need to develop chemistry together a name like manual and Watkins chemistry. On plays that are their actual place. Like I can't help you on the I can't that. I just can't aid to Israel 550 what level. Of freak out should their be right now get this call eight at 305518885525. If you ready for we'll open lines. The game was not on last night so many of you probably didn't see it here's what it looked like said he wants went over the middle got hit her got her again. His ribs again. And we don't know the extent of the injury so for manual ineffective starting offense thing. The bills didn't get past the 44 on the entire night. And oh by the way Jordan Palmer not good. As many would expect. I believe after the game I read. And at be obviously he's not. He's not a doctor rating like that but. EJ said about Watkins. He will be fine. Elderly does he also says after poor performances I thought it went well right so I dislike trust man you know I valuation of thing. Especially rib injury we don't know all of talent is I don't know we spoke to not but he said in the locker room. When asked about he said he probably just got banged up I think he will be find something along those lines. Yes here's something else that he set after the game. He said he came off the field and Now you got to understand some things in context here because I'm doing the post game show and I'm listening and he's that in the locker room after not during the podiums I didn't hear it. Somebody alerted me to the fact it EG said he played well so I'm like come on accurately say that did what he said was. When evaluating its performance he was asked Jeremy. He's that I came off the field. MI quarterbacks coach and athletic coordinator said. I played well so that's one that soap operas that played well and he's he's gonna roll with that and on some level I I totally get that I do because. In anything we do. I want my bosses say hey you yeah you did OK and then I'm gonna feel better about the job that I did in my bus as I did okay say okay good that you're pleased that I'm pleased with it. What bothers me though is. The entire Jordan Palmer take ownership of how bad the offense was when here's a guy that has every excuse in the world. To say first day I that mean I was out there we were bad but he didn't know what he said to pare phrase. Well when we're out there on the quarterback and we're bat and that's on me and I got to do a better job. Colleges that liked to use her EJ say something like that and he didn't. I get says though when people say well he said he played well. What he really said was my coaches told me I played well so that's obviously one trying to please well. And I I get people that. I that Michael Jordan Palmer did have a quarterback rating of ten. He if you completed nine passes to the bills in three passes that alliance. So I mean for him to say I've got to be better more reason to say it. You know he was got to make better decisions with the ball Manuel goes three of seven for 56 yards it was a hall of fame game all over again. Seven attempts. So that they enjoy you look last night remember the first game when he threw the ball seven times in real public plan and I seven at the what are. If they've played so he Manuel could get chemistry or get you don't get playing together. Seven. Tenths what was his quarterback rating Jordan Palmer ten. Ten even ten point four. Well good you don't know don't ask don't shortchange in that twilight no because I just want to compare know that. And the bright side geno Smith had two games were last year. Yes that was a ten point 11 game gets buffalo it was an eight point three against I was trying to look at some backcourt back ratings last year overall. John writes wasn't bad last night was three of seven but should have been five of seven Fred and each eye drops my I don't care about that. It's seven tenths. The coach justified playing Sammy Watkins by saying he needed to play with manual and scenario. In any game whether or not running the offense they're gonna run during the regular season. And where manuals gonna get seven attempts. You've been practicing and training camp for five weeks you've had five football games a pre season. You've intra squad scrimmage is with the Steelers Watkins got her once and had a missile of the time. And you put about in the most meaningless situation in justify by saying you had to work with manual. Now he had a corporate manual today. And tomorrow and Wednesday when you're getting ready for the bearers. And him what he misses this week of practice maybe he's got a rib injury so. I don't know how much time illness. If he misses and when you say justified by the way that was before the game even before going into the game last week. Doug or outside let's see some guys you alluded to this you knew what he you read between the lines I'd like to. Easily he says is I'd like that I'd like to play some guys who haven't played with each. There's been here's here's has sent as answer from last night one of my goal was an accident again we've got a one of those guys play together. You know it happened you know Chris well and available for us he wasn't cleared. And then really wanted to get you don't want to pick what you said one of the questions that is. You know quarterback with you know if they ever have played allies in games they've played. Quite a bit of practice but it is different games. Seven attempts. How many times are they going to Watkins three. Then that's gonna change their fate. It's not even risk reward it's just risk there's no reward. Eight a 30550. Bucks phones and Chris we mentioned Chris Williams guard Chris US senator good morning. A guy. Like eight. organization port here but. Prostrate that there won't say that that would really talk about out EJ yeah. Quite Specter's team that the team at bat again you know public quarterback seven time. What do they they shouldn't. Report by look for another quarterback in the draft. Our Mac called back at first outlet shirt they eat it aren't compatible. I know now but it's so frustrated at the same story yet I would want to see yet he had. Put up loyal pet a couple of crap like this report keep your standard to shell out one of all. Can't calendar she did not have and we collect it now should equities it's got to watch it. Legal ownership and a new outlook make these looked better but we only three cornerback. Our guys in camp and later week. Expressed hopefully regular season football makes things look better I mean honestly I'm still there where. I get it I am just as frustrated I have just as many concerns but I haven't. Just said hey I'm gonna jump off the ledge right now and completely think that this is exactly how it's gonna look I don't know I'm willing to give it a week to see in the regular season what changes are made I'm willing to give a look and see. game plan affects things how they can actually go in and attack the Chicago Bears who can't stop Iran and. Basically say okay we don't need you win this game that we can let CJ Spiller and projects and rich brown try to win. I don't know he should be banking and can't stop the run the bills couldn't stop the run last year in their you're planning on them stopping on this year. They would have tried to do things to fix that so debate and to bank on that he should also bank on the bills nonstop and well I. I I am. At least saying that I am willing to give next week and and I agree with regular season football. Before just calling up and say oh my got a whole new ownership does everything cleans house with a season that he played. We regular season game to be played next week this has been in the pre season everybody zero and zero we're starting over here. Welcome to make excuses I get it I understand why or what he's frustrated I am too. But give at least let the season start and play before we start making these all these really really broad judgments about what needs to happen next year. All the bills have already decided that what's gonna happen next year they're not picking in the first round of made that decision. So that's part of next year they haven't asylum third with a quarterback they decided not to pick in the first round Kevin a cellular and Biggio. Are you guys. More follow call call before I was talking about EJ and I can't that it is people like you know I wanted to finish like And I'd been trying to look like he'd to look up the receiver he just. I can't let timing too quick and maybe that's not the case by notre at a bad stop that. Which it seemed like don't look opted receivers. And eight bureau and on the guys and that's why the offensive bet that I'll double or maybe that's why you know everybody's it back to it. That heavy but batted balls yesterday. No end Kevin don't oh that's something to look on the regular season. They're not running their office so. You know he's not doing this he's not doing that they're not running their offense they're not three screens to CJ Spiller right. That's part of profits probably they haven't thrown to Mike Williams or Sammy Watkins in the red zone on fade patterns probably part of our office so. While something to look for I don't think quite make it yet Manuel might not even be asked to be doing that yet well. the look at. He does sometimes stared out receivers there's no doubt that sort IG does but of course and there's many other times where he gets accused of it or simply doesn't. Last night with likens that is not he stared down the receiver play. That is a creek it was called a slant on the play your take three steps and throw to you know what you gotta do get your eyes were exposed you really quickly so. I think we're looking again for the simple answer sometimes it's just not always there. There's times criticize import. That was wanna And it's not always and it's not fair to do it all the time. When he doesn't do it yeah and heavy balls batted down anyway I mean this isn't really an issue it just was in one particular game the jury of three preceding. Eight at 30550 do you have faith in the bills' coaching staff I think that's a lot of what this comes down to faith in them we'll continue to talk about that after Ronald stick with us grab open line. 8030550. Jeremy White so popular on this Friday morning you know under the each year. That if you don't know who that is is Kenny football. Trademarked here first. We got broke Johnny amends I am pretty sure some people have that less a Twitter they had Kenny football yes let's not drag. It was at was trying to fire under new and and Kenny not Johnny Teddy not he's good that one. You can football Kenny the other football and Johnny football and football and he does the candy. Often a so you know what now that might not be trademarked duplicate eaten away now it's when I. I was a kid nightly pop Warner footballer when he got that a jacket Casey you walk round and you'll have your name on it was pretty cool and they would put on their fewer cheerleader they'd cheerleading and your jacket if you play football league right football in my jacket said football in my name under. So for literally a year and a half I'd be walking around people call me football sell my jacket said. that was maybe I thought that was my name for a year and a half from my I thought I was cool it wasn't it was because it's added on the jacket football south. Luckily you know my was Sally event cheerleading Sally or something and it was football sell for your half. 8030550. Jeremy White yards on vacation he's back next week you view remanded to dodged this minefield from him miss this minefield of a week where the bills played. A pair pre season games and looked terrible in bulk of them this last one the worst 23 to nothing ten more penalties. As any other team in the pre season cry about penalties. Other teams must do it right now I did Merlin in he actually said he thought there were some last night they're okay then even the three in the week before he said how the previous two games or talk about questionable penalties. In from him I thought I remember against Tampa he said hey I we go back and look at all thought there was some correct calls and there regret I showed a journalist I'm in view. most teams probably complain and is she thinks that league has been a crackdown. Ten more penalties two for twelve on third down three interceptions for Jordan Palmer who's there new backup quarterback cool might last what two weeks with that kind of performance. Partly a premier by the way to bring up anything other than a quarterback are seen near the offensive production but it just thing last night I was watching. During halftime I was watching the TV feed and Steve tasker made a comment that was interest. He called Chris Hogan a bubble player. You agree with you Chris on the bubble. He might have put to the bubble he's done pretty much nothing since they said hey. Houses and cars are very earnings I don't know that meanwhile growing in my office what's he supposed to do. Well. It in on top of that. Maroney is having that those question last night Doug Brown actually said. When he was asked about the idea when your quarterback plays like that does that make it more difficult to evaluate the rest of the roster he's I'd like to say no. But yes. last night's game it's difficult to evaluate anybody that plays on offense is the quarterback Jordan Palmer with sole bad. So I am I able to value makers so. They played just tool they decide not to adopt I'm not running would be cut. Well either he's going to be cut or and I know this sounds horrible that for people because they're gonna go you're kidding me you're joke what what any form. I would not be surprised at least gauging interest for seventh round pick for currently I'm going to be funny but okay well and if they don't plan because you don't wanna get about that they Place Sammy Watkins. That's that's that's what kinda all I'm saying is it's been suggested that they've been. Try to just like TJ they played him but there was a report that they're trying to trigger when he got to get decadent. I mean what that's extra pick for TJ grant seventh rounder there was a report from lock on four yesterday Tonight Show all got traded for a seventh trumpet. He won 460 some market has cellphone for direct to number two is once. good morning. Yes our I think it's time I'm not I'm not panic but I more angry that there's ever been. The last three quarterbacks outlook we give a third round draft pick that we go after Bert Roberts got last year. There better the wanted to go off sides or not pitching I want to augur well I watch over so. Consistency is really be called deflection here and I'm not like what I see it pretty component to winning franchise. Quality general manager. Quality head coach. Franchise quarterback. And you turn that franchise around. And Google are creatures may go and I'm I'd give credit are public get a break bad enough. I want a lot of in fifteen years it's time. They called it set. Thanks mark I would say of those three you mentioned that you really only need one. And then the one will make every the other two were Smart you quarterback you get court Aaron Rodgers walks in the door here. You gonna say the GM and coach really Smart. That happens an awful lot. But right you wanna have a best coach possibly wanna have the best GM possible do you think the man for the job. Let's talk about that last year was your wanna we are your two it'll real 550 faith in Doug Whaley. Confidence and dug around talk about the dogs next here and of each year.

  3. 828 Howard Simon Show HR 4


    Thu, 28 Aug 2014


    gibran hamdan found at 1:08

    2008. The bills and lions played in the -- post season game. Gibran Hamdan was in at quarterback sell. At -- in the nfl.com recap of how the game went and it went exactly how I thought I won the lions ended up winning the game. Fourteen to six. In 2008. Then I believe Dick Jauron led buffalo bills' team and Gibran Hamdan leave the game with a knee injury. J. P. Losman went in to close out the pre season game that was kids
  4. 828 Howard Simom Show HR 3


    Thu, 28 Aug 2014


    brad johnson found at 18:39

    he won an MVP -- Raiders made the Super Bowl that year Brad Johnson was the leading passer in the NFC. So I wanna see Brad Johnson could be me one no he did not up after a scan and okay -- I know he did win MVP and

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For sustainable that we're gonna talk hockey I'll 803055888550. Cubic feet. We are gonna talk hockey because that Kevin -- is with -- sabres assistant general manager. Of course all teams in the NHL been in the finals of starting tonight everyone's preference for the draft. June 27 will be the first night. At. One of the hall in Philadelphia put -- in the building is. What is it first union know what it was Wachovia. Core of states why don't -- -- -- that's all right what Colby 1 June. Kevin what's the name of the building in Philly. I don't know you. I don't know either you know it's in Philly I got the city right right. Wells Fargo's -- Fargo Wells Fargo and they just sent me. A letter about getting college on this that you got remember that -- Hey Kevin I do and satellites are you good good good thanks for coming all of us. I -- you pick and I thought I'd get the question out of the way I did I ask you every year so if there was muddled up the top. -- -- -- -- this year are you rethinking the basketball player a football player at some point it at. Hope it will not play the you guys just came back we wanted to impart to John because the the NHL just held its Columbine. Everything you do there the interview. The watching the guys puke right the bikes. Combo line and what you hear and see the affect if that all your actual board your rankings of the players. Not a lot. Not -- -- the top they'll be. You know because you had a better view. Below average view of all that really -- back. Gets a little bit more educated the public definitely out of the mid -- guys because it is a bit more effective but. You know you -- to get a lot of these it is only 1718 years old. Let -- know they'll tell me that that. Don't do prototype that -- Who was interviewed you didn't do portraits though that's got to watch what this particular posting. So yeah you do you like blocked -- Players on the show and we'll get double the segment of what a guy just wasn't very good interview but you would not turn -- say give them offer border drop -- around one. Now no less real it like -- occasion those who pop up. Is that we did that because it's your -- Before five guys that are -- red flags that a little bit more but for the most you know you just get that. At the top of the kids get a feel for personality maturity level. And might get the vote late in the board. We've had a chance talked -- act led San Ranariddh and Sam and I think all three came across. Very very well -- you know -- it Kevin is it tough to see sometimes because the guys that are projected to -- the top. They coached or is it is -- often the guys that are at the top really are the most emotionally or whatever. The book -- the most mature and most ready for the spot. The latter definitely you know the interviews. Tend to go away with a way to play. And these kids that at the top this year how does that. Developers did interviews always -- pluses. And you know -- you can -- coached. But they're just prepared a mean they used to be before they were little that they thought it was go into the complexities. And the other seemed to be. Prepared and also relaxed so it's good. You know what you mentioned a moment ago that you know red flagging a guy what -- What would cause a red flag out of an interview. Well just it's. I guess it's -- religion. Attitude or something do you really wonder though whether they have the passion. For the game so. Just different things you know. They also this but it doesn't give you wanna -- player how much how much he wanted to put it in the it was. He didn't six seeded takes embedded after -- because of the -- pull up. Would you think that story. Well it was kind of funny because -- -- news story but we don't read all well he's just doing his testing. And -- he couldn't do pull up he raised his -- -- is that it is that is exciting last missiles. -- to shed a little bit about it yet. That's funny that's very. Well speaking of of Bennett -- act glad dries noodles while those tend to be the guys that are that are talked about it as as the top four hockey news put those four guys. On its and it's cover would you agree that it's it's where's the cut off as an -- threes and after -- four on your board. Well we know we really haven't got to -- drop off point -- thought that those guys are definitely involved. Those poor guys maybe if that's what we -- we'll meet next week. Myself -- and -- coach -- glory. And -- over the drop off point that strategies developed it over -- Should -- pizza. And assignment by everybody myself. But I actually do and ask about if you do. Drafts I think we can do this hypothetically without giving anything away and I've I'm ready to ask you certainly if it is. Reinhart and ultimately admit is that -- what is it about him that that you like that you like so much that makes him very worthy of that spot. Well the target of that because I don't know what -- That it could make plays like Sam -- The last you know. And fifteen years. His play making ability to let things until -- -- in the world. No a lot of all the public the past it would be cute. Just uncanny hockey sense that -- things and so now. It's really that. Far ahead 1015 years I haven't heard anybody say it is it quite that strongly. Well I think you know I mean that's my opinion I. I haven't seen -- guys. That make plays that they have over the puck. But making. That. Over the last -- Okay how about Sam Bennett what's the thing about his game that would make him worthy of the number two -- What they have you know he has only -- -- skill level but he also -- Got the emotional fire. -- -- goes back. And you know I think that's the other thing that it was in between between him and them the other guys the. Just good to drive and the will. Well he's got the fire. Certain emotional violence. To have to live a more quiet guy but he's definitely know -- guys the top. A potential that's. What when you talk about the emotional fire. You know as as a guide building a team do you look at the team that you have when you decide whether or not you need. Emotional fire in a prospect that in theory is gonna mean ideally this guy plays his entire career with the team that -- -- picking -- easier for. Fifteen years everything goes great so is that something that you factory and how your team. Stacks up in that department. -- sure I think that it is you know -- can get around that. You've got the team that you got and the -- in the lead that's something we'll probably -- -- next -- also. That kind of thing where where football with -- achievement. But you know it's. It ultimately came elect to have it and I think almost looked at some some of the stuff that -- -- players over the top. About air and act -- at what about him makes him more the of number two. Welcome back but he's up. Of course basket that extreme to go to man. Political -- the pocket. And it gets to the publicly played 25 minute -- -- every night -- in. Did exactly -- in the playoffs so. Do you think. And -- -- those three guys think a lot of people bring up Kevin if if you wanna join anybody out dries Adolor don't know let's get blood -- it'll and there are. At that I want to circle back to it to the overall top group so what about drugs and. Well let let let let him he's the guy that. You have to foresee. Leo's like 62 to -- so he's got that. Big body. You know gave some people say. Well because some people say. That if something goes well that -- you know -- picked -- force down -- they couldn't open golf. And they did little work on the defensive -- again. But basically when he gets the net and could is that the play at all levels that. Anybody else in the group are we did you think -- belongs there. I don't think that what. And that is that. -- -- -- -- Do you believe. In your opinion is there a clear number one or those guys all pretty close. -- -- -- -- -- And open -- -- -- clear cut number one -- And because that it could be surprises us political. Four. We -- -- -- so. You when you guys approached his draft with Kevin divide sabres assistant GM and appreciate you joining us is always get when you look at this draft you. Do you as an organization approaching as. Just focusing on the Tony fourteen draft or are you taking into account. Next year because of the elite level talent because you have. What 31 round picks are you would you make a move this year to get another pick next year would you move when the next year's -- help -- this year is it a one year thing or is it to your thing how how do you guys approach. Well I mean you'd be looked at peace. These notes and a little bit of a rebuild here so far please and just let things -- great next year. We have a better people at the -- Just don't know right now but I think you know optic knowing him. He's not afraid to makes -- -- and those -- so those that. This year -- went before. The connection that would. Where you kind of bummed that you thought maybe get three firsts this year and and ends up being just one. No not really know -- that it could kind of hear myself they're not thinking that way policy we have to prepare that way but. So the disappointment was. What does that. And -- haven't said that we have so many misses so we. Could still get it back now with the second and you know people who are now part of those that. For those conversations already started a second stuff later -- close of the draft. Well I think you know I think. But there last week instead -- -- and also I think that with those little road and the problem. In the capital that we. You guys are getting calls about the second -- correct. Our -- You wouldn't move that that they regret having it's it's it Tim makes the decision by you know you eat you know you as the directors -- -- like you wants I don't know what what. How how realistic can it be that you could move out of that spot. Well I think we you know we have looked at. You know the deal what -- help us short term and and long term and you know and it has felt very you have to move back -- -- I think it was just something we'll definitely discuss. And it flopped over a little bit but we haven't done it -- definitely that's. Assistant GM I should say he's still the title director of scouting there's really not okay to go down well okay fewer. Would. Is there any reason to try and move up to one -- that not make sense and you're sitting right at two and there is you know may be no big separation and top guys. Yeah I'm not sure there's a lot of stuff. You know what what would -- want -- -- the others scenarios that we could we do that but I think got. You know that too late now is no clear cut guy so. Supported it happened I just don't think it's a -- as well. -- so what are the chances of our dream scenario where you stay at two and still manager way to get Florida's number one and have the top two picks. -- -- an area that's about it and everybody else. We'll -- make a few phone call -- what can happen. They admitted that an ominous synthetic gear up over the next week -- A citizen rather low load up over the sought to vote so you know. So once the draft. Hints is it all on 2015 -- are -- how much of that when he fifteen draft -- has already. Or how boards kind of loosely been slotted in and you watch obviously BC juniors you see guys that aren't eligible to point fifteen. That would. Those guys obviously you have. If certain guys organization -- geared to that got through watching the leaders of the underage kids. So you know there -- those guys. And -- of the grapple with some analysts depth. Put that next year's open for the if something does called -- -- have a -- scenario -- results. I've read that. -- David and Jack Michael bowl could be considered in likely would be the top two picks this year if they were available through tech producer that's accurate. I think that that -- it. I'm nobody alive but I I definitely thought the guys who did the. Having seen it David I've seen a few times and Michael is it is still planning on going Boston university -- that have been. Checking their schedule is he a different kind of watch I plan. To get out to -- -- I'm hoping last year do you -- Michigan some open talks sabres fans and going up to Ann Arbor and seeing JT comfort play against Jack cycle at the -- you know great little futures watch. Is Michael a different kind of watches the -- slowly -- the price of admission to go block to the at the lower level. He certainly is yes this little bit different player than Connor. The more powerful bigger. Or maybe. A little bit in the department -- what you want to pick it up physically with Connors is blazing speed and skill and talent. And -- goes to be just a little bit. He's got a little bit more depth of at this point it is the more powerful player. The vote will teach the lot. What do you compare meek David to that that the next Crosby is the thing that said because of the high levels governor is there and when you think style of play -- he's he's such. He's such a transition player seems right now ice -- power play in and as a distributor is amazing but when he gets going up there you know with speed he's. Incredible so I don't know what do you think that would translate how all that translate does he need more about. More of offensive zone game what's the next step for for both of these guys in their development. Well 'cause I was that -- stronger about -- -- and -- council. Of the city's he lies he can. They could make moves on the -- execute it and he's dead they'll vote you were paired so. It is respect he's just got to get he's got a good. Given that I was the sabres this is the GM -- director of scouting. Kevin thanks very much for joining us and it's -- -- let us know the -- run Twitter you know we we you can email whatever you wanted to. Beautiful it's -- that's what -- can't get thanks Kevin. Kevin I would this year on WGR.